The Dragon's Scar

The Dragon's Scar

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


The only thing Onica James wanted was to right a wrong. Never in a million years could she have imagined that her quest for justice would bring her face to face with creatures the world says does not exist, and into the arms of the man who would rule over them all.


The only thing Onica James wanted was to right a wrong. Never in a million years could she have imagined that her quest for justice would bring her face to face with creatures the world says does not exist, and into the arms of the man who would rule over them all.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Into the Fire

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 05, 2018



The Dragon’s Scar

by Optimum Ink

Chapter One

Into the Fire


“Ooh,” Onica moaned softly as her ass was lifted off the bed and her legs pulled forcefully across Keith’s shoulder.  The white oversized tank-t she wore, tumbled back exposing her bare bottom and freshly shaven pussy.


“No panties? You were expecting me then?” Keith teased.


“We agreed to not do this, Keith,” Onica reminded him as he pulled her upbringing her supple ass to rest against his chest.


“I’m not good at keeping my word. You know this. Plus, it’s morning and I haven’t had breakfast yet. I’m starved.” He replied inhaling deeply to take in her scent. “Will you deny a starving man?" His eyes closed. The expression he wore was of a man preparing to feast on something amazing.


This was not what Onica had in mind when she had taken Keith up on his offer a year earlier. The agreement was, Keith would let her stay at his cabin on the outskirts of the city until she had gotten on her feet.  Her gut told her when Keith offered up his cabin that was only thirty minutes from the home he shared with his wife, she should have refused, but Onica had nowhere to go, and Keith had been the only one who’d come searching for her when shit had gone left in her life. He was the only one who cared.


Onica and Keith had met when she was away at college. Keith had been her Journalism Professor. What had been a student appreciating an older mentor had quickly spiraled out of control. Keith had agreed to read over her manuscript, so Onica had visited him at his office.  A session between the learned and one wanting to learn had turned into one of the most erotic nights of Onica’s life. Right there in his office on his desk, he’d fucked her pussy raw. Onica was sore the next day. Even though Keith was only the second lover she’d taken at that time, Onica doubted anyone could best him in the bedroom. Even now she’d yet to meet anyone better than Keith when it came to fucking and it was this detail that made her putty in his hands.  


Still, being good in bed did not make Keith an ideal match. Keith could never give her the life she wanted or be the man she needed. Add the fact that she wasn’t the only woman Keith fancied outside his marital bed. Onica had known early on she was merely one more conquest in a line of many. and yet, here she was and here he was. She deserved so much more but, at this moment, his presence filled a need. Stop Him! Her mind screamed opposition to this wanton affair, but her body? Her body was wholly ready to surrender all.


“Keith,” his name rolled off her tongue slowly and lower than the commanding tone she’d intended to take on. “We’re ooh...ooh,” her voice trailed into soft whimpers as he dipped his head between her thighs introducing his warm tongue to her clit. “Keith," she vaguely protested the gentle flicking of his tongue against her sensitive flesh.


Flicking turned into gentle licking. Gentle licking turned into sucking. He dipped his tongue into her core, exploring the most inner intimate part of her before continuing his roving exploration of her pussy. Onica moaned and bit her lower lip, her hips rotating eagerly signaling approval of his every move.  She felt flush, the temp on her body rising like a steam from a kettle. Her limit was fast approaching. They were just fucking. It meant nothing. It meant nothing. She repeated the silent chant to ease her conscience after giving in to her carnal desires. The more he sucked her clit the tighter the muscles in her firm round ass became. Keith’s mouth was magic.


“There!” she erupted her eyes locked with his as her essence, wet, hot and her squirted into his face. He lowered her to the bed his mouth still firmly planted on her sweet spot. Her body continued to vibrate as he continued to suck her clit and relish her juices. One last lick of her clit and a wet kiss of her lips brought their heated session to a close.


“Damn! That was more than a full meal.” Keith teased, plopping down beside her.


“Well, you said you were starved,” Onica shot back in an equally playful tone. “Anyway, what have I told you about just letting yourself in? We had an agreement, Keith.” Onica slipped from the bed and made her way to the bathroom. “We can’t keep doing this.”


