Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hi, Sorry for the long wait, But here are Chapter's two and Three. Chapter two commences from when Matt leaves prison to discover that Elle can now drive; she takes them to a secluded Inn for their reunion which was punctuated by an unexpected event, although it was only a short interruption to their reunion celebrations. Thank you for your patience. paperbackwriter.


Hi, Sorry for the long wait, But here are Chapter's two and Three.

Chapter two commences from when Matt leaves prison to discover that Elle can now drive; she takes them to a secluded Inn for their reunion which was punctuated by an unexpected event, although it was only a short interruption to their reunion celebrations.

Thank you for your patience.


Chapter1 (v.1) - CHAPTER ONE Three into one (Part One)

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Hi Here is Chapter One of Book three as promised,<br /> <br /> THIS IS PART ONE OF TWO.<br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Matt was driven back to Manchester prison, where he spent the night before being taken to Arlundale open prison the next day.

Elle, Maddie, Nicole, Janine, Alice and Bernice, all returned to the Hotel for the night, they then returned to Riverside the next day.  It was then that Elle broke down and was diagnosed as having a mental breakdown.  Maddie arranged for Elle to be taken to Fenton for treatment and convalescence.

Matt quickly settled into his new environment, which consisted of a single apartment with ensuite, which was in a block of six.  He was given two pairs of bright orange coveralls, which he was told to wear at all times; he was also informed that morning alarm call was at five am, breakfast at six am and dinner is at six pm. 

The next morning he was led to some large greenhouses where he was set to work planting seeds in seed boxes, he was told he will be expected to arrive at eight o’clock in the morning, they have a ten minute break at 10 am then an hour for lunch at one pm, the shift finishing at five pm, after dinner they have a three hour recreation period then lights out at eleven pm.

After Madelyn had organised Elle’s hospitalisation and convalescence, she received a phone call from Tony, demanding her presence in the Boardroom of Breason Enterprise offices, she was to bring Bernice and the hire car with her.

When Maddie and Bernice entered the Boardroom, Madelyn quickly assessed the situation.Tony informed her that in the light of Matts three year absence as co-founder and partner he was assuming responsibility and as such he was instigating certain changes.

During this opening dialogue Maddie stalked up the board room toward the top table coming to a standstill behind Tony, who was occupying Matts chair and Sam, who was sitting in Tony’s chair, Tony was switching his head back and forth now feeling a little intimidated by Madelyn’s actions.

When he had finished his speech Madelyn stepped forward, leaning forward with her head between Tony and Sam’s, she looked at the rest of the Board Members. “I take it that this is meant to be a Coupe?” Madelyn asked.  Everyone remained silent.

“Ok, in that case, I suggest members of the board, you familiarise yourselves with the workings of our excellent Jobcentre, because you’ll be seeing a lot of it.  Beryl, go and get me the constitution please,” said Maddie, to Matt’s secretary.A minute or so later she returned,

Maddie stood up, taking the folder containing the constitution from Beryl who scampered back to her place taking shorthand notes, “Now, I take it you are all familiar with this document?” Asked Maddie, flicking through its pages, everyone nodded and murmured, “Good, because you’ve all signed it as being in agreement of its contents, a passage of which I will now read.

‘In the event that I am incapacitated for whatever reason, Miss Madelyn Harper – Moor, will assume all responsibilities as CEO, till such time I am fit to return.  If, however, In the Event of my Death.  Again, Miss Madelyn Harper – Moor will assume full responsibility of the running of Breason Enterprises, till the official reading of my Last will and testament.’

Maddie slammed the constitution, shut and threw it on the table, sending it skimming in the direction of Beryl. Madelyn looked around the room, “Does anyone wish to comment?” Maddie Asked, “I thought not. NOW GET YOUR SCRAGGY WET ASSES OUT OF THEM SEATS AND BACK TO YOUR DEPARTMENTS, I’LL BE DEALING WITH YOU LATER,” shouted Maddie.

Tony and Sam cringed and attempted to stand, but Maddie had her hands on their shoulders, “Oh no, I haven’t finished with you pair yet,” said Maddie, in an acid tone, squeezing their collar bones with her powerful fingers, making them cringe even more, once the room was empty except for a very pale looking Bernice, sitting quietly in a corner, Maddie moved round the table sitting in front of Tony.

“Right Farington, I always thought of you as a part of my family, and here you are, at the first opportunity turn mutineer, rallying the staff to go along with you like the sheep they are.  I should kick your ass down every flight of steps out of this building,” said Maddie, into his face, “but, you do realise that this meeting has been recorded, and logged in the minutes.  So when Matt gets back, he will see and hear everything.  I think I’ll let him deal with it, your punishment being, thirty six months to think about your actions,” said Maddie, in a small voice with a grimacing smile.

“And as for you Greaves, if it wasn’t for the fact you were PA and security for my Father before Matt, you’d be well gone by now, you’ve both got a hell of a lot of grovelling to do to get back into my favours, and you can start right now, Greaves, by teaching Bernice here everything you know about being a PA, also, I want her proficient in security and self-defence, plus check out if she’ll be any good with firearms,” said Maddie.

“Excuse me, do you realise…”

“Sam, I realise you are on a very tiny thin piece of thread here, and you’re not exactly a young man, you have no other form occupation to fall back on, hmm!” Maddie Said, with her head on one side smiling.

“Yes, Miss Harper – Moor,” said Sam, standing and walking toward Bernice.


“Yes, Miss,”

“I’ll talk to Benson and Granger about self-defence lessons,” said Maddie.

”Miss?” Sam said, collecting Bernice and leading her out of the room.

“And you, Tony, I suggest you get back to doing what you do best, looking after the Technical side of the business,” said Maddie, watching him stand and walk out of the room.

