Imperfect World

Imperfect World

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Pru's only friend moves over seas, she is her glue, her only means of help. Yumi knowing this reaches out to a friend of hers. He offer's Pru help, but Pru is reluctant and fears he has an ulterior motive. Mobsters, addicts, love triangles, plain old bad luck and a girl trying to find her way in life. Come and follow these character's imperfect world and fall in love with their dark.


Pru's only friend moves over seas, she is her glue, her only means of help. Yumi knowing this reaches out to a friend of hers. He offer's Pru help, but Pru is reluctant and fears he has an ulterior motive. Mobsters, addicts, love triangles, plain old bad luck and a girl trying to find her way in life. Come and follow these character's imperfect world and fall in love with their dark.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Imperfect World

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Pru's only friend moves over seas, she is her glue, her only means of help. Yumi knowing this reaches out to a friend of hers. He offer's Pru help, but Pru is reluctant and fears he has an ulterior motive. Mobsters, addicts, love triangles, plain old bad luck and a girl trying to find her way in life. Come and follow these character's imperfect world and fall in love with their dark.<br /> <br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter One

Part One

It’s a hot summer’s day and two weeks before Christmas. During this season Ivan likes to invite a few of his friends over for a luncheon. Normally its always outside underneath a large gazebo, the gazebo is around the side of this stark white mansion. Over towards the Olympic sized swimming pool underneath a set of gum trees reading a magazine sits peacefully a Nordic blonde girl. Her blonde hair reaches down past her shoulder blades and the tips of the ends of her hair are dyed a plum purple. She is wearing a white stringed bikini. She looks to be in her early twenties, her name is Pru Petrov. Pru is easily recognizable with a tattoo-clad body, most notable are her delicate figuree sleeve tattoo on her left bicep that twists and creeps around. She also has a quarter leg tattoo that stretches from her rib cage down to the top half of her leg consisting of cherry blossoms, butterflies and bumble bees, her chest tattoo is also very eye-catching with leopard print and intricate tribal work. Her full but natural lips have a “spider bite piercing” Pru Petrov is the youngest of the Petrov kids and the only girl born to Ivan and Holly. One would think Pru would be a well blessed child, unfortunately for her this is quite the opposite, Ivan resents Pru because she does not look anything like a Petrov. Petrovs have tanned skin, dark hair and dark eyes. Pru has sparkling ice blue eyes, blonde hair, yes she is small in stature but her chest is well developed beyond her lineage. Therefore Pru is a result of her affair which started around when Pru was conceived.

The back door opens and Ivan and several men walk out behind him, they chat away amongst themselves and point around at ergodic objects. Ivan normally wears black slacks and a white linen shirt. But today he has opted for a more casual look jeans and a Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned. The two most notable of Ivan's colleagues, Mr. Shinichi and Alex Black, Alex is the most trusted of his men. Kenzo Shinichi was originally a wealthy property developer in Japan but was accused of fraud, before he could be trialed Mr. Shinichi, with his wife and daughter disspeared to Australia where he set up a News Agency. A few years ago Mr. Shinichi befriended Ivan; Ivan employed him as a dealer and an occasional 'shark'. Alex Black was reared up in Belfast, his father who was of Iranian decent died when he was eight years old, his siblings of who are twins were barely infants when their father died . His mother is of Irish decent moved her family to Australia when Alex was fifteen. Alex met Ivan through one of his sons Michael Petrov. No one really knows what Alex does. It would make sense for Ivan to eventually hired him as a 'shark' with his tall and muscular appearance. Alex has dark brown unruly hair, clean shaven, brown eyes and thick long eye lashes. He has quite an affect on women with his chiseled good looks, Alex is looks to be mid twenties but is biological age is thirty five.


Pru looks up from her sun glasses and timidly tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and mumbling inaudible Russian under her breath. She stands up and moves broodingly towards the house unimpressed with the new arrivals. Alex positions himself in a way where he can see his surroundings. Ivan has never been in real danger in fact Alex is not worried at all. For the past few weeks Alex has been interested in the social workings of this family not because he really cares for them, as Alex has bigger plans and it involves the Petrovs. He lights up a cigarette and watches Pru as she heads towards the house, Pru glances at Alex, hoping that he looks back down. He keeps staring much to her distaste. Alex wasn’t ogling Pru; he wasn’t even slightly a bit interested in her sexually as blondes weren’t his thing.

“Ivan? Why is your daughter covered in bruises?” Asks Alex suddenly out of nowhere.

