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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The true story of my sexual encounter the day after my 18th birthday.

We practically ran to the car when my parents got home. After a day of watching my little siblings, we were more than ready for some us time, even if that time was limited. 

Days at my house usually involved spending time with the kids and cooking meals, along with continuous attempts at sneaking away for a quick make out session or a few gropes. Days at his house were, well, heaven. 

"We've got an hour and a half before we have to be back." I reminded Rhys as he sped down the highway towards his house. 

He grinned his sexy grin that affected me in a way nothing else could and increased his speed all the more. 

I let my hand stray to his lap, but his quickly removed it. 

"Not yet."

"Why not!"

"We have to take care of the animals first, then we can get to that."

I huffed a bit, and instead played my hands up his chiseled arms to his shoulders. I let them linger there, allowing for a quick massage which inched up his neck until I hit his hairline. I traced his jaw, playing with his thick stubble which attracted me so much. It's not everyday you find a Senior in High School who can grow a full on beard if they want to. I moved to his scalp and scratched gently, knowing he loved it and that it would make him think of times in the near future when my hands would be mimicking their current actions. 

I however thought about our relationship. Of course, leave it to the girl to be the crazy romantic, right? But I embraced it. It was the day after my 18th birthday and I was with the man Id loved for over a year. He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss, why, even my first hand hold! He'd kissed girls in his younger high school years, but I'd had the honor to claim the rest of his firsts. 

I let my hand move into his lap once more, and this time he didn't stop it. I stroked his crotch softly, loving the reaction I was causing. I paused and squeezed his member gently, feeling it grow even more. 

"Parker. Stop."


"Just wait ten more minutes, baby, ok?"

I huffed, and resumed massaging his neck. His commands, even the small ones, we're so damn hot  

The next ten minutes were an eternity. We took the animals out one by one to stretch their legs and use the bathroom, and finally made our way up to his room. 

By the time the door was shut, I was all over him. However, he seemed to have other ideas. He jumped into bed, kicking off his shoes "Come cuddle me, baby." 

I slipped off my shoes and curled up next to him, planting a kiss first on his neck, then his cheek, and finally his lips. He turned to kiss my neck and then wrapped his arms around me lovingly. 

"Today's been amazing Parker." He smiled. 

"Thanks to you, babes." I kissed the top of his nose. I was enjoying the cuteness, but I'd been ready to rip off his clothes since we'd reached the door. 

I rolled on top of him, and kissed him deeply. He responded immediately, pulling me closer and stroking down my sides to my hips. 

I broke the kiss momentarily. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Apparently that was all we needed, because immediately we were caught up in the passion only lovers know. His tongue broke through my lips to dance with mine, and his hands stroked my hips softly, his thumbs hooking into the sides of my leggings. 

I kissed him more aggressively, perhaps daring him to move forward. My tongue made its dominance known as it fought his back into his mouth, pausing momentarily to gently nibble on his lower lip. 

He pushed me up from above him, bringing us into a close sitting position with my legs wrapped behind his back and his lap under mine. He allowed his hands to leave my waist for a few moments, and instead they played up my shirt to where my breasts lay bra-less. He traced them enticingly, causing me to groan and arch my neck until he finally began touching my nipples gently. His touches became more needy as he slowly pinched their hardness and kneaded my breasts with more ferocity. 

My hands found their way to his lap, quickly locating his hardness which was pressed against my increasingly wet crotch. I did my best to wrap my hand around his member through his pants, giving a clumsy handjob at best. He groaned with pure want, so I continued as I began to trail kisses down his neck.

We both sensed a sudden need to feel each other, and his hands went back to my waist while mine began untying his sweats. 

He took his palm and rubbed it slowly over my leggings which were now wet all the way through. I moaned into his neck and attempted to quicken my strokes on his hard cock. 

