Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Werewolf and Vampire spend the night in her apartment


Werewolf and Vampire spend the night in her apartment


Submitted: February 17, 2014

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Submitted: February 17, 2014



They stopped at a high rise and walked into the lobby. A fat man at the security desk hurried over to greet them. He pointedly ignored Pancrack in his uniform but practically fawned on Julia.


He escorted them to an elevator and inserted his pass card into the reader, opening the doors for the couple. The two of them stepped into the brass and mahogany elevator and Julia pushed the only button. Julia watched him in the mirrored surface since she had no reflection of her own. She was standing close to Pancrack. He could feel the warmth of her. She began to casually stroke the inside of his arm with her long nails. Her perfume was stirring him up. They didn’t talk on the ride up. The elevator stopped with a gentle bump and the doors slid open, not on a hallway but a large, open loft. Penthouse living at it’s best. Not gaudy, but very nicely furnished.


“I’ll be just a moment, fix us a drink will you,” she picked up a remote and music filled the air then left to another room.


“How shall I dress?” she called from another room.

“What shall it be First Sergeant, more night out? Or explore a night in? ”


Quick decisions had saved Pancrack’s life many times in the past, and this was no time to sit and ponder. “In” he called back as he found a bottle of merlot and poured two glasses. Well, he thought, it will either be sweat pants, sweat shirt and fuzzy slippers or something completely different. Come onnnn completely different, he encouraged in his head.


The lights dimmed, and Julia walked out into the room. Yesss!  Completely different won!!  He mentally punched a fist into the air in triumph. Externally he kept his face impassive. She was wearing a red mesh top that accentuated her round tits, her long thick mane ran wildly down her back, honey highlights accentuated by the light. A red silk garter held up red fishnet stockings. The wine dark thong barley covered the front of her pubic mound.


She walked over to him on spiked high heels, and took the glass of wine out of his numb hands. “You’re staring.’ She said as she sipped her wine. Fangs clicking absently on the glass.


She took him by the hand and led him over to the couch, pulling him down on top of her.


“I’m glad you chose to stay in Johannes” She said, enjoying the lust that was building behind his eyes.

“But I do believe you are over dressed” she said.


He stood back up and quickly stripped off his clothes.  He placed the pistol on the coffee table, within easy reach.


Naked, he stood before her, and then dropped beside her, kissing her softly at first, restraining his passion.  His hands twisted wrist deep in her thick, soft hair. It smelled of her conditioner and perfume. He inhaled her scent, feeling it flow through his nose and pierce his brain. He separated the human, man-made smells from the deeper, primordial scents of her sex.  Pancrack rolled it around in his nose, almost a physical thing, caressing her individual scent. Feeling that part of her that was uniquely Julia. It exploded in wine dark reds and purples behind his eyes. Being more her than her physical presence. It had texture and weight in the olfactory world that was his. 


Pancrack let the heat build, one arm pulled her tight while the other caressed her breast, gently cupping it then running his finger in a circle around the areola, spiraling around the thick, light brown nipple. He softly pinched it, teasing it erect and stiff, aching for more attention.  Enjoying the uniqueness of it.


 Julia could feel his heat along the side of her body, the unusual, human feel, of bare skin on bare skin; his kisses were firm and strong.


He sucked at her tongue and held her lower lip between his teeth. His kisses moved along her jaw line and down her neck, sending a shiver coursing down her spine. He pushed down the mesh top, freeing one large, firm breast. Pancrack’s mouth replaced his hand on her tit. His hot mouth sucking the whole areola, the tongue swirling the nipple, sending an electric shiver through her body.


 Julia’s hands carved patterns on his strong back with her ruby nails, while his hand slid lightly down her belly, tracing circles as it drifted lazily on its agonizingly slow journey down to between her legs. She spread them in welcome as he slid his hand under the wispy fabric of the thong. Pancrack’s fingers raked through her trimmed pubic hair playfully tugging at it, still moving tantalizingly slow.


 Pancrack could hear her heart thumping in her chest, her breathing becoming faster. He could smell her anticipation building. He sucked at her firm breast, the nipple rock stiff under his tongue, tasted the salty flavor of her skin. He gave into instinct and bit down, drawing blood sucking at the garnet drops that oozed from the punctures.  Julia barley cried out, wrapped in her own swirling passions. He felt her widen her legs so he could slide his hands down between her thighs. He caresses the smooth skin of her inner thighs, down one then up the other. Letting his fingers glide almost to her knee then back again. He could feel the soft warmth of her body on his stiff cock. Her hands were sliding along the back of his neck and running franticly back and forth through his hair. Julia paused to lick the blood from her fingers then wiped them through the gory patterns she’d cut into his back to lick them again.


