A Dangerous Affair

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Love can be really dangerous sometimes.

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains scenes of sexual violence and rape

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Love can be really dangerous sometimes.
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Chapter 2

 When I awoke I was aware of the delicious warmth of Andrew's body against mine. I realized that I had dozed off after we'd had... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

When I awoke again it was midday and I could hear Andrew in the shower. He was a very punctual person when it came to showers. I stood ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

I ran to the front door as I heard Andrew turn the key in the lock. When he opened the door I was greeted by violent yelling in Russian... Read Chapter


  "I can assure you Anthea, that I am not confused. I know exactly whatt I want and I always get what I want." I opened my ... Read Chapter


"Wake up!" I shouted at Andrew as I heard men outside pounding on our door. He quickly sat up. "Get dressed," he beckoned to me quick... Read Chapter


I covered my mouth to keep from making noise as I began to sob. Viktor would have this done to his own nephew? Andrew would do this to pr... Read Chapter


I refused to make a sound as he dug his fingers into my hair and grabbed it by the root yanking me backwards against him, pounding into m... Read Chapter


  My fingers trembled as I slowly undressed in front of the mirror. My face was bruised from where Michail had slammed it into t... Read Chapter


TWO YEARS LATER  The TV was playing, but I wasn't paying it any mind as my cellphone vibrated on the end table next to me. I loo... Read Chapter


I waited a few moments to make sure Viktor was truly gone before showering, erasing all traces of his filth off me. I finished washing, d... Read Chapter


I opened my eyes as the floor creaked. Carrying an electric lantern, Andrew knelt down. He stroked my cheek with his gloved hand. Quickly... Read Chapter


Flashback to the past
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Continuation of the past:  I stood outside leaning against the building, waiting for Viktor to exit. I had been standing here fo... Read Chapter


PRESENT DAY:   I moaned in delight as Andrew slowly undressed me. The freezing cold of winter was completely forgotten ... Read Chapter


"You see, the thing about ambition is that it makes you pompous. Ambition comes at the price of happiness. You wanted to be at the top ... Read Chapter


It had been nearly a week since I'd moved into Viktor's home and I had settled quite nicely. I'd successfully avoided Andrew the entire t... Read Chapter


I awoke with a start as a hand came down over my mouth. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I recognized who that hand belonged to. Maxim, ... Read Chapter


The next morning after Maxim had visited my room, I paid special attention to the tapestries on the walls. He had been correct, ther... Read Chapter


"He probably thinks I'm a whore," I mumbled to myself as I undressed and slipped into the jet tub.  I washed away the evidence o... Read Chapter