He immediately took charge to regain lead in the situation, and flung me to the side so that my feet fell onto the floor. He still held me, and stood with me so that we were aside his bed. He swung us around so that my legs were against the side of his bed, and then he kisses me hungrily while rubbing my clit through my clothing. 

My breath quickened, and I reached for his waist before getting my wrist grabbed by his free hand. I made a feeble second attempt with my other hand, but that too was deterred. 

"No" he whispered into my lips, increasing the pressure of his hand on my clit. 

"Babe please... Let me touch you." I gasped, trying not to succumb to the growing feelings in my pussy. 

Without warning, he dropped to his knees and used his hands to lift my shirt. He kissed my lower stomach, making me ache for him to kiss lower. He took his sweet time kissing down my sides, before finally pulling down my leggings in slow reverence. He took a moment to study in admiration the work of art he'd created; my slit was incredibly wet and my clit swollen with need. 

I remembered momentarily that I used to feel self conscious when he did this. I couldn't understand the awe with which he studied my pussy, and it had taken me the better part of our sexually active relationship to become comfortable with him seeing all of me up close and personal. 

Now, however? It was hot. So, fucking, hot. I saw the desire in his eyes, and the greed. He glanced up at me and smirked, before leaning in and giving me a single sensual lick from the bottom of my slit to my engorged clit. 

I gasped and reached out to grab his head and pull him closer, but once again he was a step ahead. He pushed me into a sitting position on the bed, and dove into my lap, feasting on my wet hole. His tongue played around the edges of my hole, just barely poking in as to not satisfy my incredible amount of need. He licked up around my clit, never once touching it, but coming so deadly close. 

"Ahh, Rhys, fuck!"

He took that as an excuse to enter me with one -no, two- fingers, curling them in perfectly to hit my G-spot which he knew so well. 

"FUCK babe oh god Rhys fuck me!" I gasped between his assaults, wishing to heaven that he'd free me from the build up by touching my clit. 

His assault, however, ended as soon as it began. He stood and lifted me up. I tried to pull at his pant line as I reached his lips for a kiss, but instead he smiled knowingly and spun me around to face the bed. I knew what was next. 

Rhys had always been an ass man, so I barely needed any encouragement from his hands to bend over so that my chest was lying on the bed and my ass was high in the air.

His hands helped spread my legs, and he slowly removed my ankles from my leggings. He leaned over to kiss one cheek and then the next before rubbing two fingers along my dripping slit. 

"Mm babe, you're so wet for me."

"Fuck me, Rhys, please." I begged. 

He obliged, in a way. He dove his face in with unbound enthusiasm, driving his tongue deep inside me, before -finally!- flicking it back and forth over my needy clit. 

The sudden contact drove the feeling inside me sky high, and I felt my muscles begin to contract with the orgasm I knew would hit any moment. 

Rhys sensed it as well, and sucked my clit completely into his mouth which driving two fingers into my aching pussy. 

I gasped as my first orgasm of the night flooded through me, my walls contracting on his fingers as he drove it farther and farther on by increasing the suction on my clit. 

When it finally subsided, he went back to stroking my slit slowly. "You ready to have quite a few more of those?" He smirked, seeing me gasping on the bed, exhausted from the height of my pleasure. 

I vaguely realized what he said and thanked whatever it was inside me that allowed me to have multiple orgasms. It was an exhausting gift, but each was better than the one before it. 

 Rhys brought me back to reality by pumping two fingers back inside me slowly, curving them up to hit my swelling G-spot. He began to lick my clit again at the same time, but this time allowed slower, longer licks. He removed his fingers, but they were quickly replaced - one back inside my pussy, and another pushing its way inside my tight asshole. 

"Oh!" I groaned, feeling myself slowly accommodate the new feeling

It wasnt altogether new, he fingered me anally quite often and I'd lost my anal virginity to him just a month prior. However every time felt like the first, and it was always incredibly surprising but pleasurable. 

"Ohhhh Rhys... Oh babe..." I moaned as he began pumping his fingers in each of my holes, reaching with his other hand to play with my clit. 

