The Johnson Files Case 3: An India Wedding

The Johnson Files Case 3: An India Wedding

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Treasure hunts and arranged marriages. Ann and Ednus go to India on a little vacation. But once again they get dragged into something unexpected. Why would a woman try to drown herself in the raging river, and why is Ednus getting married?


Treasure hunts and arranged marriages. Ann and Ednus go to India on a little vacation. But once again they get dragged into something unexpected. Why would a woman try to drown herself in the raging river, and why is Ednus getting married?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 13, 2018



Wedding, vows, unity. All of these should be sacred, but nowadays people do not get married just for love. It is for business negotiations, but mainly it is to profit one or more parties in the agreement. I want to get married for love and love only because from that love, I want to make a family. A family that I will love, and who will love me back.


I’m Ann Johnson an officer in America. My police partner is Ednus Blombard, a detective who works for our police force. Just a month ago in August, I went to Montana for his friend’s birthday, and we had to solve a case as well there. But there were many broken hearts that were mended there.


Now back home, it is becoming cooler out, crisp, and the leaves are changing color. It is strange how my skin tone matches the bark of an oak tree, and when it is spring and the trees are green my eyes match the leaves. Even though my eyes are a little lighter like a lime-green. Then I am tall, average looking, and I have coal shoulder length hair. But back to today, I was wondering what the next adventure I would go on with Ednus.


I went into the police station, and who might I see a guy with shoulder length blond hair in a ponytail, pale peach skin, a short beard, blue eyes, tall, and muscular, it was my police partner. He was reading some vacation pamphlets. I snuck up behind him, and I looked at the one that was on the top rack. It was of a trip to India. The buildings and nature environments looked beautiful.


I decided to make myself known, “Hey Ed…...” but Ednus turned to me, “Hi Ann. I knew you were there the whole time.”


“You mean ever since I entered the station?”


“No when you approached me.”


“Drat, then why didn’t you say anything?”


“Because you seemed really interested in the vacation pamphlets.”




“Well which one did you like?”


So, I just gave into his little whims, “I like the vacation in India.”


“Alright, India it is.” Ednus picked up the pamphlet, “Let’s see what we have here.” He read a little bit, “Okay, we have the Ganges River, we have the Taj Mahal, and we have little shops that we could go to.”


“Really? What else do they have?” I was so curious.


“There are also festivals going on if we go right away to India in the next two months.”


“You mean October and November.”




“Okay, let’s go.” I said excited.


“Um…I don’t know” Ednus hesitated.


“Why not?”


“Because there wouldn’t be a case involved, it would simply be a pleasure trip.”




“Shhhh! Don’t shout.” Ednus hushed me before we attracted attention.


I whispered, “But you’re thinking about sex again.”


“No, I’m not. It would be a vacation trip and just that.”


“Sorry, I got the wrong idea.”


“It’s okay. I forgive you.”


“But can we go to India?” I pleaded.


“Under one condition.”


“Hold it,” I had a bad feeling about what the condition would be, “What is the condition before I agree?”


“If we go to India, I want you to have sex with me.”


“I KNEW IT!!!” I yelled which definitely attracted attention. Everyone stared.


As they stared, Ednus pulled me along gently into the staff room, then he closed the door, “What is your problem?”


“What is yours? You always think about sex Ednus.”


“I’m a man, men do think about sex you know.”


“Figures, but I’m tired of it, making a deal with you, and then when you win I have to have sex with you.”


“Basically that’s how it goes because you can’t ever win the deal.”


“Oh, we’ll see. This time I will win, and I will go to India without you.”


“How?” he was curious.


“I will earn the money doing odd jobs for a month including my own police work, and by the end of this month, I should have enough money to go to India.”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes, because it will be on my terms. I know it won’t be easy, but at least I won’t have deal to tie me down.” So, I left it that point.


But as I was leaving Ednus said, “It you change your mind, you know where my apartment is.”


“Don’t worry I won’t.” I said back, and then I left the building.


Ednus said to himself, “It won’t be easy, but let’s see her try.” He chuckled a little bit, and then he went off to work.


I don’t want any money from Ednus. Because if I do, I will have to have sex with him. What is with that sexaholic? Are all men like that? I don’t think so. It’s just him. Why is he like that? Well never mind, I have to make money and fast.


During that whole week, I washed people’s cars, raked their lawn since it was that time of the year, watered their gardens, I walked their dogs, and I did babysitting. Plus, I took less police work. I started being a meter maid for a while which was slightly less stressful. I was glad I earned the money, but it wasn’t enough. I researched it, and apparently, it cost two thousand estimated to get to India, get shelter at a decent hotel, and a month’s worth of food since I will be staying there for a month. So, I realized there is no way I will earned two thousand dollars in time, so there was only one person I could go to and that is Ednus. I didn’t want to go to him, but I have no choice.


The next day, at Ednus penthouse apartment, I ran the doorbell after security let me in on the first floor. Ednus answered the door in his pants and unfortunately he was topless, “Yes, ah Ann what a pleasant surprise. Please come on in.”


I went in, “Ednus don’t play with me.”


“Why, whatever do you mean?” He looked like a lost puppy.


“You knew I would be back here and that I would ask you for the money to go to India.”


“I didn’t know that.”


“Yes, you did I bet you knew it would take me until after the holidays to earn the money.”


He came closer to me, “Ann I still don’t know what you mean.”


I yelled, “DON’T PLAY AROUND!” Then I calmed down since I so tired form all the work plus working my job.


“Ann sit down. You look tired.” Ednus led me to the couch where I sat.


“Of course I am tired, and it is all your fault.” I just gave up, so I laid on Ednus’ lap after he sat down next to me, “Ednus I will have sex with you if we go to India.”


He smiled, “I’m glad to hear that.”


“Of course you are happy, but I regret this already.”


Ednus kissed the back of my left hand, “You will not regret your decision.” Ednus then pulled me close and kissed me deeply on the lips, and it was so good, but I still regret the decision.


After a week of planning, Ednus called me. I was just finishing up breakfast in my own apartment. He told me everything was all planned- the airplane tickets, flight times, the hotel, the food, and the entertainment. I was overjoyed, so I told him, “I will meet you in the airport on the day of the flight.”


“Sure meet us at gate 14.” Ednus said then we both hung up.