Maddie dropped her head into her hands, shaking her head from side to side, ‘Oh God, if you're there, please make it easier as the thirty-six Months tick by,’ she thought, looking  up to the ceiling.

Things did settle at Breason Enterprises, Maddie and Nicole took it in turns to oversee the running.  Janine and Alice moved down to Fenton to look after Elle, while Dorothy and Nathan continued to look after the house at Riverside providing for Bernice, Maddie and Nicole who made it their home.  Bernice worked hard with Sam, learning the ropes of PA security and self-defence.

Three Months passed. Matt had earned the right to contact Elle by text message, keeping it strictly to pleasantries as they knew they were being censored.  One of the Officers approached Matt, telling him his presence was requested by the councillor.

“Ah, Mr Breason, come in, a tall young man stood up putting out his hand.  Matt shook hands, I’m Martin Hughes, Prison Councillor, sit yourself down.  Now, my job is to help you through the next three years any way I can, I have been looking at your file, and you have been keeping a good clean sheet. It says here you did ok in the planting, you struggled a little at the carpentry, so I want to put you into the stores, see how you get on in there, you’re doing good, keep up the good work, I’ll be reviewing you roughly every three months to see how you're progressing. Now is there anything you need to tell me, or ask me?” Martin asked.

“Nothing comes to mind,” said Matt.

“Fine, well, I’m here most days, if you want to see me just ask one of the Officers, they won’t mind, and you’ll be brought to me unless I’m indisposed for some reason, which is very rare,” said Martin.

Elle had made good progress; she was feeling a lot stronger, although still somewhat subdued.She put this down to the medication.  She talked only when spoken to or asked something, then only to answer the question.

Janine and Alice had been taking her out for walks along the sea front and into the village, they found a small café in a side alleyway, mainly used by amateur artists, Elle loved sitting and looking at the pictures on the walls all done by amateur artists, she would spend hours watching them drawing or painting and studying some of the images without saying a word.

As the Months progressed, Elitch was finally set up as a refuge, with the derelict property next door being brought up to modern standards, while maintaining the original character and beauty of the property, it was incorporated into the Elitch estate as a medical and admin centre, while Elitch house was more residential, the grounds were given over to small estates of units for enterprise centres.

Bernice passed her exams for self-defence and security; she was also registered to take her firearms licence test.

As Elle became stronger, she spent more time either in the pool, texting Matt, or walking into the village, stopping off at the Café.  This meant that Alice and Janine were seeing less and less of her.  On one of her walks she made her way to the Art Café as she called it; she made her way to the counter, ordered a coffee making her way to a free table, she spotted half a dozen young men sat in a huddle in a corner of the room.  As she sat admiring some new pictures, one of which had an abstract appearance the others were still art, neither of which held appeal to Elle, but some had views of the bay the others of various buildings in and around the village.On one of her regular stops at the Café, she took a sketch pad and a set of pencils, she sat in the window and began to try and copy one of the pictures.

“That’s not permitted,” said a voice.

Elle looked up, “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, closing the pad putting away her pencil.

“That’s ok, we are all aspiring artists, we don’t have the privilege of copyright, It’s just we are protective of our work. Are you on holiday?” He asked.

“Sort of,” said Elle.

“Are you interested in drawing?” He asked.

“Not really, I have been coming here and seeing these pictures I thought I might pass some time giving it a try,” said Elle.

“A lot of people do, it’s very therapeutic, sitting quietly on a bank or wall in the warm sunshine trying to capture natures beauty, Michael, Michael Turner,” said the young Man.

Eleanor Barns,” she replied, taking his hand, which he gripped and pulled it up to his lips, “Betrothed,” she added quickly, he looked at her ring raising an eyebrow, and nodding his head in acknowledgement.

“I had noticed,” said Michael.  He took her pad and pencils, “come, let’s go do some sketching,” he said, leading her out of the Café, “so where are you staying?” Michael asked.

“The Fenton Hotel,” Elle said, as they approached the Hospital.

“Wow nice,” said Michael, pulling her toward a bench, in front of the hotel looking out to sea, he took out the pad and pencil and began to sketch the sun sinking into the horizon silhouetting the fishing boats.

“You could say that,” said Elle. Michael asked her why she seemed so subdued.  Elle told her story as he sketched, finishing as the last of the sun’s rays fell beneath the horizon, “Come, it's getting chilly, let’s get you inside.As they entered the hotel Elle wished him Goodnight, “I always see a lady to her door,” Said Michael, Elle made her way to the lift pressing the Penthouse floor. “Impressive, the penthouse none the less,” said Michael.

“This is my Fiancés Hotel, and therefore his Penthouse,” said Elle.

“That doesn’t matter, I have never seen the inside of a penthouse,” said Michael.

They entered the suite, Michael dashed around, opening doors, making his way to the balcony, then over to the Master bedroom, “very nice and this I imagine is the de boudoir,” said Michael, reaching for the door handle.

“Yes,” Elle said, stepping in front of him, obstructing his way, they were close, they froze for a moment or two, “Please leave,” said Elle, quietly, looking into his eyes, their faces close together.

“But I…” said Michael, Elle interrupted.

“I’m tired, and I have to be up early for my hospital appointments tomorrow,” said Elle.

“Yes of course, but you will be back at the Café when you have finished?” Michael asked.

“I’m not sure, it depends,” said Elle.

“Well, I’ll no doubt be there,” said Michael, making for the door, closing it behind him, Elle ran to the door, locking it, then leaning back against it, her body was shaking, she was breathing heavily.

Maddie had been running Breason offices with a rod of iron since the rebellion; sharing the load with Nicole, she had also recruited the help of a couple of managers from her hotels to keep tabs on things.

