The Love Of A 200yr Old Man.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Rina is bond to a vampire, but tonight she learns the what true bonding is.

“Get out, you little ingrate!!” I yell furiously at my brother. He makes a face at me.

“Oh, bite me, GOTHerella!” His pet name is getting old.

“You know what, Joey? You’re a little douche!” He smiles at me.

“No, not little… A GREAT BIG DOUCHE!!” He says as he thrust his hips in the air. I stomp over to the door and slam it in his face. It hits his face with a satisfying thump. I hear his muffled yell and smile as I lock my door. He tries to open my door, unsuccessfully.

“You little BITCH!!” I smile.

“No, not little… AGREAT BIG ONE!!” I say as I plop on my bed. I look at my ceiling for a while before glancing at my clock. Its almost time. I look out my window to see the last rays of sun sinking below the horizon. I sigh as I get up to unlock my window. Preston will be here soon. OH SHIT!! Where did I put my cursed bracelet? Not cursed in a bad way. Not for me anyways. Its so Preston can’t feel what I’m feeling. Or hear my thoughts. Preston is a vampire and I’m his human familiar. I wear this bracelet so he can’t control me. Or the other things. A vampire can only hear the thoughts of its familiar. He doesn’t want to control me, that’s why he got a voodoo priestess to curse a bracelet he bought me. He also got himself one to control his bloodlust. BUT I CAN’T FIND MINE!! I go over to my desk to find it sitting in plain sight. If it was a snake it would have bit me. I wish someone else would bite me… It’s a thick leather band that ties with smaller ones. On the center is an onyx stone with intricate engravings. Its beautiful. I slip it on and smile. I glance up at my mirror. Man, I look like crap. I grasp my eyeliner and start applying it. After a moment I hear the light creek of the window seal. Its so low that a normal human wouldn’t hear it. I mean I’m still human, but the ties to Preston help with my senses, reflexes, and strength. So I know he’s here, but I don’t let him know. I keep my breathing normal and I only pause slightly. I feel a slight breeze. It exonerates from him. It’s the chill of the grave that’s sweeping through my room. Yes, Preston is dead. I hear the loose floorboard in my floor creek. His hands grab my sides and he yells. I squeal uncontrollably. I knew he was there, but I still get the feeling low in my stomach. I turn around to see him already on my bed. Sprawled out like a lazy cat, smiling wickedly.

“You… you… meanie!” I say stupidly. He smirks at me.

“Rina, all you can come up with is meanie? I’m disappointed in you.” He shakes his head in mock shame. When he says my name my heart flutters. Because of this cursed bracelet, he’ll never know how much I love him. How much I just want to run my fingers through his short brown hair. How much I just want to drown in his beautiful green eyes. How much I want him to hold me in his muscular arms. I love him. All six feet of him. But we’re just friends. Bah, friends! Besides, even if we were more than friends, his mistress would either kill him or me. Or both. His mistress, or creator, only turns humans for sex. She has many sex slaves but Preston has been with her the longest. He’s two hundred something. He’s never told me exactly. And she is a very jealous, five hundred year old, women. She has just allowed him to gain a human familiar, me. With a condition of course, which she failed to tell him until after he gained me. She gets to have fun with them. And he can’t do anything about it. Because she controls him. So he’s been prolonging it by doing her favors. It makes me shiver in disgust just thinking about it. I know he’s killed many, but such is his nature. But the things she makes him do… they’re unspeakable.

“RINA!!” Preston is standing in front of me waving a hand in my face. I blush and look down.

“Sorry. I was just thinking.” I hear him sigh in relief.

“You scared the shit out of me! I thought Rosa got you. I told you she’s been threatening to take you! Jesus, Rina!” That’s his mistresses name. Rosa. But I think he’s over reacting.

“I said sorry, jeeze!” I walk calmly over to my bed and flop onto it. My brown hair flies over my face. Its getting long. It falls over my shoulders. I feel my bed sink as he climbs on next to me. I don’t think anything of this because we touch all the time. Not like that, you pervs. Touching, even just a brush of skin, makes the bond stronger. When I have a bad day or he says something wrong, like now, he’ll hold me. I don’t think anything of it because he never takes it further. Not once. I sigh and close my eyes as he wraps his arms around me.

