Her Deep Desires

Her Deep Desires Her Deep Desires

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Brandon is a co-worker of Eva's, Who is secretly in love with her. Her boyfriend Troy is the co-owner of his fathers wealthy company, in which Eva and Brandon works for. Eva and Brandon begins working on a account together, leaving nothing but time and conversation. Will Brandon be able to tell Eva how he really feels about her, Or will her boyfriend Troy stand in the way of Brandon and his secret emotions for her. *This story is not finished yet, please be patient.


Brandon is a co-worker of Eva's, Who is secretly in love with her. Her boyfriend Troy is the co-owner of his fathers wealthy company, in which Eva and Brandon works for. Eva and Brandon begins working on a account together, leaving nothing but time and conversation. Will Brandon be able to tell Eva how he really feels about her, Or will her boyfriend Troy stand in the way of Brandon and his secret emotions for her.

*This story is not finished yet, please be patient.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Her Deep Desires

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Brandon is a co-worker of Eva's, Who is secretly in love with her. Her boyfriend Troy is the co-owner of his fathers wealthy company, in which Eva and Brandon works for. Eva and Brandon begins working on a account together, leaving nothing but time and conversation. Will Brandon be able to tell Eva how he really feels about her, Or will her boyfriend Troy stand in the way of Brandon and his secret emotions for her.<br /> <br /> *This story is not finished yet, please be patient.

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Her laugh was striking, It permeated the room full of crowed co-workers and friends. From across the room I could see her standing there.She looked elegant. Her knee length black strapless dress hugged every curve of her body. The black heels she had been wearing, made her look taller than she really was. I could tell she was really only 5'3, with the heels on it gave her 2 more inches of height.  From where I was standing she was picture perfect, looking beautiful as she always did. My eyes wondered down to her smile. Her smile seemed to light up the room. I found it cute, how her dimples would protrude throw her soft cheeks as she stood there smiling away.  Her brightly colored red  lip stick matched her mocha complexion perfectly. Her exotic green/hazel eyes could make anyone fall in love with her.I couldn't help to notice her long beautiful dark brown curly hair.   She always had bangs hiding part of her face on one side, as if she were trying to hide.She was one of the sexist women I've seen since I've been working here.  Eva was perfect, She was classy, and smart.  She wasn't predictable like most women I've meet. She was a mystery to me and that made me want her even more.

The only thing that was stopping me from my mission of having Eva, Was her nerd of a boyfriend Troy. Troy was your typical wealthy douche bag. Everyone know's the type...Daddy owns a wealthy company, son grows up with everything he ever wanted etc...etc. Troy always thought he was better than everyone, even though he didn't know shit about the company his father was running nor had any clue on how to run it.  Not only that, he walked around the office building like  he was gods gift to women. After hearing the way he spoke to a fellow co-worker a few years back, I could tell that's how he felt about himself.  I considered him to be a complete dumb fuck, a daddy's boy. At least that's what I call him. Troy loved to play the boss roll, at every chance he got. Some how it made him feel like he had bigger balls then he actually did. I've never really been a big fan of Troy's, but he does have something I want and I intend on takingit.

"Hey Brandon, how's it going"  I heard Troy say from a distance.  I knew it was him, he a very annoying loud voice that could not be mistaken for anyone else. "Oh great" here comes kiss ass. I thought to myself. Troy was the last person I wanted to be talking to right now, or having any type of involvement with. As Troy approached me, I could see  he had on his usual  black suite and the ugliest blue tie I've ever seen. His  fashion since was always off, considering he thought he was the best looking man alive.  Besides that  I honestly just wanted to tell him to fuck off,  then I saw Eva  standing next to him. The smell of her perfume filled the surrounding air. I started to undress her with my eyes. "Hey Troy", I said giving him a small glance before I  rolling my eyes. My eyes stayed locked on Eva. "Mrs.Robertson...I said slightly tilting my head in a gentleman like  gesture. "Mr. Jackson..." She replied with a smile.