A further three months passed, and Matt was once again called into the councillor’s office, Martin once again commended Matt on his commitment to his work and excellent behaviour.

Martin also picked up on the growing number of texts, passing between him and Elle.  Matt offered to ask Elle to slow down on the texts.  But Martin said that it wasn’t a problem, looking at Matts file he noticed Elle hadn’t been to see him.  Matt explained about Elle’s breakdown.

Martin, told Matt to keep up the good work and he would see what he could do for him and Elle, winking at him.  Matt looked with an expression of excited anticipation, Martin put his finger to his lips then whispered, “I’m not making rash promises, I’ll see what I can do,” said Martin.

Dorothy was starting to find the housekeeping more tiring, so Maddie decided to put Alice with her to help, Maddie took Janine aside and asked her what she would like to do as a career, after some consideration and discussion, and Janine decided to go into Breason Offices as a Junior Clark.  This also meant that she and Alice would still be able to see each other during the evenings.  Maddie also set the wheels in motion for a double wedding, She to Nicole and Dorothy to Nathan.  She told Dorothy it would be a quick registrar and buffet job, “we will do the real thing with Matt and Elle when things are back to normal,” said Maddie.

It was Nicole’s turn at Breasons, so Maddie went to Madison, checking that it was running smoothly, she then moved onto The Warf.  Then finally she moved onto Bigbury Hall Hotel and Conference Centre, Cornwall. After spending three days there, she made her way back via Fenton, calling on Eleanor.

“Good afternoon, Miss Harrison – Moor, said the receptionist.

“Good afternoon, can you tell Miss Barns I’m here and on my way up to see her please,” said Maddie.

“I’m sorry, Miss, but she not in at present,” said The Receptionist.

“Oh, right, have you any idea where she may be?” Maddie Asked.

“No, I’m sorry, she tends to be out a lot these days,” said the receptionist.

“Really, ok, I’ll go and wait in the bar,” said Maddie.  Maddie dragged her overnight bag through into the bar area and settled near the windows overlooking the bay, which also gave her a good view point of the Hotel Entrance a front garden.

“Good afternoon, madam, may I get you something to drink,” asked a waiter,

“Yes, please, I’ll have a nice cool glass of lemonade I think,” said Maddie.

“Certainly, Madam,” said the Waiter, giving a slight bow as he turned to leave.  Just then Maddie caught a glimpse of a familiar head of flowing ash blond ringlets, yes, it was defiantly Elle, and with a young man they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, as Elle was throwing her loose ringlets around in an enjoyable fashion. The waiter brought her drink. “Will that be all Madam,” asked the waiter.

“Yes, for the moment,” said Madelyn.

“Thank Madam,” said the waiter bowing and making to leave.

“Oh waiter,” called Maddie.

“Yes Madam,” said the waiter turning to face her.

“Have you any idea who that young man is over there with one of your guests?” Maddie Asked.

The waiter looked up in the direction Maddie indicated, “Not by name Madam, but he is one of the local Art fraternity, and that I believe is Miss Barns, and excuse my interference madam, but with Miss Barns being in a rather easily influenced state, she should be warned of their promiscuity, will that be all madam?” The waiter Asked.

“Yes and thank you, you have been very helpful,” said Maddie, pushing a ten pound note into his hand.

“Thank you, Madam,” he said, giving the usual bow and walking away.  Maddie sat sipping her drink, watching from her viewpoint, as the evening light faded and darkness drew in.

Maddie became more agitated, as time passed and darkness covered her vantage point.  She made her way to the desk, “Yes, Miss Harper – Moor?” The receptionist Asked.

“I want a pass key to the penthouse please,” said Maddie, the receptionist handed her a key and Maddie made her way up into the penthouse, she was careful not to put on the main lights as the balcony overlooked the front of the hotel. She put her bag in the double room; she had shared with Dorothy on her last stay. She then made her way to the balcony, she looked down, but Elle and the young man had gone. Maddie went back to her room and began to unpack some clothes for evening dinner.

Maddie heard the front door being opened, easing open her bedroom door, she could just see the front door opening, “Goodnight,” said Elle, “yes, I’ll see you tomorrow… no… I said, no, now go please,” Elle insisted.The door pushed open and the young man pulled Elle into his arms, kissing her, pushing her backward into the room, he back kicked the door closed.

Maddie entered the room, “IF YOU VALUE YOUR BALLS ID UNHANDED HER AND GET YOUR ASS OUTA HERE NOW!” Shouted Maddie, Elle froze, the young man stepped back from Elle, he turned to see Maddie move toward him, he ran for the door, Elle burst out crying then ran into her bedroom slamming the door.

Maddie watched as the Michael scurried out of the room, slamming the door behind him.  She walked up to Elle’s bedroom door, “I’m going to give you the opportunity of coming out of your room of your own accord, rather than me coming in after you.  Now, I am going to sit by the patio doors for a while, then, I will get changed for dinner,” said Maddie.She made her way to the settees in front of the patio doors, watching the twinkling reflection of the moon on the inky sea, Maddie heard the click of the bedroom door handle as it slowly opened. “Come and sit down Elle,” said Maddie, calmly; Maddie could see Elle’s reflection in the windows, as she approached slowly, her head down like a child about to be scolded, “Sit there, where I can see you,” said Maddie, pointing to a chair opposite her.

“Elle, I don’t want to make you a prisoner here, but you are vulnerable at the moment.Think about it Elle. Do you think you would have been able to defend yourself against that young man’s advances, what do you think would have happened had I not been here?” Maddie Asked.  Elle shrugged her shoulders, “Has he fucked you already?” Maddie Asked, in a sharp tone.