She was sliding her crotch against his hand, making little gasping noises. He broke the suction on her breast with a wet pop, coming back up to kiss her again. She responded more desperately, passion driving her, grabbing his face in both of her hands. Tasting her own blood. He moved his hand back up along her belly, caressing the soft skin.

Julia reached down to stroke his thick, stiff cock. She ran her fingernails up the shaft along the curving underside then back down. She could feel the ridges standing out. The throbbing was in time with Pancrack’s rapid pulse. She could tell he was holding back, enjoying the new game. Julia mentally licked his scent of over powering maleness. She knew the blood from her tit and the scent of her heat were making it hard on him. But she laughed at his torture, wondering how long this game would go on.


His fingers slid down under her panties again, this time they slid down either side of her aching pussy, then one finger gently sliced it’s way up, separating her by now slick lips. It came to rest on her clit making a soft gentle circle on it. She gripped his cock, letting the sensations spin through her body, grabbing at one then the other as his mouth went back to her breast.


He let the heel of his hand replace his finger. Putting pressure on her clit he began a deliberate circling motion. Julia pressed her hips into it then added her own hand to direct and control the pressure. She was only absently holding his dick, gripping it firmly but holding on to it as she felt her own orgasm building than anything else.


She gasped when he entered her with his fingers. She was still holding his hand with her hand, gyrating her hips faster and faster, his cock in her other hand forgotten as she pushed herself toward the fiery explosion in her womb. Then it came, sending lightning blue stars behind her eyes and locking her jaw she bit through her lip as the sensual power over whelmed her.


Pancrack knew she’d come when the grip on his cock became tight as a vice and she stiffened, her breathing coming in gasps and she let out a loud moan. She’d frozen for a moment then opened her hazel eyes to look into his. The black, vertical pupil of the ruby eyes  fully dilated.


“Son of a bitch” was all she’d said. Julia moved around and brought her head into his lap. She moved up and kissed his chest, using her hands on his shoulders to push him flat on the sofa. She sucked his nipples, causing him to flinch and giggle, and then worked down his torso with little nips and kisses, occasionally sucking, leaving a small stepping stone path of blood.


 Mean while she was softly stroking his cock up and down. She could feel her juices seeping out of her and along the outside of her pussy oozing down her inner thighs. She reached back to tease more from it. His fingers ran through her hair, caressed along her shoulders then traced the line of her jaw. She sucked at his fingers, tasting her own musky flavor on them.


 Julia moved down to pay attention to the throbbing cock in her fist. First she kissed the swollen head, then used her long tongue to spiral all the way down to his balls, then sucked at the underside of the shaft, working her way back up. At the same time she was sliding one finger slowly in and out of her self.


Pancrack lay back, rapt in Julia’s expert technique. He closed his eyes and focused all his energy on where her hot mouth was. He opened them to see her looking at him like a hungry tigress, just as she swallowed his cock all the way down. The soft, warm mouth, sucking back up at his dick was driving him to the edge. His heart was thudding so hard in his chest he was sure it would explode. She was sucking up and down, faster and faster, and then he saw that she had her hand between her own legs, her hips grinding up and down on her own fingers.  This added to his already hyper extended excitement.


They were in a race to the next orgasm, and Pancrack won. With a deep howl he exploded his cum hard into the back of Julia’s throat. Like the last time, she sucked it all in.  Then she closed her eyes and pulled her mouth off his cock as she jerked in her own orgasm. Pancrack was trying to catch his breath; Julia’s blood curdling scream was brought on by her own orgasm and she twitched under its power. She licked her chin and around her mouth enjoying his tastes.


They looked into each others glowing eyes, wondering who would do what next. Red reflected back at yellow.


‘Nice couch” said Pancrack from a dry throat. “Does this place have a bed?”


 “A Big, soft one” smiled Julia. She sat up and retrieved her wine glass, taking a long drink from it, cleansing her mouth and throat. She saw Pancrack’s cock, still stiff, lying along his belly, cum still oozing from the swollen head. She reached down with a long dark nail and smeared the thick pearly droplet down along the shaft still wet with her saliva, then swirled it in a circle at the root. She laughed to she him jump.


She stood up, finishing her wine and took his hand, almost dragging him towards the bedroom. Pancrack held her back long enough to wet his dry throat from his own glass and collect his pistol, then let himself be led into the bed room.