But I was curious as to why Ednus did not ask for any sex during the whole week. He didn’t even try to have sex with me. Now that is very strange when it comes to Ednus. But for my safety, I will not bring it up.


Then next day, we met at the gate, Paulin, Ednus’ butler, and the person who grew up with him was there too. Paulin had cut short grey- black hair, peach skin, tall, average/muscular, and brown eyes.


All three of us were going on the trip. Plus, Ednus does not go anywhere without Paulin ever since we met him in Italy. But that’s okay since Paulin keeps me protected from Ednus’ lecherous side.


When we got on the plane, I started to head to the back but Ednus, “Hey, Ann up here.”


“But Ednus that is first class.” I told him.


“Read your ticket.”


I read it. The ticket was set for a seat in first class, “Oh, I’m sorry.”


I went past Ednus as he said, “That is okay. You are not used to sitting in first class.”


“Thanks.” I said with attitude.


“You’re welcome.” Said Ednus.


We all sat in our seat, Ednus sat next to me in the aisle seat, and Paulin sat in back of me at the window seat. I was still afraid as we took off, but once in the sky I enjoyed the movie they showed, and the hot meals that they served since it would be eight hours before we reached Germany our first stop before India.


Once we were in Germany, I unfortunately had to enjoy the sights with Ednus. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the sights were great, it was Ednus I did not enjoy being with. He kept talking through the whole tour, but the strange thing was after the tour. That made me worried. He is up to something, and I wonder what he is up to?


The next day within another eight hours, we arrived in India. I was so happy that I kissed the ground.


“Ann get up that’s embarrassing.” Said Ednus pulling me up.


“Hey you try being in the air for sixteen hours.” I huffed.


“We landed in Germany first, then we came here.” Paulin said to correct me.


“Fine whatever you say.” I told them as I found our luggage, “Let’s go to the hotel. Come on.” Then I started walking off without them.


Ednus and Paulin just stared after Ann, then Ednus asked, “She doesn’t know the way to the hotel, does she?


“No, sir.” Said Paulin.


“Just checking.” Then Ednus yelled, “HEY ANN!”


“WHAT?!” I yelled back as I turned in their direction.




“Uhhh.” I stuttered.


“I THOUGHT, SO WHY DON’T YOU FOLLOW US!” Then Ednus and Paulin took off in the direction opposite of Ann.


“HEY WAIT FOR ME!!” I yelled as I chased after them.


After I finally caught up to Paulin and Ednus, we all caught a taxi to a hotel. It was thirty minutes away from the airport, but we saw many sights like the Ganges River, the market place, and many other things.


When we finally got to the hotel, Ednus set us up with the best room. It was the penthouse suite. I wondered how much money does Ednus have.


We were set to stay for three weeks. When we got to the penthouse the bellhop, who brought our luggage up, “Welcome to your room everyone.” Then he opened the double doors. Then penthouse had a living room, dining room, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a small gym.


It was great, “Ednus this place is beautiful.”


As the bellhop brought our bags in Ednus spoke, “I’m glad you like it.”


“It has a timeless and vintage feeling to it.” I continued as I went to the second bedroom that was near the bathroom that was to the left, “And I love my bedroom.” I ran and jumped on the bed like a little kid.


Paulin came in and said, “We are glad you are enjoying yourself Miss Johnson.”


“Thanks Paulin.”


“But remember since this is a vacation and not a case you owe Master Ednus for letting you come along.”


That reminded me, Ednus hasn’t asked me for sex yet. So, that is what he what he was up too. I went into the master bedroom and, “Ednus let’s work out a time right now.”


“What do you mean?” he looked confused.


“Don’t feign ignorance. You remember, we made a deal that you wanted sex in exchange for bringing me on this trip, so let’s get this over with now.” I laid flat on his bed.


Ednus grabbed my hand and pulled me off of his bed gently, and we both stood up. Then he pulled me close to him, “Ann, I don’t want sex from you for this trip.”


“What?!” Now I was confused, “Then what do you want?”


“Oh, I will get what I want from this trip very soon.”


“You’re still not telling me what it is.”


“Oh, it is you, but only something that you can do, and just to note: it is not sex.”


I kept thinking. What is it that Ednus could want from me besides sex? What is it? What could it be? Then I remember the deal that we made when we went to Italy, “If you are trying to get me to say love and you in the same sentence, it won’t work.”


“Oh, we’ll see.”


“Yes, we will.” Then I left back to my room. I can’t believe he still wants me to say to him ‘I love you’, so he can marry me. It’s not happening especially after he took my virginity.


After I unpacked, I told them, “Hey guys, I am going to go sightseeing.”


“Really, I will go with you because we shouldn’t go very far since we were on the plane for so long.” Said Ednus.


“Why, I feel just fine.” Then I felt dizzy, and as I was about to fall Ednus caught me.


“That’s why. It is called jetlag.”


“Alright, we can rest for today.”


“Good, I knew you would see things my way.”


I scoffed as I turned away from him, and I kept blushing, “Can you put me down now.”


“Sure.” Ednus let me go, and I went back to my room. I kept blushing as I got to my room. Ednus hasn’t held me like that for a while. What is up with him right now?


As Ann was in her room, she couldn’t hear the conversation coming from Ednus’ room.


“Master Ednus, I noticed Miss Johnson has been a little on edge like she is suspicious of you.”


“Don’t worry Paulin, I just don’t feel like being close to Ann in that way right now.”


Paulin looked stunned, “Are you sure you are alright, sir?”


“I am perfectly fine, just wait and see.” Ednus grinned a mischievous grin.


“Oh, I see sir. You are very clever.” Paulin smiled as he left.


Then next day after the day of rest, they all went to explore the town. Ann wanted to go sightseeing by herself but…….


“Hey, I am going to go out and explore.” I was twirling in my light blue short dress as I headed to the door.


“Hey, I will come too.” Ednus got off of the couch, “Wait for me.”


I must have had a sour face on because he continued, “What is wrong? You don’t want me to come.”


“No, not if you are going to talk during the whole thing.”


“Oh, so do you want me to flirt with you for the whole trip?” He got closer while I scooted back.


“No, thanks. I don’t want that either.”


“So what do you want?”


“Alright you can come.”


“Great!” Ednus was so happy.


But I turned to him as I yelled, “BUT NO FUNNY STUFF!!”


Ednus put his hands in the air, “Alright, alright, no funny stuff. I promise.”