“NO!!” Emphasized Elle, looking up with sad swollen tear filled eyes, she burst out crying dropping her head into her hands.  Maddie dropped to her knees and shuffled across the floor, taking Elle into a cuddle.

“Shh, I believe you, I know, it’s so confusing. There you are, sitting minding your own business, then this polite young man catches your attention, everything that’s been clouding your mind disappears, all of a sudden you’re having a ball, your handsome young friend is lightening your load, making you laugh, entertaining you, getting closer with the odd touch here and there, your body has relaxed, your guard has dropped.  Then, you notice your body begin to respond, sending out its demands, saying it's ok, no one will know, just the once, but your heart is denying you, telling you know, it's wrong, you will know. Elle broke down, crying even harder, tears streamed down her cheeks dropping onto her arms.

“Help me Maddie please Help me, I’m sinking fast, I can’t go on,” she sobbed.

“Elle, you’re going nowhere, we, all of us are behind you, you will survive, and come out even stronger than you started,” said Maddie, holding her tight, kissing her wet cheek.

Maddie pulled away, “come on,” getting to her feet, she lifted Elle by her hands.Maddie led Elle to her bedroom, where she helped Elle undress ready for the shower.

Maddie led Elle into the shower cubicle, Elle went willingly as if in a trance, Maddie bathed Elle’s body, stroking over her nipples, navel and abdomen, then down to her crotch.  Elle stood, unmoving.Maddie stopped, stepping back. “This isn’t the Eleanor Barns I know and love,” she said.Maddie bathed and rinsed herself; she then led Elle out of the shower, drying them both off.She then took Elle over to her bedroom and dressed her in sexy undies short skater skirt and thin button up blouse, “now, I want you to sit here and just groom your hair, I’ll be back in a while,” said Maddie, leaving the room.

A few minutes later, Maddie returned dressed in a suit, consisting of a pencil skirt and matching Jacket with a white blouse, Elle frowned as Maddie lifted her to her feet, “Excellent, come on, time for Dinner,” said Maddie, leading Elle downstairs, into the dining room.

“Good Evening Miss Harrison – Moor and Miss Barns, this way please.  The Maître d’ led them to a secluded corner with candlelight and romantic low background music.

“Top marks for trying Maddie, but there’s nothing there,” said Elle, quietly with a sad expression.

“What do you mean, of course it’s there, you just need to find it again and you did want that young man to fuck you, didn’t you?” Maddie asked.

Elle glared at Maddie, “Go on, let it go Elle, tell me, I know you wanted his hard young, virile throbbing cock sliding up and down inside you, pumping his endless stream of hot spunk into you,” snarled Maddie, over the table.Elle put her hands over her eyes, shaking her head.  “I know where he is, all I have to do is call him, he’s cocks throbbing to fuck the ass off you,” said Maddie.

Elle shot up, screaming “NO! NO! NO! STOP IT,” Her chair shot back, falling over with a clatter, as she ran out of the dining room, everyone stopped eating and looked.  The room hushed and then broke into a murmuring rumble.  Maddie ran after her.

“Everything ok,” asked The Maître d’.

“Fine,” said Maddie, as she dashed passed him.  Maddie caught hold of Elle’s sleeve, as she ran toward the exit.Maddie pinned her against the wall, her knee between Elle’s thighs, she leaned her full weight against Elle, pinning her to the wall, kissing her hard on the mouth, penetrating Elle’s mouth with her tongue.Elle fought and struggled then finally giving way, sliding her arms around Maddie’s back returning the kiss, eventually, Maddie broke the kiss.

“Now, we're going back into the dining room, were having a light dinner, then, I’m taking you to my bed, where I’m going to fuck the ass off of you till you have that many multiple orgasms you won’t know what day it is, is that clear Miss Barns?” Asked Maddie, Elle nodded slowly, still panting, while looking into Maddie’s eyes, “I mean it, I’ll keep going all night, if that is what it is going to take to get my Elle back,” said Maddie.

“I am your toy, do with me as you will, whatever it takes, just get me out of this dammed shell, please,” begged Elle, dropping her face to Maddie’s chest.

“Don’t worry, I will,” said Maddie, giving her a hug, “now come on, Oh, we’ll probably get some weird looks as we go back in,” said Maddie, Elle shrugged, producing two fingers in revers victory sign, “No, I don’t think that’s a good idea, put them away please,” said Maddie, re-entering the Dining room.

The Maître d’ showed them back to their seats, noticing the whispers from the surrounding tables, “I hope Madam is feeling better, if you wish, I can arrange for kitchen to make you a light dinner,” he said.

“That would be very much appreciated, thank you,” said Elle, the Maître d’ gave a bow and turned into the kitchen.

“Should you not be in your room young lady,” said a large woman on the next table.

“For your information, it’s not contagious, unless being told ones fiancé is indisposed for three years and losing both Parents at the same time is contagious,” said Maddie.

“Oh, err sorry I err…”

Don’t bother, you’re not even close,” said Maddie, waving the woman away.  Elle smirked at Maddie’s dealing with the woman, as the other tables closed ranks into a low rumble.

The waiters brought the meals.  After which Maddie asked Elle to join her in the bar for a glass of chilled Lemonade and lime.

“This is not the usual Madelyn Harper – Moor seduction technique,” said Elle.

“No, it isn’t, I feel you need something more sophisticated than the usual crude get pissed then snog and grope technique I usually employ, anyway, I’m in no hurry, are you?” Maddie Asked.

“No,” said Elle.

“Good,” said Maddie, sipping her drink, Music struck up from the next room, a quartet was playing popular music.

“I thought you would be off back home tomorrow,” said Elle.

“No, I’m here for at least two days, or as long as I’m needed, I would like to call into Elitch while I’m down here, bet you haven’t been yet,” said Maddie.