The bedroom was a well appointed, wood paneled room, lights were low and Julia ran over to light several candles in an intricate wrought iron candle holder. Soon the scent of Jasmine mixed with Gardenia wafted gently through the room. Sliding glass doors framed the full moon in the night sky. French doors, one still open, led to a large bathroom. Pancrack could see the shadow of a sunken tub and plenty of glistening marble. Julia leapt onto the high bed and beckoned for Pancrack to follow. “Fere ton kollo sou etho” she demanded, bring your ass over here.


Pancrack grabbed Julia’s ankles and pulled her tanned legs over his shoulders. He kissed down her soft inner thigh. As he inched lower he spread her legs with his shoulders. Julia took her legs off his shoulders to offer herself to his enticing kisses. Pancrack spread her slippery, thick pussy lips wide and ran his tongue up one side of one soft petal then down the other, swirling his tonguing around the pink hole of her box.


He slowly thrust his tongue in and out of her grasping pussy, feeling it wrap around him in its soft meatiness. He could taste her musky, warm juices as they coated his tongue and slid down his throat. He could hear Julia moaning with every deep thrust, her honey seeping from her pot, coating his chin. He sucked first one pink lip in his mouth twirling it around his tongue and then doing the same with the other. He spread her wider with his fingers, popping her soft pearl from under its hood.


He moved up, lancing his tongue up and around her throbbing clit, and then swirling around it with little circles, this brought a squeal from Julia and her fingers dug into his shoulders as her heels drummed on his ribs then wrapped around his hips. She began humping her hips into Pancrack’s face. His nose tickled by her soft down, Pancrack sucked Julia’s clit between his lips and pressed down on it with his tongue. She arched and froze, then let out a shuddering moan.


Pancrack leaned back, wiping his chin. He kissed her inner thighs again, wiping his chin off on them. He pushed her thighs back onto his shoulders and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. He looked into Julia’s golden eyes as he felt his throbbing cock slide easily into her cunt. Julia let out a gasp as it slowly spread her insides, filling her. Pancrack arched his back and began a steady thrust into her, one hand bracing her legs the other holding one of her tits so he could play with the nipple.


If she wasn’t careful one of those tits was going to give her a black eye, thought Pancrack. As if to prove a point, Julia began licking her own nipple. Watching this brought Pancrack over the edge he had so far held off. He came with another back arching orgasm, Splashing Julia’s womb with his hot sperm. Julia felt the warm cum spurt inside of her. Then, Pancrack let her legs slide down his arms and lay on top of her.


He put one hand under the small of her back and lifted her to move her fully on to the bed. Julia was hungry for more. She wanted more NOW. She threw her Legs over his and rolled him to his back. She straddled him, easing her slit to run up and down his dick. She felt every ridge as it bumped her clit, running her hips back and forth along the length of it. Rocking her hips back and forth, buttering his long shaft. Her hands raking furrows in his chest that healed as she reached the end and began again.


He reached up and took her right tit back into his mouth, sucking at it hard, bringing a gasp from Julia as she threw her head back and continued to slide the length of him.

After teasing herself with sliding along him, Julia reached down and pulled his cock up enough to slowly impale herself on it. Moving him slowly in and out, taking in just the head in short pumps of her hips, then filling her need by letting her hips drop all the way down, taking it all deep inside of her. With gasps and soft cries, feeling Pancrack sucking her tit and filling her pussy she rocked back and forth. She arched back, pulling her tit from his mouth, sitting straight up, feeling the head of his cock deep inside of her, rubbing in just the right spot. She moved her hips in slow circles, his hands on her hips.


 As she sped up she fell back onto him. His body heat was a flame on her as she slammed her hips faster and faster on him, she could hear the wet squishing sounds of wet flesh on flesh. She sunk her fangs into his shoulder as his hands reached around to spread her ass wider, pushing himself deeper, his fingers playing along where her lips and his thick spear met. She grabbed at his thick arms and held on as she climbed faster and faster onto the rising crest of another orgasm.


Julia let the fire of this one wash over her in a slow wave. She dug her fingers into his arms and rested her head at the curve of his neck until it passed. She squeezed her pussy muscles with every ounce of power they had, locking him inside of her. When she could focus again and relax, he lifted her chin and gently kissed her on the nose. Her legs felt like jelly and she was feeling the clean wash of post orgasm. She felt like a wrung out dish rag.


“Feel better?” he asked, a bit of devil in his voice.


“MMMMMMMMMM” was all she could manage.


