Pam - A Wife's Journey Continues

Pam - A Wife's Journey Continues

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Pam's journey to becoming a hotwife continues as she encounters more new experiences on her casino trips in this sequel to 'Pam - A Wife's Journey'.


Pam's journey to becoming a hotwife continues as she encounters more new experiences on her casino trips in this sequel to 'Pam - A Wife's Journey'.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Reunion

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The story of Pam's hotwife journey picks up where the last book left off.

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Submitted: July 09, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 09, 2016



We had been back from Las Vegas about four weeks when we had the chance to do another weekend getaway. This one was a little different because it was Pam's high school reunion. It was being held at the conference center attached to one of the casinos we had stayed at a few months before. Being that we had been there recently we had two nights free in the hotel making it a reasonable trip. Two days at the casino with free rooms enticed Pam to go despite not really looking forward to seeing old classmates.

Pam's high school was small, so the reunion was for all grades and not just one year like mine had always been. This opened her up to seeing lots of old acquaintances from the past, something Pam was not all that thrilled about. She was actually luke warm about it at the best. Other than family, she had not really kept in touch with many of the people from her small community and was good with that. 

On our drive to the casino I asked Pam if there was any chance any of her past sexual partners would be there. "I'd be surprised", she said. "Sean or Tom could be there I guess, but I don't think Sam would ever attend. Jimmy went to another high school so unless he married some one from my school he won't be there for sure." 

I asked her if any of these guys did show up would she consider reliving her past and letting them into her pants again, so to speak. "Whoa", Pam scoffed. "Who says I'd want to, or that they would want me. It's been a very long time." I told her, of course they would want her. I was sure she was going to be hotter than any other female there from her class. I was more than sure of this actually, as I'd seen a few on social media leading up to this event. Pam ran circles around anyone who had posted to the reunion page with what would be their best pictures.

Pam told me I was sweet, to which I replied that I thought she said I was actually more salty tasting. Pam gave me the look that told me I was not as funny as I thought I was, so I went back to my original question and asked her again, hypothetically speaking only, would any of them stand a chance. 

"I guess, if I was going to do it with any of them", she said slowly, "It would maybe be Sean." I asked her why him and she told me, "He was a nice guy. Not the the response you'd hoped for huh?" I told her I had no answer in mind from her, but was that the only reason, or could others have any chance.

"I took Sean's virginity you remember. I've always felt like I took advantage of him in a way I guess", Pam confessed. I told her there was nothing to feel guilty about and that I was sure she was the subject of his masturbation fantasies for years following. I was honestly pretty sure he would still be fantasizing about the girl that took his virginity and had sprayed a lot of cum over the years thanks to her. 

"I never thought about that", Pam said smiling. "I guess you could be right." I asked her about the others and she said, "Probably not. I'd like a look at Tom's big cock, but am not much interested in him. You know, been there, done that I guess. Sam, no way on earth. Jimmy, I guess could be an outside possibility, but really no." 

I then told her I had looked up the reunion's social media page and found pictures people had posted of themselves and who was coming. I told her Sean would be there and his picture was online at the site. I was driving, so had her open the page up on my phone to take a look at him and the others. She found him fairly quickly and commented, "Well, that's him. He looks okay I guess, but looks much older than you do for sure. I'm not overly attracted to him, but could still do him for old times sake if I was going to do anyone from my past. Not that he would be interested."

Pam then started going through the others coming to the reunion and their pictures. "Wow, you were right", she said looking through the pictures, "The years have been unkind to some of my classmates. I might be the Prime A piece at this event." It was just then she noticed another picture, one of her. 

"What, you posted a picture of me?" Pam looked at the picture of her continuing, "And you used this one?" It was of her slightly from behind looking over her shoulder at me seductively. She was in her riding boots, leather like leggings and a lacy top that just covered her ass. It was the sexiest picture I had of her and she looked smoking hot in it. 

"I can't believe you. What is this number on the corner", she asked. I told her those were messages to her and to click the photo to read them. She clicked the picture and six messages popped up. 