“No, I just stayed around the village,” said Elle.  They continued to chat about various subjects till they finished their drinks, “Do you wish to stay shall we go and look at the group and the people dancing?” Maddie Asked.

“No, I think it’s Time,” said Elle.

“There’s no rush,” said Maddie.

“I know,” said Elle, taking Maddie’s hand.

Matt continued doing whatever duties, he was given.Like, sweeping the yard, cleaning toilets, planting seed, making seed boxes, even helping out with the laundry, Matt accepted it all.

“Mr Mathew Breason,” asked a voice as Matt waited in a corridor to see Martin.

“Who wants to know?” Matt asked.

“It’s ok Matthew,” said Martin as he approached, “you can use my office gentlemen,” said Martin.

“Who are they?” Matt asked, Martyn.

“They say they’re from security services,” said Martin.

“Why are they here?” Matt asked.

“That, I don’t know and with them, I don’t argue, they asked to be allowed to interview you, I said yes,” said Martin.

“They’re ready for you now, Mr Breason,” said a tall thick set Man.

Matt stood and made his way to Martin’s Office, two men sat behind the desk, a chair was strategically placed in front of the desk, the Guy who called him into the office was joined by an equally sized man who stood behind Matt, between him and the door, Matt was directed to sit.

“Right, first, just to put your mind at rest, you are not in any form of trouble, this is a fact finding mission, and we have been directed to find out what we can about the Mafikeng Lodge,” said a thick set short haired Man.

Matt’s face relaxed, he shook his head, “you shake your head, why?” A black haired slim faced Man Asked, with a slight accent wearing dark glasses, although it wasn’t a bright office.

“You probably know more about them than I do,” said Matt.

“How come there name came up at your trial and was quickly quashed by the Judge?” The short haired Man asked who gave the impression of being the senior of the two.

“I don’t know, you will have to ask the judge,” said Matt.

“Now that’s going to be difficult,” replied the senior one, Matt frowned,

 “He's dead!” The one in glasses said.

“He’s dead?” Matt Asked, “what did he die of?” Matt asked.

“Lead poisoning,” said the one in glasses. The old guy gave the younger one a nudge.

“You’ll have to excuse my colleague, he watches too many movies,” said the older one.

“Yes, he was shot leaving his office three nights ago, it was well planned, they waited for the most convenient moment,” said the senior Man.

“And you know it was the Mafikeng Lodge that did it?” Matt asked.

“Yes, his Daughter received a message saying they were responsible, and it was due to him giving you a lenient sentence for the Murder of their UK head of operations,” said the senior Man.

“Shit,” said Matt. My Solicitor said he wasn’t happy with my sentence, but he was concerned they may go after my Fiancée, I told him to get the prosecutor to appeal, join forces and try to get me a longer sentence, but he didn’t listen,” said Matt,

“Why would you ask for a longer sentence, you’d make international headlines?” The younger guy Asked.

“To stop something like this happening, though, as I said, I am concerned for the safety of my fiancé,” said Matt.

“Well, it looks like they went after the Judge this time.  So, is there anything you can give us?” The older guy Asked.

“No, not really, to be honest, I had no idea Edward was involved with that lot, I’d have handed him in years ago if I had known,” said Matt.

“Ok, Mr Breason, thank you for your input,” said the older one; one of the big guys’ lifted him from his seat.

“Oh, have you got a business card so if I think of anything I can get in touch if I remember anything?” Matt asked.

The two men looked at each other flustered, Matt glanced between them seeing there flustered expression, he made one almighty heave, swinging the two big guys together, and hurling them at the desk.  Matt then hit the panic button, guards came rushing in, “Imposters,” Matt shouted, “Mafeking imposters,” he shouted again, pointing, as the big guys started to throw punches at the guards.Eventually, all four Men were overwhelmed and locked in secure cells.

“How did you figure they were imposters,” asked The Governor.

Matt explained about the curious interview, then asking them for a card, so he could make contact. “Oh, I see, well you’ll be pleased to know Judge is fine,” said Martin.

“Why did they tell a lie like that?” One of the officers asked.

“To frighten me, if I thought they could kill a judge, getting to Elle would be simple,” said Matt.

Well, you do realise there’s going to be a massive investigation here,” said The Governor.

“And thank you for raising the alarm, it would have been easy for you to have done a runner during the commotion,” said the Governor.

“Look, I told you all, I just want to do my time and be able to walk away with a clear conscience,” said Matt.

“Good Man, well, I suggest you go and relax, that’s been some fight you put up there said the Governor.

“Thank you, Sir,” said Matt.

“See him back to his accommodation Bill,” said the Governor. The officer went to cuff Matt. “I don’t think they're necessary, he could be half way to London now if he had run,” said the Governor.

“Thank you, Sir,” said Matt.

Matt woke up with a start, he was sweating and trembling. The door opened and the lights glared Matt covered his eyes.

“You ok?” The officer asked.

“I don’t know,” said Matt, looking startled, “I’ve just had a weird and disturbing dream,” said Matt, sitting up, with his head in his hands.

“Come with me, I’m taking you to sick bay,” said the officer.

“No, I’ll be ok, it was just a stupid dream,” said Matt.

“Well, that’s their job to sort out, mine is your health and safety, now come on, sick bay,” said the officer. They walked to the sick bay and Matt was booked in and allocated a bed.

Maddie and Elle got back to the Penthouse, Elle walked to the patio doors opening it standing against the rail looking out over the inky black sea; it was a warm still autumn night, just the shimmer of the moon breaking the inky blackness of the sea.  Maddie walked up behind Elle, "who is responsible for taking in the recliner mattresses?" Maddie asked slipping her arms around Elle's waist, Maddie noticed glistening as tears trickled down Elle’s cheek, “Wow, what's this?" Maddie asked, wiping the tear with the back of her crooked finger.

