Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Elle finds herself alone once more, But this time she has an ally in her friend and au pair who recruits Matt's Step Sister to reconcile the two lovers. The relationship grows and Elle settles into her new lifestyle, but thing turn sour on what should be a happy event, once again turning her life upside down, leaving her to her own devices and at the mercy of who she has discovered is a Lesbian predator. Elle attempts to bury herself in a new enterprise, in the hope she can save herself for a happier future.



Elle finds herself alone once more, But this time she has an ally in her friend and au pair who recruits Matt's Step Sister to reconcile the two lovers.

The relationship grows and Elle settles into her new lifestyle, but thing turn sour on what should be a happy event, once again turning her life upside down, leaving her to her own devices and at the mercy of who she has discovered is a Lesbian predator.

Elle attempts to bury herself in a new enterprise, in the hope she can save herself for a happier future.


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Elle finds herself alone once more, But this time she has an ally in her friend and au pair who recruits Matt's Step Sister to reconcile the two lovers.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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 “Hi Miss Elle how did it go?”  Dorothy asked, feeling a little stupid as Elle entered the lounge sat on the settee and sobbing bitterly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Miss Elle was it that hard a service to cope with?” Dorothy sat beside Elle and held her close, “where’s Mr Matthew and Miss Madelyn?” Elle broke down again Miss Elle what’s happened?” Dorothy asked once more in a concerned voice.

Dorothy cuddled Elle after a few minutes Elle’s sobs subside, “So can you talk now, Miss Elle if you can tell me I might be able to help you.” Dorothy pleaded Elle shook her head, “Please Miss tell me anyway Ok, I’m going into the kitchen and I’m making you one of my special brews then we’ll talk ok.” Dorothy walked into the kitchen.

A few minutes went by, then Dorothy returned to the Lounge Elle was still sitting where she left her, “here you are.” Said Dorothy handing Elle the cup, she sipped the tea.

After a few sips she looked at Dorothy,“I think I’ve lost him I really messed up this time Dorothy he hates me.” Elle handed the cup back to Dorothy as she collapsed onto Dorothy crying again.

“Oh come on Mr Matthew doesn’t hate you he’s besotted with you.” said Dorothy but Elle just sobbed.

Dorothy lay Elle on the settee then picked up the travel rug and covered her,  she walked into the kitchen closing the door behind her.  Dorothy pulled out her phone and rang Maddie,  remembering she had put her number into her phone.

“Hello?” asked Maddie quietly.

“Hi Miss Maddie, it’s Dorothy,” she said in a quiet voice.

“Oh, hi Dorothy suppose you want to know what’s going on?”  Maddie asked.

“Well, yes Elle’s breaking her heart here.” said Dorothy.

“Not surprised I got a raging bull running around this office ready to spill blood.” said Maddie.

“Oh right, so have you any ideas?”  Dorothy asked.

“No!  Not at the moment have you?” Maddie asked.

“Your car is still here.” said Dorothy.

“Yes, I know that’s why I’m trapped with this nutter.” said Maddie.

“Could you get away?” Dorothy asked.

“No not really I couldn’t drive even if I had my car I’m stuck with this arm of mine.” said Maddie.

“Ok, if I can settle Elle into bed and get her to sleep, I could bring you your car because Mr Mathew your keys remember when he brought us back from the hospital.  So how about I come pick you up we go somewhere and talk, we might be able to work something out.” said Dorothy.

“Well, I suppose it’s worth a try anything’s better that watching Matt ripping his self apart.” said Maddie.

“Ok ill text when I’m on my way can you come down to me when I get there.” said Dorothy.

“Yes, that’s no problem.” said Maddie.

“Right I’ll see you in front of the main doors then. Bye.”

“Ok bye Dorothy.” said Maddie.

Dorothy returns to the lounge Elle is still lying on the settee where she left her, “Come on, Miss Elle let me help you upstairs you will be more comfortable in bed.” said Dorothy lifting Elle to her feet, Dorothy managed to get Elle up the stairs into her room she helped Elle undress leaving her undies on then helped her into bed.  After tucking her in Dorothy kissed her on the forehead saying, “you sleep now I’ll see you in the morning.” Dorothy closed the door quietly, then made her way downstairs, she text Maddie then grabbed the Rover keys and ran out to the car and drove to the Breason offices.