“I came here to tell you something. Something important.” He breathes on my neck. When his lips touch my neck I gasp. I’ve never felt his lips before. There are so soft. I take in a shaky gasp.

“And what’s that?” My voice breaks. I feel him smile against my neck.

“I broke the bond.” My heart sinks.

“WHAT?!? What did I do wrong?!” I sit up fast and look down at him. Tears start to form in my eyes. He just smiles.

“Not our bond… The bond between me and Rosa. I’m my own master now. I don’t have to answer to anyone! I’m my own powerbase now!!” He smiles up at me and I beam at him.

“Oh, Preston, this is great!!” I lay down next to him and stare up at my ceiling. I see him prop himself up on his elbow. He looks down at my hazel eyes. The look on his face makes my breath catch in my throat.

“I want to do something.” Oh, Jeeze…

“Yeah?” I barely get out.

“I want to hear you.” What?… I feel my face crumble in confusion.

“Let me show you…” He grabs my hand and his skin sends electric shocks through my body. He pulls the leather cord that releases my cursed bracelet. I grab it before it falls off.

“What are you doing?!” He smiles knowingly. What’s with all the smiling?

“I’ve not told you something, Rina. This bracelet of yours, does more than keep me from you. It keeps you from me. Without this bracelet, you would here my thoughts, feel my feelings, and have a short of control over me. And I want you to. I want you to hear me and I want to hear you.” Will I like what I hear. Does he resent me? Does he… love me. No, impossible.

“Oh… okay…” I let the bracelet fall. My mind is hit with emotions. Tons of emotions. Some I feel every day. Some I’ve never felt before in my miscellaneous life. He does love me. Maybe even more than I love him. And without his bracelet I know he wouldn’t be able to resist my blood. He would attack me. But I’m not sure if I would mind. Maybe I want to be like him. A vampire. But what is he hearing from me. Is he feeling my love. My lust. I feel myself blush. I just realize I can’t see. Its not black, but its not my room either. When I’m in my room again, I’m facing my ceiling with Preston’s head on my stomach, his arms grasping my waist. I take another shaky breath.

“Oh my god, Rina. I love you so much. I was afraid you would reject me. Not love me as much as I love you. Be disgusted of me. But now I realize, I don’t know who loves whom more.” He squeezes my waist tightly. I feel tears come to my eyes. I get this feeling of numb bliss. A feeling that feels so good, but I’m not sure if I’m really feeling it. He looks up at my face and a worried expression comes over his face.

“Rina,… I didn’t mean to make you cry. I ju-” I cut him off by crashing my lips into his. Oh god, I love him. It takes him a minute to respond. But when he does he grasps my hair and pushes harder to my lips. I break away from him and smile. My eyes are closed and I’m panting a little.

“I love you, too, Preston.” I get an idea. A wonderful idea.

“Now I want to try something.” I grab his hand and start unwinding his bracelet. Now its his turn to gasp and keep it from falling off.

“Rina, you know I can’t control myself around you. I… I don’t want to hurt you.” His voice is sullen.

“What if I want you to hurt me? What if I want you to loose control? I love you. And I know you love me.” I grab his bracelet, but he stops me again.

“I haven’t told you, but you’re blood sighs to me even with this on. It breathes along my skin. Its not only your blood, but your body as well. I don’t want to turn into a monster. You temp me so much.” He grabs me and presses his face against my neck. He breathes in deeply. I freeze against his touch. He pulls away slightly, only leaving his lips over my vein. My breathing picks up. When his tongue licks along my neck I rip his bracelet off and throw it on the floor. Before even a second passes, his fangs plunge into my flesh. I gasp. Oh, god, that feels so good!! The feeling of my blood being sucked by him is so intoxicating. I moan uncontrollably. He pulls away and I get lightheaded. His chin and lips are covered in my blood. To be honest…it kind of turns me on a little.

“Rina,… are you okay?” His voice is gravely and I can hear the lust that fills his eyes in his voice. I don’t answer him because I can’t find words. I run my fingers through his hair and pull him down to me. My lips crash into his again as I hungrily drink at his mouth. I taste my blood and I taste him. I bite his bottom lip and he moans. The sound makes things lower in my body tighten. I pull us apart and stare up at him.