“Good let’s go.” I was so mad that I had to go out with Ednus, but I was even happier that Paulin came with us. But I was still aware that Ednus might turn into the sex machine that I know he is, so I was wary of him.


Once we were outside, we headed to town towards Ganges River. I really wanted to see this pure and beautiful river that is said to be so pure that people perform ceremonies in it, and they also not only drink from it, people bathe in it. But most of all it is a historical river.


We stopped at the river, and we saw everything that I thought it would be, “Ednus look a religious ceremony is going on over there on the left side of the river.”


“Yeah, I see. They are baptizing that man.”


“Cool,” then I looked straight, “Eeeek!” I covered my eyes.


“That man is really bathing in the river.” I pointed to a naked man using a white cloth and scrubbing himself with it while in the river.


“That happens all the time Miss Johnson.” Said Paulin.


“Yeah, Ann there is no need to freak out.” Ednus put his arms around my shoulders and chest, “Hey, you have seen me naked before.”


“Don’t remind me.” I blushed just at the thought of it, “Let’s move on.” I started to walk off.


“Sure.” And Ednus was right behind me.


As we moved far away from all the activity, I found a perfect spot at the Ganges River to take a picture, “HEY EDNUS! PAULIN! OVER HERE! Let’s take a picture.”


Paulin and Ednus rushed over and Paulin said, “I would be honored to take a picture with you Miss Johnson.”


“You know I don’t mind, Ann.” Ednus, who sounded a little too eager to do this.


So, I set up some ground rules, “We can take the picture Ednus, but only on two conditions.”


“Okay, so what are they?”


“NO touching and NO flirting Got it?”


“Oh, is that all?”


“Do you understand or not?” I started fuming.


But Ednus answered, “I understand. No touching and no flirting during the picture.”


“Good. Now let’s take this picture.” I was surprised that Ednus agreed to it so fast.


Ednus stood to the left of me, I stood in the middle, and Paulin stood on the other side. Someone took the picture for us, and all through the picture, Ednus didn’t touch me not even once. I was so shocked.


So, I decided to get to the bottom of this, “Ednus are you okay?”


He turned to me after the picture was taken, “Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I be?”


“Because you have been acting strange lately.” I was curious and scared a bit, but I was more surprised than fearful.


“How strange?”


“Well, you…. well…” I was afraid to say it for fear he might jump on top of me.


“Well aren’t you going to say what’s on your mind?” Ednus came closer to me.


“Alright,” I blurted out, “Why haven’t you asked about our deal?”


Here it comes, he is going to hold me close, and then he is going to start flirting with me. But Ednus didn’t He walked past me and he said, “Oh, I’m not worried about that.”


He continued to walk away, and I was dumbfounded. I went after Ednus, and I got in front of him, “Why aren’t you worried about it?”


He smirked, “Because I will collect my payment later.” Then he continued walking away, and he went to talk to Paulin.


Why do I have a bad feeling about that payment? I am very afraid right now, but I will continue exploring. I hope Ednus won’t collect right now.


But it was a nice day, and Ednus still didn’t collect on his deal. Why isn’t he saying anything, so I went to him, “Ednus can we talk?”


“Sure about what.” He said as he approached me.


“Well….um…’s about….”


“About the deal, right?”


“Uh, yeah. How did you know?”


“Because you hesitated for a little bit.”


Oh, great because of my actions he knew.


“Ann, I told you, I will collect later.”


“But why, that is totally not like you.”


He stood up and approach me. Oh, no here it come. I closed my eyes, and I felt my right cheek being touched. He was stroking my right cheek, then he gave me a quick peck on my right cheek with his lips, “Ann I never knew you to be such a sex manic.”


“I am not.”


“But you want it, and you keep reminding me.”


“I don’t want it, it is just because ever since yesterday, you were acting weird.”


“Oh, I was just acting that way to give you a break.”


“What? Give me a break, why?” I was stunned.


“Because I wanted you to be relaxed on this trip, and I did not want you to be bothered by all the sex talk.”


Ednus was actually thinking of me this whole time. I started to smile. Ednus got closer to me, “What is the smile for?”


I started blushing, “Nothing, I just had a happy thought.”


“What happy thought?”


“None of your business. So, when do you want to collect on your deal?”


“After this trip is over.”


Now this sounds like the Ednus that I know.


“And I will ask for it whenever I want.” Ednus was very close to me like he was directly on top of me.


I slid out from under him, “We can have sex but two conditions.”


“What are they?” Ednus didn’t sound too pleased, but he listened anyway.


“We can have sex, but if I don’t want to at that moment, you have to wait until I am ready.”


Ednus had the ‘what’ face on.


“Can you live with that?”


Ednus still had a sour face on, but he let out a sigh, then breathed in out, “Ann of course I will agree to it because I am in love with you.


I smiled, then he smiled too. We both started laughing since we came to an agreement.


“Hey let’s go to a restaurant.” Said Ednus.


“Sure, and let’s get lunch.”




We both went into the direction of the market, but before we got there we heard:




It was coming from the direction of the Ganges River. Ednus and I ran in that direction to check out the problem. We had to push through the crowd to get to the river.


Once there we noticed everyone’s attention was focused on the left side of the river. Ednus looked into the distance, and then he jumped into the river and swam in that direction.


When I looked in that direction, I saw the same thing Ednus saw. There was a body floating lifeless in the river. It was a woman from the figure that Ednus pulled above the water.


I ran to all the people closest to the river, “Please can you help my friend and that woman.” I motion towards Ednus, who was swimming hard back to shore with the woman on his back. At this time, I wished that Paulin was still there with us instead of at the market.


The current became stronger, so Ednus was swept in it with the woman.


I yelled to the people, “PLEASE HELP THEM!” Then I went into the water once no one moved. But when the people saw me move towards Ednus, three men dove in ahead of me, and they swam towards Ednus.


I smiled as they reached him, and two of the men pulled and held onto the woman. While one of the men helped Ednus back to shore. I stood in the shallow part of the water to help Ednus and the woman onto the shore.


“Stand back everyone,” Ednus said, “She is not breathing.”


I became worried, “Ednus…...”


“Quiet for a second Ann.”


I realized he had to concentrate, so I just stood there while Ednus help the young lady. He started to give her mouth to mouth. Then he checked her breathing again. The young lady still was not breathing, so Ednus started intense CPR on her.




