The Public Punishment

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

After Misbehaving, Master takes his Pet to the mall for a public punishment

"Faster Pet," my master ordered as we walked (or more like trotted) through the crowded mall. My short legs could barely keep up with his long quick strides. I knew why he was walking so quickly. I was in deep trouble. Such deep trouble that he wanted to go to the mall at that very second to get a better punishment implement. 

Why in God's name did I decide to masturbe? Why did I decide to masturbate with one of the vibrators that only Master was allowed to use on me— especially when I was supposed to be sleeping! Yes it had been a few days but I've gone longer without cumming. I was weak. Like he said, he had spoiled me. I was addicted to orgasming- especially at the hands (or other body parts) of my Master. Which also was why  masturbating was not only a bad plan but a failure. Not only did I get caught- I also didn't cum. 

We walked into a store that at first seemed dark and I shrunk to his side. Even when mad at me, he still felt safe. As I looked around I began to notice what the store really was. A bdsm shop. I didn't even know that was okay to have in a mall. 

My pussy began to moisten. My whole body was aware at all of the implements. They were hot. Just imagining my master using them on me had my thighs dripping. Since I had lost the privilege of underwear and was in a dress, everyone would soon be seeing my arousal drip down my legs. 

"Go stand in that corner and don't look. I don't want you seeing what I'm getting, but I couldn't trust you by yourself at home." His voice was still clipped. He was so angry. Soooo angry, but I could hear the excitement in his voice. 

Who am I kidding? I didn't do it just because I was horny- otherwise I would've been much less obvious. I wanted to get caught. My master liked inflicting pain and punishments- and my job is to please him. I stood in the corner of the store he pointed at. It was filled with books on bdsm. I smiles smugly as I skimmed the titles. I had read them all. 

When he was done my master pulled me from the store. He didn't go to the direction of the
Car though. I looked at him curiously. "I owe you no explanation. It's just I feel like I could punish you more in public." We walked into a store. "If we get caught because of your noises, trust me Slave, you will not be able to sit, lay down, or anything for a month. Also, you will NOT cum." 

"Yes Sir," I whispered back. We walked into the store and he grabbed a few random articles of clothing and handed them to me and pointed to the changing room. 

"When you get in there I want you naked kneeling on the ground presenting my pussy and head down. No more talking. If you even make so much noise as a gasp then you will regret it." 

I nodded and quickly walked to the unsupervised changing rooms. Macy's was perfect for public kinky fuckery/punishment. I got undressed and got into position. 

A few minutes later he came in.   He took out his bag from the store. He pulled out what looked like three clamps on a "Y" shaped chain. I gulped. I've read enough books to know where the clamps attach to and how painful it can be. He took one nipple in his mouth and then the other; he didn't do anything to cause me pleasure, but only enough to make sure my nipples were hard. Then he attached both clamps. They were unbearably cold. I was barely able to not make any sound. Then, he trailed the last clamp down to my clit and snapped it on. I bit my lip hard. 

Then he took a pair of cuffs out and put my arms behind my back and tightened the cuffs tight. They were going to leave marks on my wrists I was sure. I barely contained my groan as the cuffs forced me to puff out my chest making the string pull on all three clamps. Then out of the bag came a big red ball gag. It was huge. Did my mouth even open that far? 

A few seconds later I learnt that it did. Then he roughly pushed me over so I was on all fours. He made his way to my back side. I heard him pull something out of the bag and then he showed it to me. I gulped in a mixture of fear, and anxiety. It's not that I didn't want this. I did, but this toy was the ultimate punishment plug. It was long and extremely wide all the way around. In some areas it was so wide I am sure it will break my ass. It also wasn't smooth. It was bumpy. Then I realized what he meant to do. It was a plug. He was going to leave it in. For how long?

He got out the lube and lathered the toy in it and then my tight back hole. Slowly he started to push the plug in. At first it wasn't horrible but then he got to one of the wider parts. My ass started burning as it stretched to accommodate the wide plug. The bumps and ridges In it also didn't help because it made the plug harder to push into me. 

