Exploring Raymond

Exploring Raymond

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This was SO fun to write. I hope you like it.


This was SO fun to write. I hope you like it.


Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



Raymond was a soft-spoken shy boy. As a new freshman at Saint Mary’s College, he had made a few friends in his dorm, but was otherwise a stranger in his new environment. In high School he was both an excellent student and a successful competitive swimmer. Although considered somewhat of a nerd by some of the jocks, he had a natural way in the water, and, with the help of his coaches, had developed a slim but solid swimmers body. He was almost 6’ tall and had short blondish hair that always appeared a little unkempt and tousled.

He chose St. Mary’s college because of their highly regarded engineering program – and, because they awarded him a full scholarship that included tuition, room and board. Now, his first task was to find some kind of a job so that he could have some pocket money. Most of the jobs he saw paid little money but he didn’t need much. On the “Jobs Board” in the Campus Center, he looked at everything from waiting tables, working at MacDonald’s to filing books in the library. He was ready to apply at the library when he saw a poster from a Women’s Studies group that met in one of the Sorority houses on campus. It read:


$$$ Need Some Extra Cash? $$$


Male Subjects Needed for Research Project

$50.00 per 2 hour session

(Must commit to at least 4 sessions)

Sessions will be held at Xi Nu House

1294 Spring Street

Please call Linda at 555-555-5555 to arrange an interview.

Fifty dollars times four sessions was two hundred bucks in any language. Raymond fished his cell out of his pocket and called the number.

A young woman answered, “Women’s Center. Can I help you?”

Raymond spoke, “Hi. I am calling about your post for male subjects?… It says, fifty dollars per session?”

“Ohh… Yes, of course Sir”, she giggled as she replied, “You want to talk to Linda.”

Raymond was puzzled by her little giggle, and, he could have sworn her heard others giggling in the background when the girl said “Linda”. He shrugged it off and continued,

“Um… yes. I see that I was supposed to ask for her.

“OK, just a minute please.” And he was on hold.

A second later she was back, “Linda is in class right now. If you leave your name and number I’ll have her get back to you.”

Raymond gave the girl his name and number and about two hours later his phone buzzed,


“Hi. My name is Linda Freeman. Is the Raymond?

“Hi Linda. Yes. This is Raymond.”

“I understand you’re interested in participating in our study.”

“Um… yea... I guess… I sure could use the money.

The girl proceeded to ask a number of questions - his full name, year in school, course of study and extracurricular interests. She seemed particularly interested in the fact that he was a swimmer. “You must be in pretty good shape then”, she said after he told her about the competitions he had won.

“Well, yea... I guess I do like to keep in condition. I try to swim at least three or four times a week here, but I’m not on the school team. It’s too much of a commitment in college.”

“I understand. Well…” she cooed her response, “I should probably tell you a few things about our research. And then, if you are still interested, we will schedule and interview. OK?”

“OK then.” Raymond listened as the girl went on,

“This is a study to determine the male reaction to certain kinds of sexual stimulus. Basically, we put you in different sexual situations and we measure and record your responses. I will tell you, this is not for the timid. You will be required to submit to a lot of very intimate testing.”

“Intimate testing?” Raymond said with brows raised.

“Yes Raymond, said the girl in her most professional sounding voice, “We interview you during sessions while you are being subjected to different kinds of sexual stimulus. This is how we obtain our data. I will explain more at our interview. That is, If you are still interested.”

Raymond was clearly conflicted. He had always been painfully shy – especially around girls. But, he also desperately needed the money. He felt a hot blush in his cheeks as he responded, “Umm… well… I guess... I mean… Yea… I’m interested.”

The interview was scheduled for 9:00 PM the following night at the XI NU XI Sorority house.

Raymond imagined that the Sorority that had a “Women’s Center” within it’s walls would probably be full of Dykish types with spiked hair and men’s clothing. He was surprised when the door was answered by a pretty blonde who greeted him with a big smile.