I had not seen them, so told Pam to read them out loud. She began, "This one is from one of my old girlfriends and says she is looking forward to seeing me. The next is from Danny, the guy that tried to pop my cherry and failed. He says he is sorry not to be able to come and wished he could see me. The next two are from other girls in my class, one says I look great and wants to catch up. The next is from Mike, he was on the football team when I cheered. He says he wants to spend time with me at the reunion and wants to know if I'm coming alone. Wow, he never was that interested in me back then. The last one says he hopes I'm doing well and can't wait to catch up on old times and relive our past, it is from Sean."

"Relive your past", I asked Pam, "That sounds suggestive coming from a guy that you took his virginity by riding on his cock." 

Pam agreed it really did. "Huh, your picture of me stirred a few old classmates it appears."

We were almost at the hotel when Pam asked, "So if Sean wanted to fuck me, would you be okay with it? I mean hypothetically speaking." I told her if she wanted to, it was okay. "She then added, "Would you want to be there to watch, or could I just tell you every detail afterwards?" I again said it was her call. I didn't want her doing strangers alone for safety reasons, and would like to watch, but understood either way since he was an old flame.

Pam smiled and said, "It's all hypothetical anyway. I'm sure he didn't mean he wanted to fuck me. You don't think he did do you?" 

We arrived at the hotel, used the valet service and headed to our room to get ready for the nights reunion reception. I noticed Pam had changed from her clothes we arrived in to a low cut, form fitting dress over a pair of tights with some different boots. She looked totally hot and I knew was going to get a lot of looks from her horny male classmates. 

We headed down to the ballroom and found many of the reunion group already there hitting the cash bar. Pam commented she didn't recognize many people there. Many it seemed were from more recent classes than hers. "I don't know how you talked me into coming to this, I skipped the last twenty-five for a reason", Pam said disgustedly. "I hate these things and probably won't know anyone, and those I do I might wish I didn't. 

We both grabbed a diet cola and tried to mingle best we could. After a half hour or so Pam finally spotted someone from her class. The classmate introduced her husband to us and minutes of mind numbing small talk followed. The husband made no real effort to hide his obvious efforts to check Pam out. He was suggestive and flirted with her as we talked. 

Finally the couple moved on to talk to others allowing Pam to turn to me and say, "Is this my class reunion or a swingers club convention? I think her husband wanted to fuck me and I bet my classmate would have done you too. Is that what people come to reunions for?  I've missed ever coming before, maybe they are all swingers and this is why they come here. Are we just new 'meat' for the party?"

I told Pam she had jumped to a big conclusion from one guy. Now while I said that, I have to admit I wondered too. It seemed a lot of the talk around us was very flirty in nature. Maybe they just all knew each other very well, or they only came to the reunion to hook up like Pam was assuming. 

"I don't really think this is where I want to be", Pam said. "Let's go hit the casino instead. " I told to give it a couple more minutes  to which she replied,"I'll make it worth your while to leave. You can look down my shirt in the casino and I'll act out what ever sex fantasy you want in the room." Pam stopped and added, "Well almost any. Anything but anal."

I gave in and we headed toward the door of the ballroom. It was not for the sex promises, but I saw Pam was really not having fun and wanted to put her out of her misery. It was just then I noticed him. I recognized him from the social media post. It was Sean. He was standing near the bar talking to two other men. I told Pam I saw Sean and she turned tho opposite direction and faced away from where I pointed him out.

"Is there another way out", Pam asked. "You said we could leave." I told her she should say hello since he knew she was going to be there from the social media post. Besides talking to him might get you over feeling bad about taking his virginity.  "I know", she said. "I just a little nervous. Was he glad I seduced him that night? Or will he look at me and go 'Wow you're old now'."

I hugged Pam and told her to look around the room. There wasn't one woman there as sexy or beautiful as Pam. I told her if anything, he was going to try to get in her pants. Pam looked around the room and said, "Well, it does seem I held up well compared to the rest here and I did get flirted with by my classmates husband. What if it does turn to sex with Sean. You were 'hypothetically' okay with it, but are you sure." 

I told Pam I trusted her. I knew that if she did relive Sean's memory of sex with her it was still me that she was coming home to. We were soul mates and would always be. Pam kissed me and gave me a hug, telling me she loved me. She then casually brushed the front of my pants with her arm. "You are a little aroused", she said in astonishment. "You really do like the idea of me being some other man's fantasy and object of desire."

