Pam - A Hot Wife

Pam - A Hot Wife

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The story of Pam continues in this sequel to Pam - A Wife's Journey and Pam - Wife's Journey Continues.


The story of Pam continues in this sequel to Pam - A Wife's Journey and Pam - Wife's Journey Continues.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Ride Em Cowboy

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Pam continues her journey where she left off, as she finds yet another person in need of her giving ways.

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Submitted: August 04, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 04, 2016



Pam's journey from shy wife and homemaker to a full fledged hot wife had taken many months and seen us both experience adventures we never really expected to be more than vivid bedroom fantasies. Pam had discovered her inner sexuality and our sex life as a couple had grown exponentially as a result of her new sexual freedom. Pam had become a true hot wife in every sense of the word and as a result we both had become closer than ever.

It had been four weeks since we had gotten home from our cross country Canada trip and was now time to head off on our next adventure. I had retired after Pam had come into some money and we had the ability to travel almost full time now. 

This trip was going to be a road trip from our Oregon home to the Midwest and the dozens upon dozens of Indian casinos in Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Pam and I had never been to this part of our great country, so we decided to see the country and make the twenty seven hour drive to Oklahoma before looping back through New Mexico and home. We would make stops in Salt Lake City and Denver, among other tourist stops along the way down as we worked our way to Oklahoma.

The trip across the country was a wonderful experience as Pam and I listened to classic rock on satellite radio, enjoyed beautiful scenery and just simply enjoyed each other's company. Early on the fourth day of our trip we arrived at our first Oklahoma casino resort stop. We had booked multiple night stays at seven of the larger casino resorts in Oklahoma operated by six different tribes. We had decided since we were making the trip all the way to this part of the country, we might as well take time to enjoy some of the nearly one hundred casinos the state's resident tribes had to offer.

Our first stop was at a large classic rock themed casino that not only offered lots of gaming and food choices, but also had a large entertainment venue that was hosting a classic rock band during our stay. 

Upon checking in we found that we had been upgraded to a suite thanks to Pam's VIP status back in Oregon. Seems like the casinos shared some of this information between them to better identify the high rollers. Little did this casino know that Pam's high roller status was not necessarily due to her gambling, but well, more due to other, let's say activities while at the casino resorts.

Our suite was in an all suite tower overlooking the large casino property and the adjacent golf course. The large room had a big walk-in closet and a great multiple shower head glass shower along with a big sitting area in front of the windows. All of these amenities would come in handy during our stay it would turn out. We quickly got unpacked and headed down to the casino to eat and play slots.

Pam was looking smoking hot, which was honestly the case all the time, but even more so on our casino get always. Being even further from home than normal however Pam was dressed even sexier than ever. Pam's brightly colored Capri leggings hugged her sexy ass perfectly, and her shirt was cut lower than normal and showed off a nice amount of cleavage. Her shirt was also backless and allowed her bra straps to show seductively as you approached her from behind. Pam made my cock hard, as was the case more than not on these trips.

We decided to eat first before hitting the casino floor. We quickly found a food court and decided to make this our first Oklahoma meal stop. Pam told me what she wanted and found us a table while I stood in line to order. It was about ten minutes later I joined Pam at the table with our order. She immediately told me, "I think that the younger guy walking away over there is  interested in me." 

I asked her how she knew and she replied, "Well, he was sitting at that next table kind of looking at me, trying to be discreet all the time he finished eating and when he left he took another good look and then walked by me and tipped his hat." I told Pam I couldn't blame him for looking as she looked very sexy tonight and any guy would love to be with her.  

Pam smiled and said, "Of course they do", with a sarcastic laugh. "But with him I just got the vibe he was hungry for more than his burger he was eating. He had this kind of look that made me feel he was needing something. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe I'm wrong and just tired from the drive."

We ate our meal fairly quickly and were soon headed out on to the casino floor to see if these Oklahoma slots were looser than ours back home. We stayed fairly close together to start and roamed this large casino's multiple rooms. We had played around an hour when I spotted the young man Pam had noticed earlier and pointed out to me near the food court area. He was still watching Pam and seemed very interested in her, especially her sweet round ass it appeared. 

He was in his early twenties I'd guess and was in tight jeans with a large belt buckle and western boots. His plaid shirt was unbuttoned fairly low revealing a hairy chest atop his round pot belly. The outfit was topped off with a light colored cowboy hat. He was another one of the slightly overweight, big teddy bear types I knew Pam found appealing. His western attire was very common in this casino being in the heart of Oklahoma and I was sure he had a pickup truck in the parking lot as his means of transportation. 