"Standing here reminds me of the first day I came here with Matt, I stood looking out over the bay, as Matt put his arms around me just as you have, while the waiters put out our meal,” said Elle.

Maddie pulled Elle in close, kissing her neck; Elle gripped Maddie’s arms laying her head back, allowing Maddie easier access to her neck, Elle closed her eyes, her breathing getting short.

Maddie slid one hand from Elle's waist up to her breast giving it a squeeze while stroking her thumb over Elle’s hardening nipple, Elle whimpered, straightening her back, Maddie bit gently into Elle's neck, "Oh god yes," Elle breathed.  Madelyn opened the front of Elle’s blouse down to the waist, sliding her hand inside to release Elle’s bra clasp.  Maddie then slid the bra straps from Elle’s shoulders along with her blouse, exposing her breasts Maddie leaned down to suck on Elle’s nipple while squeezing and twisting the other.Elle tensed, “Oh god Maddie, yes,” breathed Elle.Maddie undressed Elle, tossing her blouse and bra onto the lounger, she then unfastened Elle’s skirt, pushing it down so it puddled onto the floor. “Maddie no… please… someone might… see,” begged Elle.  Maddie also stripped to her panties, picking up Elle’s skirt and throwing it with her own clothes onto the lounger.

“Right, turn around and grip the rail,” demanded Maddie, turning Elle to face the rail.  Maddie knelt behind Elle and pulled Elle’s hips back so she was bet forward, Maddie then pushed Elle’s legs apart so she could suck on her pussy, Elle arched and whimpered, “Oh god no not out here somebody might see,” cried Elle.

Maddie lifted her head, “Hmm, that young man of yours could be down there somewhere, watching and wanking as I do lessie sex on you,” said Maddie, as she slid two fingers into Elle’s vagina and started to stimulate her ‘G’ spot.

“OH GOD NO!” Cried Elle; her juices flooded Maddie’s fingers.

“Now that’s my Eleanor, that’s it you cum for me, cum for Maddie,” Elle tensed straightening her back looking into the darkness in case anyone was down there watching, her thighs were quivering, her body was trembling, “GOD NO PLEASE, YOU’LL MAKE ME… OH GOD I’M CUMMING,” cried Elle, as Maddie increased the pace of her fingers rubbing Elle’s ‘G’ spot.

“It’s ok, you can cum,” whispered Maddie, holding Elle close, with her one arm wrapped around her, while finger fucking her, “you’ll just spray the flowers,” said Maddie.

“OH FUCK YES, YES, YES!” Cried Elle, standing up, she pumped her hips as she squirted her juices through the railing over the balcony onto the ground below.  Elle collapsed into Maddie’s arms; Maddie stood up and carried Elle into the bedroom, she laid her on the bed.

“Stay, I’ll be back in a moment,” said Maddie, as she went back and collected their clothes, then closed the doors, she placed them on the settee and returned to the bedroom, she climbed onto the bed cuddling up to Elle, “How you feeling?” Maddie asked.

“Like I’ve just crawled from under a ton weight, and I can breathe fresh air, thanks Maddie, you’re my saviour once more,” Elle said, closing her eyes, drifting into a calm sleep, Maddie pulled up the cover and fell asleep.

“Mr Breason, Mr Breason,” Matt opened his eyes to see a nurse looking down at him.

Matt frowned, “Where am I?” Matt asked, weakly.

“You’re in a secure wing of Southampton Hospital,” said The Nurse.

Matt continued to frown; he opened his mouth to talk…

“Mr Breason, you were taken ill in the night and transported here.  The Doctor will be round shortly, he will answer any questions,” said the Nurse, patting his hand as she moved away.

Maddie had woken early; she showered, dressed and phoned for breakfast in their room.

Elle stood naked in the bedroom doorway, Maddie turned to see her standing there, “God Elle put something on before I take you back outside and finish what I started last night,” said Maddie, with lust filled eyes.

“You will have to get me out there first,” challenged Elle.  Maddie stalked toward her Elle screamed and ran back into the bedroom, shutting herself in the ancient, Maddie followed Elle closed herself in the shower, “you won’t come in here you're dressed,” Elle said, confidently.

Maddie pulled open the door, kicking off her shoes “you should know better than to challenge me,” said Maddie; Elle cringed into the corner reaching for the tap. Maddie took hold of her hand as the door knocked loudly. “Oh shit,” said Maddie, retreating.

“He, he,” Elle chuckled, standing away from the corner, Maddie slipped on her shoes.

“I’ll get you later Barns,” said Maddie, making her way out of the door. Elle continued to shower, not noticing Maddie, as she crept back into the ensuite, she pulled open the cubicle door Elle turned to see Maddie naked approaching her, Elle backed up “NO, NO, THE BREA… ”

Maddie pinned Elle to the cubicle wall, covering her mouth with hers, she pushed her knee between Elle’s thighs, Elle whined under Maddie’s advances.

Maddie broke the kiss, “I said I’d be back,” said Maddie.

“The breakfast it’ll be cold,” Elle said, squirming as Maddie squeezed and twisted Elle’s nipples.

“I got them to leave the covers on,” said Maddie, sliding her hand down to Elle’s pussy.

“NO, Maddie, it’s my turn to make you cum,” protested Elle.

  “Oh, you’ll get your turn,” said Maddie, leaning her head to bite Elle’s neck,

“Oh God, no Maddie, please,” begged Elle, Maddie could feel her Juices, as they begin to flow.

