Wake Up

Wake Up

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


What happens after a wet dream during the night.


What happens after a wet dream during the night.


Submitted: February 18, 2016

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Submitted: February 18, 2016



As he bent her over the sink, he brought his hands up from around her waist to her voluptuous boobs, grabbing them she sucked in her breath as she felt his hard cock pressed against her ass.  She could feel the dampness between her legs as it stuck to her thighs.

Suddenly awake she moved her fingers down to her pussy, soaked, another wet dream.  She looked over at him sleeping wondering if she should wake him this time to tell him about it, so far she had kept them to herself.

Quietly getting out of bed, taking the covers with her to reveal his naked body, she moved to the foot of the bed, slowly she moved up his body, tracing her fingers up his legs as she went.  Coming to the top of his thighs she lower her mouth until she blew gently on his cock, feeling him stir she started to lick his balls, moving her way up his cock until she got to the tip, she started to lick it in fast motions as it started to rise, she could feel his eyes on her as he sat up.

‘I like this early morning wake up’

Without saying a word she pushed him until he was lying on his back again, swung her leg over him so her back was to him.  She shuffled back so her ass was centimetres from his face, her face in his crotch.

Grabbing his now throbbing cock, she took him fully in her mouth, choking herself slightly as she did it with such force, feeling him trace her thong line lightly with his finger she didn’t think it would be long before he had her soaking.  Moving her lips up and down his hard cock, she loved to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue, as she did this he pinged her thong.  Wiggling her ass, he grabbed it with both hands pulling it to his face, tracing her thong line with his tongue, gasping she let his cock fall from her mouth, this gave him the encouragement he needed.

‘Turn around’ He told her

Knowing she couldn’t resist him telling her what to do, she turned to face him, straddling him across his stomach, smirking at him as she knew where he really wanted her to be.

‘Not there, higher’

Shuffling up on her knees she reached his chest, she stuck her tongue out at him as she looked at him.

I like that tongue but you still need to be higher’

As she placed one knee above his shoulder, starting to place her other one he grabbed her, firmly burying his face in her shaven pussy.

Gasping a moan, she leaned back to stroke his hard cock.

Lifting her from his face ‘No touching, it’s not allowed’

Smiling she took a breath; slowly she moved her body the lace of her thong rubbing against his mouth.

She sat up as she did; he started to move her thong down her thighs, bringing one leg up he pulled the thong off.

Sitting back on his face she slowly stated to rock over his mouth, holding onto the headboard to steady her, building up the pressure she lifted herself slightly from his face, holding on to her thighs he took her clit in between his teeth, nibbling it gently, delving inside her with his tongue exploring her inside and out.

Feeling herself close to orgasm she took his hands from her thighs putting them above his head she moved her body down until she was straddling his chest, her juices dripping on him.

Bending down she gently kissed him on the lips, smelling, tasting her juices on them turned her on even more, kissing him harder, he broke his hands free, grabbing her by the back of her head pulling her closer to him, she felt her juices trickle down the inside of her thigh.

Hovering above his hard cock, she lowered herself on to it sliding onto it easily being so wet.  Looking him in the eyes she slowly started to rock her body as her hands teased her nipples, his fingers expertly working her clit, building up her orgasm this way she knew she would explode.

Riding him faster, she grabbed his thighs as she got closer to climax, his hands now moving over her body reaching her boobs, he grabbed them with such force, she gasped his name as her orgasm exploded from her body.

Smiling at him as she went to move he grabbed around her waist, swiftly moving her until she was under him.

Looking into her eyes as he thrust deep into her, taking his cock out until it was just the tip inside her, forcing him into her each time.

Putting her legs on his shoulders, his fingers finding her clit, he rubbed it until he felt her squirm beneath him.  Holding her thighs tightly her, he fucked her hard.

Gasping ‘again’ she came once more, just as he did.

Removing him from her, he went to get off the bed as she sat up.

‘Where do you think you are going?’

‘Shower’ he said smiling at her.

‘Still a few hours until morning’ grabbing him by the hand she pulled him back to bed.

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