As Dorothy pulled up outside the main entrance Maddie came trotting down the steps and got into the car, “Hi.” said Maddie.

“Hi Miss Madelyn.” said Dorothy.

“Don’t you get too attached to this car, it's mine remember.” said Maddie Dorothy chuckled.

“Isn’t there a saying possession is nine tenths of the law.” said Dorothy, dangling the keys on her finger.

“I’ll give you nine out of ten spankings when I get this support off.” said Maddie.

“Oh yes! How is your shoulder?” asked Dorothy.

“Not too bad, just a bit sore how are buns?” asked Madddie.

“A lot better, thank you that cream is marvellous the soreness has gone there just a bit red like I’ve been in the sun.  So where are we heading?” asked Dorothy.

“Mm! Do you know  West Heath Street?” Maddie asked.

“Yes, it’s down by the old wharf.”  Dorothy said.

“Make for there at the end of West Heath Street, turn left and make for the new waterfront complex.” said Maddie.

“Ok, I’ve heard it’s all been redeveloped.” said Dorothy,

“Yes, you won’t recognise it now.” said Maddie.

“So what actually happened between Mr Matthew and Elle?” Dorothy asked.

“Ok, pin back your lugholes and drive I’ll do my best to explain.” said Maddie.

A few minutes later, “Wow, that was some temper Matt displayed to Elle.” said Dorothy.

“Yes and this time he meant it not like other times when he’s pulled back,  I’ve only ever seen him like that once before and it wasn’t pretty I don’t ever want to be there when he loses it like that again.” said Maddie.

“Ah is this it?”  Dorothy asked.

“Yes turn right down here.” said Maddie.

This is the entrance to the new Millstone Hotel? I’ve heard it costs an arm and a leg just for one night in there,” said Dorothy.

“Ok, we’ll use my gammy arm and your leg that should cover it just drive let me take care of the rest.” said Maddie, smiling.

Dorothy pulled down to the brightly lit frontage of the hotel a concierge came out and greeted them Dorothy lowered her window, “Let me deal with this Dorothy.” said Maddie.

“Yes, ladies said the concierge bending to look into the car.

“Hello Arthur.” said Maddie.

“Miss Harrison-Moor Oh, Miss Harrison-Moor I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you.” said the concierge.

“May I park your vehicle?” he asked.

“Yes, certainly come on Dorothy Arthur will take care of it Oh, who’s on the desk Arthur?” asked Maddie.

“Sadie Miss.” said the concierge getting into the car.

“Come follow me.” said Maddie they passed through the automatic doors and made their way up to the reception desk a petite auburn haired young lady approached.

“Oh, Miss Harrison-Moor that looks nasty what have you done?” The receptionist asked.

“I’m ok, you should see the other bitch.” said Maddie the girl smiled shyly.

“No, I fell and bruised my shoulder bone I’m to keep this on during the day for support It’s a lot easier now to be honest anyway can I have my key please we're stopping for the night.” said Maddie. Dorothy gave a frown, gesturing to say something Maddie put up her hand to stop her.

“Would you like room service Miss?” handing Maddie a key card.

“Well, I’m starving would you like dinner, dear?”  Dorothy nodded, then dropped her head, blushing as the girl gave her a knowing look, “yes, please come darling, we’ll just have time for a quickie and freshen up before dinner.” said Maddie chuckles as they made their way to the lift.

Once inside the lift, “that was so embarrassing  Miss Madelyn how come everyone knows you so well, do you come here a lot?” Dorothy said.

“Toughen up kid!” Said Maddie “Dorothy look Elle used to colour at the slightest thing now look at her as to the other question…” said Maddie.

The lift stopped, they then approached a room called The Madisen suite, “this yours?”  Dorothy asked her eyes bright looking around her.

“It’s all mine.” said Maddie as she slips the card into the lock.

“You mean the hotel? Asked Dorothy.

“Yep!” said Maddie as they entered the suite.

“B…  B…  But!” stuttered Dorothy.

