A Slow Descent

A Slow Descent A Slow Descent

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


A slow descent into darkness.


A slow descent into darkness.


Submitted: July 01, 2013

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Submitted: July 01, 2013



The doors are veiled in darkness

not welcoming or inviting but the opposite.

The rooms are similar, with a forbearing  sense of gloom

overshadowing all other possible

feelings of joy.

Small traces of

solace peek through the dread.

I watch aghast

as the unyielding despair takes

 its toll. Slowly it permeates through

shadows and

darkness making itself at home.

It is in the room, darkness grows

and thrives, spreading

slowly through the open expanse.

All is undisturbed. Stillness


reaps the entirety of my mind.

The time has come. It is

twilight, with Death

its ghastly bearer.

My mind, used to be my own

now it belongs to Death, held firm in

his inflexible grasp,

never capable of breaking free.

I am constrained 

to oblige to 

be the eternal prisoner of Death.


Throughout all my life

I cling to hope, but

the shadows have precedent 

claimed me. Death grows, day is gone

there is no more hope

to save me from the doom that comes from

being a Shadow's own.

Joy peeks around

corners frightened, 

hiding away from the sadness

I have taken into myself and

become. It grieves my slow

descent to Death. I am 

eternally one with 

the shadows.


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