“Hello”, she said. “Are you looking for someone?”

“I have an interview scheduled with Linda Freeman”, he said nervously.

The girl’s eyes widened as she looked at him, “Ohhhhhhh... I see”, she cooed, “Well, my name is Beth. You can wait right here inside while I go get her. She went to the bottom of a staircase and called up in a sing-song voice, “Linda, your… interview is here!” She dragged out the word “interview”.

At this, a number of girls wandered into the room to get a look at Raymond. Most sauntered in and said hello nonchalantly, pretending to be on their way somewhere. Some stood and blatantly stared. Raymond began to feel like everyone knew a secret to which he was not privy. He started to blush. He was thinking about heading for the door when Linda bounced down the stairs. She was absolutely beautiful!

Linda was about 5’4” tall. She had shiny dark brown hair, kept neatly trimmed and layered. She wore a modest tank-top, little denim shorts, and white sneakers. Her figure was that of a ballerina – small but very prominent breasts, a slim waist and delicious looking legs. Raymond was instantly taken by her lovely big brown eyes and her sweet smile.

“Raymond?” asked the pretty girl, as she looked him up and down.

“Linda?” Raymond’s voice squeaked nervously as he spoke.

“Yes”, said the girl, offering her hand. “Thanks for coming. We will do the interview in our little classroom downstairs. Come this way. This is also where our sessions will happen - if you decide to participate, that is”.

Raymond shook the girl’s hand. She led him across the room and down a set of stairs to the basement of the building. Once there, she opened a door and led him into a small raised amphitheater with tiered seats going up from where they stood in a semi-circle. Linda explained that the building now occupied by the sorority had been used by the Medical School for small classes. The area where they stood was equipped with desk, a number of cushioned metal chairs, and what looked like an oversized massage table. He also saw lighting and video equipment arranged in various places around the floor.

Linda took a seat at the desk and motioned for Raymond to join her. “Come sit.” She said with a smile. Raymond took the seat across from her.

“I think I should begin by explaining what will be expected from you as a subject in our little experiment.” Linda exaggerated the word “experiment”.

“Yea, OK”, said Raymond. “You certainly have my curiosity going”.

“Ok Raymond. Well, first, I should re-emphasize what I said when we talked on the phone. Our research will involve you being stimulated sexually… and being observed during the process. That means you will have to allow yourself to be completely exposed to us.” Linda looked directly into his eyes as she spoke, “Do you understand?”

Raymond squirmed in his seat. “Um… I guess… I mean… I dunno… like… in front of who?” he said nervously.

“Well”, Linda replied, “There are two other girls who are doing the research with me, and we also have girls who handle the video and lights. Oh, and that’s the other thing you must know. We videotape all the sessions so we can properly view them later when we are compiling data.”

Raymond was blushing now. Linda was enjoying his discomfort. She noticed the pink come to his cheeks and she giggled inwardly as she continued, Oh, and I must be truthful, all the girls in the sorority know about our research and we don’t lock the door or anything like that. All of our XI NU sisters are free to come and observe our sessions. It’s just the way we do things here.”

Raymond was truly conflicted. The idea that he would be somehow exposed to a bunch of girls would be humiliating beyond belief. But he also needed the money. “How bad could it be?” he thought. “Four sessions and it would be all over with and he’d have $200.00”.

“Um… I dunno Linda”, he said. “I mean... um… I actually am kinda shy.”

Linda didn’t want to lose this handsome shy boy now. He was cute! And she could tell he had a really nice body. She wanted to see it!

“Well Raymond, if it makes you feel better, you can be assured that what happens here in XI NU stays here. Your identity will never be discussed outside this house. If the videos are used in a public classroom your face will be pixelled out. Nobody but the XI NU sisters will ever know it is you in the research.”

“Well… um… I… I guess… I mean yea… I guess I’ll do it then.