“No Matt doesn’t know.” said Maddie.

“Why?” Dorothy asked.

“Because I wanted something of my own, something that Breason Enterprises doesn’t own or control It’s hard to explain, but sometimes I feel stifled manipulated here I’m free and able to make my own decisions. 

Ok, I have a board of directors I have advisers, legal and corporate I learned all that from Breason Enterprises but this…  is…  all…  mine.” said Maddie as she points downward forcefully.

Dorothy was looking around while Maddie was talking the room was large, light and modern with bright colours and a fresh and airy atmosphere even though the early evening light was beginning to fade Dorothy could see the waterway below shimmering in the fading light the view over Barford was magnificent with the tree covered hills in the distance.

“DOROTHY!” Maddie shouted.

“Oh! Sorry Miss Madelyn I was away there.” said Dorothy turning sharply.

“Yes, it’s so beautiful and peaceful up here.” said Maddie,

Turning Dorothy back so she was facing the window Maddie pressed herself up behind Dorothy nuzzling into her neck Maddie nipped at an erogenous point at the nape of her neck, causing Dorothy to squirm and hold her head back, her nipples began to tingle and harden her clit followed suit Dorothy squeezed her thighs together as if she needed to pee. 

Maddie put her arms around her pulling their bodies close together.

“You’re… going to seduce me… aren’t you?” Dorothy asked in a breathless whisper.

“I’m going to make mad passionate love to you yes, but first the important stuff you are not a prisoner here you can leave at any time I am not going to hurt you or make you do anything you are not happy with you are not and I mean NOT!  To tell a soul, not even Elle about this place is that clear.” said Maddie seriously in a low, harsh tone which sent a cold chill through Dorothy’s body.

“You’ve not brought Elle here?” Dorothy asked.

“No! She’s too close to Matt I didn’t even bring Nicole here because she has a loose tongue.” said Maddie.

“But you don’t know me, how do you know I can be trusted?”  Dorothy asked.

“Because I have a feeling about you I think you are a loyal person if treated right and I intend to treat you right.” said Maddie.

“But I’d not brought a change of clothes I’m still in my working stuff I feel dirty and uncomfortable.” said Dorothy.

“Dorothy! That’s just technicalities.” said Maddie she reached into her bag.

“I feel a scruff!”  Dorothy Said harshly.

Maddie took out her phone, “What are you doing.” asked Dorothy.

“You’ll see.” said Maddie smiling, “Ah Justine Maddie right, yes.” she chuckled, “Can you come to my site I have a little job for you and I want it completed tonight there’s a bonus in it for you oh! And I want YOU here with your box of tricks! And I need total discretion Good girl half an hour?  That will be fine Cheers.” Maddie switched off her phone and put it back in her bag.

“What are you up to who was that?” asked Dorothy.

“You are getting in that shower there are robes in there put one on when you’ve finished as I have said you are perfectly safe you can leave at any time I will pay your taxi fare home.” said Maddie pushes her inside the en suite and closing the door after her.

Dorothy stood ‘what have I got myself into now’ she thought, the door opened,

“Come on. Said Maddie, “I don’t have to strip and shower you, do I?” asked Maddie.

Dorothy shook her head and began to undress Maddie held out her hands Dorothy looked “Give me those rags. Said Maddie Dorothy handed her the clothes, “Now shower and put on the robe.” Said Maddie leaving the room and closing the door. Dorothy showered, dried, and slipped on the robe. When she re-entered the lounge there was a table laid out for two with a lit candelabra sat in the middle a bottle of champagne sat chilling in an ice bucket, “dinner is served milady.” said Maddie.

“So! What am I desert?” Dorothy asked curiously.

“No, we have Strawberry roulade for dessert.” said Maddie.

“Oh, I see,” said Dorothy.