I walked over to where Pam was and told her discreetly that her admirer from the food court was nearby and did seem to be having trouble keeping his eyes off her. Pam avoided looking at me, or in his direction and just quietly said, "I really thought so. He seemed so, well just, so in need I guess. I think I'll see where this might go, if you are okay with it anyway." I told Pam I would stay close and watch what happened. She laughed and said, "I know what you hope to watch. You want to watch his cock stretch my tight pussy open and shoot a load of cum deep inside me don't you?"

I told Pam that, yes, I did enjoy watching her be satisfied sexually by a willing partner, but only if it was something she was desiring. Pam smiled, still not looking at me, and said, "I know you get off on me getting off. I love that. In this case, I do really think he might be able to satisfy both our needs. Mine for a great climax, and yours for watching me have a great climax." With that, I moved away from Pam and let her hatch whatever plan she had thought up to meet and perhaps bed this young cowboy. 

I was about a row of games over when Pam cashed out and moved to a game one over from this young barrel chested admirer. He seemed very nervous when she sat down and could not keep from glancing over at her repeatedly. I could now see what Pam knew almost intuitively, he was very much interested in her, but too shy perhaps to ever make a move without encouragement. With Pam's newfound confidence, however, I knew that there would be enough encouragement offered on her part to give him the chance if he really was interested.

It took Pam just a few minutes before she cashed out and slid over one game to sit directly next to him. Pam looked at him and said, "Is this game open?" I was far enough away and the casino games loud enough I could not make out much more of what was said between them. 

I watched as Pam and this big cowboy seemed to be talking some as they both played the slot they had positioned themselves at. Pam seemed comfortable and very at ease, while her cowboy seemed happy to visit, but kind of nervous, or unsure. 

They talked for sometime before each cashed out and got up. Pam spotted me and headed my way, while the cowboy headed the other direction, apparently to use the restroom. As Pam approached me I asked what was going on. Pam smiled and said, "I'm not sure yet. He is so shy. Painfully shy actually. He is such a polite kid. Ma'am, this and ma'am that. So very polite. It was really cute." 

I asked what she thought might be going on then, since she as not completely sure. Pam smiled and said, "Well I'd like to talk to him more and see if he is as sexually interested in me as I think he is. I mean, he is really sweet and awkward. You know I like that big teddy bear type and he fits that look. I do think he needs a mature woman's touch to be more comfortable with a women. Plus I think he is attracted to me for some reason." Pam continued, "He is getting us drinks, so will be back. Stay back and let me all to him a little longer. 

Pam moved to another game a couple rows from me and sat back down just before her big cowboy returned carrying two soft drinks from the beverage station this casino offered. I could see them resuming their conversation and thought that the young man seemed a little more relaxed than before. I knew Pam had the ability to put anyone at ease and saw that this was no exception. 

After about 45 minutes of their visiting Pam got up, leaned over and gave the cowboy a brief hug, and leaving him at his game walked my direction. She passed me without speaking, but motioned for me to follow her. We were heading to the elevator and to our suite it appeared, but Pam was not ready to share the reason, at least until we got into the elevator.

Once in the elevator, Pam began explaining. "Okay", she began. "I was right, he is a very horny young man and is very attracted sexually to your 'smoking hot' wife." I laughed and said to tell me something I didn't know. We had reached our floor, so exited the elevator and soon were in our room. Once there Pam continued, "Well, his name is Hugh. His family owns property nearby that they farm and raise cattle on. He just graduated college with a degree in Ag Econ and helps run the family business."

Telling Pam to go on, she eagerly continued. "Hugh is very interested in me. Once he got comfortable he asked all sorts of questions about our sex life. I think he is a little like you and likes the idea of being with a women that has been shared with another man. His questions were all kind of pointed to wanting to know more about how you satisfied me. He definitely wants to experience me for himself, but I need to make sure I'm ready for him first."

I asked Pam what she was talking about and to explain the plan she seemed to have developed. "Okay", she began, finally getting to the details on the reason for our trip to the room. "Hugh kept kind of asking when we had last had sex and seemed very excited by the idea of me having a load of your hot cum in me. I know he was extra turned on by the idea of fucking me after I had been filled with my husband's seed. He is a sloppy seconds kind of guy it appears. Anyway, long story short. You are going to fuck my very wet pussy and fill me full of a giant load of cum, before Hugh comes to our room and gets his dream fulfilled of fucking a freshly used woman. Sound fun?"