“I love you so much, Preston.” Before he can say anything I kiss him again. As my lips dance with his, my hands hungrily search his body. I find purchase on his shirt. Before I can think I rip it off and madly start to kiss my way down his chest. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I just hope he has too. What am I saying?! I know he has to! I’ve been in his mind. I can hear him, feel him… I lick, suck, and nibble all over his chest. His breathing is close to hyperventilating and his moans bring me joy. I go to suck his nipple and he just…. Disappears. I hear his ragged breathing at my desk. I turn around on my bed to see him staring at me, his chest heaving up and down. The sting of rejection is hot in the back of my throat.

“Did…did I…di…Did I do something wrong?” I ask as I hear my hurt leak into my words. He laughs humorlessly.

“No, god no, you didn’t do anything wrong. You did everything right… But there is something else I have to tell you. Rina, if we do this, if we make love, then… God I hate myself for doing this to you. If we do this, then you’ll be immortal. You’ll be my human familiar…forever. I love you so much, but I won’t make this decision for you.” His eyes are sad, but…hopeful. I know he loves me and I know seeing me grow old and die would kill him. And I know seeing me grow old and him not, would kill me. But that doesn’t vanquish my fear. What if he leaves me and I’m alone for an eternity? I don’t even know what an eternity is like…

“What’s it like…living forever?” I whisper, but I know he can hear me.

“I’m not gonna lie. It’ll hurt, watching your loved ones wither away and die. When they start to notice you’re not aging normally, they’ll know. Some will disown you, even try to kill you. But they’ll say its for your own good. I won’t let them touch you though. You won’t be ageless, but it’ll seem that way. Only a vampire is ageless and you’re only my familiar. But we can discuss that another time.” His eyes hold centuries of sorrow, betrayal, and hate. I know I want to be with him forever.

“I want it, you, forever. And nothing you can say can stop me.” I try to muster up enough of what I’m feeling into my words. But he doesn’t try to dissuade me. He walks to me slowly, his face transforming from sorrow to lust. By the time he reaches me and the bed I’m practically writhing in anticipation and…fear. I’ve never done anything remotely sexual. I mean yeah we touch, but not like this. I had my first kiss only weeks before I met him. And I was at a party that I was forced to go to. The guy didn’t even know my name. I’m suddenly yanked out of my thoughts of patheticness when I feel Preston’s hand run up my jean clad leg. My breath shudders out of my mouth. I close my eyes for only a moment but when I open them again, Preston is already there. Staring down at me with love and lust in his eyes. I prop myself up on my elbows and lean my head up so our faces are only inches away. I breathe in his sweet sent. He starts to lean in, to close the small distance. But he moves to slowly, so I hurriedly help him close the small space by making my lips crash into his again. When his tongue grazes over my lips asking for entrance I happily let him in. His tongue explores my mouth with gentle yet eager caresses. When every inch of my mouth is explored he pulls away to let me breathe. After all I’m the only one who needs to breathe. He’s dead. Breathing doesn’t appeal to him. He still does it because it’s a habit. While I get my breath, Preston entertains himself by kissing my jaw line. Soon he’s nibbling, sucking, licking, and kissing his way down my neck. When he gets to the hollow near my collarbone I loose my breath all over again. He notices instantly and bites down gently. But its enough to make me moan uncontrollably. I feel him smile against my soft spot. I feel him graze his fangs along it. I writhe and grasp the sheets. My back arches and when I lay back down he looks down at me. He smiles at me and it’s a purely male smile. A smile full of possession, lust, and if you are truly lucky… love. After staring into my eyes for a while his eyes hungrily graze over my body. I just realize what I’m wearing. A very revealing tank top and some very plain jeans. Then I realize what his eyes have stopped at. My breasts are peeking out of the tank top, and it seems that his eyes can’t get enough of them. His eyes flash back up to mine and soon he’s sucking on my neck again. But not for long. He moves down to the tops of my breasts, gently nibbling. I moan for him. He takes that as the encouragement it is. His hands come up to massage my breasts as he licks and sucks the parts of them that are showing. I moan again. This is kind of fun for something I’ve only guessed at before. I want more of his skin to touch mine so I gently push him away and slip of my tank top. He stays frozen for a while, marveling my breasts. I giggle lightly and brush some of his hair out of his face. He snaps out of his trance and gives me that smile again. He leans in towards my neck and slips his hands behind my back. He fumbles with the hooks of my bra, unable to unclasp it. I chuckle.