Linda was delighted. Her “Research Project” was actually something she and her girlfriend, Sara, had cooked up over cocktails one night. As much as they were interested in the data they would collect, they both confessed that it would be fun and very stimulating to see naked boys in the thralls of sexual excitement while in a clinical environment. Linda couldn’t wait to get started with Raymond.

“Good”, said Linda, trying not to sound too excited. “Well Raymond, the first thing I need to do is to get a look at you. We do a lot of preparation for our sessions. I don’t want to get everything set up to find that you can’t participate due to some physical problem. OK?”

“Um… Ok” said Raymond, “What do you want me to do?”

“Stand up please and remove your clothes”.

Raymond was stunned His eyes went around the little amphitheater and then back at Linda. To Linda’s delight, his cheeks turned pink as he whispered, “Take off my clothes??? Here??? I mean… right now?”

Linda could feel herself becoming aroused by this conversation. She actually loved the idea of having this bashful young boy strip in front of her. She found herself squirming in her seat a bit as she spoke in a most convincing voice, “Yes Raymond, all your sessions will be held here. And, during them you will not have any clothes on. So, go ahead and undress please so I can see how you look”.

Raymond stood. He couldn’t believe what he was being asked to do by this pretty girl. “Oh my God”, he thought to himself, she wants to “see how I look?” He stammered as he spoke, “Well… um… ok I guess.”

To prepare for his interview with Linda, Raymond had scrubbed himself clean in the shower. He donned a clean tee shirt, white boxer-briefs, a crisp pair of jeans, and new sneakers. But he never dreamed that his efforts would become visible in such an embarrassing way. He began by pulling the tee shirt over his head exposing a hairlessand beautifully defined chest and abdomen.

Linda liked what she saw. And she wanted more. “You have a very nice looking chest Raymond. And I like your abs.” Linda cooed, “Turn please so I can see your back.

Raymond turned his back to her. Linda felt herself becoming more and more aroused. In addition to the excitement she was feeling watching him undress, she enjoyed the feeling of power she now wielded over this handsome young boy. She was instructing him and he was doing exactly what he was told! She looked at the muscles in his back. Her eyes followed his spine down to where it disappeared into his jeans.

“Very, very nice Raymond.” she whispered, “Now, please remove your sneakers, socks, and jeans for me.”

Raymond kicked off his sneakers and removed his socks. Now, standing in front of her, he loosened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. He looked at Linda as he lowered his zipper. He could tell that she was enjoying this. He wondered how much of this was for a project and how much was just her wanting to watch him undress. He blushed as he pushed his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them.

Linda felt herself blushing now too. She hoped that her arousal was not evident to Raymond as she squirmed in her seat. She had him turn again, which he did, slowly in front of her. She gazed at the outline of his buttocks through the material of his boxer-briefs – and the delightful bulge that appeared in the front. Wide-eyed and now obviously blushing, she gestured at the briefs and told Raymond to continue.

“Those too please”, she said softly, “I need to see everything.”

Raymond felt the heat in his face as he slipped his fingers into the waistband of his briefs. He knew that his shyness was a problem… and he wanted to overcome it… but this… this was over the top! He blushed furiously as he knew that soon he would be standing completely naked in front of this very pretty girl.

As he began to push on his briefs the door to the room opened and in walked the most stunning Asian girl he ever saw – followed by the pretty blonde girl who had greeted him when he arrived at the Sorority. He stopped… shocked… looked at them and back at Linda.

“Hi Sara”, said Linda, as if there was nothing unusual about this situation. Linda looked at the very uncomfortable Raymond and smiled.

“Sara is my partner in this project”, she said, “and I believe you already met Beth”.

Raymond wanted to shrink into the furniture. He was more embarrassed than he had ever been in his life. Sara offered her hand.

“Hi Linda! And…Hello Raymond”, she said as she looked him up and down. She took his hand and made eye contact only to return her gaze to his nearly naked body.