Dorothy looked wide eyed Maddie smiled, offering her a seat Dorothy slowly made her way to the table Maddie was standing behind the chair holding the back with both hands, “What happened to your arm support?” asked Dorothy,

Maddie pulled out Dorothy’s chair and sat her down, leaning forward, she nibbled Dorothy’s neck just below her ear while she slipped her hands inside Dorothy’s robe cupping her breasts, she tweaked her nipples, “I need both hands to eat and do this with.” said Maddie quietly into Dorothys ear her hot breath sending shivers to Dorothys nipples and clit Dorothy leaned her head back, they kissed deeply Maddie pushed her tongue into Dorothy’s mouth there lounges danced as Maddie continued to tease Dorothy’s nipples hardened sending electric shocks to Dorothy’s clit.

“The dinner will go cold.” said Dorothy breathlessly.

“It’s a cold dinner.” said Maddie continues her onslaught.

“B… B… but your friend will be here soon.” said Dorothy.

“No matter, she enjoys a bit of lessee play.” said Maddie.

Dorothy squeaked swallowed her body stiffened, “you… you planned this?” Dorothy asked her body trembling but not with cold.

“No! I did not it’s just the way thing work out.” said Maddie.

Maddie walked to her seat opposite Dorothy and sat down Dorothy looked her heart was pounding her breathing laboured she was hazy eyed, “I’d eat your food before Justine arrives you won’t have time later I can assure you.” said Maddie. Dorothy swallowed hard once more.

“Wh… Wh… What do you mean?” asked Dorothy nervously Maddie just looked into Dorothy’s eyes as she picked up a small tomato between her finger and thumb, she put out her tongue and licked it salaciously then sucked it into her mouth.

Dorothy looked, as if hypnotised she was shaking her nipples and clit tingling as Maddie pushed the tomato back out of her mouth took it between her finger and thumb once more she bit into it,  then put out her tongue and slowly licked out its contents deliberately letting some of the sticky seeds drip onto her plate she sucked at the hollow shell before popping it into her mouth staring into Dorothy’s eyes continually.

Dorothy’s body trembled nervously partly in fear but also in anticipation her thighs were shaking her senses were going wild as her nipples hardened and tingled sending electric pulses to her clit her pussy was damp. A film of perspiration had formed on her brow.

“Would you like another glass of bubbly Dorothy?” Asks Maddie calmly.

Dorothy nods her head, knowing it was the wrong answer the alcohol was already taking effect.

A knock came on the door Dorothy jumped, dropping her utensils, making a clatter Maddie looked at her smiling Dorothy started to physically shake She could hear voices in the hallway getting closer The door opened a tall slim woman with thick blond wavy hair entered.

“Hi Dorothy?” she said, holding out her hand, her fingers were long and slim with beautify manicured nails Dorothy took her hand and the woman gripped it stroking her middle finger into Dorothy’s palm sending another electric shock to her clit.

“This is Justine.” said Maddie.

“H… H… Hello.” stuttered Dorothy.

“Oh, we are a nervous little kitten, aren’t we? Don’t worry, we aren’t going to eat you.” said Justine smiling.

“Speak for yourself, dear.” said Maddie smiling and licking her lips.

“Steady on Maddie the poor kittens petrified she’s shaking.” said Justine softly and quietly.

“She’ll be all right once she’s into it.” said Maddie Dorothy swallowed hard thinking, ‘now might be a good time to run.’

“You can be so callous sometimes Maddie.” said Justine.

“Don’t you worry dear, I’ll be gentle with you, but first let’s try some things on you.” said Justine.

“How can you? You don’t even know my size.” Dorothy asked indignantly.

“Oh Maddie rang them through to me while you were showering,” said Justine.

Dorothy looked at Maddie Maddie smiled and winked.

“Now come, let’s see what we have here.” said Justine, taking Dorothy’s hands lifting her out of her chair Justine backed toward the settee sitting down Dorothy was standing in front of her.  “Right.” said Justine, reaching down opening a suitcase she looked at Dorothy, “ok slip off the robe don’t be shy, we’ve all got the same bits.” said Justine, giving a smile and a shrug.  Dorothy hesitantly undid the tie on the robe, “oh come here.” said Justine stands slipping the robe off Dorothy’s shoulders, then throwing it over the chair Dorothy had been sitting in.  Justine sat down again looking at Dorothy she began sliding her hands over Dorothy’s shoulders, then down her arms returning up the inside of her arms to her chest, then down to her breasts avoiding Dorothy’s hard nipples, then down over her abdomen, stopping to poke a finger gently into her belly button Dorothy quivered letting out a whimper. She could feel her heart beating and her breathing was shallow, “you're very aroused.” said Justine, “do you want to cum?” she asked, Dorothy nodded, “You will darling in time but I’m not ready to let you just yet.  Justine continued her exploration from Dorothy’s navel down either side of her abdomen to her groin Justine then traced her fingers across the top of Dorothy’s pubic hair Justine stroked and pulled at her pubis, “this needs some attention my darling.” said Justine, “you got your shaving kit Maddie?” asked Justine.