My master's breath quickened and I could tell he was enjoying this. His speed In turn quickened as well and he began to push the plug into me faster. I grunted at the pain. Luckily, the gag muffled the sound- or maybe he didn't hear it? Regardless, it hurt. As we got into the biggest part of the plug I teared up in pain. It hurt. It hurt deliciously good. Finally, the plug was all the way in. My ass was on fire.

 Then out of the bag came something I hadn't ever seen before. It looked kind of like a paddle, but it was clothed. I jumped as a silent snack hit my ass, and the plug hard. It was a paddle! A silent one... So we don't get caught. He spanked me again and again and again. I knew I should be counting but I couldn't. The pain was too much, but the pleasure still was there. I could tell by the stickiness of my thighs that even though it hurt- my body still responded. Some hits weren't so bad, but the ones that hit the plug as well as my ass was one of the most painful things I had ever ever felt. 

After what seemed like ages, my master stopped and flipped me into my back causing my ass to be rubbed again the ground. My hands were between my back and the ground and I was completely spread out making the chain pull on the clamps brutally. Out of his pocket came something I was very familiar with. They were the silver balls... But I forgot the name of them. They stayed in my pussy after Master put them there. They'd cause me to be horny nonstop. They were so erotic and so teasing. 

He also pulled out what looked like a cup of ice cubes... And the last thing out of the bag... Which was a chastity belt. My eyes widened as I realized what he was going to do. Quickly he slipped the ball into my pussy. I sighed softly. Then came the cold Ice. My hips jerked unconsciously and i whimpered as the ice froze my inside very painfully- yet still somehow erotically. Master took the clit clamp off next and I groaned softly as the blood came rushing back to it. Quickly then he slipped the chastity belt on. Now it wouldn't matter how horny I got. I wouldn't be able to give relief to myself. Only he would be able to take the belt off and give me pleasure. 

Master then began to undo his pants and pull down his boxers and outside his cock. 

Finally! Now I would be able to pleasure Master with my mouth! I loved doing this for him. It gave me much pleasure to please him like that- even physically it gave me pleasure- but more importantly- it pleased him and gave him pleasure! He then straddled by stomach... Well this will be a weird position to please him, but I can work with it. All he has to do it take off the gag. 

He didn't. Instead he proceeded to undo the nipple clamps. Then he pulled my nipples in a way that pushed by boobs together and slowly slid his cock in between them. 

Tittyfucking. He was thirty fucking me. 

Man I really was in trouble. He only chose this over my mouth when he really wanted me to receive zero pleasure. 

Master than picked up his pace as he fucked my boobs. He pulled on my nipples painfully, using them to help push himself in and out. With every thrust of his he somehow managed to make my ass grind  into the ground, pushing the plug into me more. 

He kept furiously fucking my boobs for several minutes. Then he took the gag off and pushed himself straight into my open and ready mouth. Before I could even do anything to pleasure him he pushed himself as far as he could into my mouth. He started cumming and I was forced to swallow or gag on it. I swallows hungrily. 

Master sat me up and undid the handcuffs. Then he got up and started cleaning up and getting dressed. Pointing to my clothes I got the hint from him and started getting dressed. Then we both walked out of the changing room. 

As we exited the mall I finally looked up at Master. "Thank you for the punishment Sir."

"You're welcome Pet. I hope you like the belt. You're going to be wearing it from now on all the time unless I'm using my pussy... Which I won't be for a while. My pussy is still being punished. Your boobs will suffice for now." I bit my lip and looked at the ground. Maybe I went a little overboard on the "rebellion..." 

As we got to the car my Master shoved me up against it and kissed me hard. "Stop over thinking. You're being punished, not left Little One. Now get in and buckle up before I decided we need to take a detour to the back seat of the car." 

Submitted: March 11, 2014

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Rosslyn Scott


Tue, March 11th, 2014 5:49pm

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