"You like that, baby?" I could hear his sexy grin in his voice and I almost came thinking about it. 

"Yeah babe, yeah. Oh fuck!" 

His fingers increased their speed, and he simultaneously began moving them back and forth to hit the walls of my holes. His thumb rubbed my clit mercilessly, and his lips played of my back and ass cheeks. 

"You going to cum for me baby? You going to cum all over my fingers while I fuck your ass?" He grunted, obviously caught up and turned on by what he was doing to me. 

"Ah, babe, ah, ah - Ohhhh!" My second orgasm hit me without much notice, and I slid halfway off the bed into Rhys' lap as my body convulsed from the severity of it. I was in some sort of nirvana that only he could create. 

I turned to kiss him, an exhausted brief kiss, before collapsing back over the bed. He didn't allow me to recover, but instead wrapped his arms around my thighs and pulled them apart to give him better access to my still pulsing pussy. 

I moaned in ecstasy as he slowly placed at least a dozen slow licks from my clit to my soaking hole, sucking up the after effects of my previous orgasms with eagerness only he could possess for my sweetness.  

He took his time in order to allow me to recover, feasting on my slowly and artfully. He pulled my inner labia ineteeen his lips and flicked my clit with his finger while rhythmically putting pressure on labia with his lips. He freed them, and began attacking my hole, circling is tongue around it delicately, making it drip all the more with my longing for him. 

I was dying inside to feel his hardness deep in me, but I knew Rhys. He was all about pleasing me, just as I was all about pleasing him. Nothing turned him on more than seeing me completely fall apart at his hands (and mouth) in the most pure bliss I would ever feel. I'd be getting off at least once more before he considered reaching his own climax. 

He increases the pace of his tongue, diving it into my pussy as deep as it could reach before spending a bit of time on my clit. He flicked it back and forth, the put his lips around if, sucking in a rhythmic, pulsing way. 

"Rhys I, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum. Rhys." I warned him between moans as I felt a warmth building up in the pit of my stomach. 

He hummed a bit in response, vibrating my clit in top of the auction. He continued his assault, slowly increasing the strength of the pressure until he felt me reach the edge. Just as I broke into a million pieces, he dove his tongue inside of me as deep as possible, my muscles contracting around it as I came hard and long, screaming in pleasure as all of my senses heightened. 

He continued to tongue me until my orgasm had passed, which took almost thirty seconds. 

"Holy... Fuck... Rhys... Holy... Wow." I gasped, panting and sweating on the bed in a delighted yet exhausted heap. 

"Turn over." He ordered as I heard the familiar sound of a condom being rolled on. 

He stood over me, in nothing but his shirt, his dick fully erect and pointing straight towards me. My eyes filled with lust as I took in every curve of his perfectly structures body. 

How could someone be so flawless?

He grinned at my expression, and removed his shirt in one motion. He knew his chest and stomach were the features that turned me on most. His perfectly cut jawbone jutted down towards me, his collar bones sticking out strongly. His tan chest had the slight liens of abs, yet still the slim youngness of a boy who had only recently become a man. His arm muscles bulged and veins on them stuck out, glistening with sweat from his advances on my body. Chest hair rose from his low waist up to his upper chest, which I had always found so hot. It ended abruptly below his waist, where he kept well shaven for special occasions like today. 

I kept eye fucking him while he slowly lifted my legs over his shoulders and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. I felt the tip of his cock at my waiting opening, and moaned in pure lust. "Fuck me, Rhys."

This time, he finally listened to me. He sunk his thick six inches into my tight pussy, groaning as he was overcome with sudden pleasure from my right warmth. 

"Damn baby you're so tight!" He grunted, moving slowly out and then back in again to allow my muscles to accommodate him. 

I was in pure pleasure, finally full, finally being fulfilled with what is needed for so long. 