Ivan looks around quizzically for her, “Probably a boyfriend, I wouldn’t be too concerned she probably deserved it.”

“Pru said she doesn’t have a boyfriend.” Kenzo corrects.

Occasionally Ivan fails to remember Pru spends a lot of time at the Shinichi household with his daughter Yumi, he knows what sort of upbringing the girl has had to endure.

“What do you care, anyway?” A hint of irritation in his voice.

“Curiosity I guess.” Ivan glances around touching his eyebrow, a nervous twitch of his, “I’m going for a beer, back in a mo.” Announces Alex.


Pru, now fully dressed in faded blue denim jeans and a red long sleeved 'T' with the word 'rubbish' written across her chest, sighs, as she pours vodka into a tall glass and adds some ice. She counts the ice insipidly as she does she realises perhaps this isn’t at all healthy. She then continues to tip some of the vodka down the sink then adds orange juice to the half filled glass. She spins around to face the hallway, walking slowly she looks into rooms. She doubles back to another room. Pru glances around quickly then heads towards a large safe bolted to the floor. She pulls a key out from her jeans and wiggles it around in the lock.

'Hello payday,' Pru whispers. She downs her vodka and places the glass on top of the safe. She puts a roll of money in her jeans, then three small lock bags of cocain in her pockets, she pulls her shirt further down. She turns around and gasps. She stands near frozen looking at Alex leaning casually into the door way frame. She takes a deep breath and continues walking. Her icy blue eyes narrow at him, “what are you going to do?” She asks in an unusually thick Russian accent, brushing pass him. He grabs her by the wrist with such speed she startles. He intimidates her by pushing her into a corner, he smiles wryly as he reaches into her jeans, Pru looks away pushing into his stomach with her fist, thinking the worse to come from him. He pulls at the roll of money. She opens her eyes. He holds it in front of her.

“I don't know whether you're brave or just dumb.” Pru's bluff has warn off, she shivers after Alex's touch.

“Run go on, go and tell him, I often wondered if he noticed his shit going missing,” she says in an aggravated tone. Alex steps beside her, he pushes the door to the safe and pops the key into the pockets of his black pants.

“How did you even get the key to this?” He asks jiggly the key in his pocket.

“Trade secret, what is your trade? Courier? body guard? Or general fucktard?”



Pru trails off to the hall way to find herself in the lounge room. “You’re good friends with Yumi aren’t you?” Alex inquires following her. He knows stating something that they both have in common would ease into the conversation without the respondent becoming bored or intimidated and leaving.

“Have been for a few years, why do you ask? And how...”

“Yes I do know her,” cutting her off. “I was introduced to her by her father several months back, we’re good friends.”

Pru nods as she sits down on the sofa and turns the enormous plasma television on and flicks through the hundreds of channels. She can’t help but to speculate in her mind what this guy wants. He can't be interested in her. Relationships are not her thing either, she always complains that she is too busy and that it isn't worth the 'head-fuck'. Her last boyfriend was the age of thirteen- fourteen, he told her she was too high in maintenance.

Alex catches her off guard. “She’s heading out to New Zealand tonight, it’s a last moment thing she got offered an interview with a magazine she’ll be gone for at least four days.”

Pru stares at Alex for the first time in a sense of disbelief. Surely her best friend would let her know if she was leaving the country?

“She told you this and not me?” Pru looks at her mobile phone to see if she has any missed calls or messages.

“Yumi was in a rush and told me to pass the message on to you, she knew I would be heading this way. Why, is this bad news?”

Pru reaches down the side of the sofa and discovers an empty pack of cigarettes. She swears in Russian. “Sookin syn.”

“No, no, not bad news. I’m happy for her she’s worked hard and deserves to get this job.” Alex hands her a cigarette and a lighter, she looks up at him. “How can I pay you back?” She asks sullenly before taking.

He appears bemused and insulted at the inclination. But perhaps Pru was not used to hand outs without repercussions.

“Pru, I am not a dirty pervert I don’t want anything. It's a fucking cigarette for fuck sake.” She takes them and lights the cigarette and hands the lighter back. “My name is Alex Black by the way.”

“Pru, daughter of the Violet Beach mobster and friend of Yumi. But you already knew.”

“I do, Yumi speaks of you fondly, and she loves you very much.” Pru stares at the screen trying to think if she heard of his name pop up in any conversations. She recalls of an Alex having to take her shopping and UNI a few times when her car was stolen.

