The Known Stranger

The Known Stranger

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Your first love. Mad passionate love. Young love. Till death do us apart love. Where everything is just like a fairy tale (until life actually happens) where you think you have found your Mr D'Arcy. Where sex is the best cause you don't have a benchmark to compare it with. You love the person with such intensity that you feel happiness as well as pain, the person becomes your smile as well as your tears. Yeah, I'm talking of that love.


Your first love. Mad passionate love. Young love. Till death do us apart love. Where everything is just like a fairy tale (until life actually happens) where you think you have found your Mr D'Arcy. Where sex is the best cause you don't have a benchmark to compare it with. You love the person with such intensity that you feel happiness as well as pain, the person becomes your smile as well as your tears. Yeah, I'm talking of that love.


Submitted: December 15, 2015

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Submitted: December 15, 2015



A few years ago I had to travel out of the city for an event which was happening on a large-scale. There was nothing fancy about this place and life was slow like every Indian mid city life. 


On my fourth day here I was contemplating with myself if I should have dinner at the room or if I should go to the restaurant at the hotel itself. Luckily this five-star hotel didn't suck as much as the city did. 


I made a decision and decided to have dinner at the restaurant. Before that, I thought I'll take a walk to the hotel's shopping area and see what they had in store. I love shopping alone, especially when I'm not rushed, and it usually ends with me buying something not required, but I like it.


Shopping completed, and I had shopped a lot I headed to the Chinese Rooftop Restaurant. I always had a thing for Chinese food. Five minutes waiting till I could get a table, always hated the waiting part, but the aroma of the food was a good motivator. 


On the way to my table I saw HIM, he sat alone eating something that looked like rice and was checking his phone. I froze in my spot, unable to take a decision on what to do next.   


I had loved him once, maybe I still do. You all know what it's like. Your first love. Mad passionate love. Young love. Till death do us apart love. Where everything is just like a fairy tale (until life actually happens) where you think you have found your Mr D'Arcy. Where sex is the best cause you don't have a benchmark to compare it with. You love the person with such intensity that you feel happiness as well as pain, the person becomes your smile as well as your tears. Yeah, I'm talking of that love. 


Nathan was an architect and a fantastic one at that. Nathan and I were lovers for almost a decade.


I simply walked over to him. My palms were sweaty. He hadn't looked up yet. 


“Hi”, his face loses colour, mouth opened, a few awkward seconds pass. 


“Hi”, he says, looking around confused. 


He pulled up a chair near him and tapped it for me to sit. I sit on the edge. 


“How have you've been Kiera”? 


Ignoring his question I ask, “What are you doing here”? 


“Client meeting”, he said. “Had reservations here but the client cancelled, so having an alone dinner”. 


“Aha”, I said. 


“What can I get you?” the waiter asks. 


I rise from the edge of the chair and politely decline. 

He seemed surprised. “It's been eleven years Kiera, I'm sure we can have a meal together”


Hesitantly I sit. Properly this time. “Ok, I'll have the same stuff that you're having, what is it by the way?”


“God knows, some Chinese crap but taste yum, here have some”, saying this he handed me a spoon so that I could eat from his plate. 


I gingerly taste it, it tastes good.


“Get this same thing for me too”, I tell the waiter. 


I turn my attention to Nathan, “How's Radhika”? I ask. 


“She's doing well”.


“And how's Gayle and Gem doing, they must have started school now.” 


“Yeah, they do. They're good too.” “Tell me about you, Kiera, How's Noris?” Nathan asked cutting me.


“He's doing good” is all that I could say. 


“It's good you found someone who shares the same thoughts as you, about not having any kids,” Nathan said with a sly smile on his handsome face.

“Yeah, that's true,” I replied, and he sticks by his choice, unlike some who have a change of heart.” The words were out before I knew it, and I bit my lower lip hard to make myself stop. 


“You can't possibly hold it against me that I had a change of heart and wanted kids. What did you want me to do, suppress and sacrifice my desires.” Nathan said, in a sad tone.


 “I don't hold it against you, it fucking just hurts so much.” I blurted out. 

“It fucking hurts me too” Nathan raised his voice. 

Luckily the restaurant was vacant, but the waiters were around and were now looking at us. 


“What the fuck are we doing Nathan, fighting in public. It's eleven years. Is it that hard to have a quiet meal after all these years” I said? 


He just stared at me.


It seems just like yesterday. I was sitting at a coffee shop in South Mumbai, nursing an already cold latte and reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. I liked doing this on a Friday night. I didn't have to work the next day and could sleep up late. 