A man pulled out a cell phone, and he made the call then he said to me, “The police should be here in five minutes”


We can’t wait that long, so I became worried. What could we do? The young lady was not breathing, but Ednus knew what to do right then and there.


Ednus did more CPR on the young lady to start her breathing again, and it worked. After Ednus performed CPR three times on the young lady, the woman started coughing, and she was breathing normally after the third time.


I was relieved, but I call myself a police officer. I couldn’t even help that young lady. I started to tear up when Ednus yelled, “ANN COME OVER HERE AND HELP ME OUT!”


I went over, and I asked the young lady, “Are you alright?”


The young lady had brown eyes and long back length hair, average, tall, and peach skin, she yelled, “HOW COULD YOU!”


Ednus and I were confused as she pushed him away from her, “Everything was perfect. What have you done?” The young lady was upset.


I was so flabbergasted even when a tall man, average looking, white brown short hair, green eyes, and had a small white beard. He was wearing rich clothing. The man pushed his way through the crowd and towards us. Then the man hugged the young woman.


“Are you alright?” the man asked as he slightly moved away.


“Yes, I am alright.” The young lady reluctantly told him.


The young man turned to Ednus and me, “Thank you for saving my fiancée.”


Ednus and I turned to each other and said, “Fiancée?”


“Yes, my name is Lanee.” Said the young woman, “And I am his fiancée.”


“Yes, my name is Nadal Jander, “It is nice to meet you Mr……”


“Blombard, Ednus Blombard.” Ednus shook Nadal’s hand, “It is nice to meet you Mr. Jander.”


“Thank you Mr. Blomard for saving Lanee.”


“You’re welcome, Mr. Jander.”


But as Nadal and Ednus were talking to each other, I asked Lanee, “Can we talk?”


“Sure.” She said then I brought her over to the side and asked, “Why were you in the water in the first place Lanee?”


“It is none of your business. Why did you two interfere anyway?” She was very upset at Ann and Ednus.


“Because if we see someone in danger, we will come to help them since I am a police officer, and he is a detective.”


“What? You are?”


“Yes, Mr. Blombard and I work for the police force in another country.”


Suddenly, Nadal came over and pulled Lanee to his side he mumbled, but I still heard him say, “I did not tell you to leave my side, did I?”


Then Nadal glared at me and continued to mumble to Lanee, “Let’s go.”


I just glared back at Nadal, which he saw. I knew in my heart that he might not like me or Lanee for that matter. I have to confirm it with evidence.


When he approached Ednus he continued to talk to him in a polite and nice tone, “Again thank you for rescuing my fiancée. I would like to invite you to my estate for dinner.”


“That would be great. Also, can I bring along two friends?”


“Sure.” Nadal agreed.


“Paulin, Ann come here. Mr. Jander just invited us over to his estate for dinner.” Ednus saw Paulin return from the market, as he motioned for them to come over.


Paulin and I came over as Nadal asked in a slightly revolting tone, “Ann?”


Ednus said, “These are my two friends. Paulin my butler, and Ann.


Paulin spoke, “Thank you Mr. Jander. It is an honor.”


Although I wouldn’t answer, until Ednus put his right arm on my left shoulder, “Thank you Mr. Janis, I am honored as well.” But I just continued to glare at him.


As they prepared to leave Nadal said to Ednus, “Alright, here is the address to my estate.” Then he handed Ednus a piece of paper, which Ednus gladly accepted.


“Thank you very much.”


Then Nadal whispered to Ednus, “I just hope you can keep your female friend on a leash.” Then he shouted, “LET’S GO LANEE.”


“Yes, my love.” Said Lanee as they both walked away, but Lanee was so gloomy when she left.


But I noticed something strange in the crowd. There was a guy that kept waving at Lanee. Lanee looked at the guy, but she did not wave back. The guy had light black hair that went to his shoulder, brown eyes that were light, he was tall, and average as well. Lanee glanced at the guy, but she just turned and kept her eyes on Nadal.


As I kept watching the guy who had his eyes on Lanee, I told Ednus, “You know I don’t like Nadal, right?”


“Of course you kept glaring at him the whole time.”


“Exactly, he is not to be trusted Ednus.”


“I am not too fond of him either.”


“Oh, and why is that?”


“Because of the way he just treated you, any man that treats a lady like that does not deserve my respect.”


“Oh, thanks Ednus.” I gave him a pat on the back as I saw the guy try to approach Lanee, but she was taken away in a vehicle. Then the guy started to approach us.


“Who are you looking at?”


“That guy who kept gazing at Lanee.” Then I pointed out the man who approached us.


“Please I need your help.” The guy asked us.


I approached the guy, “How can we help?”


“Please follow me.” The guy started walking towards the market district.


“This could be a trap,” Ednus mumbled as he stopped me from following the man.


I took my hand from Ednus, “I don’t think a person in love would lie. Let’s go.” I started after the man.


Then Ednus continued behind me and so did Paulin.


After traveling for about five minutes on the market streets, the guy took a left turn onto the back streets of the market. Then we traveled for fifteen minutes through what looked like the slums of India. I was so surprised that this beautiful place looked like this. But I had to remember every place has its beauties and its horrors.


Once we stopped in front of a shabby building that was small, grey, and it had the feel that it was not properly taken care of. But the man said, “Here we are. Please come in.”


“Thank you for the gracious invitation.” Said Ednus. Then we all walked in behind the man.


“Yes, thank you.” I replied to his invitation.


As we all walked in, we saw that the inside was just like the outside. One mat on a bare floor, one chair in each room, and there was a total of three rooms on this floor. In the kitchen, there was one table, a cooking fire, and an ice box.


In another room, there was a blush couch, but it looked very dusty. The guy pulled all the chairs into the center room and said, “Please sit.”


“Sure.” Ednus replied.


We all sat on each of the chairs as he sat on the floor in front of us, but he sat on top of pillows in what looked like the room we were in is the living room. He introduced himself, “My name is Suwan Hidosu, and I am Lanee’s childhood friend and her….um…. her…...”


“Her lover.” I said.


“Yes,” he stuttered, “But how did you know?”


“With the way you looked at her, and she kept looking at you. I could tell that you two are people in love.”


“That’s the same way I feel about you Ann.” Ednus spoke out.


“Ednus not now.” I told him with a little anger in my voice.