Turns out Pam had set a time for Hugh to come to our room in about an hour. Once I had completed my part of Pam's plan, I was going to hide in the closet and watch Hugh get his fantasy brought to life by my sexy wife. 

It of course did sound like fun and I was already rock hard from hearing Pam's story. With our time growing short Pam wasted no more time and told me to get naked while she did the same. 

Pam moved to the bed and I followed. She laid on her back and I instinctively moved between her legs and began kissing her wet pussy softly. Pam told me I might not get to lick her long as she was pretty excited as well as not wanting to wear herself out before Hugh arrived. 

Despite her warning, I knew I wanted to enjoy my face on her pussy at least a little while longer for sure. As I licked her, I slid a finger into her wetness and very slowly finger fucked her. I knew she was enjoying it from the sounds of her breath. I licked tight circles around her very hard clit, enjoying the sweet taste of her dripping pussy. Her juices were dripping down my chin and I knew I would enjoy smelling her sex on my face the rest of the day. 

As she approached her climax she looked down at me and said, "Fuck me with your tongue, and then lick my slit up and down." She directed me back to licking her clit and took her hands from her nipples long enough to open her cunt up wide for my tongue. It was about then her body convulsed and she moaned loudly. Her whole body trembled as she grabbed my head and held it in place as she came hard on my eager face.

After she rested a second she told me she needed my big dick to dump my load in her right then and to go ahead and fuck her. I got up on my knees and slid into her as she sat laid flat on the bed. I slid my hard eight inches into her and proceeded to thrust in and out for all I was worth.  We were both very excited so it honestly took neither of us long to cum like crazy. As soon as I felt her climax begin I lost control and emptied my balls into her hot wet cunt. My cum mixed with her juices and my saliva to create a very wet and used pussy. I held her and told her she was the sexiest lady in the world and an incredible fuck. She laughed and said she knew that, and now it was time for Hugh to find that out.

Once we both calmed following what were very strong orgasms for both of us Pam told me I needed to get dressed and in the walk in closet as Hugh was due anytime now. Pam, it seems, had told Hugh that I would down in the casino playing slots and that she wanted him to come to our room to help give her some much needed sexual relief. She explained that I had fucked her, but she needed more. All true in actuality. 

I dressed as Pam slipped on only a hotel provided robe. He looked gorgeous, with a slight blush in her cheeks still from her recent climaxes. I knew Hugh was in for the experience of his life.

Pam had told him to meet her in our room in a hour if he was interested, so he would be due any minute. It took very little encouragement for Hugh, so right on time he arrived at our suite and was knocking on our door. 

Pam was wearing the hotel robe slightly open when she invited Hugh in and asked him to sit on the couch by the window. I knew Pam wanted to help him with his desired fantasy to be completely controlled by her, but could also tell she intended to make this young cowboy service her and bring her off to multiple orgasms. 

I was very excited watching this scene unfold from my closet hiding place. My cock was hard despite having cum in Pam just moments ago. I knew that I was hidden from Hugh's view and went ahead and took my cock from my pants and began to stroke it watching Pam work her magic.

Pam wasted no time and sitting by Hugh on the couch immediately opened her legs, and pulled  open the robe she was wearing. "Look", she said, holding her pussy lips apart, "my pussy is still stretched open from me husband fucking me a little while ago. Pam then pushed a finger into her wet pussy and then brought it to her lips, licking it seductively. "I can still taste him" she said, pushing her finger back into her pussy once again. This time however, when she removed it she offered it to Hugh.
He took her fingers into his mouth, and appeared to savoring the sweet taste of her pussy mixed with the salty taste of my cum. It was then Pam looked at him and sternly said, "Go ahead, eat my pussy. Clean my husband's cum from my used pussy and make me cum on your face."

He did not need to be told twice and moving between her legs, began lapping at her pussy with his tongue. He was clearly driven wild with desire as he stuck his tongue deep into Pam's pussy, scooping out the creamy cum I had left there. Pam moaned with pleasure as he ate her, finally moaning loudly as an orgasm ripped through her. 

Pam calmed enough from her orgasm to once again take control. "Undress", she told him. "I want you naked now. Hugh stood up and quickly removed his boots, and jeans before losing the rest of his clothes. It was then that Pam got her first look at Hugh's cock as his underwear was pulled down. 