“Yes, I keep one here, it’s in the bathroom.” said Maddie.

Dorothy was quivering her heart was thumping her breathing shallow, she whimpered making fists with her hands.

“I think she might cum, I haven’t touched her tits or clit yet.” said Justine to Maddie who was sitting in an armchair watching stroking her pussy through her panties under her skirt.

“Make her cum then she’ll soon get aroused again.” said Maddie.

Justine continued down onto Dorothy’s thighs, pushing them slightly apart so she could stroke the inside moving up to her crotch, then down again Dorothy started to shake and whimper droplets of moisture appeared on her pussy lips Justine turned Dorothhy around so she was facing Maddie Justine reached around and cupped Dorothy's breasts while running her tongue down her spine Dotenced arching her back she whimpered she could see Maddie who had a breast out and was pinching a nipple her legs were hooked over the arms of the char with her panties hanging from her foot while she stroked he clit.

Dorothy screwed up her hands and cried, “oh god.”

Justine took Dorothys nipple and squeezed it as she stroked her other hand down Dorothys abdomen, then on to her groin where sh fond her wet pussy lips, she slid her finger into her hard clit and stroked, “Oh God, yes.” cried Dorothy her body trembled Maddie screamed “oh fuck yes, as she rubbed her clit to orgasm Dorothy cried out “yes yes oh god yes as she crumpled to the floor trembling and pulsing folding into fetal position. Whimpering and panting.

“Yes, she’s had an orgasm.” Said Justine.

 “I hope I’m not going to be the left strung out here?” said Justine.

“S… s… sorry Justine.” said Maddie panting It was such a turn on watching you do that.” said Maddie.

“It’s a technique I learned from a masseuse in Thailand they can bring off any frigid woman with similar techniques.” said Justine.

“When she recovers I’ll show you a different method I witnessed God, it was such a turn on I ended up being gang banged by three masseurs and two masseuses, I thought of it when I was half way through but she was too close to cuming.” said Justine.

Dorothy was still on the floor, her breathing was steady she was just lying on her back looking up at Justine.

“You ok down there kitten?” asked Justine Dorothy nodded, “sated but shattered it feels so good like a ton weight has been lifted off of me.” said Dorothy softly.

“Hmm! Well, when you’re ready if you want to freshen up we’ll sort out these clothes, then I’ll show you another technique similar to that one, but a lot more intense see how you deal with that.” said Justine.

After freshening up Dorothy tried on several sets of bra and pants, tops, skirts, and dresses, then, “right, you ready to try this other technique?”  Justine asked.

“Do I have to stay naked?” asked Dorothy.

“Yes, but this time we have to tie you to a bed and blindfold you.” said Justine.

Dorothy looked fearful, “Look, don’t worry, I’m not into pain or violence I am purely a pleasure giver ok, but on saying that the same rules apply if there’s anything you don’t like say stop! And the session stop’s straight away this is what a masseuse taught me ok.” said Justine.

“Ok.” said Dorothy.

 “And when we’ve finished, you two had better be ready to get me off before I go or i'll be raping some poor bitch before I get home.” said Justine.

"God I’m feeling horny already just thinking about the kidnap." said Maddie.

"But the woman’s terrified it can’t be sexually arousing.” said Dorothy.

"There’s a very fine line between the senses of fear, pleasure and pain now you’ve already experienced two senses." said Justine Dorothy frowned.

"You were about to piss yourself when I walked In this evening and look how you came I hardly did anything you were that pent up with fear and anticipation you came." said Justine.

"It’s all in the technique fear, pain and arousal are, believe it or not, all part of the same sensory pathway in the brain.”