He pulled my body closer to him by lifting my legs higher, and then he fucked me. It was pure, primal, hot, fucking. 

He drove inside of me, stretching my walls more and more, pounding at my overly swollen G-spot. I immediately felt my climax welling up inside of me, my cries of "Oh fuck yeah, right there!" Slowly becoming indistinguishable as he ravaged my pussy with a ferocity id never seen in him. He fucked me harder than he ever had, his balls slapping against my ass as he thrust into me and used my legs as leverage to pull me towards him, making it even deeper. 

I came all at once, falling apart in front of him while he pounded me even harder. My screams of pleasure mixed with his grunts and he felt my already tight walls contract around his large cock. Sweat poured down his neck and chest, and I realized that the same was happening with me. 

My orgasm seemed to last forever, each contraction more powerful than the last, almost bringing my now over sensitive clit to the point of pain. 

Once it finally subsided, he slowed his thrusts. He almost completely removed his dick, sliding only the first two inches in and out of my. Teasing me. Diving me insane. 

"Noooo babe please no don't do that!" I begged between broken breaths. 

He smirked at me, and I could only imagine how powerful he felt to see his sexy girlfriend in pieces below him, begging him for more, because he was her addiction. 

It was true. He was my addiction. I craved him. I needed him. Now that id had some, I could not be satisfied until I had more. 

"Please babe I'm begging you please!"

"please what?" He whispered, turning his head to kiss my ankle which was still resting on his shoulder. 

"Please fuck me. Hard. Please." I practically cried. 

I thought I would explode into a million bits if I didn't have him, and all of him, soon. Luckily, he had pity on me and grabbed my thighs, jamming my pussy all the way to the hilt of his cock. I screamed in extasy as he fucked me even harder than earlier, before pulling out and joining me on the bed. 

"Doggy." He ordered. 

My heart jumped, Doggy was one of my favorites. 

I gyrated my ass in the air while his positioned himself behind me on the bed. Once he slid himself in, I took the lead. This was one position that I could hold at least partial control. 

I slammed back until I felt his balls slap up against my clit, and then proceeded to fuck him as hard as he'd fucked me earlier. I heard his grunts fill the room as he enjoyed my show of dominance and energy, living to please him. 

As I felt my fifth orgasm building between my legs, I realized is awe that we had been fucking wildly for at least twenty minutes and he STILL hadn't came! 

Not that I was complaining. 

He began to finger my ass with one finger as he felt my muscle begin to clench up. He added another, and began twisting them in time with my thrusts. He reached his other hand around and began playing with my boob, as well as he could when I was moving so quickly. 

As soon as I hit my climax he pulled out and gently helped me down from it by simply rubbing my slit very gently, being careful to not touch my clit which was hyperactive at this point to any sort of touch. 

When id finally recovered, he lay down. "Want to try cowgirl?"

I nodded and climbed into his lap clumsily, sliding down slowly over his erection. 

Things changed, suddenly. We weren't fucking, we were making love. 

I slid slowly up and down him, leaning over his face, our eyes locked. I remember id once been shy to look him in the eyes when I was so vulnerable as this. But now I loved it. I felt so connected to him. It was like in those moments that we became one entity of pure love and passion that no one else could ever know.

He reached up and tucked my hair behind my ears. "I love you." He said, smiling. 

"I love you too, Rhys." I responded, leaning down to kiss him gently. 

We stayed like that for at least ten minutes, slowly, steadily, creating our own definition of the word "love". Sharing kisses on cheeks and eyelids and noses and necks. Whispering our affections for each other, barely loud enough over our broken breathing. 

Im sure we could have stayed that way forever if the world could have frozen for us. But, it didn't. 

"Shit, Parker, we've got lot ten more minutes but then we've really got to leave!" Rhys suddenly exclaimed. 

"Babe you need to get off then!" I said, suddenly worried that he wouldn't be able to reach his release. "We've been fucking for like thirty minutes, how the hell haven't you come?"

