Demon's Pet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A deal with an handsome demon, what could possibly go wrong? Susan couldn't think of anything. She needs to be beautiful and that demon can grant her this wish, for a prize.
Let's be honest here: This story is for girls/women. Handsome, charming demon, not too explicit sexscenes, a sprinkle of romantic but also dominance. If you like that, you'll probably like this story.

Table of Contents

Demon Deal

First part of "Demon Deal"
A deal with an handsome demon, what could go wrong? Susan couldn't think of anything. She needs to be beautiful. How else should her true love ever notice her? Read Chapter

A New Morning

Susan is waking up, slowly realizing that she's not in her room anymore. The demon had taken her. "Beauty for something out of her room" was the deal she had agreed to. Read Chapter

What to wear?

Demon's Pet Chapter Three: What to wear?     Susan was standing infront of the opened closet, angry at he... Read Chapter

His Pet

  Demon's Pet Chapter Four: His Pet   Susan stept out of the room, nervous and courious at the same time. Her e... Read Chapter

Some Answers And A Meal

  Demon's Pet Chapter 5: Some Answers And A Meal       Susan was on her way back to the st... Read Chapter

The Creature

  Demon's Pet Chapter 6: The Creature   The meal was over and they had sat down next to each other on a c... Read Chapter

Giving In

  Demon's Pet Chapter 7: Giving In     "It's gone love. No need to be afraid anymore.", Alloces put hi... Read Chapter

Giving In +18 Edition

Same as chapter 7 + a short naughty scene ;) skip if you're not interested in sexscenes.
Susan finds herself in the strong arms of the demon. Begging for release.
Read Chapter

What It Means

  "Good morning, love", Alloces greeted her as she entered the living room. "How about a nice nutritious breakfast to sta... Read Chapter

Big Boy

"I'll be away for a bit. Put ya some snacks in the fridge. Anything else i can get you dear?", Alloces moved his hand and the table was e... Read Chapter

Susan was standing in the corridor next to the dinner table, looking at an oil painting. It appeared to be old, was painted in some sort ... Read Chapter

The Meeting

Alloces meets one of his servants: Severen, a flawless looking demoness. She got bad news for our beloved handsome demon. (You all wanted Alloces' POV, here you go ;) also: a bit of naughty. Too much? Too little? Write it in the comments ;) ) Read Chapter