He was a good six or seven inches in length and average thickness. He was heavy, but seemed to have more muscle than fat. He was a big, strong, young guy. Pam looked him over carefully. She appeared to want to take his cock in her mouth, but stopped herself. Instead she told him, "Come on my boobs. Jerk off on me. Do it now"  She instructed him to shoot his load on her and to do it right away. Pam opened her robe fully revealing her pert boobs topped with very hard nipples. 

Hugh followed instructions and moving to stand over her began stroking his cock. Moments later, while jerking his very hard cock above Pam, he came in buckets on my wife's pert boobs. Spray after spray of hot cum coated her tits. With Hugh still standing above her, she rubbed his cum on her tits, before bringing a finger to her mouth and licking it clean. She scooped some more of his cum onto her fingers and held them out to him saying, "Lick my fingers."

Hugh took her fingers into his mouth and licked his cum from them as she watched his reaction. 
"You like that don't you", Pam told Hugh. He simply nodded yes. Pam grinned and said, "Lick my tits clean. Lick it all up. He did as told and licked his cum from Pam's hard nipples and neck. 

He eagerly licked cum his off her body, concentrating on her pretty boobs and hard nipples. Pam smiled and told him, "Clean up all of your cum. Once you do, I'll suck your cock until it is hard and let you fuck me until we both climax again. 

Once Hugh finished cleaning up his cum from Pam, she stood and dropped the robe that was still on her shoulders. Now standing completely naked in front of her also naked cowboy, I could see that she was dwarfed by this big guy. He was a foot taller than her and a three times wider. 

Pam had Hugh stand by the couch while she sat back down and positioned herself to be able to use her skilled mouth to 'ready' Hugh to deposit his own load in her wet, used pussy. Pam worked over this cowboy's big cock causing it to leak with precum, but being careful not to bring him to a climax. His climax was to be saved to give her another load of cum deep in her pussy.

Pam sucked this young cowboy's cock skillfully, licking the tip of his hard cock while stoking the shaft with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. I could tell he was getting close to cumming when Pam stopped and abruptly told him, "Fuck me. Fuck me now. Fill my cunt with your cock and then shoot me full of cum. You deserve to see my pussy full of your cum. Give me a big creampie." 

Pam laid down on the bed and following her, Hugh eagerly slid  between her legs and allowed Pam to grab his very erect member and guide it into her awaiting pussy. He slid in with one, long, slow push and buried his dick deep in her. Laying on top of her, he quickly began thrusting deep into her. He started slowly at first, picking up sped as Pam grabbed his ass and encouraged his thrusts to speed up. All the while Pam was giving a verbal play by play, I assumed for Hugh's pleasure. "That's it fuck me. Oh, your huge. You're hitting my clit. You are so deep. Your cock is stretching my pussy open. Keep going. Fuck me harder. Faster." 

Hugh did as Pam asked and picked up his pace and was beginning to now fuck her like crazy. His large frame totally covered Pam who was pinned beneath him as he pounded her like a piston. I was totally enthralled viewing this hot scene and was slowly stroking my cock as I watched. Suddenly Pam grabbed his ass in both hands and ground her pussy hard on to Hugh's swollen manhood as she climaxed hard. "Cum in me now", she begged just as he shot his load. 

Hugh appeared to cum hard and long, filling her full of cum. He laid on her for a few minutes before he finally rolled off Pam to let see he had given her a huge load of cum that was leaking from her pussy. A real wet and juicy creampie just as Pam had requested. Pam spread her legs wide and helped his cum seep from her pussy by contracting her muscles to force more to drip out and give Hugh a good look at his work.

Hugh started to sit up when Pam stopped him and said, "Whoa big guy. You are not done yet. You told me your biggest fantasy was to have sloppy second sex, which you just did. You also wanted to clean a woman's well used pussy. You cleaned up my husband's load, but left me with this new mess. Now I could let you leave it for my husband to clean up, if that turns you on, or make you clean it."

Hearing Pam discuss her cream filled pussy as I watched cum leak from her beautiful slit was nearly more than I could take. I was stroking my cock and knew a climax was building again, but also wanted to hold off and bury my cock deep in her creamy pussy myself. I wanted to enjoy her sloppy pussy and feel the slickness of her tight opening filled with cum from two different fuck sessions. 

