Birthday Sex

Birthday Sex Birthday Sex

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



The true story of my 18th birthday.



The true story of my 18th birthday.


Submitted: January 29, 2016

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Submitted: January 29, 2016



"I've got a conference call in five, so don't bother me unless someone's dying." Rhys' stepdad jokes, heading up the stairs. 

Rhys and I nodded, sharing a knowing look as we followed him up the stairs and into the bedroom while he locked himself away in the office.

as soon as we were in, I wrapped my arms around Rhys' middle and kissed the center of his throat. "Happy birthday, Parker." He smiled down at me.

"Thank you for making it so great, babe." I whispered back. 

His hands rested on my ass cheeks, holding them firmly in his grasp. He kissed my forehead, and then made his way trailing kisses down the side of his face until he reached neck, where he stayed as his hands squeezed my ass. 

I moaned in contented bliss, and suddenly he stopped. "We should move downstairs so that he doesn't hear us." Rhys decided, grabbing a condom from the box on the self and pushing it into his pocket. 

I nodded and grabbed his hand, leading him out of the room and down the stairs to the couch. 

"Nope." He said simply, pointing at the wall-sized window that faced his neighbors' houses. 

"Well where the hell else are we gonna do it?" I huffed in frustration. We had. Only ever fucked in his room and on the couch. 

"Bathroom?" He grinned. 

I grinned back. That was definitely a first. "Sure!"

as we made our way into the bathroom, Rhus explained our escape plan/excuse. "Now we still need to be quiet, because if my stepdad hears he might come down. If he does come down, we'll hear him going down the stairs. In that case I'll go search through movies like we are about to watch one, and you close the door and act like you're using the restroom."

i nodded eagerly, ready to get on with it. Once he was satisfied that I understood, he wrapped his arms around my back and hooked them under my thighs, lifting me so that I could wrap my legs around his waist. He'd positioned my aching pussy right over his growing hardness, so I ground away at it slowly, eliciting moans from both of us. 

He thrust his long member against my crotch, which made me gasp. 

"Fuck, Rhys. Let's just make this a quickie because I need you inside me right now."

"No way in hell." He grinned back at me, and I could see devilish ideas forming in his mind. 

Without a second throughly he set me back on my feet and turned me around so that my ass was on cock and we were facing the tall mirror together. 

The mirror made everything so much more erotic- how he kissed my neck while I shit my eyes and threw back my head, how he rhythmically rubbed his left hand across my aching crotch. 

He turned me to face him, and then he sat down on the closed toilet seat. He began unbuttoning my pants achingly slow, making eye contact with me all the while. Fuck, he was so hot when he did that. Finally he finished unzipping my jeans, and he slowly worked them and my panties down over my hips. 

And then he stared in awestruck wonder at my waiting pussy. No, it was his pussy. I always loved this moment. Whenever he decided to eat me out (which was almost always), he would take a moment to revel in the beauty of his favorite place, before placing a single, aching, lick from bottom to top. 

I moaned when this signature lick came, thrusting myself closer for more.

"Bend over the sink." Rhys ordered, turning me around. After removing my pants and panties completely, he paused, listening to make sure the coast was clear. 

"You're so goddamn sexy." He groaned, taking in the image of his girlfriend bent over his bathroom sink, waiting, ready, for him to do with as he wished. 

"Fuck me?" I asked quietly, knowing what the answer would be. 

"Not yet. I'm going to eat you out. I'm going to make you cum all over my face and in my mouth, and after I've finger fucked you into another orgasm, I'll decide if I want to fuck you or not."

I moaned in response to his hot seductive words. 

He lowered himself until I could feel his breath on my labia. Suddenly my clit was aching for release, knowing he could provide it. 

Rhys took his sweet time, as he always did. He began by placing half a dozen licks over the whole of my pussy, taking care to not come into direct contact with my clit. No matter how I pushed myself against him and shoved it closer, he avoided it as if it were a bomb. Which, perhaps, it was. 

Next, he used his hands to spread apart my ass cheeks, giving him full view of my little asshole and my dripping pussy. After becoming satisfied with the view, he again leaned forward and began to. Suck on my inner labia, applying just enough force that it pulled slightly on my enraged clit. When he decided to move on, he began probing my hole delicately with his tongue, never going in deep enough to satisfy, but somehow deep enough to build up the already growing heat of my climax. 