"So Brandon, how are things?" Why do you care, I thought to myself.  " Oh things are going good. You know these office parties can be a bore sometimes". I had a hard time keeping eye contact with Troy, Eva secretly had my full attention. " Yeah I would say so, parties are usually boring if you have no one to accompany you Right Eva?" Troy said placing his hand on Eva's lower back. I gave Troy a intense stare before focusing my attention back onto Eva. I could tell Eva was being effected by the way I was looking at her. She would make eye contact and quickly lower her eyes.

"Yeah they can sometimes become a bore". My eyes stayed focused on Eva's lips as she spoke, My mind started to drift off, as Troy continued his meaningless conversation. My mind  wondered how her lips would feel on mines, how soft they would feel when, we finally kissed each other, Damn.... "So Brandon, I take it, your here alone as always correct?", What happened Brandon? You can't find a lady friend to accompany you?. At this point I could literally see myself grabbing his ugly blue tie and punching him in his face. He was such a dick, always using his best effort to embarrassed people, more so to embarrassed me. Not only was he a dick, he was a punk.

What could Eva possibly see in this guy?. He was just a skinny twerp living off his father. How could she like a dumb fuck like him?. He didn't seem her type anyway. Troy was the exspensive type, I could tell by the close he wore. He has light brown hair, ligth brown eyes, about 6'1, skinny as a stick, yet he was in ah of himself for some reason. What did she see in this guy?Not that I knew what Eva's type was, but it surely didn't look as if she liked Troy all that much." Well Troy, we can't all be God's gift to women like you are".  I said sarcastically. "Yeah I agree Brandon. We all can't have a beautiful women like Eva at our side. "Oh Brandon by the way, how is your ex-girlfriend doing"? Troy asked rudely.  I made the mistake of talking to a friend at work about my ex-girlfriend, and how we broke up , and troy just happen to be in the room, ease dropping as always, so he over heard my conversation, now he throws it in my face every chance he gets. Troy continued to talk, but his voice begin to fade out after awhile, I couldn't stand to listen to his meaningless conversation.

I could only think about Eva and how I wanted to take her away from this douche bag. "Well I'm not to sure troy, we don't speak to each other anymore". "Ah yes, she had enough of you to I see". Troy responded with his god awful laugh that always gave me a head ache.  I couldn't really say what I really felt about troy to his face, he was in fact the bosses son, I didn't want him to go running to his father  about me.After pretending to  listen  to him and his yapping, I turned my attention back  to Eva. " Eva...If I may say.... you look amazing as always". Eva smiled at me softly, lifting her eyes to make contact with mines. " Thank you Brandon" She replied. " Um I wouldn't say amazing, but she does look great doesn't she Brandon"?  Troy said breaking up the moment that stood before me and Eva." I would have preferred Eva to wear her hair up instead of down, but you know women, they need to be told what to do and where to do it and how to do it. But then again some women just don't listen". "What do you think Brandon?  Don't you think it makes her look a little bit older then what she is? with her hair down like that?".  I felt my tempeture as he stood there, with a smirk on his face. Who the hell was he to be talking about how someone looks. 

I could see Eva's expression on her face change. Her smile fading away as Troy talked. I wanted to hold Eva and ensure her that she looked beautiful, but I knew I couldn't. " Well I personally think her hair looks beautiful just the way it is." I looked up flashing Eva a smile.  I could feels Troy's eyes burning a hole into the side of my face, as though he knew my exact thoughts. "Um...Eva we need to get back to the party, excuse us Brandon. "Oh and Brandon enjoy yourself". Troy said grabbing Eva's hand forcefully. A few minutes later Ryan walked over to me. "Man what a beautiful women Eva is", If i was with her, I'd never let her out of my sight, Let alone, let her be around that douche bag".