I was halfway through my chapter when a six-foot-tall man with broad shoulders walked in. I grinned to myself as I watched him over the top of my book. He had black hair, dark brown eyes I think, it was hard to tell the colour of his eyes from where I was sitting, but yes I could definitely notice he was trim and muscular, I tried hard not to drool. 


“Jeez, he is coming here” I almost said it aloud. 


“Can I sit here, Madam, as you can see no seats available,” he said. 


“Sure,” I said. Now I'm drooling. 


“I'm Nathan.” he said holding his hand out for me to shake. I took his hand in mine. It felt hard and strong. 




“Great book,” Nathan said. 


“Yeah, you're into reading too,” I asked him. 


Taking a seat opposite me he said, “No, Not my cup of tea.” “What's a pretty girl like you doing with Ayn Rand on a Friday night,” Nathan asked grinning. 


“Well,” I replied, “I have no life.” 


He shook he head slowly “That's not going to cut it, there's a reason, why you have no life, You're fun, beautiful, and outgoing. I can sense that.” 


I shrugged, “I don't put out. I'm very vocal about it too. I can't just date casually. I date if there is a future. Call me old-fashioned, boring and ridiculous. I don't care.” 


He nodded slowly, “That would explain it. Are you a religious nut or a girl with standards.” 


I smiled at him, “I'm a woman with standards. I think that if a guy respects me enough he will want a future with me or at least will want to try to have a future with me, instead of just a one night stand. If sex is all that he wants there are lots of women out there, he can go and find one of them. I ain't the one.” 


He nodded again, “I can respect that. 


He was painstakingly attractive so I put my bookmark in the book and closed it. There was no point in even trying to read when the man sitting in front of me was such an entertainment.


Later that night as we entered my apartment and closed the door Nathan and I giggled with excitement, flirting back and forth in the doorway entrance while taking off our shoes. 


Right after I got my shoes off, I unzipped the fly of my jeans and promptly slid them off to show my sexy frame to him, clad only in a top and black panties. Nathan was frozen from testosterone and shock as he gawked at my semi-nude body, while I was thinking how I was going to savour every moment with this Greek god, all I wanted was to strip him down to nothing and have my hands ..... 


“All I ever wanted was for us to have a family,” Nathan was saying, jolting me out of my revive. “Is it that bad is that reason enough to leave me and walk out”. 


“You changed. You knew what you had got yourself into, I was never motherly, it's not fair neither to the baby or me. All I ever wanted was to have a fucking conversation with you.” I yelled back. 

We sat in silence for the next few minutes. My thoughts raced back in time, makeup sex had always been so horny with Nathan. 



“Kiera this is just not working out, I don't want to be with you anymore. I'll be dead of a heart attack before I'm forty-five if we stay together. I'm fucking sick of you and your paranoid-schizoid antics.” saying this Nathan stormed off the apartment. 


For over a week there was no communication from him, such was his anger, till I let go of my ego and left him a text asking him to come by the apartment that evening. 


As soon as he opened the apartment door and stepped inside, there I was standing in the hallway wearing a white set of bikini bra and panties and nothing else. Guess I was looking amazingly hot for Nathan was struggling for words. 


I didn't want to waste time in talking so I got down straight to the task at hand. He was about to say something when I kissed him. His breath was sweet from the gum he had chewed. He slid his hands down to my backside, up and under and lifted me a bit. I squealed in a joking way and we both giggled. I rubbed his arms as he carried me to the bed. 


Putting me down on the bed, he kept his hold on me with his thighs while he took off his shirt. I couldn't wait any longer and pulled him down and began smooching him hard. By now his hands were all over me, between my breast, on my breast, and slowly down to my body. The closer he got to my pleasure spot, my anticipation and impatience increased. I unclipped my bra, which was by now suffocating me and let the babies free, they at once bounced with joy, seeing this he started to suckle them, slowly one at a time. 


Then slowly he reached to the top of my already wet panties. I let out a quiet moan as he stroked the outsides of the panties with the back of his hand. He kissed and licked all around my pussy, except my clitoris. He spread my bare thighs open just a bit, enough room to rub the insides of one thigh while licking the other. My moans grew in length so much that it really became a pleasure and tension filled groan. He licked the outside of my panties, and I knew I was losing it. The more he waited and teased the most impatient I became. 


“Come on Nathan,” I begged, “Please lick my clitoris, you are driving me insane.” 