“Two hundred years of experience and you can’t take a bra off.” I say as I skillfully unhook it and slide it off. My full breasts seem to jump out of the confining material, eager to be touched. Preston doesn’t waste any time. His mouth goes straight to my nipple. He takes as much of my breast as he can fit into his mouth. I tilt my head back and close me eyes. His hand comes up and start massaging the other breast. I guess he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out. I moan loudly as he sucks my nipple making both hard. I feel him tense up and I know what’s about to happen. His fangs plunge into my tender flesh and I moan the loudest I have all night. He doesn’t take much blood. He rips his body away from mine and I whimper at the sudden coldness.

“Rina, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have done that…” I grab his shoulders and bring him back down to me.

“Don’t be.” I whisper in his ear before I pull his earlobe into my mouth. He moans uncontrollably. I know that to be one of his hot spots. Without thinking he thrust his clothed pelvis into mine groaning happily. I can feel the rock hard spot in his pants. It makes me smile before I bite down on his flesh. He thrust into me again causing a moan to spill from my throat. Taking him by surprise, I flip us over so that I’m in the dominant position. I bite my lower lip as I grind into him. He grabs my hips as I lower myself so that our bare chests are touching. I slowly kiss my way from his neck to the top of his pants. I roll my eyes up to look at him. His head is thrown back and I can bet his eyes are closed. I, basically, rip his pants off and I can hear him gasp from my change in pace. I gasp when I find something… interesting.

“No boxers?” I ask as I stare at his erection.

“Nope.” I hear Preston mutter breathlessly. I was planning to do something down here, but now that I see it…him… I’m at a loss. I blush as I think up a plan. I guess he senses that I don’t know what to do because he suddenly flips us back over, regaining his dominance. I blush and stare at the ceiling.

“I think its completely unfair that I’m the only one naked here.” I look up to see him smiling kindly. He only said that to make me feel better. And it does. He slowly rubs my torso, only stopping briefly at my breasts. He moves lower and lower, building up my anticipation. When he reaches my jeans he stops and looks up at me. I give him a nod and  that’s all he needs. He takes off my pants, leaving me in my lacey panties. I am SO glad I wore these! His eyes sweep over my exposed body. I blush,…again. His hands grip my thighs, squeezing gently. I moan for him and he moves closer to my warmth. One of his hands moves to the hollow in my inner thigh. I shiver from the light touch. Suddenly his hand cups my pussy through my panties. When I gasp he pushes his hand closer, making me tighter. I moan loudly. He pulls away his hand and I can see it glistening. I blush uncontrollably.

“Don’t be embarrassed. This is a good thing. I like this. It means you’re a rainer. Its not a very common thing to find in women. I can taste you in more ways than one now.” He brings his hand up to his mouth and licks it clean, all the while staring at me. It makes things low in my body tighten. He notices and smiles his wicked smile. Without warning he rips off my panties. The force of it jerks my body and makes me cry out. His hand slides over me again. But before he goes any further I feel him enter my mind. He’s searching for something. Something important.

“You can just ask me…” I already have a good idea of what he’s looking for. He doesn’t flinch under my stare.

“Are you a virgin?” He stares right back at me. And amazingly, I don’t blush or look away.

“Yes.” I still don’t look down. I’m proud that I’ve saved myself for the one. And that I’ve found him.

“Well, that just means we get to have more fun…” I narrow my eyes suspiciously.

“What do you mean by that?” I ask him being deliberately obtuse. He chuckles at my naïveté.

“I don’t want to hurt you more than I have to. So I get to get you…ready.” I blush at the insinuations in his voice. He doesn’t let me say anything, and I don’t really want to. His hands go back to where they were on my inner thighs. He gently massages my tender flesh, making me tighter and wetter. Slowly, so slowly, one of his hands moves to stroke my pussy. I throw my head back and moan slightly. When I feel his cool breath on my warmth I gasp. He kisses the hollow in my thigh. My breath comes out in a sigh as I settle into the feel of his lips. With out warning, his tongue plunges into me. I moan loudly in pleasure. When he sees how I enjoy the feel of him, he thrust his tongue deeper into me. He touches a spot in me, right inside the opening, that arches my back and makes me cry his name. He keeps moving his tongue over that spot, giving me more and more pleasure. The edges of the world become hazy as I grasp the sheets, moaning my pleasure. He pulls his tongue out of me and I close my eyes. I feel him sit up on him knees. I open my eyes to see him smiling seductively down at me.