“Oh god Elle your back, ok your flooding down there,” Maddie slid to her knees putting her Mouth over Elle’s pussy she sucked on Elle’s clit, drawing her juices into her Mouth, Maddie stood and Kissed Elle on the Mouth forcing it open with her tongue then pushing some of her juice into her Mouth.  Elle tensed, as Maddie kneeled again, Elle took the opportunity to push Maddie off balance, falling on top of her, Elle swivelled around to sixty nine her, Maddie tensed, as Elle slid two fingers into her, while nipping and sucking on Maddie’s clit, “YEH SUCK IT, GOD I’VE MISSED YOU, NO ONE DOES IT LIKE YOU,” said Maddie, as Elle wiggles her tongue in the end of Maddie’s clit.  Elle kneeled up and slipped between Maddie’s legs so she was in a scissors position, Elle pushed her clit against Maddie’s, they gripped hands and pulled themselves together so they rub crotches “OH FUCK YES CUM PLEASE CUM WITH ME,” begged Elle, as Maddie cries out.

“YES, YES, FUCK ELLE RUB IT RUB IT HARDER, HARDER, FUCK YES, YES, YES, cried Maddie, as they both trembled to climax falling back onto the floor of the shower.

“Fuck Elle you just get better and better,” said Maddie, curling up to pull Elle into a hug kissing her hard.

They broke the kiss, “We better get dried and dressed for breakfast,” said Elle.

“Why, are we in a hurry to see the boyfriend?” Maddie asked.

“NO!” Snapped Elle, pulling away, Maddie gripped her arms.

“Sorry, that was out of order,” said Maddie.

“Have you got something planned for today?” Maddie asked.

“No, it’s just I don’t like cold bacon and eggs,” said Elle.

“Ok, come on,” said Maddie, helping Elle up, they dried and dressed, then sat down to breakfast.

“Elle looked outside “I’m not going anywhere in that,” she said, seeing the rain lashing down in torrents.

“I knew I should have brought those relaxer mattresses in last night,” said Maddie.

Maddie’s phone rang; Maddie picked it up and turned it off.

“Maddie, it might be important,” said Elle.

“I keep telling myself I shouldn’t bring it to the table it can wait Elle,” said Maddie.

It rang again, “Answer it Maddie please, Maddie sighed and opened the phone, she frowned.

“Hello…, yes, this is she,” said Maddie, frowning.  Elle looked up and stopped eating.

"What's happened?" Maddie asked, urgently, still frowning.

"So, where is he now, where? Ok, give me the address and postcode,"

Maddie put her hand over the mouthpiece, "you got a pen, “Maddie asked.

Elle ran over to the house phone and returned with a pen and notepad.

"Ok, give me the road and postcode," said Maddie.

"Thanks, I'm just along the coast, I should be there in a couple of hours," said Maddie.

“Miss Barns is with me yes of course; see you in a couple of hours.

“What’s happened?" Elle asked, with a fearful expression on her face.

“Matt's been taken ill, he has been transferred to Southampton hospital, don't panic, they say he is stable, the doctors are trying to find out what happened, come on, let's get packed and get over there to find out what's going on," said Maddie.

They finished breakfast, checked out, and set off for Southampton.

“Right, can you ring Riverside, ask Bernice to pick up the new car from Breasons, go back to Riverside pack her clothes and head down to Fenton and await further instructions, then ring Tony and tell him I want the car ready for Bernice to collect this morning,” said Maddie, as she negotiated her way onto the main route to Southampton.


Bernice replaced the receiver, relaying the message to the others, “Oh no what next,” said Dorothy, throwing her arms in the air in exasperation.

“Ok Bernice, go and pack, then you can come into work with me,” said Nicole. Bernice ran upstairs. Dorothy was flapping around like a mother hen.

“Dorothy calm down, you heard what Bernice said Matt is stable,” said Nicole, finishing her cup of tea.

“Yes, I don’t want you going into labour while all this is going on,” said Nathan.

“I’m nowhere near yet,” snapped Dorothy.

“Dorothy calm!” Nicole said, Nathan is only thinking of you.

“Yes, sorry Nathan, it’s just one thing after another I wonder if this house is cursed sometimes,” said Dorothy.

“What’s this house got to do with it?” Nathan asked.

“Well, it’s only blown up since we moved in here,” said Dorothy.

“Rubbish! If you’re on about Mr Mathew and Mr Edward, that situation had been brewing for years,” said Nathan, starting to clear the table, Nathan and Dorothy walked into the kitchen still in discussion.

Nicole went out to her car shaking her head, to make sure there was room for the suitcase. Bernice trotted down the steps with a holdall, “surely, that isn’t all you have?” Nicole asked.

No, the case is by the stairs, Nathan told me to leave it,” said Bernice as Nathan came out with the case.

“My, I hope you’ve left us one sink up there,” said Nathan, grimacing with the weight, as he lifted the case into Nicole’s car.

“Thanks Nathan,” said Bernice, giving him a peck on the cheek.

“Yes, thanks I’ll see you for Dinner this Evening,” said Nicole, as they got into her car, and she pulled away.


“Mr Breason, Doctor Sharma,” said a white coated man, he put out his hand, Matt took it, shaking his hand.

“Right, sir, you’re a very sick man, the Injury you recently sustained has caused an extra strain on your heart, and its having to work harder than it should, tell me have you been feeling more tired than usual?” Dr Sharma asked.

“Yes, but I have put that down to the recent events and stress,” said Matt.

“Yes, well they haven’t helped, so we are going to do an extensive series of tests to try and establish what’s going on than we are trying to organise some convalescence for you but under the circumstances it’s not easy,” said Doctor Sharma.

“So, what’s going to happen to me, am I crippled for the rest of my life?” Matt asked.

“No, no, we're not saying that, at the moment you are to take it easy, no strenuous activity, at least until we know what we’re dealing with,” said Dr Sharma.

