Poor Little Petey

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Small Penis Humiliation

Peter moves to a new school and three of the most popular girls befriend him. Do they have ulterior motives? Yes, yes they do.

Table of Contents

Peter Makes New Friends

Chapter 1   Peter took a deep breath and took his tray over to an empty table. He had anticipated that this would be the wor... Read Chapter

The Girls Come Over

This seems like a good place to state the obvious, this is all fantasy and in no way reflects real life or a desire for this to take place in real life. Read Chapter

Petey goes on Vacation

Carol was on the phone with her sister Jen, laughing as she told her about the girls at Peters high school and what they had done to him.... Read Chapter

Just How Big Is It!?

While the trip to Florida was the most embarrassing time of his life to date, Peter knew that the potential for humiliation on an even gr... Read Chapter