"Now, as I have already said I do not like inflicting pain only pleasure, but really you’re supposed to give a little light pain then pleasure which heightens the senses and eventually the patient orgasms without any genital stimulation.

The result being, they let the husband take off her blindfold and fuck her brains out, they say, some women go crazy, and just continually orgasm, as the husband fucks her till he comes himself.

"Do you use it as therapy?" asked Maddie.

"No, I use it purely for pleasure a fucking technique, imagine going down on Dorothy after she came she would have gone crazy and look how you cum. Right I’ll continue with the story." said Justine.

"Anyway are we going to do this." Justine asked.

“Yes, I’m up for it.” said Maddie.

“And you Dorothy you ok to do this as the victim again so to speak?” asked Justine.

Dorothy nodded cautiously, “You sure?”

Dorothy nodded again, “Right Dorothy In that case I want you to put yourself in the mind of the woman who’s sitting in her living room chair watching her favourite soap. When ‘BANG!” Justine hit the bedside cabinet with her fist, “the door bursts open,” Justine covers Dorothy’s eyes with a blindfold as Maddie cuffs her wrists Dorothy instinctively fights Justine continues with the scenario.

“You have just been blindfolded and restrained you don’t know who by you shout and fight as you are picked up carried outside and loaded into a vehicle which speeds away transporting you to an unknown destination. The vehicle stops you are picked up and carried into a building and laid on a bed.”

Justine and Maddie carry Dorothy through to the bedroom, “you are now going to be tied to the bed, obviously you would still be clothed so your clothes would be cut and stripped from your body. How scary is the thought of that?” Justine asked. 

Dorothy’s breathing had become shallow again her heart was pounding once Maddie and Justine had finished securing Dorohys wrists and ankles to the bedposts so she is naked spread eagled on the bed Justine indicates to Maddie to sit in a chair in the corner of the room, then  Justine left the room, Dorothy was writhing and protesting on the bed Maddie was sitting in a plush chair in the corner of the room her skirt pulled up her legs open as she stroked her pussy through her panties.

Justine returned from the lounge carrying a cloth bag that she put on the dressing table, Maddie frowned.

Justine took out a thin stick with feathers on the end she stroked along Dorothy’s brow Dorothy rocked her head from side to side, pulling on the restraints she then ran the feather down her cheek onto her neck Dorothy rocked her head and twisted her body moaning Justine continued down onto her chest abdomen thighs legs and feet Dorothy pulled up her leg against the restraints giggling.

“So Dorothy you see, you are defenceless you cannot stop me or anyone doing what they will to you I have full power over your body you will do as I command.” said Justine softly into Dorothy’s ear Dorothy stopped moving her breathing hitched and her heart pounded Justine flicked the stick across Dorothy’s nipples, they instantly hardened Dorothy let out a squeal and arched her back,  “You see I can make you scream, I can make you laugh.”  Justine used the feathers on the soles of Dorothy’s feet she squirmed attempting to pull her legs away from the attack and shrieked with laughter Justine stopped.  

All went quiet again Dorothy listened, she moved her head from side to side waiting and hearing nothing.

“Hello… Justine… Maddie… You there… Oh! Come on please… what is happening,” Dorothy listened again. “I know you're there.” she pulled at the restraints, but she was held tight.

 Justine returned, this time with a container she reached in and took out an ice cube placing it in Dorothy’s navel, “oh god oh that’s cold.” she protested lifting up, arching her back as much as she could, twisting from side to side as cold shivers ran up her spine the cold subsided she then flopped back onto the bed, panting.Justine took another cube this one she placed on Dorothy’s right nipple, “Arrr! No, please it’s cold.” she protested again, crying and writhing water droplets trickled down her breast and abdomen puddling in her navel, once Dorothy settled Justine placed another cube on Dorothy’s left nipple this time Dorothy writhed but protested less. 

“Now we are getting somewhere, see, you anticipated that, so when it happened you weren’t surprised, you just reacted to the cold.” said Justine.

