Pam - A Wife's Journey

Pam - A Wife's Journey

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.


The story of Pam and her journey of exploration into becoming a Hotwife.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Our Casino Journeys Begin

Author Chapter Note

Pam's Journey of discovery begins slowly as she gradually begins to understand her 'naughty Pam' persona.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 12, 2016



While I have read a lot of these stories, this is my first time to write one myself. I suppose I should follow the standard format and start with describing my wife and myself. 

My wife, Pam, is the love of my life. I cannot imagine my life without her and am continually reminded that I am the luckiest man on earth to have been blessed with 35 years of marriage to such a special lady. Even at 55 she is as beautiful as ever. Sure, having four children did change her body some, but she is still the cutest, sexiest lady I know. She does not realize how good she looks and is always down playing her looks. I try to let her know how attractive she is, but she thinks I am just blinded by my love for her or trying to get a little peek at her cute pert boobs or feel of her sweet round bottom.

I'm a year older than Pam and look younger than my 56 years if I must say so myself.  I have read American males average 5.1 inches in penis size, so constantly remind Pam she is a lucky girl as I offer her an extra 3" over this average size, at least if these statistics are correct. 

As I said,  Pam is the love of my life and actually the only women I have ever been with sexually, Sure I necked with a girl or two before Pam, but she was my first fuck and as far as I am concerned will be my only. I was not Pam's first sexual experience, but she was by no means she promiscuous. She'd been in a relationship in high school and then decided when she got into college that she needed some experience so did have a handful of short term flings that all ended with her experiencing her partners hard cock. Like I said she was not promiscuous at all and is somewhat embarrassed she had these flings. I, on the other hand, am very glad she did, since it made her into the lover she is today,

I try to get her to tell me about her experiences, as it turns me on incredibly to think about her with these other guys. I am not jealous or judging since I did not even know her then. I'd love her to go into great detail about each time she fucked or sucked one of these guys, but she mostly says it was so long ago and hard to remember.  The few stories she has briefly shared with me have been great images for me masturbating to when I am away traveling. If she only knew how I long for these escapades to be shared in great horny detail. 

Over our 35 years of marriage our sex life has always been very good. Sure when the children were young it became less frequent because of our hectic life and devotion to the kids, but now  that they are grown we have been able to become a little more adventurous and definitely more vocal in our lovemaking. Over these 35 years I still like nothing more than going down on her and bringing her to a screaming climax with my tongue. This has become a staple of our sex play and usually always is how we start out. It almost always brings her to her first climax of the night. Normally this is followed by my sliding my now raging hard on into her soaking wet pussy and fucking until we both cum. I could cum from eating her alone, but normally hold off since I love feeling my cock slide into her drenched pussy. 

Over the last few years, with the kids all grown, my wife and I have begun going out more and, living in Oregon, took up going to many of the areas Indian Casinos to play slots. We are definitely not high rollers, but do get comp rooms at the larger area casinos at times. While we both love playing slots, my real joy at the casinos is a chance to get her to loosen up some and become a little more out going and a slight bit risqué. 

Pam dresses very conservatively and hides her pretty breasts most of the time. At casinos I have tried to get her to reveal a little more since she has plenty to show off if she just would. I have convinced her to go braless at times and she has flashed me letting me look down her shirt, I also have felt her hard nipples while hugging her at a slot game causing me a raging hard on. Over the last year she has loosened up some in her dress and wants to please me, but always is concerned about going too far and looking nasty as she puts it. Truth is she is a very sexy women that dozens of the men in the casino would love to sneak a peek at or more. Many do look over her ample round ass, but she never notices and thinks I am just making it up.

To further spice up our love life, we started watching some porn at our casino hotel stays. Many times during sex and we enjoy watching a good foreign film so the silly script does not spoil our fantasy. Lately we have watched a lot of three ways with a mature women being fully satisfied by two men. Usually one male is the husband and the other the new lover. Usually both fuck the video's star and at least one will dive between her legs and lick her some. We both enjoy watching a women get satisfied by two hard cocks and one or two wet tongues. 

As I said, I have no desire to be with another women, but do find the fantasy of Pam being shared with another man a huge turn on. I guess men love the idea of their woman being desired by other guys, so I should not feel unique. I've shared my fantasy with her and although she said she would never fuck another guy she does play along talking about it with me to turn us both on.

On this particular casino trip we had two free nights of rooms so we set off for a weekend of slot play, buffets and some sexy play. On the two hour drive to the casino we were staying at we talked about sex, and possible ways she could tease me all weekend. She read me a naughty mature wife three way story I had found online. It made the drive seem to go fast and caused me to have a raging hard on most of the trip. It got her a little stirred too as she shocked me and flashed her boobs at me twice during the drive, once we were close to passing a semi, so I was very surprised, but incredibly pleased, 

When we got checked in and to the room she told me she was changing before we hit the casino floor. I was pleased, but curious what she had planned. When she entered the room I was blown away. She had on leggings that hugged her sweet ass and a loose button up shirt that came down to her ass. The top was unbuttoned down below where her bra would have been if she was wearing one and the loose low cut thin tank top she had under it did nothing but extenuate her beautiful chest. Sure, this is not as flashy as what I read about in stories like these, but for Pam this was a big step.