He slid my white panties off and threw them to the ground next to the bed. He curled his hot tongue on my clitoris and sucked it while inserting two fingers inside me. Once he hit my G-spot with his fingers as his tongue worked wonders with my clitoris I was squealing. Just as I was about to cum he stopped. Oh my this was classic Nathan, this was what he did best, this was epic. Exotic was an understatement. 


I begged and begged but to no avail, he kept taking me to the heights and stopping abruptly. I was an emotional wreck. After about what seemed like an eternity he cupped my entire clitoris in his mouth and licked and sucked me hard. I came violently fast, I wasn't loud, but my body jerked and swerved violently in bed with erratic breathing for a full 30 seconds. “Man, this was insane, Wow”, that's why fighting with Nathan was so damn good. I was smiling and breathing hard at my Greek god. 


“Now it's your turn hunny,” I said to him. 


I had him in my mouth quickly, he could feel my warm tongue and saliva, every time I caressed the head he would twitch with excitement. I went up and down his shaft, kissing, licking and nibbling the most sensitive areas. 


“Baby, I'm ready, get up,” Nathan whispered. 


Once I was on top of him he put on a condom, I rubbed the tip of his penis along the outsides of my pussy and the clitoris while he slowly entered me. Slowly but steadily I rode him while finally I clutched his hair while he clutched my hips as we came together. Our legs shivering while we exploded into each other.


“Does Noris fuck you the way I used to?” Nathan suddenly blurted out. “Does he make mad, passionate love to you? Does he make you laugh till your cheeks hurt?” 


Well, truth be told, Nathan was a good lover and knew his ways around a woman in bed, Nathan knew it too, but I couldn't let him know that Noris and I had practically different bedrooms now. 


All I managed to say was, “I miss the highs, the passion. He's happy as long as I'm happy, even if our marriage is not super amazing all the time, its okay with me. At least he doesn't make me cry. You know Nathan, Noris respects me for who I am.” 


I start to finish my cold food, I don't even remember when the waiter was here with the food, Jeez he must have heard us fighting. The restaurant by now was practically empty. Nathan just kept staring at me. I couldn't read his expression. The waiter came and handed us the menu, 


“Desserts.” he says. “You know na, I don't eat desserts,” I sheepishly told Nathan. 


“Lets share,” saying this he ordered a brownie with vanilla ice cream. 


“Typical Nathan,” I thought with half a smile. We don't talk much for the rest of the dinner. When the brownie arrived we shared it silently. It didn't look like eleven years. The silence is comforting. 


When the bill arrived Nathan volunteered to pay. He never did let me pay. I rolled my eyes and laughed. 


“I miss what we had sometimes, Kiera, I really do,” Nathan said while we were getting up to leave. 


I decided not to respond. His justifications hurt till now. No point going on and on about it. 


As we wait for the valet to get his car, I catch him staring at me. I rub the back of his fingers with my thumb and smile. 


“You know Kiera,” Nathan begins, “I worry about you all the time. I know you're good at masking it, I'm not.” 


I find that old lump in my throat, which I have learnt to swallow, I can't breathe. 


He bends down and kisses me on the cheek. “Sometimes love ain't enough,” he whispers in my ears. “You are home for me.” 


I have no words to say. His car arrives. Just as he is about to get in, I stop him walk in front of him and give him a tight hug. I can feel his body tighten as he holds me tight with his head down between my neck and shoulders. His hug hurts like a spear in my heart. With tears welling up in my eyes, I began to kiss him first on his neck, his ear lobes and then my lips finally finding his warm soft lips. 


I’m taken back to our first kiss that very night in the auto-rickshaw, while back from the coffee shop. I can still remember it as it just happened yesterday. The very first time someone had ever touched my lips, I can still feel his arms wrapped around me holding me tight. Exploring my mouth, I couldn't breathe. His tongue devouring my mouth in a sexy dance. Such overpowering sensations being kissed so passionately. It wasn't a kiss like the movies, but it was erotic in its own way that you know the memory is going to last forever.


You will have many kisses after that. But that first kiss will always stay etched in your heart. If the relationship is a success you will remember it fondly. If it ended badly you will remember it with a lump in your throat, but you will always remember it. Bittersweet memories it is the first kiss. 


“You have a lot of grey hair,” I whispered finally breaking away from his kiss. 


“Yeah” saying so he kissed me softly on my lips giving me his widest grin. 


I can feel his hand behind my back. It's a sensory memory. I haven't forgotten. I don't want him to stop touching me. I've missed him, I've missed his hands. I close my eyes. 


“But I'm not there now to give you any stress anymore,” he says. 


Like a bolt of cold air on my face I open my eyes, I suffocate, my nose chokes up, and I fight back my tears.

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