Justine got a towel and dried Dorothy’s body, then she disappeared again taking the container of ice.  When she returned, she reached into her bag again, this time producing two clamps she put one on Dorothy’s left nipple, “Oh shit! That hurts oh please, take it off you said you wouldn’t hurt me.” protested Dorothy squirming and sobbing as Justine attached the other clamp to her right nipple.

“Shh, it’ll go away in a second.” Dorothy was sobbing, “I said you will have to experience a little mild pain to appreciate pleasure.” said Justine as she left the room again returning a minute or so later with an Mp3 player and headphones. 

Justine took them over to Maddie who was gently masturbating Justine indicated to Maddie to put the headphones on Justine then switched on the player It was the sound of a couple making love heavy breathing moaning and whimpering the slapping of the body’s together the woman shouting, YES!  YES! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!  Then she heard the sound of bodies colliding again and the man shouting, ‘ARGH YES IM CUMMING.’ and the woman responding by screaming her climax.

Justine took the phones off Maddie walking over to the bed, she placed them on Dorothy’s head, making sure they covered her ears; she then resets the player and switched it on.  Dorothy’s Face showed an expression of shock, then smiling Justine indicated to Maddie to follow her out of the room Justine closed the door quietly behind them, “Right we’ll let her listen to that for a few minutes then I’ll start on the next part.” said Justine.

“What are you actually doing?” asked Maddie.

“Conditioning her, she’s experienced pleasure, pain, shock, now she’s listening to sex, which should arouse her senses.  We’ll go back in, in a moment with the wand, I'll remove the clamps which will cause a rush of blood into her nipples, making them hypersensitive, I’ll trail the feathers over her nipples and pussy, and see what happens, she may orgasm again.” said Justine.

Justine stripped, “you strip as well don’t bring yourself off, you’ll need that later.” said Justine. 

They went back into the room, Dorothy twisting and pulling her legs up and down breathing heavy and whimpering Maddie went back to her seat with her leg’s apart stroking her now wet pussy.  

Justine had the wand with the feathers she removed the nipple clamps Dorothy cried out as the blood rushed back into her nipples Justine stroked Dorothy’s right nipple with the feather Dorothy lifted her right side to the touch moaning and shaking.

Justine then dragged the feather down the right side of Dorothy’s abdomen Dorothy raised her body up in response moaning, “oh god touch me make me cum.” she cried her body quivering.

Justine then touched the Dorothy’s left nipple Dorothy lifted her left side, moaning, “please don’t tease me, make me cum do me now, please.” cried Dorothy louder Justine ran the feather down the right side of Dorothy’s abdomen, then in her crotch Dorothy Lifted her hips off the bed, crying, “oh god yes!  YES, YES, YES, DO ME NOW.”

Justine went to the bottom of the bed, and poked the feather into Dorothy’s anus; Dorothy screamed “OH GOD NO NOT THERE DO IT TOO ME I WANT TO CUM.” her body pumping up and down Maddie got off her chair Justine put up her hand to stop her.

Dorothy settled whimpering Justine turned the stick around, and tapped it on Dorothy’s clit Dorothy shouted, “OH PLEASE MAKE ME CUM.” As she pounded up and down moaning, “Oh please, do it to me now please no more make me cum please.” sobbed Dorothy Justine took the headset off her and signalled to Maddie to go to Dorothy’s pussy and suck her.

Justine climbed onto Dorothy’s face, pushing her pussy into Dorothy’s mouth Dorothy started to lick and suck Justine’s clit as Maddie did the same to Dorothy Justine released the restraints holding Dorothy’s wrists telling Maddie to release the ones holding her ankles.

Justine then climbed off Dorothy and removed her blindfold, “Ok Dorothy you’ve done well considering you’re a novice to sex play you’ve done bloody good so as your reward let’s just fuck”.  She lay down onto the bed Dorothy climbed onto her face, Maddie lay scissoring Justine, rubbing their Pussy’s together, they all started crying out, and moaning Justine bucked and writhed as Maddie shouted, “FUCK IM CUMMING.”  Dorothy called out, “OH…  YES…  YES…  IM CUMMING!”  Justine shouted, “YES, YES, IM CUMMING.” they all bucked and trembled to orgasm collapsing onto the bed in an exhausted heap.

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