We agreed to go down to the floor and stay for several hours and play slots until a predetermined time. At that point we were to meet back in the room and have sex before going back down for awhile longer. If all went well we would return to the room again and fool around  some more.
We hit the floor and both were doing okay. With slot play, doing okay may just mean not losing. I'm normally happy breaking even especially if Pam lets me feel her up or peek down her shirt and see her erect nipples. Tonight was no exception. She seemed eager to let me see her sweet tits and pulled her shirt out to allow better access quite often. I was feeling very horny as she seemed more risqué than ever tonight. I noticed several guys stealing glances at her and whispered to her she was noticed. She did not believe me or seem to care. When I pointed out one of the guys to her she calmly said, "I'd fuck him." I grinned knowing she was saying this for me, or at least I thought so. She went on to ask me, "You did say it was a fantasy to see me with another man didn't you? Did you mean fuck him, or just a hand job? Could I blow him, if not fuck him? I assume you want to watch, or do you just want to hear later about it while I fuck you silly?" All I could do was grin, say yes, and suggest we head to the room right away. 

We made our way to the elevator and, after I assured her there were no cameras, was allowed to French kiss her and play with her hard nipples. Once in the room we both got naked quickly and she directed me to my knees in front of a chair sitting in front of the floor to ceiling window. Our drapes were pulled wide open and although the room was mostly dark someone nine floors below could, if they tried, make out the image of this sexy women rubbing her hard nipples while I ate her very wet pussy. 

While I licked her, I slid a finger into her wet snatch and very slowly finger fucked her. I knew she was enjoying it from the sounds of her breath. I licked tight circles around her very hard clit, enjoying the sweet taste of her dripping pussy. Her juices were dripping down my chin and I knew I would enjoy the rest of the evening smelling her sex on my face. As she was approaching climax she looked down at me and said,  "Fuck me with your tongue, and then lick my slit up and down." She soon directed me back to licking her clit and even took her hands from her nipples long enough to open her cunt up wide for my tongue. It was about then her body convulsed and she moaned loudly. Her whole body trembled snd she grabbed my head and held it in place as she came hard on my eager face.

After she calmed a second she told me she needed my big dick in her right then and to fuck her. I got up on my knees and slid into her as she sat back in the chair by the open window. I'd like to say I fucked her for an hour pounding her senseless, but as turned on as we both were it honestly took neither of us long to cum like crazy. As soon as I felt her climax begin I lost control and emptied my balls into her hot wet cunt. My cum mixed with her juices and my saliva to create a very wet and used pussy. I held her and told her she was the sexiest lady in the world and an incredible fuck. She laughed and said she knew that, and for me not to forget it.

After a few minutes we got up and began dressing to go back down to the casino. She freshened her lipstick and told me she needed to blot the extra off on my cock. She took my dick in her mouth and left dark lipstick rings around the head down to the shaft that she explained would remain all night. She told me that each time I went to the restroom in the casino I would see her mark on my penis, think about her mouth on my cock and get hard. I knew this meant dealing with a hard on each time I looked down at the urinal all night, but was more than up to handling it.

As we headed out of the room I noticed she had left off the tank top and a little more of her chest was visible. I also noticed that her panties were  still on the edge of the bed. I mentioned she had not worn them and she just  grinned said she did not need them as it would only slow access to her horny cum filled pussy later. 

We agreed to play in the casino before meeting in the room some four hours later. I saw her a few times on the casino floor and noticed her blouse was unbuttoned even further than before our stop in the room making her look hotter and sexier than ever. I did see her talking to a gentleman sitting next to her at a slot and overheard her ask if her had gotten lucky tonight. I watched from a distance as she flirted just a bit before she hit a bad spell on the slot snd moved on. 

It came time to meet in the room and I headed up since I had started to loose. She text me she had gotten lucky and to put on some porn and start without her, she would be there soon. 

I picked out an amateur three way with two well hung guys pleasing an attractive mature brunette that I thought Pam would like. I set it up to start when she got to the room and stripped down to wait. 

About 30 minutes past our agreed to time she came in the room. She had her blouse off and was topless before she came into view from the bed. I asked her if her luck held up and she replied she had never been luckier. With that she pulled off her leggings and told me to eat her cunt out. "Suck the cum from my wet pussy and make my clit hard", she all but demanded. I couldn't wait so did as I was told immediately. "That's it, eat my well used creampie filled pussy. I want you to taste a well used women. You like the idea of another man being with me right? Eat the cum from my pussy. Is it yours, or someone else's?" 

I was licking and sucking her wet pussy like crazy now and was sporting a throbbing cock unlike any I had had in awhile. She held my head between her legs and continued to tell me to please her used pussy and not to stop until she told me to. She came hard on my tongue, but was not done yet. She then got her vibrator and started massaging her clit while watching the move I'd found. She was really extra worked up as this was more than we normally played on our trips.

"Would it turn you on for do me with another guy," she asked while watching the girl in the movie take a cock deep in her pussy while sucking the second one. Not allowing me to reply she went on to tell me she loved to tease me and realized a little mild exhibition was not a problem as long as we were away from home. She then said she loved my tongue servicing her however and whenever she wanted and I should plan on that happening even more often than ever.

"Do you think that is your cum you were cleaning up, or someone else's", she quizzed me. I guessed mine and she said I could believe whatever I wanted. By this time in the movie both guys were jerking off on the girls face, so Pam asked me to cum on her face too. I stood and began stroking my cock above her face as she stuck out her tongue to accept my load. About then she came on her vibrator causing me to lose it and spray on her pretty face and in her mouth.  

I collapsed on the bed exhausted from two overwhelming climaxes caused by my sexy wife. Pam leaned over and kissed me deep sharing cum with me as she did. Again she asked, "So do you taste one man's cum or two?" "Could even be three, I guess", she teased.

We slept in the next morning, but when I woke up she rolled over and kissed me and said she would always love me and really was turned on the night before teasing me. I agreed that it was amazing and she said good, because she had even more and hotter plans for me tonight.

I can't  wait!


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