“What else has Yumi said about me?” Pru stands up and peers out the window watching her father and his associates. Alex pulls out a chair and sits down on it in an uncomfortable manner, thinking how to answer Pru’s question. He lied about Yumi, yes Yumi is currently on a flight to New Zealand but she’ll be gone for more than a few days, she has the job. Despite Yumi’s background she does her best not to venture down the same road as her relatives, family and friends. Last night Yumi spoke to Alex about Pru and the rut she is currently in. Pru doesn’t have any other friends, she does go out and visit these houses but Yumi always assumed they were drug addicts or dealers, Pru always denied they were.

“Not a whole lot, Yumi just wants you to know that I am here if you need anything, a lift somewhere, anything, if I can’t I’m sure my brother and sister could help you.” Alex reaches over to Pru's mobile phone and puts his phone number and address in it. Another lie, Yumi has told Alex everything he needs to know.

Pru glances at him and smiles. “Thanks but I have my driver’s license just not a car, I’m sure I can manage, I always do. Yumi over exaggerates my circumstances.”

“Well the offer is there, and I hope soon we can get to know each other better.” He smiles again, 'Also, the cocaine in your pockets.”

Pru nods coldly.


Alex lights a cigarette. He looks around and smiles contently as he opens his can of Guinness. He whispers something inaudible to himself.

“You look rather happy with yourself.” Evie leans over and gives her brother a chaste kiss on a cheek and wraps her arms around him lovingly. Evie is Alex’s little sister she is around the age of twenty her long dark hair cascades down her chest and back, curling subtly at the ends. Like her brother she has big brown eyes and thick lashes her skin is endearing and tanned. “Hey, there you are,” Alex beams. “Why am I happy you asked? I believe I have made progress.” The tall and lanky Evie looks doubtfully at her brother.

“Has Mum found out what you've been up to yet?”

“Of course not, and she won't,” he takes a sip of his stout.

“So what do you call progress?”

“I've spoken to the Petrov girl, it just so happens she isn't fond of her family... or anyone.”


“I'm pretty sure I can convince her to help out with the Ivan situation.”

“Oh yea, and how do you actually plan on doing that?”

“She knows his contacts, his customers, everything. She had a key to one of his old safes for fuck sake.”

“Alex, I know of Pru from school a few years back. She's a very messed up and timid girl. Please don't use her and throw her away.”

“You know Evie you're too kind for your own good. But you know I'm not like that. Anyway, she's Yumi's friend and I promised to keep an eye on her.”

Evie pats him on the back and nods knowing that his heart is always in the right place when it comes to friend's and family, one of Alex's fiercest traits.


Pru stares at the big screen of a man re-calling on an event that may have or may not have happened, while Professor Andrews taps away at his computer. Pru glances around the cozy lounge room taking in the peacefulness that she isn't accustomed to. She watches and listens to the bats outside screeching and then she turns her attention to the old grandfather clock. She listens to the gears as they turn. She closes her eyes and then suddenly her teacher clears his throat. She opens her eyes realising her interest in the task at hand had been severed by her drug inflicted tiredness, she tried Meth for the first time, and hates the fact that it has kept her awake for two days. Never again, she whispered.

“Well what do you think?” He asks impatiently.

“OK,” Pru struggles to form a sentence. “He shows contempt every time he mentions her name. The curling of his bottom lip.”

“That does show his distaste for her. But it does not mean he killed her.”

He replays a crucial part of the footage. “Watch carefully when he is asked about the murders. Then watch him when he asked about Ms Kite.” He then rewinds it further, “and then watch him when he is asked his name.”

Pru ponders for a few moments, still finding it hard to concentrate. “He shrugs his right shoulder when he is lying.”

“Well that is quite obvious to the barely trained eye.”

Pru rolls her eyes, “I think I'm done here for the night.”

The doctor nods satisfied.

She picks up her oversized black leather bag and fumbles around in it for a few seconds. She sighs out of frustration and looks in, then proceeds to pull out a sandwich bag containing white powder. Doctor Andrews eyes light up as soon as he sees the bag; he greedily snatches it from her. Pru stands up and brushes her shirt down and lethargically makes her exit.

She steps out of the cozy and luxurious house and begins to reluctantly walk home. She isn't reluctant because there isn't anything waiting for her at home with the exception of belittling and a beating, but because it’s pouring rain. Onlookers would think Pru has no future or no hope, as she hasn't had a full week at school since she was ten years old. But she does have a couple of interests; human behavior is one of them, along with martial arts and painting. She can't afford to pay them with cash, instead she pays them in cocaine or whatever they ask for. Pru knows she has to be careful, which is why she only deals with people from high society as she cannot afford to be found out. Otherwise her psychotic father would more than likely kill her if he ever found out she was stealing from him and making some sort of profit from it.