He grinned sheepishly. "Uh, no idea, actually! Last time was yesterday, with you."

I laughed determinedly at the look on his face. "Well, let's get you off babe."

"Do you want to try anal?" He suggested. 

I felt my heart jump a little bit. I enjoyed it, but god did it hurt at first! "We can try, maybe."

"Let's do it Doggy this time."

We got into position, and in no time at all i felt the head of his cock attempting to enter my ass. At first it was a pleasant feeling, but then suddenly it burned. I was being ripped apart and everything everywhere hurt.  

I must have cried out, becaus Rhys immediately pulled back and asked what was wrong. 

"It just hurts today, I don't know why, I'm really sorry babe!" I was close to tears. I wanted to please him, but my body wasn't allowing me to

"No baby don't be upset that's fine, lets go back to cowgirl." Rhys quickly reassured me. 

I nodded and climbed on him, except reverse cowgirl with my back facing him with the hopes that maybe he could somehow get my ass to be ready for him. 

I started fucking him like before, hitting my G-spot against the head of his dick with every thrust and being so arroused that my juices were literally dripping out of me all over his pelvis. 

While I did this, he wet one of his fingers and began fingering my ass. He increased the one finger to two, and then started moving them side to side and in circles in an attempt to prepare me. After another minute or two, I turned to him "you want to try again?"

He grinned "Fuck yeah, but only if you want to."

I turned to face him and slowly lowered myself onto his hard member. His head broke through far easier this time, and when I opened my eyes twenty seconds later, I had taken all of him inside of me. He grinned at me, and we began to fuck again. 

He started slowly, making sure I was used to his size and presence. However once I was accommodating him, he fucked me with all he had.

I gasped with every thrust of him lifting my hips and slamming me back down the hilt of his cock. He was ready for a change though, so he pulled me off. "NOW we're going to try it Doggy."

As soon as I was on my knees he had thrust fully inside of me. I felt the warmth growing in my clit again, and I knew I was somehow going to reach yet another orgasm. The stimulation of him pounding my ass was arousing me more than I liked to admit, and I was going to come - from anal stimulation alone!

But the question was, could I last another climax? Between my past climaxes and all the intense fucking, I was honestly exhausted, to the point where I felt like I wouldn't be able to hold myself up.

I dreaded it, but it came anyway, an energy built inside of me bigger than any of the others. Rhys' grunts were getting louder, and right as I began to climax, he shoved two fingers into my pussy and used his other hand to rub my clit ferociously. 

I didn't only have an orgasm - I had an extended orgasm. I contracted around Rhys' cock while coming all over his fingers. The more he attacked my clit, the more I came. 

Everything stopped making sense, I had fallen into my chest and head and my sight was becoming dizzy. All I knew was that I was experiencing the most pleasure Id ever had in my whole life, mixed with the most pleasing pain. The world was spinning, and I was still stuck in my high, and Rhys was gasping my name over and over and I was begging him to come.

And then, it ended.

My spazems slowed, and I was left collapsed on the bed with Rhys lain across me. We were a pile of limbs and sweat and heavy breathing and pure pleasure. 

Rhys finally lifted his head "You.. Okay?" He asked between deep breaths.

I rolled over and allowed a faint smile to play over my lips. "I am far, far better than okay."


Submitted: January 29, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Only True Tales. All rights reserved.

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Hot story. Thanks for the read!

Fri, January 29th, 2016 1:13pm


Thank you!

Fri, January 29th, 2016 5:29am


Hot, hot, hot sex, LOVED, LOVED the oral, real and delicious, just the way I like it. Dynamite writing, professional, alluring and satisfying.

Fri, January 29th, 2016 4:15pm


Thank you!

Fri, January 29th, 2016 9:12am


That was unbelievably hot!!

Fri, January 29th, 2016 7:41pm


Why thank you very much!

Fri, January 29th, 2016 2:09pm

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