“It’s harmless” He gave chase.


“Nothing about this is harmless. There are real consequences if we’re found out.” She stripped out of the Tank-t and turned on the faucet to the garden bath. “Consequences like your wife leaving you, lawyers divorce court a scandal?” she pointed out.


“You worry too much. I have everything under control.” Keith’s reply was dismissive. He wasn’t even a little fazed by the reality she’d tried to inject into the conversation. “You are fucking beautiful.” He looked her up and down, his dark eyes signaling praise of her naturally athletic physique. From the hills of her perky size C’s across the flat plains of her stomach, pass the dip between her thighs all the way down her toned legs and back again. Onica immediately knew what Keith’s gaze meant. He was ready for round two. As if spellbound, Onica’s body began to heed the command of the man who watched her from the bathroom doorway. Keith started to undress but Onica would not give in to him. She couldn’t. Not again. This had to stop.


“Out! Now!” She ordered making a shooing motion with her hands.


“You can’t be serious.”  Keith challenged tossing his shirt to the floor behind him revealing the perfectly chiseled plains of his upper body. “That exchange earlier was just the start. You know how this goes.” Keith undid the button on his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear. His thick lust-filled cock fell out. Damn! Her center pulsed. Keith was ebony perfection but she was done. They were done. She had to put her foot down.


“I am very serious.” Onica grabbed the large white bath towel from the towel rack next to the tub and wrapped it around her. “Get out!” 


“What’s your problem?”  Keith’s question mirrored his confused expression.


“Look just let me get my bath and we will talk when I’m done.” Onica continued her tone lower and less aggressive. She didn’t want to argue with him, but this wasn’t what she needed in her life. “I’m hungry. I could go for your famous French Toast about now. Will you make some for me?”


For a moment, Keith looked as if he wanted to protest but quickly relinquished the idea.


“Yea. Sure. I’ll get cleaned up first.” He slipped from view. Onica listened using the sounds of his movement to monitor his location in the home. The sound of water running below her said he was in the downstairs bath to wash off. From there, his footsteps carried him to the kitchen. Cabinets opened and closed. Plates clinked and pots rattled.  He’d finally given up on his pursuit of her. At least for now.

Refreshed, Onica made her way to the Kitchen. The aroma, of scrambled eggs, sausage and French Toast filled the room.


“Everything smells delicious!” Onica slid into a chair at the kitchen table and placed a napkin across her lap. “I’m starving.”


“Good because I’ve cooked enough to feed a small army.” Keith placed a plate overflowing with food in front of her.


“Boy, are you trying to make me fat?” Onica, chuckled pointing to the mountain of food on her plate.

“You can use a little meat on them bones,” Keith teased sliding into the chair across from her.


“Watch it, mister. I can recall clearly you weren’t complaining about these bones an hour ago. In fact, you seemed to be enjoying yourself.” Onica quipped. She took a bite of her eggs, her sausage and last her French toast.  The food was a medley in her mouth. This was the other thing Keith was good at. If not his chosen profession as a college professor, Keith would have been an excellent chef.


“So, what’s going on with you?” Keith reached for his coffee mug and took a sip the steaming brew inside.


“What do you mean?” Onica stuffed more of the French Toast into her mouth.


“I mean there’s a routine to us.” Keith continued. “I show up, eat your pussy, fuck you until we’re both covered in sweat, we shower and then we go to work.”


Onica shrugged.


“Maybe I’m tired of that routine.” Onica placed her fork on her plate and reached for her juice. She took a sip then continued. “I’m moving out.” She announced. There was no time better than this moment to make Keith aware of her plans to leave.


“What? Why?” Keith was shocked. More shocked than Onica expected he would be. Surely, Keith knew the day would come when she would move on with her life. This was never a permanent arrangement.


“Because it’s time for me to go, Keith. Get back to my life.” She met his gaze. “I’ve saved a little money. I have a good job, and I’m sober. There’s no reason to stay. Plus, I’ve taken advantage of your kindness long enough don’t you think?”


“I told you. You can stay here as long as you like. It’s no trouble. Please reconsider.” He pleaded. 