“Yes, I am her lover, but her father Mr. Romi is forcing Lanee to marry Nadal.” Said Suwan.


“But what is happening?” I asked, “And why aren’t you engaged to Lanee?”


“Because I am a servant in Lanee’s house hold, and Nadal Jander is a rich man like Mr. Romi.”


“So it’s a social class thing. Those snobs.” I was pissed off at what I just heard.


“Hey, I am one of those rich people.” Ednus spoke next.


“Ednus I said snobs, not snobbish rich people.” I told him, “You can be snobbish and not rich.”




Paulin continued what I was thinking, “Why was Lanee in the Ganges River?”


“Because we had a plan,” Suwan explained, “Lanee would act like she was drowning, then I would dive in and save her Then when Mr. Romi saw that I was a hero, he would give Lanee and me his blessing for our wedding, and cancel her wedding to Nadal.”


Ednus had a sour face on, “You really thought it would turn out that way?”


“Yes, it would have worked if I did not get stuck in the crowd.” Answered Suwan.


“No, I mean you really thought that Mr. Romi would give you and Lanee his blessing?”


“And, why wouldn’t he?” I was angry at Ednus’ remark.


“The father won’t agree.”


“And why not Ednus?”


“Because if he is like any of the people I know, in his world, a servant is a servant and that is their place. They do not belong with the rich, famous, nobles or royals.”


“WHAT!” I was so mad at him now, “How can you say that garbage?”


“He is right,” Suwan said, “When I asked Mr. Romi for Lanee’s hand, he said I was not fit for her.” Suwan became depressed.


“So why didn’t you both try to elope?” I asked determined to get to the bottom of this problem.


“We tried. Lanee even thought of the idea.”




“But the guards who were around Lanee’s home stopped us.”


Oh, perfect. This love story might not have a happy ending. I have to do something about it.


Then Ednus added salt to the wound, “Man you are backed in a corner. Not only are you not marrying Lanee, but you have to live with knowing, she is marrying someone else.”


Suwan started sobbing.


I patted Suwan on the back to calm him down, “Everything will be alright. Don’t worry.”


Ednus had a give up attitude when he said, “I don’t know what I can do for you Suwan. I hope you can be happy without Lanee.”


Before Suwan started to cry I said, “Don’t give up Suwan. I don’t know what’s wrong with this sourpuss, but I have a plan.”


“You do?” Suwan asked.


“Yup and this sure-fire plan will get you and Lanee together. It will be a happy ending for sure.”


Ednus who was a little annoyed said, “Ann I hope you know what you are doing, and who you are dealing with before you make promises.”


I told Ednus as I smiled, “Don’t worry everything will turn out okay. You just wait and see.”


Ednus rolled his eyes thinking, “I don’t know about this.”


I told Suwan, Ednus, and Paulin my brilliant idea, “We’ll just get Nadal and Lanee to break up.”


“And how do you plan on doing that?” Ednus had sarcasm in his voice.


“We’ll all we have to do is when we get invited to Nadal’s home for dinner just cause him and Lanee to argue, and then Nadal will want to break up with Lanee.”


“How do you know he will do that?” Ednus still did not believe me.


“Oh, because she will drive him crazy by arguing with him.”


“Just like you drive me crazy.”


“I drive you crazy for a reason.” I told Ednus while I was slightly pissed.


“And that is?”


“Because you bug me and won’t leave me alone.”


Paulin stepped in and said, “Now, now can we save this for later.”


“Paulin is right, we have to help Suwan get Lanee back,” said Ednus who reluctantly, “Alright Ann we will put your plan into action”


“Great let’s do it.” I said.


“But on one condition.” Said Ednus.


“What condition is that?”


“If this plan fails, you will follow my instructions to the letter alright?” Ednus asked seriously.


“Alright I will.”


“Good now let’s do this.”


Later that night, Ednus and I got ready to go to Nadal’s estate for dinner, and before that Suwan explained Nadal’s personality to us before we left his residence.




“Nadal feels superior to others except…” said Suwan.


“Except for…” Ednus and I said in unison.


“Except for other people that earn his respect, which are rare like you Mr. Blombard and other high society men.”


“Basically, he is a snob and a creep to everybody.” I said.


“I guess you would call him that.” Said Suwan.


“That is exactly what you would call him.” I was so pissed.


“Ann, what is the rest of your plan.” Ednus became impatient.


“Alright, Ednus hold your horses.” I explained, “Ednus your job once we get there will be to cause a conflict between Mr. Romi and Nadal since it is Mr. Romi favor that Nadal has.”


“And the rest of us?” Paulin asked wanting to help.


“Well since he doesn’t listen to women or the hired help,” I responded, “Paulin, Suwan stay back for a while and observe the situation, and if there is an emergency….”


“We come running.” Paulin completed my sentence.


“Exactly, and it will be my job to persuade Lanee to be with you Suwan. Once everything is done everyone will live happily ever after except for Nadal and Mr. Romi.”


“You mean IF everything goes well Ann.” Ednus was pessimistic, “You are talking like they will allow this.”


“Of course they won’t Ednus. I thought of that already. Let me finish.”


“Go ahead.”


“So when Nadal breaks off the engagement with Lanee, Suwan can swoop in like the brave knight and rescue Lanee. Then they both can get married.”


Suwan smiled.


But Ednus, “That is all well and good Ann, but what if it fails?”


“So?” I asked.


“Do you have a plan B?”


“No, not really.”


Ednus shook his head and thought, “I have a bad feeling about this.” Then Ednus said aloud, “Alright, I agree Ann we’ll do it, but remember my condition.”


“I will Ednus if it fails, I follow your orders.”


“Good, let’s go.” Said Ednus.




I hope Suwan remembers what time to show up for the plan, I held Ednus’ hand as we walked through the gates of Nadal’s estate.


I whispered to Ednus, “You know I feel sorry for the both of them.


He whispered back without turning his head, “I know you do. You showed it on your face all today.”




“But don’t lose focus, we have to begin now.” Ednus whispered.


“Right let’s go.”


But before we proceeded any further, Ednus held me close and whispered, “That dress looks good on you.”


I was wearing an ice blue long dress with gold straps sandals, and it had a choker collar attached to the dress, and it was backless too. My only accessory that I wore was a gold bracelet. My hair was in bun.


Ednus wore a white uniform shirt, ironed blue jeans, brown shoes, and a dark blue blazer.


