Everybody Wins

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Poor Thomas. First his underwear is stolen. Raccoons eat his shorts. His cousins and their friends delight in humiliating him and then the cheerleaders get involved. Not to mention..., well, that should be enough for now.

Table of Contents

And There Goes The Underwear

Thomas was excited about the trip to the lake. No parents, just his cousins and some friends. This would be the second year that his cous... Read Chapter

Maybe A Nice Swim Would Help

The drive was uneventful. Just as Melanie had feared, Thomas rode shotgun and pestered her the whole way. Teresa and Laura were no help i... Read Chapter

Raccoons and Marshmallows

After a few minutes, Thomas got up and peeled off his wet underwear, his only pair. It was only then, when he grabbed a clean pair of sho... Read Chapter

As Promised, The Cheerleaders

After Thomas finished his shower, he dried off and wrapped himself in the towel. He realized that he would have to walk back to his r... Read Chapter

Black Ink and Lipstick

Thomas had his best night of the trip, luxuriating in his "penis shorts" as they were dubbed. It was not until the next morning that his ... Read Chapter

Everybody Wins!!

Melanie was packing up the next morning when the phone rang. It was her mother and she was very excited. "Mel, YOU GOT IN! An admissions ... Read Chapter