"Please baby suck my clit please Rhys I need to cum!" I moaned. 

I felt a sharp slap on my ass cheek. "Quiet. My stepdads still here, you know that."

I bit my lip and moaned through it until he continued his assault of my pussy. 

Suddenly, he switched his tactics and loved to my hardened clit, flicking his tongue back and forth over it faster than any finger could. 

"Oh, oh, oh- fuck!" I grunted with each flick. I felt the warmth of my orgasm begin to peak, and my toes begin to curl. 

"Oh god, of fuck! Babe, baby I'm cumming oh fuck!" I moaned I'm sweet ecstasy, attempting to stay quiet and not scream out like every bit of my body wanted to. 

He began to tongue fuck me, drinking up my sweetness and devouring my whole. He didn't stop until my orgasm had subsided and I was panting, exhausted, over the sink. 

He wasted no time in finger fucking me - first with one hand and then with another. He began to assault my G-spot, vibrating his finger against my front wall with east thrust. Next I felt his other hand began to gently rub my asshole, getting it lubricated with my excessive amount of arousal. First one finger, then two. Two in each hole. He began to thrust them in time with each other, aided by myself thrusting back to allow his fingers as much access as possible. 

"You going to cum for me, baby?" He asked. "You going to cum around my finger in your little ass and pussy?"

"Ooohhh yeah babe right there, don't stop." I moaned in response. He quickened his pace on my pussy, but retracted his fingers from my ass, before replacing them with a knuckle. 

It didn't feel any bigger than his two fingers had combined, but then he began twisting it back and forth, loosening me in a way his finger fucking hadn't. 

My orgasm hit suddenly, making me drop all my weight on the sink, gasping out as he slowed down his pace, riding it out till the end. 

When it finally subsided, I stood as much as I could and turned to him, kissing his still-wet lips. 

I let my hands undo his belt, and this time he didn't stop me. I lower his pants and then his boxers before clasping my hands around his thick cock. I moaned into his neck, pumping him slowly, before I dropped to my knees and licked his head playfully. 

This made him moan louder than before, so I wet my lips and took all of his hardness into my mouth, allowing it to slip down my throat and for my gag reflex to tighten around the tip of it. 

However, we both wanted to fuck. After a few more moments of basking in his beautiful taste, I stood back up and leaned back over the sink, wiggling my ass at him enticingly. 

"Gonna fuck me now?" I whispered sweetly, playfully. 

Rhys smirked determinedly, and rolled the condom over his ready six inches. The second his hands were back on my hips, he drove his cock in to the hilt, pulling a cry from my lips. 
"Parker! Quiet!" He demanded, slowly finding a rhythm. 
But it was hard, so so hard! As he slowly increased his pace, my little gasps grew louder, echoing in time with his almost silent grunts. In an attempt to quiet me, he stuck two fingers in my mouth, which I sucked on to distract myself from how much I wanted to scream in pleasure. 
"Damn babe you're so tight." Rhys groaned, slamming me onto his hardness again and again, trying to reach even deeper. 
I felt my release building up, climbing higher and higher with ever stroke, almost there...
Rhys pulled out and sat on the toilet. "Ride me."
My build up subsided as I turned around and looked at the beautiful man in front of me. So hot, so ready, so wanting. Mine. Completely mine. 
I straddled him and attempted to fuck him like he had fucked me. I bounced myself up and down, all the while nipping at his lips, his cheek, his neck. 
And then there it was again, my climax building at an even faster pace as I pounded away at him. My breaths became for ragged, and I noticed his grunt ms becoming more and more ernest. 
I was reaching my peak, holding out just a few moments longer to try to bring Rhys to his release. 
And finally, it happened. "Oh, Parker, oh fuck, Parker!" I felt his cock twitch inside of me, which brought me over the edge, as I convulsed around him, extending both our orgasms to their maximum extent. 
When we'd recovered from our blissful high, we wrapped our arms around each other. 
"That was... Wow." I sighed breathlessly. 

He grinned that sexy little grin of his. "Happy Birthday, baby."

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