“But, I’ve always been a fit man,” said Matt.

“Yes and that is what has kept you alive,” said Doctor Sharma.

“Doctor, can I arrange for my treatment to be private care?” Matt asked.

The Doctor moved in close to Matt, “keep your money in your pocket, it’s all been taken care of,” said Dr Sharma giving Matts are a gentle squeeze and winking.

Matt looked at him, frowning. Dr Sharma pointed at a document headed H. M. P. S. Matt smiled And Dr Sharma nodded, as he walked out of the room.

Bernice and Nicole pulled into the underground car park at the Breason offices.

Bernice got out of the car and started to run around the car park. “Bernice, what are you doing?” Nicole asked.

“I’M LOOKING FOR THE NEW CAR,” shouted Bernice.

“Oh come on Bernice you got no chance of finding it,” said Nicol, walking toward the lift.

“WELL I’VE FOUND MINE,” said Bernice.

‘Whatever,’ said Nicole under her breath, “BERNICE THE LIFTS HERE COME ON NOW,” shouted Nicole Bernice ran into the lift, Nicole pressed for the Penthouse suite.

“Oh, we don’t have to go the Penthouse do we?” Bernice asked.

“Yes, how else are you going to find out about the car?” Nicole asked.

The doors opened, Nicole led Bernice down the corridor, “Arr Nicole, Good Morning, Sam is waiting for you,” said Beryl the Secretary.

They entered to see Sam at a small desk on the opposite of the Office to Matt’s desk, “Good morning Sam,” said Nicole.

“Good Morning, Miss Nicole, Bernice, “said Sam.

“Do you have the Keys and Documentation for Bernice to sign she has to go straight down to Fenton from here,” said Nicole.

“What! Who on earth organised that one,” said Sam.

“It’s Maddie’s idea not mine,” said Nicole, sitting behind Matts desk.

Yes, ok,” said Sam, “come Bernice let’s get the boring bit sorted,” said Sam.

Sam helped Bernice through the paperwork and explained her responsibilities as a driver.

“Ok Miss Nicole, we're ready to go down to the car,” said Sam.

“Oh yes here take my keys her luggage is in my car,” said Nicole, returning to a call.

“Ok Miss,” said Sam, taking the keys then ushering Bernice to the lift.

“Do you always have to refer to everyone as Miss or Sir?” Bernice asked.

“At the moment I’m being extra careful,” said Sam.

“Oh yes of course,” said Bernice,

But the general rule is, when in public, you refer to your charge as Miss, in your case Miss Elle, or if you were driving Mathew, Mr Mathew. Unless told otherwise,” said Sam.

“Ok,” said Bernice, the lift door opened Sam led Bernice to the back of the car park where there were several covered vehicles.  Sam passed the first two stopping at a third, he handed Bernice the key and a large Manila Envelope.  He reached down and lifted off the cover, a brand new shiny black Ford Focus. Bernice’s Eyes lit up, “Wow, it’s beautiful,” said Bernice.

“She, is a 2 litre top of the range Ford Focus St.  Now my reason for being hesitant when Nicole said you were to drive straight down to Fenton is this car is quick, 0 to 60 in 8 seconds top speed hundred and thirty mph, now I’m taking you down to the waterside industrial estate where you can try her out and get the feel of her,” said Sam, taking the keys from Bernice. He unlocked the doors, they climbed in.

“Oh, this is nice,” said Bernice, closing the door and strapping in.

“Yes,” said Sam, starting her up. They cruised out of the car park Sam hit the throttle pinning them both into their seats, Bernice let out a scream as the car screamed into the traffic lane heading for the industrial estate, Sam drove onto the wide straight road of the estate and floored the pedal again taking her up through the six gears to one hundred and twenty-five miles an hour before breaking into a right hand bend screaming the tires and pulling away again, Bernice was hanging onto her seat eyes wide shrieking at the turn. Sam brought the car to a standstill at the entrance to the industrial estate; Bernice sat not moving, looking out of the window. “See what I mean? Sam asked.

 Bernice nodded, “Ok, your turn said Sam, getting out of the car, walking around to Bernice’s door opening the door,

“I… I can’t do that,” said Bernice

“I don’t want you to do that, just drive nice and steady that was to demonstrate what she can do,” said Sam.

Bernice slowly got out of the seat, and walked around to the driver’s side, sitting behind the wheel, “Why such a powerful car?” Bernice asked.

“Because, there are people out there who may try to kidnap Elle, you will be able to outrun most standard production models in this it is also very stable as you saw on that bend,” said Sam.

“Ok, but I couldn’t do that,” said Bernice.

“Not at the moment no, but by the time you have driven her down to Fenton and around the streets a few times you’ll get the feel and you will be throwing her around easily,” said Sam.

Bernice started the Engine and pulled away “Wow, this is awesome,” said Bernice.

“Yes, just take her around the loop a few times to get the feel then you can take us back to the car park and ill transfer the luggage, then you’re on your own with her, Now please don’t try and push it too hard too fast ok,” said Sam.

“No, I won’t, I would like to get there in one piece,” said Bernice.

“Good Girl, right back to Breasons,” said Sam. When they arrived back in the car park Bernice pulled up at the back of Nicole’s car she helped Sam load her luggage into the new car,” Good luck, and safe journey, I’ve enjoyed working with you, let’s hope you never need to use any of it,” said Sam, taking Bernice into a hug.

“Thanks Sam same here, keep in touch, you have my number,” said Bernice.

“Will do, you too,” said Sam, waving her off as she pulled out of the car park screeching the tyres as she powered the car into the stream of traffic, Sam cringed, then walked toward the lift, shaking his head.

To be continued See Three into One Part Two.

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