A Rainy Afternoon

A Rainy Afternoon

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Making Love on a Rainy Afternoon sure has its perks.


Making Love on a Rainy Afternoon sure has its perks.


Submitted: December 15, 2015

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Submitted: December 15, 2015



“So when are you going to make love to me?” I text Nathan


I stared out into the day from the window, barely anyone was out today because of the rains, I watched the rains fall into other drops, forming another drop and then slide down my window.


“Sometime tonight,” he answers.


But an hour later he’s home from the office, with a grin on his face. He is all wet from the rains and goes into the bedroom to change. But upon taking off his shirt he sweeps me into an embrace and kisses me.



Oh my. I haven’t developed an immunity to his kisses, or the way he looks only wearing jeans and how they hang on his narrow hips… or his hands sliding down my back onto my butt.


“I’m not waiting till tonight,” I say, and push him down onto the bed.


“Good, cause I don’t want to wait either,” he says. “Take off your clothes, naughty girl.”


I strip my top off and slide my capris and underwear down within seconds then I unbutton his jeans and yank them off of him along with his underwear.


“Mmm. Someone is impatient.” He grins.


“Shut-up,” I say dryly and straddle him. He meets me up for a kiss and his hands are on my breasts, kneading and massaging them in a blissful perfection.


“Ahh.” I moan against his mouth as I continue to kiss him. I feel his erection against my pussy, hot and hard. I roll my hips over him and his penis fills me.


“I needed this sooo bad,” I admit with a moan.


“Me too,” he laughs.


“Mmm… that sounds so good, oh, baby, I want you to fuck my brains out now.”


He grasps me and rises further, pressing me up and humping me hard from underneath. His mouth covers one of my nipples and I am overcome with need. I grind against him and feel him fill my pussy again and again. His hands grasp my ass and bring me deep as he bumps me up harder.


“Oh, yes, yes, don’t stop! Oh, don’t stop that!” I shout, my orgasm racks my body and he continues to thrust into me until the waves have subsided enough that I feel numb with euphoria, but he only lets me keep that feeling for a minute because suddenly he’s on top and smothering me with more kisses and giving me his tongue.


Yes, I love his tongue, he knows exactly the right amount to use during a kiss. I gently suck his tongue and flick it’s tip with my own.


I wrap my legs up around his waist as he pounds me. He scoops a handful of my hair in one hand and releases me from our kiss, then he starts kissing down my jaw and nipping the lobe of my ear.


“I want to see you come again,” he whispers hoarsely.


“I think I can meet that demand, oh-ah, that feels so good,” I groan. I meet his thrusts and know I’m getting close to the edge of another climax. I grab his butt and draw him close and tilt my hips in such a way that he goes deep. I feel the orgasm building deep inside and I let myself go when I pull him in again and he fills that place with his heat once more.


“Oh, Nathan, Oh, fuck, fuck!” I scream.


He flips me over and plunges in from behind now, with one hand of his on my clitoris, I raise my butt up to meet his dick and I love the adrenaline that hits upon every thrust making the orgasm I’m having stretch to a mind blowing length. He covers my mouth with his hand and I suck on his fingers, quieting myself and realizing my screams were loud indeed.


“I’m going to cum,” he groans.”Where do you want it?”


“I’ll suck you. Suck you dry. Like this.” I take his index finger in my mouth and go up and down, then I do the same for each of his other fingers on his hand.


“Mmm, so hot, you naughty girl–oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” he growls. He dismounts me and I turn my head just in time to have him fuck my mouth as he comes, his hot semen spurts down my throat and I swallow every last drop.


We lay back on the bed and he takes me in his arms, a duvet was draped over our naked bodies.

“I like this kind of sex,” he says.


“Me too.” I nuzzle against his chest.


Rainy afternoons get me all kinky ” I laugh.


Nathan laughs too. “Love kinky.”


“Oh, we’ll do all sorts of kinky things, if you can be home on rainy afternoons,” I purr.


“I’m looking forward to it.” he grins.


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