“I can’t.” Onica got to her feet grabbed her emptied plate and glass. “I’m grateful for all you’ve done. Really, I am. “She sat the dishes into the sink and turned on the faucet.


“Are you?” Keith’s voice rose. He’d progressed from shocked to pleading, to anger but it would take more than his dramatic display to make her back down. She’d thought about this for a while and it was for the best for both of them.


“I love you.”


“Stop it, Keith!”


“It’s true.” Keith was on his feet and at her side in seconds. “Since the first time, I laid eyes on you. I knew I loved you.” 


“Of all the low shitty things to say! Love me? Are you really using that card with me?” Now Onica was angry. She turned off the faucet and faced Keith “You don’t love me. Let’s be honest here. You love having outside pussy that’s a hop and a skip away.”



“You think I would do the things for you I’ve done if you were just sex to me, Onica?”


“Actually, yes!”


Keith stiffened. Onica could see the veins protruding along his jawline as he clenched his teeth. She’d struck a nerve but did he really expect her to believe he loved her? She wasn’t the young naïve girl who had fallen for him all those years ago. It took more than an I love you to move her now. A lot more.


Onica let out a deep sigh before starting up again. “I let things between us go too far but I was alone and I needed someone to temporarily fill the void in my life.”



“So, you’re saying you used me?” Keith ‘s voice was biting and full of accusation that up until that moment, Onica had not wanted to admit.


“We used one another!” Onica bit back with honesty. “Your motives were not exactly pure Keith.  My life was in shambles. I went from being a rising star to writhing in the gutter. I was as low as anyone can sink. I was desperate and you knew it!"  Onica spat, her words raw and filled with emotions and truth she’d tried to suppress. She could see Keith had felt every blow of her verbal onslaught and he was a hurt, but everything said had to be said and she wouldn’t apologize for her feelings or change her mind.


“Is that how you see me?” Keith questioned regaining his mental footing. “I put you in rehab, gave you a place to stay. Got you a job working for Jack over at The Tea. I helped you get your shit together. Me. No one else. And this is my thank you?"


“What do you want from me, Keith?” Onica brushed past him hurriedly and made her way towards the office adjacent the Kitchen.


“I want you to stay.”


“That won’t happen.” Onica continued her refusal to submit to his demands.


“It can happen if you’d just put aside this leaving nonsense.”


“My wanting to reestablish my life is not nonsense, Keith.” She grabbed her camera bag and laptop from the desk and exited through the office side door to the back staircase that led outside.


Keith gave pursuit.


“Onica, wait.”


“I’m due at work in an hour and traffics a bitch this time of day.” She tossed her laptop and camera bag onto the passenger side seat of her blue 2005 Honda and slid behind the wheel.  He tapped on her window. She ignored him. There was nothing left to say. The only thing Keith cared about was a warm hole to stick his dick in. He was too self-absorbed to see why her moving on was so important. Onica turned the key and nothing. She tried her luck again. Nothing. “Shit!” she slumped back in her seat.  Was this how her day would turn out? Onica glanced out her window to Keith who’d propped up against the driver’s side door and was staring at her. “Piece of shit car,” she muttered, rolling down her window. “So, it looks as if I’ll need a ride to work.”


Her car was total shit. Her day was total shit. The last thing Onica needed or wanted was to argue with Keith over her leaving. The entire ride he’d insisted she stay, but she’d stuck to her guns and refused.  Yes, he was a good fuck and once upon a time she would have sworn she loved him but things were different. So much had changed.


“Love me?” Onica scoffed under her breath as she entered into the cramped elevator. How could he throw out those three words so carelessly? Love was not part of the deal. Love was not what they had. The L word was lust pure and simple. His attempt at manipulating her emotions to maintain control over her by declaring his love left her infuriated.  “Seventh floor, thank you.” she slipped to the very back preferring to be on the last row of the densely packed office chariot. The smell of hot coffee in Starbucks mugs and bagels filled up the space signaling the start of a new day. She sunk into the faux wood paneling as her mind carried her back to her and Keith’s final exchange on the ride over.


“You won’t reconsider,”


“I won’t. My decision is final.”