“I’ve decided something… I’m gonna make you cum at least three times before I cum. So that’s one.” His lips and chin are glistening with my juices. So that’s what that was… An orgasm. I think I want more… I throw that thought into his mind and he smiles wickedly. He places his hand on my stomach, slowly tracing patterns towards my warmth. When he gets to my opening he doesn’t waste time. He plunges a finger into me and I cry out. But in pain this time. My stomach knots in pain. Tears come to my eyes as I whimper for him to stop. But he doesn’t.

“I’m so sorry, Rina. I know it hurts. But I swear, it’ll pass. Once I start moving around the pain will dissipate.” I hear the pain in his voice. It kills him to hurt me. But he’s right. As soon as he starts moving his finger around slowly, the pain basically disappears. Soon I moan and, sometimes, scream for him. Suddenly he plunges two more fingers into me. I scream and grab the sheets, orgasming again. When I come back to reality his fingers are no longer in me and he’s laying on top of me. His head is resting on my chest, listening to my heart rate go back to normal. After a few moments pass he repositions himself to where his rock hard erection is brushing my opening. Just the feel of him rubbing against me throws my head back and makes me writhe under him. He chuckles lightly.

“So eager.” His voice is low and primal, promising more to come. I feel his tip start to push into my opening. I gasp and place my hands on his chest, stopping him. His eyebrows furrow in confusion. I answer his question.

“Don’t you have a condom?” My voice is low but there’s a thread of panic. Yeah I love him but I don’t want to get pregnant at my age. He laughs like I said the funniest joke he’s heard in all of his two hundred years.

“I’m dead, Rina. I have been for a while.” He says like I’m supposed to know what that means.

“So?” I ask. He chuckles again.

“I’m sterile. A vampire can only have children within one hundred fifty years of his creation. Give or take a decade. I’ve been sterile a while too.”

“Oh. Okay.” I say sheepishly. I move my hips up to meet with his to tell him to continue. He smiles sweetly at me before plunging into me as far as he can go. He hits my end and I scream out in pain. He presses his face up next to mine and coos in my ear.

“It’ll pass. Just like before. Just ride it out. Tell me when your ready.” He keeps his face pressed to mine. When the pain subsides to a tiny ache I nod my head, telling him I’m ready. He tries to dig deeper into me and I whimper. He pulls out slowly. My pussy convulses around him and we both gasp. When he’s all the way out I moan for him to push into me again. This time when he bumps my cervix I scream his name. I don’t orgasm, just yell my pleasure. He starts pumping into me faster, but not fast enough.

“Faster…uh. Faster, Preston, please.” I think the please is what got him because he starts pounding into me. I grunt every time he hits my end. I catch his rhythm and we start to thrust together. I thrust my hips up to meet his cock, to grind it deeper into me. Soon enough the sound of flesh pounding together is a constant noise. My moaning and his panting mixing in with it. He starts to move his hips just right so on every thrust  he hits that spot. I start to get that wonderful feeling between my legs. Every time he passes over that spot it builds up more and more. He thrust into me one last time before I orgasm. I scream his name and wrap my legs around his waste, helping him make love to me. I grab the sheets but they’re not enough so I rake my nails down his arms, marking him. He moans my name. He keeps plowing into me and I keep cumming. Until he stops I won’t stop orgasming. I scream and yell and moan for him. I start to feel his rhythm falter before he thrust hard and deep into me one more time. He cums as deep as he could get into me. It makes me writhe again. He collapses on top of me, but doesn’t pull out.

“That was amazing,” He says, finding his words before I can find mine. I just nod in agreement. My pussy convulses from the after shock and he moan throatily.

“Please, no more. I couldn’t even though I want to.” He smiles at me and pulls out. I turn on my side and he molds himself to my back. I shiver so he brings the covers to us. I settle into him drifting to sleep.

“I think I’m in love with you, Rina.” I smile at his words.

“I love you, too, Preston.” And I always have.

Submitted: July 24, 2010

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