I actually wanted to feel her tight pussy around my cock so bad I considered stepping from the closet to fuck her right there in front of Hugh. I knew however that could shock him and interfere with Pam's plans. Instead I sent her a text from my closet hiding place saying simply, 'I need to fuck your sloppy cum filled pussy' followed by a happy face. 

Pam heard her phone chime and knowing it would be me picked it up and grinned as she read it to herself. Pam turned to Hugh and said, "So you like the idea of knowing my husband is going to clean up the load you left me? Knowing he will feel your hot load of cum lube the walls of my tight little pussy you just stretched open?"

"Well, that's going to happen soon. That was my husband and he is coming back up to the room in a few minutes and I'll be laying here on my back with my legs spread wide and your cum seeping from my swollen pussy. He's going to climb on me and fuck me hard like you just did. Noticing Hugh's cock had grown hard again, Pam laughed and said, "Wow, that does turn you on. Your cock is hard again. Very hard in fact. Hum, are you interested in watching him fuck my pussy?"

Had I heard right? Was Pam going to have him watch me fuck her creampie? Was she making this offer without running the idea by me? Well, based on her comments that was at least her plan pending Hugh's interest. 

Hugh looked at Pam as asked if that was possible. He wondered if her husband would allow him to watch. Pam told him, "I'm sure he would be fine with it, if you follow the rules." Pam then explained to Hugh that the rule would be Hugh would have to remain totally naked and would stand by the bed quietly watching. She continued, "Hugh, you will be expected to jerk off watching. You cumming is a high compliment to me and let's me know you have enjoyed our time together. Deal?"

Hugh's cock answered Pam's question before he could speak. It was rock hard and leaking precum once again. He'd cum twice, but was so excited by the new opportunity was sure to come again. Pam told him to go to the bathroom so she could talk to me when I came into the room. This was of course to sneak me from the closet in all honesty.

Once Hugh was in the bathroom Pam opened the suite's door and motioned for me to step from the closet. Once in the open she told me the same plan I'd heard her tell Hugh. She quickly laid back on the bed and called Hugh out of the bathroom. 

Pam was laying on her back, naked, in the middle of the bed as she'd told Hugh she would be. Pam told Hugh to stand by the bed and begin rubbing his cock. She then turned to me and said, "Okay, you ready for your sloppy seconds now? You want to feel my cum filled pussy wrapped around your big fat cock? Go ahead take off your clothes and show us your big dick."

I undressed and was quick to crawl between Pam's spread legs. As I did Pam continued her verbal play by play saying, "See how hard his cock is Hugh? He is very well hung and thanks to your cum in my pussy will slide in very easily. Come on honey, show Hugh how you like fucking my creampie. Put that cock in me and give me another load." 

I was eager to oblige Pam and moving forward, did as Pam had requested, sliding my cock into her with one smooth push. As I started thrusting Pam again began to give a verbal play by play, saying to me, "Does my cum filled pussy feel good?"

Continuing her verbal stimulation for both Hugh's and my enjoyment, Pam softly moaned, "That's it fuck me. Pound my used pussy. Feel Hugh's cum lubing my sweet cunt. You like my sloppy cunt don't you. Come on fuck me hard. Your cock is so big, it's stretching me wide open." 

Pam then turned to Hugh and said, "He likes sloppy seconds too. You fucked me really good and filled me full of cum for him to enjoy. Go ahead jerk your cock. Cum for me. Cum now Hugh. Shoot another big load." 

I was fucking Pam faster now and was unable to hold off climaxing. I shot a massive load deep in my wife and moaned loudly as I did. My climax set off a series of climaxes with Hugh shooting his load on the floor by the bed as Pam followed, now moaning from her 4th orgasm of the evening.

I rolled off her to reveal Pam's swollen lips leaking yet another load of cum. It was a sight that caused both Hugh and I to remain excited and hard despite our recent climaxes. It really was a very sexy sight looking at this gorgeous sexy well used women. A sight I'm sure Hugh would never forget.

Hugh soon dressed and getting ready to leave thanked Pam and I for allowing him to fulfill his secret fantasy. Pam stood up, still leaking cum, and gave him a hug and said, "It was my pleasure. I mean literally my pleasure." With that Hugh took off leaving Pam and I alone. 

Pam turned to me and said, "Well, welcome to Oklahoma! If that is a sign of what this trip is going to be like I'm going to have trouble walking before we leave this state. These Okies might be in the Bible Belt, but I bet there are a lot of repressed horny guys like Hugh we might be running into." 

Pam had no idea how true her words were. No idea at all.





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