“If you insist on leaving, I want you gone by the end of the week, Onica.”


“Even if we can’t be together like that anymore, we can still be friends, Keith” Onica propositioned a last-ditch effort not to lose the one and only person she had left in this world.


“I don’t want your goddamned friendship.”


Keith’s words had sliced through her. Didn’t want her friendship? Wanted her out of the cabin by weeks end? She’d known Keith eight years. He was the all or nothing kind of guy. If he couldn’t have her, he’d have her out of his sight. It was that simple for him.  Once again, she was on her own. Onica swallowed back the lump in her throat. This was not the time for crying. The elevator bell tinged signaling her arrival to the seventh floor. Her workday was just getting started.

Onica clutched the camera bag close to her side. She’d only been working for The Tea tabloid a little over a year but she was rapidly making a name for herself. In the beginning, she’d been depressed having to take on such a low-class gig. Onica had gone to school to be a top-notch journalist, covering legitimate news not slumming it and reporting on the seedy details of celebrity life. She’d been sought after by some of the biggest names in media. Then everything went black and nothing would be the same. Her sister was murdered.

The loss sent her world into a spiral. Her mother, unable to deal with her sister’s death and the fallout from the murder trial, committed suicide sealing Onica’s[KW1]  fate. Three years of her life had been wasted at the end of a bottle. Three years lost but that was the old Onica. This was the clean and sober her, and although working for a seedy tabloid had not been what Onica considered an ideal job in the beginning, she was starting to view her situation differently and for good reason.

Being a tabloid reporter meant Onica got to report what others dare not.  This job allowed her to show the world celebrities were not the gods their fans thought them to be. They were human and like every other human, they were capable of good and bad. In the case of, Tara Kai, some people were only capable of bad. The world couldn’t see Tara for who and what she was, Onica would change that. As far as Onica was concerned, this job was fates way of giving her a chance to make right what the courts got wrong.


“Well if it isn’t sunshine,” a man’s voice reached Onica and pulled her attention to the older man that walked by. It was her boss, Jack. Just the man she wanted to see.


“Oh, I’m sunshine now, Jack? Most days I’m that damned troublemaker.” Onica quipped giving chase.


“When you don’t follow instructions and create problems for us you’re that damned troublemaker but you’ve been bringing a lot of business to us. So, you’re sunshine...for now.” Jack entered through his office door and rounded his desk, taking a seat. “Keep doing what you’re doing and you will always be sunshine around this place.”


“I’m glad to hear that.” Onica settled into the chair across from him and un-zipped her camera bag.


“I think these will make you happy and bring major business to the blog.” she tossed a stack of photos to his desk.


“Are these?” he flipped through the photos. By the third picture, his face had lit up brighter than a Christmas tree in December. “Roberio Cruz? You actually got the pictures of him fucking his manager? Do you know what this means?”


Onica relaxed in her chair and threaded her fingers across her stomach. “Look closer. You’ll find more than a sex scandal.”


“Is that money scattered on the bed?”


“Yep.” Onica continued. “My sources tell me that money they were sexing on actually came from the fund to assist low-income families. Mr. Cruz had his congregation donate all that money to start a foundation to help those in need but there is no foundation. It was all a lie.”


“This is better than I imagined it would be.” Jack leaned back in his chair and stroked his greying beard. “How do you do it?  How do you get these exclusive?”




“That’s not what I meant.”


“I know what you meant, Jack but some things are just for me to know.” Onica wasn’t going to give away the code to her success. It was hers and hers alone. “I’ve brought you good business. Your company is doing better than ever thanks to the stories I’ve gotten for you, right?”


This was her chance. She was a damned good worker and she’d proven her salt in the dirt gathering game. There was no way Jack would say no.


“What are you after, Onica?”


“Tara Kai. I want to expose her.”


Jack let out a deep sigh “We’ve been through this. There is no dirt there.”


“You know that’s not true.  Tara is no saint. Despite the squeaky-clean all-American image, she pushes, there is something there and I’ll prove it.” Onica was determined to sway him. She would not miss an opportunity to get revenge for what happened to her sister. “I never thought you would be a coward, Jack. You really are scared of her people.” Onica taunted him. Getting under his skin was phase one of her plans.