Ryan took a sip of his chardonnay wine, while scanning the room. Ryan was one of my bestfriends from childhood, we grew up together, pretty much did everything together. We lived right next door to each other growing up, going to the same the same schools. He wasa like a brother to me and I'd do anything for him." She is more then just a beautiful women, she's amazing".  I looked around the room, watching  Eva mingling with other co-workers. She looked kind of bored, being at Troy's side, like she was his personal trophy or dog or something. That's when I noticed Eva watching me as well. I admit I got a little excited knowing that this beautiful women was watching me as much as I was watching her. I gave her a smile and a wave. "So what did nerd boy want this time"? Ryan asked. Nothing as  usual, just trying his best to be Mr. perfect. A thought occurred to me... Was I becoming jealous of Troy? for the fact that he had been dating Eva?, or did I just hate him?.  I had come to the conclusion that he was a total dumb ass, so with that I would have to say both. Troy had the women of my dreams at his side, Not only did he have the women of my dreams at his side, He treated her like she meant nothing to him. 

"He didn't want anything, I suppose he was just mingling or being nosey" "Man I can't believe Mr. Wallace made Troy in charge of the Lincoln account. Hell he'd be better off if he picked the guy from the mail room to be in charge". " Well that's what happens when daddy owns the company" I said sarcastically. Troy could pretty much do anything he wanted to, including dating co-workers. His father was the owner, he couldn't tell troy no if he wanted to, considering his father has never been around for troy when he was a child, So I figure he's trying to make it up to him as an adult.  Had that been someone else dating at the work place it wouldn't be tolerated.

"Damn..to bad it couldn't be one of our fathers huh" Ryan chuckled. "Has Mr. Wallace told you who would be working with you on the account yet"?  "No not yet, besides I don't really care who it is, as long as it wasn't Troy."That would completely suck, if you had to work with him, hell you would be doing all the work anyway, and we both know he doesn't know shit, about this account". "Well unfortunately, I can't control what his father insist on doing with his son and the company". "The only thing I hoped was not to work with Troy."" To bad we couldn't work together", Ryan said jokingly. "Look man, I'm going to go hang out with Myra. She's looking pretty good after a few glasses of wine". "Man that's messed up". " Yeah I know it is, but that's life right". Ryan said as he made his way through the crowed, over to Myra.


Today had been long and draining. After working a 16 hour day, work was the last place I wanted to be right now. I was totally beat, These office parties were almost always pointless. All anyone ever did was pretty much drink and tell bad jokes. It wasn't a typical office party like they have for holidays, or major events. These office parties were just because. I mean I liked my job and all, but who really wants to hang out with people, who you barely like, Let alone made and effort to talk to. I wanted to spend the rest of my night at home, like normal people do, watching re-runs of my favorite show. Besides, me being able to see Eva, this night wasn't  a total bust.

The company had office parties at the end of each month for no reason what so ever, which I can understand we need a little entertainment every now and then, but every month?. I honestly dreaded these events, the random conversations about work, the random co-workers I've never seen throughout my whole time working at this job. " Mr Jackson there you are".... I heard a voice calling out to me,interrupting my thoughts. " I already knew who it was. I could tell by the sound of the voice, that it was Mr. Wallace. "Mr. Jackson, I've been looking everywhere for you. Where have you been hiding"?. One thing about Mr. Wallace was that, he loved his alcohol. I could smell It on him, way before he even got over to me. He didn't seem to mind that he reeked of alcohol. "Mr. Wallace"  I said, Pretending to gave a fuck about anything he was about to say. "I wasn't hiding, I was just busy mingling with co-workers". I proceeded to give him a firm hand shake. 

" How is the Lincoln, account coming along"? I'm hoping that you have done your research on the legal aspects of this account". "Yes I have sir, there are a few legal issues that will need to be worked out, other then that, we should be good to go". "Great I knew i could count on you to get the job done". " I have asked Eva Robertson to work with you on this account, considering we have to get this account within a 3 days , your going to need all the help you can get". Now this news made my night. "Thanks Mr, it would be a pleasure to be working with Ms. Robertson. I think she can add a lot of insite."" I think she can help you get this account in better shape as well Mr. Robertson. I need my top 2 people on this project, you and Eva are the best". It was not that I really  cared but, Did he just say Eva and I were the best? even though, his own son was  working for him"? I guess he knows a dumb ass when he see's one. I was happy to know that I would be the one working with Eva, and not that douche bag Troy.