Raymond noticed that Beth was walking around him as if she was inspecting a new car. She looked him up and down with big eyes and a wicked little smile.

“Very nice”, she whispered, “Very, VERY nice!”

“Are you part of the project too Beth?” Raymond asked nervously. Linda spoke up.

“No Raymond. Beth is not really part of the study but, as I told you, we don’t lock doors at XI NU. All of our sisters are free to observe whatever experiments or projects we do. It’s part of our constitution.” She paused and giggled, “I have a feeling that this project will be a very popular one.” The other two girls giggled at this too.

“So anyone can just come in and watch?” asked Raymond.

“Well, not anyone Raymond. Just our sisters.” Linda explained.

Raymond looked at the three girls. He felt incredibly exposed and vulnerable standing in just his underpants and the three of them were obviously enjoying his predicament.

“There’s another thing you should understand Raymond”, said Linda. The research we are doing is very serious – and the data we collect will be important for future studies. However…” she went on, “We ARE girls… and we’re only human Raymond. We can’t help but like looking at you. I mean, its not like we’re doctors.

“Um... yea... I mean…I guess…” Raymond blushed.

“Well girls, said Linda in a whisper, “before you came in Raymond was just about to remove his underpants for me.”

“Oh My!” Giggled Beth as she took the chair next to Linda.

Sara sat next to Beth and smiled, as she looked the cute boy up and down. “Please continue”, she said softly.

“Yes Raymond”, said Linda, “Please do continue.”

Raymond stood in front of the three pretty girls. He could not believe he was doing this. He felt his heart pounding in his chest as he slipped his fingers into the waistband of his underpants. As he did this he watched the girls watching him. They’re eyes grew wide as he slowly peeled down his boxer-briefs. He bit his lower lip as his genitals came into their view and the undergarment fell to the floor. He stood naked now. He could feel the cool air in the room on his now exposed bottom and genitals. This made him even more aware of his nudity. He blushed furiously.

The girls were delighted. They sat forward in their seats and looked with eager eyes at the bashful naked boy standing exposed and blushing before them.

“Turn for us please”, said Linda, barely able to speak in her now very aroused state.

They watched as Raymond turned, slowly, revealing his bare bottom to their view.

“Oh, My!” said Sara in a whisper, “He has a beautiful bum!”

Linda and Beth both giggled.

“He has a beautiful everything”, said Beth as he continued to turn in front of them.

Beth saw the blush on Raymond’s cheeks. She loved the idea of embarrassing this poor naked boy. “Are you feeling a bit shy Raymond?” she cooed, “Have you ever been naked in front of three girls before?

Raymond shook his head.

“Well you are now Raymond”, said Beth. “You are completely naked for us to see. And, believe me, you are quite the sight right now with your whole body exposed to us. We can see everything you’ve got!”

“How do you feel right now Raymond?” asked Linda, hoping to elevate the boy’s shame.

“Umm… Kinda… embarrassed… I guess”, said Raymond in a shaky voice.

“Well, its only natural that you feel embarrassed Raymond”, said Sara, “I think any boy would feel ashamed to be standing like you are now… naked… in front of three girls you don’t really even know!”

All this talk was having an effect on Raymond. To his surprise and embarrassment, his penis was beginning to swell. As he stood, blushing, his male member, having a mind of its own, grew stiff as they watched!

“Oh My! What’s happening there Raymond”, giggled Linda?

The other girls giggled with her as they watched his manhood become harder and harder in front of their eyes.

“Ooooooo”, Sara chimed in, “It looks like Raymond is getting excited!”

“Do you enjoy exposing yourself to us Raymond?” asked Beth with a sly smile.

“It certainly looks like he does. Look at how hard his penis is!” said Sara. “Do you think we are pretty Raymond?”

Raymond stammered a response, “Um.. I… I… yes… I mean… no!! I mean… Yes, you are pretty. Oh my God”.