“You look good too.” I whispered too but then added, “Don’t take that comment too seriously now.”


“Okay, I know it was only a compliment.




“Oh, we are here. Let’s get started.”


We stopped whispering as we arrived at the estate doors. When we came into the estate, I felt it was very unique. The floor had pebbles on it, and the other parts were made of marble. The house looked like a crossover between the adobe house that we saw in the market, and a western style house that would usually be seen in America. But looking at it for me just gave me the chills. It was so big, but it felt lonely.


The butler greeted us at the door after we rang the doorbell, “How may I help you?”


“We are friends of Mr. Jander.” Ednus spoke up.


“Come in. I will lead you to the dining room.”


“Thank you.”


The butler lead us inside which was as sophisticated as the outside.


Once we were in the dining room the butler just left. I looked around the dining room, and I did not see any other workers except for the maid.


Then Nadal came into the living room that we were in, “Hello my guest.”


Nadal came over to Ednus, Paulin, and me, and he only shook hands with Ednus, “Nice to see you again Mr. Blombard.”


“Likewise I’m sure.”


“Your female companion looks beautiful.”


I replied, “Thank you.”


Then he mumbled, “For an untamed woman.”


Ednus and Ann heard that last remark which made them furious, but they kept it together for the sake of the plan.


“So were my workers nice, and did they treat you well?”


“Yes, the butler did.” Answered Ednus.


“You only saw the butler, the maid, and no one else.”




“But that is impossible.”


“Why is that Mr. Jander?” Ednus asked as he lead us to the dining room table, which we all sat at. I sat next to Ednus on his right side. Paulin sat to my right side next to me. Nadal sat at the head of the table.


“Because I have over twenty workers here.”


“But again we only saw two.”


“That is impossible, CHEF GET OUT HERE!” Nadal screamed toward the kitchen.


“You yelled sir.” The butler was the one that appeared.


“I called for the chef.”


Then as Nadal was in a conversation with his butler Lanee appeared. She whispered to Ann, “All of his workers quit except for two of them. Alin and Erina only stayed because they needed the pay.”


I shook my head, because it is shameful how Nadal treated people. Lanee sat down on the other side of the table at Nadal’s right side.


But Nadal was so upset, that he fired Alin and Erina, “Just leave now, and as for your possessions, I own them so just leave.”


Alina and Erina were so upset when they left the estate.


But as for me I couldn’t take it anymore, I stood up from the table, “Nadal you are a jerk. You do not deserve to marry a great woman like Lanee. All you care about is money and image.” Then I pushed Nadal as he was sitting, and I hoped he would fall out of his chair.




Then ten men in military uniforms came in the house and surrounded me. These must be his body guards. I wanted Nadal arrested, but that wasn’t going to happen at this moment. Then as the guards were approaching me, Ednus slipped through their circle, and he blocked me from them.


“I will take care of her, Mr. Jander, so you do not have to arrest Ann.”


“You should do a better job in controlling your friend.” Nadal said aloud.


Controlling? I was furious. I will show him controlling. I wanted to shove him again, but Ednus held my right hand, as he continued to stand in front of me.


“I will.” Ednus had to reply.


“Guards you are dismissed. You all can go back to your post.”


But before they left one of the guards spoke, “Sir, there is something you should know?”


“What is it?” Nadal was still angry.


“We caught a trespasser, and he is in the holding cell below.”


“Show me this trespasser.”


The guard went to the security room, that was in the house. We all followed the guard to that room, and then they showed on one of the many ten television screens a guy in one of the cells. Lanee, Paulin, Ednus, and I noticed that it was Suwan.


Lanee became alarmed so she asked Nadal, “Please do not hurt that man? Please Nadal.”


Nadal using his right hand slapped Lanee’s right cheek, “You do not ask me to do anything. I tell you what to do, and you do it understand?”




I was so furious at this guy so I asked the guards, “Are you going to let him get away with that?”


The guards were silent.


Nadal laughed, “They are my servants, and they work for me. They are pitiful but useful in a way.”


I mumbled to one of the guards, “Are you going to let him call you that?”


But he stayed silent.


“They will only listen to me, so arrest that woman for assaulting me. I want her in jail like this guy.” Said Suwan.


I shook my head. Here we go again.


Ednus blocked me from the guards and told Nadal, “Look, Ann only pushed you slightly. Can’t you let it go?”




“Well you touched Lanee.” I said, “So how does it feel to get hurt?”


Nadal was now furious, “Arrest her, I want her arrested now.”


As the guards were approaching us, Ednus told me, “Let’s go. I think we wore out our welcome.”


Ednus knocked out most of the guards by punching them in their faces, and jabbing them in the stomach. He took my hand, and we ran from the estate. The bad part is, we had to leave Suwan and Lanee behind. I felt really bad for what I have done.


Once we were far away enough from the estate. I broke down, “Ednus I am sorry that I did all those things. I don’t know what got into me.”


“I do you let your emotions take control.”


“I was just so angry at how he treated people.”


“But you shouldn’t let your emotions take control of you.”


“I know; I am sorry that I put you in that situation.”


Ednus hugged me, “Apology accepted.”


I started to worry, “What are we going to do? We have to help Suwan and Lanee. I am very worried about what is going to happen to them.”


“First let’s get ourselves out of danger.” Ednus picked up his cell phone, “Paulin we are near the estate on the road. Can you pick up?”


“Yes, I am coming Master Ednus.”


“Good we will see you in a few minutes.” Then they both hung up. Ednus kept hugging me until we saw Paulin driving up the road. When he stopped, we got in the car, and then headed back to the hotel.


Once at the hotel Ednus spoke while we all sat in the living room, “I knew that plan would fail. Now it is time for a plan B.”


“Thanks Ednus,” I said, “I appreciate your confidence in me, so what is your plan?”


“Alright, my plan is We will break Lanee and Suwan out of Nadal’s estate. We would sneak back into the estate.”


Paulin and I nodded as Ednus continued, “Ann you find Lanee and bring her to the courtyard.”


“Right.” I replied.


“Paulin and I will find Suwan, and we will break him out of that prison cell. Then we all meet at the courtyard in an hour after entering the estate. Does everyone understand?”


“Right.” We both responded.


The next night after dark we all snuck into the estate without triggering any alarms.


I whispered, “How did you guys become good at this?”