“You watch your mouth!” Jack’s voice elevated to angry levels. “You think I could do this job if I was a coward? I’ve been threatened. Had my house shot up. Been attacked and hospitalized because of what we do here. It takes balls to tell the truth about these people. Real fucking balls.”


“So, stop tucking yours and let me do what it is I’m good at. Tara Kai has skeletons and I want to lay them out for all the world to see.”


They were now engaged in a stare off. Who would falter first? Who would give up on their position? Jack was stubborn but she could be just as stubborn. Besides, this was an important matter. Tara Kai was a murderer and she’d gotten away with it long enough.


Jack grunted and forced his fingers through his salt peppered hair. “Tara Kai is at the top of her game.” He climbed to his feet and walked to his office window. “You want to take down that,”
he pointed to the billboard that sat across the street from his office. “You see that fucking face. That’s a lovely fucking face. Everyone and their mother loves that face. She’s a megastar, Onica.  An untouchable.”


“She’s a murderer. That’s what she is.” Onica blurted incapable of concealing her true feeling any longer.


“So that’s what this is about? A vendetta? Revenge?” Jacks blue eyes narrowed to slits. “I won’t be used, Onica.”


Onica recoiled. Her plans were now out in the open. Denying her motivation would be pointless. She’d make Jack see things her way or lose her job trying. What she wouldn’t do, however, was back down. Not when she was so close to finally making her dreams of bringing that evil bitch Tara to her knees.


“Yes, I want to use your company to bring her down, Jack. Tara killed my sister and got off. And why? Because she’s pretty? Because people see her on their TV’s and in theaters? My sister deserved better!”


“She was found innocent. There was never enough evidence to show Tara had anything to do with your sister’s murder.”


“There was evidence, Jack, but no one gave a damn about the facts. Tara was the only one there with Nessa. My sister was set ablaze and burned alive. Alive! Nessa didn’t deserve that!”


Onica hadn’t realized she’d started to cry till the tears that flowed from her eyes in a steady stream dripped from her chin onto her hands.


” I’m sorry,” Onica was on her feet in seconds. She turned from Jack embarrassed she’d let her emotions get the better of her. So much for being cool, calculated and in control. She was a mess.


“I get it, kid. I do.” Jack started up again, this time his voice was low. An attempt to soothe her.


“Your sister was a once in a lifetime beauty. The way she left this place one should leave like that. I-”


“Spade’s Fantasy. I have connections. I can get in,” Onica cut him off. This was her trump card.


 “You expect me to believe that?” Jack snorted.


“It’s true.”


“There has never been any proof that this mega party of excess even takes place. And if it was real, don’t you think someone would have found the location and outed everyone involved by now? It’s bullshit!” his tone was matter of fact. He was confident in his declaration but he was wrong.


“Spade’s Fantasy is a very real thing and it will happen two days from now. My sources tell me that big name singers, actors and other high-ranking officials will take part. One of them being Tara Kai.” Onica glanced at Jack. He sat in contemplative silence. His mind was fast at work. Gaining access and reporting on the events of Spades Fantasy would be the story of the century. The kind of money they’d make from opening the doors to the tightly guarded room of the rich and famous was more than she could imagine. They’d be set for life revealing something of this magnitude.


“You know what this means?” Onica pounced not wanting to waste the momentum she’d gained. Jack may have dealt in celebrity dirt but he was no less a journalist. He wanted this story as much as she did. “We won’t get another chance. It’s now or never, Jack.”


“You’re dancing too close the fire, Onica. And you want me to dance with you?” They locked eyes. “If we piss off the wrong people, we could burn,” Jack warned.


“Or we can be rich as fuck and become Gods of our making. And, Jack, what is a fire to Gods?”


Onica walked to the window and looked out. She stared at the billboard with the picture of the woman she’d hated more than anyone for the past five years. Finally, she’d exact her revenge. “So, are you going to soar to the top of this dirt pile with me, or will I be flying solo. It’s your call, Jack.”


“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but let’s fly, Icarus.”


















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