By this point Pam's decision was no longer a matter of contention. Sean had spotted her and was now approaching us. I told Pam and she turned toward him just as he arrived and spoke, "Pam, it's been a long time, you look great, how are you?" I could tell he was a little nervous too, and why not. Here was the girl that was his first, looking very sexy, standing next to her husband. 

Pam told him hello, introduced me and said she was doing great. Small talk continued a few minutes between the two of them as they, at least superficially, caught up on all of the years since high school. Pam relaxed talking to him as she realized he was not angry at her, but instead seemed to be having trouble taking his eyes off her. I could tell as well that Sean was looking her over. It appeared to me that he wanted to get another look at her body that must have fueled his masturbation fantasies for years now. I now was sure by 'relive their past', Sean was hoping to enjoy the feel of her pussy again as he had when he lost his virginity in her.

They visited a little while longer before being interrupted by other classmates that spotted them. These people were from Sean's class so Pam knew them, but not well. Sean and Pam said they would see each other before the reception ended and both turned to continue visit with others in the growing crowd. After a few minutes Pam grabbed my hand and we headed to the door. "Let's get out of here, I have had enough of mingling."

We left the ballroom and were on the casino floor in minutes. Pam was not hungry, nor was I since there had been light appetizers at the reception. We made plans to play slots and meet in our room in about four hours if we hadn't seen each other before that. 

I lost track of time as I was actually doing great on the slots, hitting bonus after bonus. It seemed every game I played gave me either a good bonus or at least a great spin or two before I moved on. I considered texting Pam to tell her I was winning and to delay our meeting time, but decided to go ahead and go to our room at the designated time. 

I got to the room a couple of minutes late, but still beat Pam there. Hopefully she had been lucky  too. Just then my phone buzzed, it was a text from Pam telling me she was on the way, but would be a few minutes late. I went ahead and turned the A/C up to get the room warmer and got undressed to wait on her as was our normal routine. 

About ten minutes past before I heard the door open and Pam come in the room. She locked and bolted the door behind her and came around the corner into my view. I could tell immediately she had gotten lucky, but not on the casino floor. Her hair was slightly messy, her face was blushed and, most obvious to my sleuthing, her tights were off and her bra was sticking out of her purse. I smiled at her and said I assumed she had a story to tell me. She smiled back, relieved I was not angry, and said yes she did. 

Pam took off her boots, but was still in her dress when she sat down in the bed next to me to begin her story. "Okay", she began, "You gave me permission remember so you can't be upset." I told her not to worry and to go on. "Well, when we left to go different directions in the casino I went to the front area and started to play, I was only there a couple of minutes when I saw Sean. He had left the reception and was looking for me."

Pam continued, "He had seen us leave and had followed I guess. Anyway he sat down next to me as I played and started talking. Before long he turned the talk to our night together and my being his first. I told him I assumed I had taken his virginity and hoped he was not mad at me. He laughed and said he was never mad and had relived that night a thousand times since. He told me that night was the most exciting night of his life sexually and a memory that always provided a great climax when he masturbated." I laughed and said I'd told her so.

Pam laughed and told me, "Okay, you were right. Anyway, he got very bold then and put his hand on my leg and said he'd been thinking about me a lot since he saw my sexy picture and knew I was coming to the reunion. He hoped that there would be a chance to replay the memory he had relived over and over again in his mind. He had worked his hand a little under my dress up to my inner thigh by now and just looked so hopeful I said we could."

Pam looked at me to be sure I wanted her to go on and seeing I did she continued. "He has a room in the other tower of the hotel so was not far from the casino floor either. When we got to his room I asked him what he really hoped for. I mean I was a little puzzled by what exactly he meant be 'relive'. To relive exactly our past,  I just needed to pull down his pants and sit on his cock." 

"He told me just being with me again was his dream and would give him enough masturbation material to last the rest of his life. He told me I looked better than ever and he could not believe I was standing in his room right then.", Pam shared. "I moved toward him and told him I was glad to help him out. I explained that just like back in high school, I was going to take the lead and if this was going to go any further he had to understand it was this one time only and that he would do anything and everything I asked."

I told Pam that I assumed he had accepted her terms based on the bra in her purse. Pam laughed and said, "Oh yeah. Eagerly in fact." I told her to go on with he story then. 