Giggles filled the room. The three young girls squirmed in their seats as they ogled the bashful boy standing red cheeked and naked in front of them with his stiff penis protruding shamelessly out, and pointing upward from his body. They were delighted with what they saw. And now, Linda would take it to the next level.

“We need to see how you move Raymond. I want you to walk for us, to the wall behind you.

Raymond turned, exposing his bare bum to their view. The girls watched his cute bottom move as he walked. When he reached the wall Linda said, “Ok Raymond, now turn and walk toward us. Slowly please!”

Raymond turned and faced the girls. To their amusement, and Raymond’s shame, his hard-on bobbed up and down and swayed side to side delightfully with each stride as he walked.

“Oh my”, said Sara with a smile, “That is quite a boner you have Raymond”.

The fact is Raymond had a beautiful erection. He was all-natural, uncut. But obviously meticulously clean. His penis was not huge. Raymond was no porn star. But it was extremely hard and pointed upward in a delightful way exposing the most lovely pair of tight balls underneath. In spite of his embarrassment, his boner stood proudly from his body.

Raymond was utterly ashamed, “Um… oh… I’m sorry… it’s just… I mean… I… I can’t help it…”

“We know Raymond”, said Beth with a smile, “We know boys can’t control when their erections happen.

To prolong his embarrassment Linda asked, “Are you ashamed Raymond? Standing here naked with your boner in full view?”

“Kinda… um… yea…” Raymond replied shyly.

“Oh Raymond”, sang Sara, “Don’t be ashamed. Come closer please so we can get to know you better.”

Raymond approached the girls. As he did Sara and Linda moved their chairs to either side of him while Beth sat directly in front. The first to touch him was Linda. She began by lightly tracing her fingers up and down between the cheeks of his bare bottom. This caused Raymond to jut his hips forward, giving Beth a perfect opportunity to use her fingertips to tickle his cute balls. When Raymond felt Beth’s fingers on his balls he moved his hips back again into Linda’s fingers. He stood like this, moving his hips back and forth, unable to escape the girls’ curious probing hands.

“Ohhh my… Ohhhhhhhhhh!” cried Raymond as the girls fingers sent waves of sensation through his naked body.

“Look at what happens when I tickle his balls”, whispered Beth.

Linda and Sara watched as Beth lightly tickled Raymond’s tight little pouch with the tips of her fingers. Each time she tickled, it caused him to gasp with sensation. And as he did this, his hard penis would bob up and down with contractions. The girls giggled at the sight of this.

“Oh my Goodness Look at that! It moves all by itself!” Linda cooed.

Sara could not hold back. As the girls played with Raymond’s exposed ass and balls, Sara reached out and wrapped her hand around Raymond’s stiff boner. “Oh my God he is so hard!” she whispered. “Feel how hard it is!”

As Raymond squirmed, the girls fingered his hard penis together. The feeling of this, combined with the intense tickling he felt all over his balls and ass, sent waves of pleasure through his body. He stood, and gasped, and moaned, as the pretty girls continued to play and toy with his naked body.

Raymond looked at the girls. He suddenly felt a familiar constriction in his anus and perineum. He knew this feeling well. He was going to cum. He gasped, “Oh my God… I’m…” but it was too late. His orgasm overtook him.

The girls removed their hands and watched his stiff shaft jerk up and down with each orgasmic contraction. They saw his semen gush delightfully from its’ tip in rhythmic succession. Paul stood helplessly on display as he felt his orgasm rush powerfully through his body. “Oh my God… Oh my God… Oh my GOD”, he blushed, over and over.

The girls watched as he came and came in front of them,

“Oh my Raymond”

“Ooooooooo look at that”.

“Wow, look how his balls are pulsing”

“Yes, and his boner too!”

Raymond could not tell who said what.

After the girls had their fun Raymond was allowed to get dressed. Linda told him that he was right for the project and made an appointment with him to return for the first stdy session.

(To be continued)

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