Ednus answered, “Paulin and I specialize in covert operations.”


Paulin whispered, “We are in Master Ednus.”


“Good now let’s meet back here in one hour.” Said Ednus.


“Right.” I replied as we all separated. But little did Ann know Paulin was following behind her.


I went into the estate quietly, and then gently up the stairs. Lanee should be in one of the bedrooms. So, I went quietly around searching for Lanee.


As for Ednus, he thought, “Suwan should be underground somewhere on the property. I have to find it. I hope Ann doesn’t mind Paulin following her in secret.”




When Ann went into her room, Ednus and Paulin continued conversing in Ednus’ room.


“Paulin, I need you to keep an eye on Ann while she searches for Lanee.”


“I will Master Ednus.”


“And help her out when she needs it.”


“I will do so.”




“At least Ann will be protected,” Then Ednus spied on the basement door that was attached to the house, “I bet he is down here.” So Ednus quietly open the basement door, and he went down the stairs.


As for me, I kept looking around the numerous rooms. Then I found out that Paulin was following me, “Paulin, why are you following me?” I whispered.


“To protect you as Master Ednus instructed.”


“Fine. Let’s go.” I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with Paulin by arguing, so we continued the search.


After we searched in seven more rooms, we finally found Lanee staring out of the window in a chair.


When we went in, Lanee spotted us, “What are you two doing here?”


“Lanee please come with us.” I spoke first.


“Yes, we both know that you do not want to go through with the marriage.” Said Paulin.


“I can’t go.” She said.


“But why not?” I asked.


“If I go with you, Suwan will be punished.”


“But Master Ednus is rescuing Suwan right now.”


Lanee started to tear up, “I am so happy. Thank you.”


“Alright now that this is settled, let’s get out of here.” We used sheets from Lanee’s bed to tie a rope, which we swung it out the window.


“Miss Johnson, you go first.” Said Paulin, “I will hang onto the rope on this end while you climb down.”




I started climbing down the rope. Then Lanee went next, and the last person to come down was Paulin. Once we got off of the three-story rope, we headed to the courtyard because an hour was almost up.


When we reached the courtyard five minutes before time was up I noticed, “Ednus and Suwan are not here.”


“Give them some time Miss Johnson.”


“But we only have five minutes before the hour is up.” What is taking them so long.


“Too bad, your time is already up.” We all turned to see Nadal with eight security guards who surrounded us.


I looked at Nadal, “What did you do to Ednus and Suwan?” I glared at him.


“I don’t talk to trespassers. Arrest them for trespassing.” Nadal pointed at me and Paulin.


The guards started to approach us as Nadal grabbed Lanee by her wrist and pulled her forcefully, “You have been a bad girl by not listening to me. Now your friend will be punished.


“Please do not hurt Suwan.” Lanee started to sob and get on her knees.


Nadal used his right hand to slap Lanee’s right cheek, “I told you I give the orders, and you just listen to them.”


I tried to lung at Nadal, but the guards kept attacking both Paulin and me.


Then Lanee spoke again, “Please Nadal do not hurt Suwan.”


Nadal was furious that he was about to slap Lanee again then POW!!


Nadal got hit on his head by Ednus’ right fist, “Someone should have told you men never hit a lady.”


Nadal turned to Ednus, “She is my fiancée and my property.”


I wanted to hurt that guy, but Suwan blocked Lanee from being hit again, he said, “Lanee is a beautiful young lady who deserves to be treated well not abused and beaten like an animal.”


Nadal grabbed Suwan by his shirt, and he threw him across the courtyard, “She is my property, and I will treat her anyway I want.”


I just went to boiling mad, and I tried to go towards Nadal, but Paulin stopped me, “Do not do it Miss Johnson. Look we have other problems.” He pointed out the guards. I just grumbled.


“What is going on here?” A man with cut short grey hair, short, average, has brown eyes, and peach skin appeared.


“Father.” Said Lanee.


So, this person is Mr. Romi.


Then Mr. Romi continued, “Lanee why are you out here?”


“Sir, these people were trying to help Lanee escape.” Said Nadal.


“Who are you people, first of all?”


Ednus spoke up first, “My name is Ednus Blombard, and these are my friends Paulin and Ann.” He pointed out, “We also saved your daughter’s life earlier.”


“My name is Orbu Romi.” He shook Ednus’ hand then he continued, “And Suwan, why are you here?”


Suwan just stayed silent.


“He was also here to help Lanee leave.” Nadal continued.


“Suwan, you should be doing your chores around my estate.”


“Yes, Mr. Romi sir.”


“Lanee my daughter, why did you try to run away from Nadal?”


Lanee did not have anything to say, so Mr. Romi continued, “Do not ever do it again.”


“Yes, father.” Lanee nodded.


“As for you people, Mr. Blombard, since you were not invited to Nadal’s estate, you are trespassing.”


“He did invite us earlier.” I spoke out.


“I wanted to arrest that woman right there for assaulting me.” Nadal pointed to me.


“And I want this guy to stop hitting and hurting Lanee. As Mr. Blombard pointed out, men never hit a lady.”


Mr. Romi asked, “Nadal was my daughter following orders.”


“No, sir.”


“Then she got what she deserved.”


“WHAT?!” I couldn’t believe it. This guy is just like Nadal.


“It is customary for the husband to rule his wife.”


“But they are not married yet.”


“They both were engaged since Lanee’s birth, and when Nadal was two years old.”


“But.” I tried to reason with Mr. Romi.


“Guards have these three-people escorted off the property.” He motioned towards Ednus, Paulin, and me.”


When the guards were started to approach us again, Ednus said, “I am the owner GreenBay XXX company.”


“Wait guards.” Mr. Romi stopped them, “Come closer young man.”


Ednus pulled me close to him and whispered, “Everything will be alright just let me do the talking for right now.”


I nodded as he walked over to Mr. Romi and handed him a business card.


“I am listening.”


“Let’s all go inside and talk this over.” Ednus said.


“Alright let us all go in.” We all started walking in the estate, but Nadal felt insulted, but Mr. Romi glared at him.


They all sat at the dining area. Ann sat in between Ednus and Paulin. Mr. Romi sat at the head of the table on the right, and Nadal sat at the head of the table on the left. Ednus, Paulin, and I all sat on the right side of the table. Suwan kept standing near the dining area, and Lanee sat on the left side to the table.