"Okay, so as I said he agreed and seemed very desperate to please me and do whatever I wanted", Pam explained. "I kind of took over, I guess. He wanted me badly, so why not please him by taking control like I did back our first time. Anyway, I told him if he wanted to see me naked, he needed to get naked first and to undress. He followed my direction and removed his shoes and then took his coat, shirt and pants off. He was nude except for his underwear, which were tightie whities that contained an erect male member straining to get a peak at me as well."

"I told him to pull down his shorts and show me his erect cock to prove he really wanted me. He did as told and exposed to me a very hard cock. It was the five inches I had remembered and still had the curve in it I told you about. In fact, it curved more than I remembered, or I guess had gotten more bend in it over the years."

"Sean, is much heavier now than he was as an 18 year and has a pot belly as you noticed I'm  sure. The belly made his penis seem a little smaller to me, but I'm sure it hadn't shrunk", Pam said smiling. "I needed to feel his hard dick so I moved toward him and took his cock in my hands. I stroked his dick slowly and asked him if this was what he hoped for. I asked if he had hoped I would stroke, rub and even suck his cock."

"He of course had hoped for this and was definitely enjoying my hands on his cock. I then led him to he bed by his cock and sat on the edge of the bed. I brought his cock to my face and looked it over before taking it into my mouth. He was leaking precum and was very excited. I didn't want to suck him off since he wanted to fuck me and I was concerned he could get it up twice."

"I licked and sucked his cock while fondling his balls carefully to make sure he did not cum, but still wanted him to have my cocksucking skills as something to jerk off to later. I could tell he might cum so stopped and asked if he ever ate pussy. He said he had, but I'm not 100% sure the way he hesitated. I guess I didn't care if he had before or not, because he was going to then for sure."

"I removed my boots and then stood up and removed my tights. I took my bra off under the dress to allow me access to my nipples while he ate me. My pussy was still hidden below my dress when I sat back down on the bed slid my dress up and spread my legs to let Sean see my wet pink slit. I asked him if he liked my pussy and if so to kiss it. He dropped his face between my legs and kissed my now wet cunt. He kissed me repeatedly but never used his tongue until I told him to lick me."

"He followed my instructions and used his tongue on me, although kind of awkwardly. I had to give him detailed instructions on where to lick and how, but he listened and followed my lead completely. His tongue skills were not yours, but the idea of this old sex partner servicing me with his mouth was exciting and I did cum on his face", Pam told me almost a little embarrassed sounding.

I told her to continue, so she began again. "Well, I creamed his face like I said and decided to put him out of his misery and let his cock feel the inside of my pussy once more after all of these years. I had him sit in the chair by the bed and for old times sake just lifted up my dress and lowered my pussy on top of his cock. I pushed my wet pussy down on his cock and took his cock in me fully. It felt different than I remembered and that curve felt kind of, well, unique in me as it pushed to one side of my vagina."

"I bounced up on his dick like our first time. More for old times sake I think since it was not all that pleasurable since it was hitting inside me wrong. I decided we both need to get off so got off him and stood up. I let then leaned over the table in the room and pulled up my dress to expose my ass to him. I told him to slide his cock into my wet pussy and to fuck me deep and hard."

"He stood behind me and, as instructed, pushed his cock into me. I talked dirty to him to help him get off and have more to think about later. I told him to fuck me deep and asked him if he liked the feel of my tight cunt on his dick. He was excited and this position worked great for us both. He is not as tall as you and had great access with me bent over the table."

"He was pounding into me fast and I could feel his balls slapping on my ass as he went faster and faster being encouraged by my naughty talk. I was really close to cumming when I heard him grunt and felt his balls dump his load into me. He came hard and I could feel the hotness of his load filling me up."

Pam went on, "Sean got his wish of dumping another load into my pussy after all of these years and I hope got memories for lots more jerking off. He pulled out of me and sat on his bed, still naked. I stood up and let my dress fall back into place. He asked me to stay longer, but I told him I needed to go. I told him I hoped it lived up to his memory and reminded him it was a one time thing. He assured me it was better than he could have ever hoped for and that I would always be responsible for the best sex he ever had. Both tonight and years ago."

"And now I'm here. Cum dripping down my leg and me needing another climax", Pam laughed. "Just another casino night with Pam", I said. She agreed and told me I needed to finish what Sean had started. Yep, I thought, just another great night with Pam.




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