I let him watch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

His office window overlooks our bed

I let him watch.  He lives across the street, his home office looks directly into our bedroom. I kneel when I suck your cock so that he can watch my ass humping in rhythm to my mouth. I watched him transition from working night hours and getting distracted, to sitting in his dark office watching, always watching. How can I not perform for an audience? I suck, I swallow, I keep my booty trim so he knows exactly what he is missing.

We see each other at the mailbox. I look long and fantasize about him taking me, maybe on a lawn chair in the backyard while the pool guy skims the leaves. I dream about kneeling at his feet and swallowing until there was nothing left to get. I wax and buff and moisturize so that when he finally walks towards me with determination and a hard cock, I simply raise my ass and take what is coming. It's fun because I know it will never happen. I have you.

I'm kneeling on our bed, ass waving in the air, your hand woven deeply in the hair at the base of my head, pumping your cock into my throat.  Then there are hands on my hips, I gasp and try to sit up, but you hold my head firmly in place and buck your hips driving your cock deeper. My eyes water and I gag a little.

The hands slide around my thighs gently and then roughly pull my legs back so I'm kneeling directly on the edge of the bed. You tighten your grip on my hair and hold me facing you, forcefully, while you readjust and get on your knees so you can guide your cock back in my mouth and straight down my throat. You use my hair as a handle to direct my tempo.

The hands fondle my ass and rub my pussy until it's open. I look up at you, knowing that you're about to let someone else be inside me. My eyes search your face and try to make contact, you are fixedly staring at my ass.

I am full of cock. He slides into me in one fluid motion, I gasp and your cock slides so far down my throat I gag and choke and can't breath. My entire body tenses and you unload, tears are falling from my eyes because I can't breathe, my pussy clamps down so hard the hands on my ass twitch and he grunts an animalistic growl, you slide yourself from my mouth but keep your grip on my hair, controlling my head, I pant and drool and try to get as much air as I can, the hands grab hold and he fucks me.

He fucks me like an animal in rut. No consideration, no concern, pure, raw, unleashed sex. Grunting, driving himself in, yanking himself out, digging his fingers into my flesh. His tempo slows and he leans down onto my back, running his hands up my torso to my breasts, his hips are moving but slowly, his hands firmly but softly rub my nipples to pertness. He rolls them between his fingers and tugs at them, his cock starts moving faster, he pulls at my nipples and pinches them hard, I whimper. Your hold on my hair loosens and I feel you turn, you take the tie you had been wearing earlier from the headboard where it landed when I took it off of you, and wrap it over my eyes, tying it securely at the back of my head.

He tugs on my nipples, pinching, rolling, pinching again; his cock picking up pace and keeping time with the tugs. My body is on fire. It's not the tingling near an orgasm kind of feeling; my entire body is on fire, I'm hot and raw and I want everything, I'm pushing my hips into him, wanting more, I want to lay my chest down on the bed so I can crush my breasts into his hands, I am quivering and panting and have goose bumps, you let go of my hair and suddenly he's gone too, my breasts are unfondled, my pussy empty. Entirely untouched. I feel deserted.

You get off the bed, I can hear you moving and murmuring to one another, I start to lie down but my hair is grabbed hard and my head is jerked back. "No!" he says. He holds my head in that position and then I get spanked. Hard. The sound is incredibly loud. It wasn't a hand that spanked my ass. He keeps my head in his control and gets on the bed in front of me. He guides my mouth to his cock. The moment I wrap my lips around it, I get another spanking. You call me a slut. I drive my mouth down on his cock, he groans, and you swing again. The more I suck him the harder you spank me, I can feel my ass turning red. Occasionally you spank me in such a way that part of the blow lands on my pussy, it makes the fire burn hotter, my pussy wetter, the strokes of my mouth longer and firmer. I love the spankings and I will suck his cock as much as necessary to keep the blows coming.

He is nearing his orgasm, I can feel the bulging veins on his cock rubbing against my lips. He has long since let go of my hair and his fingers are clutching at the sheets spasmodically. You are alternating between spanking me and rubbing your fingers across the red inflamed skin on my ass. I want you inside me desperately. I abruptly stop sucking him. "Fuck me. Now. Cum inside me." I hear your surprised intake of breath and you haul off and spank me as hard as you can. He thinks I was talking to him. He wastes no time and turns me around, rises to his knees from his laid back blowjob stance, and shoves his cock in me so hard I think I might break into pieces. Then the true fucking begins, he braces his feet against the headboard, wraps his arms around my hips like a hug and drives himself into me so hard we could have fused. My body unleashes an orgasm the likes of which I've never experienced, my pussy clenching and pulsing and pulling at him, needing it, he slams into me, harder and harder, and then he freezes, and tenses, and pumps into me twice more and unleashes a torrent of cum. It just keeps coming - more and more, a slight pause, a hip pump or two, a grunt, more cum, motionlessness, panting, quivering, small residual spasms. He slowly lets go of me and sits back on his legs, sliding out of me.

The cool air feels satiny on my hot, swollen, skin. I lower myself to the bed, arms and legs shaking, I lay my sweaty head down and breathe. I feel him get off the bed, I'm still blindfolded with the tie and am grateful that I don't have to interact, I can just pretend not to be involved. I can rest and revel in all the sensations. My nipples are throbbing, my spanked ass is sore, and hot, and raw, and amazingly erotic. My pussy is still twitching and both hot from use and cold from the air on the cum that is slowly running out of me and pooling on the sheets.

The bed shifts as you get into it with me. We rearrange our bodies so we're lying together. You reach to remove the tie and I stop you. "I Iike it." You run your hand over my pussy and slide your fingers in and out a couple of times, I can hear you lick them clean, I'm tried and content and nestled in your arms. You tug on my bruised nipples and it sends a pulse through my body. I'm so tired. You lean down and take a nipple into your mouth and hold it in your teeth while running your tongue across it rhythmically. You pull at my other nipple with your fingers and tug and twist. You let go with your teeth and start sucking, slowly, firmly, you're almost suckling and it feels amazing.

A ball of heat is growing and I can't stop my hips from rolling in time to your sucking.  You bite me. I teeter on the brink of an orgasm, the harder you bite my throbbing nipple the hotter my pussy gets, you suck, I relax, you bite, I arch my back. You sit up and swing your leg over my body and straddle my stomach.  You reach back and slide your fingers into my pussy, pumping them in an out, and then you rub the cum between my breasts.  You grab them and mash them together, using your palms to hold them in place,  pinching the nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. You slide your cock between them and titty fuck me, I tip my head so I can lick the head of your cock as you pump.  

You blow your load on my tits and chin and hair, you rub it into my nipples and drive your fingers deep into my pussy a few times before lying back down beside me, cuddling up, and you whisper in my ear, "I let him watch. He lives across the street."

Submitted: December 14, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Ooohlala. All rights reserved.

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I let him watch because it makes me feel sexy. Come it find out he lets him watch too. It was a surprise.

Sun, December 14th, 2014 11:56pm

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