“Good, now it’s my turn.” he said as he slid out from under her. Julia lay on her stomach catching her breath. She felt him slide between her legs and she raised her hips to accommodate him. She loved it the normal way. But he forced her hips down with his.


“Just relax and catch your breath” was all he said.


Pancrack covered her body with his. He spread her thighs with his knees and slid himself into her. Arching his back he pushed into her deeply. Inside, he began to rock his hips watching Julia’s ass bounce and move, a soft jellied cushion for his hips.  He caressed her ass and the fine, almost translucent, down that covered them and ran along her back and thighs.


He knew it would be a while for her to recover so Pancrack just concentrated on putting pressure on the front wall of her soft cave. He reached under her and gently played with her breasts. They were soft and firm. He loved how readily they responded to his touch in this form. He ran his fingers along the sides of her belly then back under her. He knew he was teasing her but that was half the fun. He was rocking slowly inside of her. He could hear the wet squelching sounds.


He felt her begin to slowly move her hips in time with him putting the head of his dick right where her hungry pussy wanted it. Feeling it rub back and forth over her “g” spot. Pancrack was enjoying the slow gentle build to what he knew would soon be a wild ride. Soon Julia was pushing back on him, pressing against the hips that tortured her by keeping her down. He eased the pressure as she pushed back to get to her knees and elbows. He could feel her need grow anew.


Her head was down as her hands clasped each other. “Yamiseme” she said. “Yamiseme that’s it, fuck that Princess’s mouni” she called out from gritted teeth.


 Pancrack slapped her ass. It responded with a firm jiggle. It was so round and firm, just enough soft fat to make it soft and round. Pancrack leaned back to watch as he dragged his dick out of her glistening pussy, the lips sucking back along the length of it. Then he slowly pushed it all the way back in, keeping a deliberately slow tempo. He spanked her ass again as she pushed back into him. How many soldiers got to slap the ass of an honest to god princess he laughed to him self. How many common soldiers had become king by fucking a princess for that matter?


 She was up on her hands and knees now, arching her back trying to slam onto him. He reached up to tug at her hair, then grabbing her shoulder he began to thrust with earnest. Each thrust slamming into her, making her ass, back and tits bounce around. He reached past her to grab the head board, using stomach muscles used to lifting a torso weighed down with armor and equipment. He grunted with every thrust then started to build into a low growl.  Then he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. He felt the bones in his neck and back crack and re-form. His face held the momentary searing pain as his snout elongated, his teeth elongating into their fangs. The head board splintered in his grip as the fine hairs on his arm thickened into grey fur.


He jack hammered into her, growling and grunting, the sounds of flesh on flesh mixed with Julia’s moans and cries. He could smell the musk of her pussy as he pulled out and slammed back in like a machine gun rocking a target.  With a gut clenching spasm he came in her. His dick convulsed like an oil derrick as he pumped every ounce of seed deep into her. He clenched her hips to his with paw while the other clawed her shoulder. He bent down to bight her neck, taking in a mouth full of her scruff and shaking it. Julia leaned back into him, taking it all as she surged in her own bliss.


Her own transformation continued like his, fangs growing and wings spiking and unfolding from her back. The golden pupils dilated and finger nails growing into two inch razors. The smell of blood and sex exploded in her brain paralyzing her in bliss.


 They froze like that, neither one moving, chests heaving with exertion, breath coming in gasps.  Pancrack’s tongue lolled from out of his mouth, dripping saliva in time to his panting. Finally Pancrack pushed Julia forward, and slid his softening cock from her sticky hole. Julia collapsed on the bed, wrung out for sure, but extremely satisfied as she felt the air cool her burning, bruised pussy. She knew she’d be sore in the morning but for now it was the small price to pay for such pleasure. She pulled in her wings, because they were just too awkward at a time like this. She rolled to her back, one leg up and bent examining the Wolf next to her.


Pancrack curled up beside her. One clawed arm slid below her head and she snuggled into it. Julia splayed a hand on his belly and toyed with the dark grey fur. Gently running her talons though it as she felt his breathing slow down and come back to normal.


Pancrack caressed her shoulders and bent to gently nip her. Not so much of passion, but a sweet, innocent kiss. He stared at the ceiling, feeling every muscle in his body ease and relax in its normal shape. Julia was a warm soft weight on his arm and side. He pulled her tighter. She pressed one fat boob onto his chest and lazily kissed his neck, leaving her cool lips on his hot neck a brand. They both slid into the warmth and haze welcome after such a raucous love making. Both well satiated and well satisfied, they drifted into deep sleep laying in bloody sheets and torn bed linen.


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