"Mr. Jackson"? one more thing. Troy will be over seeing the work that is done. If you need any assistance, be sure to tell Troy and he will get you what you need". "Fuck" I said to myself under my breath. Not only do I get to work with the gorgeous Eva, but I also had to work with Troy. Great that dumb fuck is going to be over my shoulder telling me, What and how to do things, this can not be happening.Troy was always power hungry, Since he's Mr. Wallace's son, he's been acting like he own's the company. "Damn..." the only time I got to be alone with Eva, I also had to spend it with her pompous jerk boyfriend Troy. 

"Thank you sir" "Oh Mr. Jackson, no need to say thank you, that's my job". "Again, Mr. Jackson if you need anything,Troy will be happy to assist you".He said as he turned to head back to mingling. I reached for another drink as the waitress passed by, hoping it was strong enough to help me forget that try would be over looking my work.I wasn't sure if I should be happy or if I should yell, given the fact that Troy would be in my face every single day or should I be happy knowing that I would at least get a chance to see and work with Eva. How could i possibly make a move on Eva with Troy around. Now some may say I'm wrong for trying to make moves on another mans women, But this wasn't just some women, this was Eva Robertson. This night had turned out to have some good news,  Hearing that I would be having Eva as my partner, but still knowing Troy would be there, I could almost see it turning out to be a fucking nightmare. " I should have stayed home and pretended to be sick. Then again that wouldn't stop me from knowing that no matter how or what i felt I would have to ask Troy for his help when I needed it. Great.

After 5 hours mingling with co-workers, and sipping on watered down drinks, I was ready to go home. This office party was draining and I felt no reason to be here. Besides, me being part of the company,that's the only reason, I was here.It was mandatory for all employees to attend. I was done and ready to leave. On my wayout the  door, I noticed Eva standing there. She was leaning against the wall, holding a wine glass in her hand, slowly sipping on whatever drink she had in it. I secretly tried to fix my clothes, not wanting to appear tired and sloppy.  I walked trying to, pretending not to notice her. Approaching the door Eva smiled at me. "Going so soon" She smiled. "Yeah...I'm kind of beat. Its been a long day".It was important for me to keep eye contact with Eva. She had a habit of looking at the ground anytime we had to speak to each other.Her hazel eyes were like magnets, They  drew you in like the smell of sweet morning spring flowers. Every time she spoke, everything felt calm. There is something about this women that makes every sense in my body aware of her presents.

The sheer sound of her voice drove me crazy."I hear you, I'm tired to, but Troy insist that I stay and meet his friends". "Sounds fun." "Well Im not really looking foward to it. I'd rather be at home watching old re-runs TV shows." "Yeah I know what you mean." There was a moment of silence. I noticed  the way she was staring at me. Her eyes told a story all there own, a story in which I needed and wanted to know. Eva is mysterious, shy in her own way.  There was something about her. " Well I don't want to keep you, I'm sure you have better things to do then stand here with me, talking about nothing. "Oh I don't mind  Eva". I said giving her a playful smile. "Well  I have to get back to Troy anyway before, he come's looking for me. I hoped  you enjoyed yourself, despite it being boring, as you say". "Goodnight Mr. Jackson" She said moving past me slightly touching my shoulder. As she walked by me, I could smell that same sent of her perfume. So she was listening to me when I spoke. She remembered what I said about the office parties being boring. The thought of this made me wonder...

 I turned to watch

Eva walk away. The curves of her body made me imagine the beauty underneath  the clothing. But most of all I wanted to know her...the person that was Eva. After several minutes of watching her, I was  Finally leaving my work place. It was  late and I needed some rest. Even though my night had ended with good and bad news, I wondered if Eva, had known she would be working with me on the Lincoln account. She hadn't mentioned anything about it, If she did know, I wondered if she was as excited as I was, to know that we would be working together. At least I would have something to look forward to tomorrow.

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