As the rain pelts down she looks around desperately for shelter, she dials a number on her phone, hoping to hear her best friend's voice. She sits down and sighs as her attempt of meaningful social interaction forwards itself straight to voice mail. She glares at her phone with a sense of helplessness in her eyes and places it back in her hand bag. She looks at the bus time table and runs her finger down the time columns as she does she hears a van scream up the road with a sense of urgency. She dismisses it as a bunch of drunken hoons and starts her somber walk home. All the sudden the van reverses and stops beside Pru, she rolls her eyes and isn't deterred from walking, she startles and jumps off the foot path thoughtlessly when the van door rips open and two hooded men leap out screaming her name and for her to shut up, even though she has yet to speak a word, more or less out of shock. She stands near frozen as the men grab each of her arms and drag her into the van.

“Drive, drive, drive!” In a near frantic amateur voice. She realises the gravity of her situation and focuses.

“What do you want, is it drugs, money? Is it pills you want, vicodon, oxies? Weed even?”

“What do we look like drug fucks to you?” He says as he takes off his hood and throws it at her face. “No Miss Petrov we have bigger ideas.”

“Call him, call him Jake and make an offer,” commands the driver in an English accent. Pru can't help but to cackle as she realises what these men are trying to do.

“Are you trying to get money out of my father? A ransom for his daughter is not going to work,” she remarks still half laughing. Jake, the one without the balaclava takes her bag and proceeds to rummage through it pulling out sachets of pills and marijuana, while he inspects Pru's bag the other man bounds Pru by her hands and feet. “I mean seriously the man can't stand me, you're idiots!” Shouts Pru with a hint of fear in her voice.

“Shut up you stupid bitch, or I'll cut your fucking throat out!” He presses the knife menacingly against her throat, Pru lets out a squeal and pulls back. “Now shut up alright?!” He pushes her into the side of the van with such brutality, Pru smashes her head against the van as Jake puts the phone to his ear.

> Is this Ivan Petrov?

> What do you want?

> I have a proposition for you

>I'm listening

>I need compensation I require a some of money for your daughter's safe return

> You've got to be joking, I really couldn't give a fuck what happens to her, find some other way to make money off the mole, sell her out.

With those unmistakably harsh words Ivan hangs up, leaving his daughter to fend for her own self. Although Pru has one thing on her side that is her incredible wit, but her current drug tired state will more than likely compromise this.

“I can't believe it, I never knew somebody so fucking detached and heartless.”

“See I told you he doesn't care about me, Ivan doesn't care about anyone but Ivan,” Pru pulls her knees up to her shin shivering.

The vehicle stops suddenly and Jake opens the van's doors as he does he pushes Pru out onto the road, she lets out a scream as her body tumbles into the gutter like a discarded cigarette. She screams again this time out of frustration and anger while screaming she slips her dainty hands out the crudely tied bounds. She sits in the gutter sobbing and untying her strung together feet. She looks around for her handbag with a frantic panic in her bleary blue eyes. She picks it up and discovers most of its contents are gone. She tears up again staining her already bloodied face. She chokes up uncontrollably while searching around for anyone to help her. She pulls her phone out of her pocket with a sigh of relief that it’s still in tacked, she presses a number, after being rejected by Yumi she is hoping for Michael, her half brother to answer.


>Michael is that you?

>Pru what’s wrong?

>Michael some morons…

Abruptly Pru begins to hear white noise followed by a dull silence. She redials but cruelly hears the metallic, aloof voice of a machine reminding her to recharge if she wishes to make further calls. She peers around to seek refuge from the hard stinging rain and finds it under a paper bark tree. She leans into the tree for a pathetic substitute for comfort, and as she does she stares down the road trying to recognise where she is. She squints her eyes to read a sign, 'Jackson Road,' she reads out allowed wondering where on earth she has heard it before. She looks away quickly as bright car lights shine in her eyes. A silver hotted up Toyota sedan pulls up beside her, the window winds down, a girl with blood red lips and jet black hair tied up in an intricate bun leans over. “Hey you're Pru Petrov, Yumi's friend, what are you doing out in the rain? What the hell happened to your face? Do yourself a favor and get into the car.”


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