Paulin kept holding my hand because I guess he knew that I wanted to kick Mr. Romi and Nadal for their comments earlier.


“I have a challenge for both you and Nadal, Mr. Romi.” Ednus started speaking.


“What is the challenge?” asked Mr. Romi.


“Yes, what could this challenge be?” asked Nadal.


“The challenge is a scavenger hunt for treasures across India. The first on that comes back to this estate with all of the treasures or pictures of the treasures will win.”


“But what will the winner get?” asked Mr. Romi.


“The winner will get anything they wish. Is it a deal?” Ednus held his hand out to shake hands with Mr. Romi, and Nadal got up and shook hands with Ednus as well.


“You know since we live here we have the advantage.” Said Nadal.


“I know you have that advantage, but we will still win anyway.” Ednus smirked.


I didn’t like what was going on, “Will you please excuse us. I have to collaborate with my team members.”


I got up with Ednus and Paulin, and we went to the side of the room and started whispering, “I do not like this deal Ednus. We might lose.”


“Ann, it is alright, because we have Suwan to show us around.”


“I hope he can.”


Then we all went back to the dining room table. Ednus continued, “I also would like Suwan to be a part of this scavenger hunt.”


“That will not be able to happen.”


“Why not?” I asked with attitude.


Ednus held my hand as he restated for me, “Would there be an issue to Suwan joining us?”


“Yes, because he has to serve Lanee while she is here, and Lanee will be in this estate for the whole scavenger hunt.” Said Mr. Romi.


I started to get ready to scream, but Ednus motioned me not to. I knew those guys were up to something with the evil grins on their faces.


“That is fine, we just find a tour guide.”


“Good, at lease you will have an advantage too.”


Ednus shook hands with both of them again, “Let us start this scavenger hunt tomorrow.”


“Agreed.” Then we all took our leave. Ednus, Paulin, and I went back to a hotel by taxi. As we were leaving, I saw the evil smiles on Nadal and Mr. Romi’s faces.


When we got in the taxi, I spoke first, “Ednus how could you agree with this deal?”


“Miss Johnson, Master Ednus knows what he is doing.” Said Paulin.


“Yeah, Ann don’t worry. Tomorrow morning, we will find ourselves a tour guide, and we will win this scavenger hunt.”




“Come on Ann.”


“Alright, let’s do this.”


The next day after five tourism companies that we went into, we came out frustrated and frazzled.


“Why is it that at every tourism spot we go to does not want to give us a tour.” I was fuming.


“I will admit; it is kind of suspicious.” Said Paulin.


“It is suspicious. My guess is that Mr. Romi and Nadal have been to all of these places and blackmailed or bribed the people to not give us a tour.”


“But what do we do now?” I asked Ednus.


“Let’s go back to Suwan’s house to think a little bit.”


We all got to Suwan’s house, and a little girl, who looked ten years old, answered the door, “Hi, may I help you?”


“Hi, we are friends of Suwan. We introduced ourselves earlier.” Said Ednus.


“Oh, that is right I remember you people from yesterday.” Said the little girl who had long black back length hair, brown eyes, average, and short, “My name is Sulee. I am Suwan’s little sister.”


“Nice to meet you.” I said.


Paulin and Ednus said, “Likewise.”


So Sulee let us in as we introduced ourselves again. But as we were all thinking Sulee, “Ann why are you so sad?”


“Well we cannot find a tour guide to show us around India.”


“What about Suwan? He can do it. He knows all of India.”


“Suwan can’t do it because he is serving Lanee. Plus, they will not let him leave.” Ednus sighed.


“Plus, the other places that we looked at declined our offers.” Paulin spoke up.


“Yes, that is why I am so sad.” I told her.


“The scavenger hunt starts today.” Ednus was serious.


“I can help you.” Sulee piped in.


“How?” I asked her.


“Well since my brother showed me all of India too, I can be your tour guide.”




“Yes, I can do it.”


“Then it’s settled then. You will be our tour guide.” Ednus gave Sulee her payment, and Sulee put it in a safe place, “Now let’s start this scavenger hunt.”


“But Ednus we do not have the list of items, that we need to collect.” I said.


“Oh, yes we do. Earlier this morning, I went back to Nadal’s estate to get the list.”


“But Ednus they might try to rig this scavenger hunt if you let them make the list of items.”


“I was just getting to that Ann.”


“Oh, sorry.”


“It’s okay. I went to make the list early this morning with them, so you have nothing to worry about.”


“Okay, then let’s go over the list.”


Ednus put the piece of paper down flat on the floor for all of us to see. The list said:


  1. Bundi Princely state silver coin
  2. Golden elephant statue
  3. Bronze plated vase
  4. Sari
  5. Dhoti
  6. Lungi
  7. Pachisi
  8. Parcheesi
  9. Kurta
  10. A souvenir from the Taj Mahal


“So how long is this scavenger hunt going to continue for?” I asked Ednus.


“We only have two weeks to find everything.”


“What?! How are we going to get everything in two weeks?”


“That is easy,” said Sulee, “Most of these items, you can find in the market.”


“See Ann, I told you everything will be alright.” Said Ednus.


“Alright, I believe you. No let’s get started.”


“Follow me.”


We all followed Sulee to the market. There they had all kinds of clothing. So, we found a sari, dhoti, and lungi. So, we found three of the basic items on the list.


“I found the sari.” I said as everyone came over to me with their items.


“Good job, Ann.” Ednus approached me as I paid the vendor for the item.


“I see you guys found the other garments.”


“Yeah, we did now let’s look for the next items.”


Paulin read the list, “The next item is a gold-plated elephant.”


I looked over at one of the vendors who was selling them. I went over to them, and I paid them for the elephant statue when someone snatched it out of my hands. It was a woman with shoulder length black hair, peach skin, average tall, and has black dark brown eyes.


“Give that gold elephant statue back.” I demanded.


“No way.” The woman said.


I grabbed the gold elephant, but the woman kept a hold of it.


When Ednus, Paulin, and Sulee appeared Ednus, “What is going on here?”


The woman let go of the gold elephant statue then she ran towards Ednus and kissed him on the lips. What is this woman thinking?


Once she let go Ednus wiped his mouth on his right sleeve shirt, “Who do you think you are?”


“My name is Picura Romi, I am Ednus’ fiancée.”


We all exclaimed at the same time, “WHAT?!

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