A Ride to Remember

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A train journey with a difference.

Her body started to shake as she walked along the station’s platform; she was sure all the other commuters could see her legs tremble as she took each step.Watching her steps, she didn’t want any trips up or stiletto heels getting stuck in drains as she made her way to platform 2.

Arriving at her designated platform she took a seat and clutched her bag close to her chest, she looked around but she couldn’t see him.

It started a few days ago when he sent her a text with a dare for her.  She was sceptical at first but reluctantly she sent a quick reply ‘Ok.  So what’s the dare?’

The reply was instant ‘On Wednesday you will go to platform 2 and travel to Glasgow. In the morning I will send you a text telling you what to wear’

Wow she thought, this is going to be interesting, taking a few minutes to respond she replied ‘OK, Wednesday it is’

Scanning around again she hoped she would see him, he had never said he would be there but given what she had been instructed to wear this morning she would be highly disappointed if he did not join her on this ride.

Just then the train pulled in to the station, she promptly got up and strode towards it.  Thankful that the train didn’t look too busy, she took in the handful of people around her waiting to board and the influx of people departing the train.

Swinging herself onto the train, she walked down the carriage to seat herself away from others and away from a table.  Finding the perfect seat she shuffled herself into the seat careful not to let her coat gape.

Getting herself comfortable she pulled out her train ticket and her book to pass the time until she received further instructions.

Hearing her phone beep, she pulled it out of her coat pocket, ‘Are you sitting comfortably, ready for your next instruction?’

‘On train, nobody around me, what’s next?’ she fired back with a smile on her face, this was getting more exciting now.

‘When the inspector has been and marked your ticket text me………and not before’

Putting her phone away she picked her book up trying to get herself lost in the pages of the thriller and failing miserably.

Just then the train rumbled below her as it started up, hoping the instructor wouldn’t be too far behind she put her book in her bag and pulled her phone out and scrolled the photos she had been instructed to take that morning.

Smiling she remembered her first instruction that morning ‘Photographs from start to finish’

Feeling that flutter as she looked through the photos of what she had been instructed to wear on this ‘ride to remember’ as he had put it earlier.Suddenly she was startled out of her daydream by the instructor clearing his throat beside her, blushing she handed her ticket over to him, marking it, he returned it without uttering a word.

Quickly she went to her messages ‘ticket marked’

‘I told you it was a good idea you left something behind when I last saw you’ was the reply.

Confused ‘I think you have replied to the wrong person’

Suddenly she knew what he meant when she felt the vibrate below, she also knew then he had never been far away from her the whole time.

Quickly texting ‘It seems this journey just got a lot better’

Hoping he would show his face soon, she really wanted to show her appreciation of his game.

Jerking suddenly when he increased the vibrate of her egg she gasped at the power he had over her, she could feel some of her juices had escaped pooling at her bum.

Deciding no more texting she would focus on herself, reaching up she pulled her scarf from her neck and draped it across her knees, sticking her hands under she undid the last few buttons on her coat giving her more space to start to play.

Sliding her hands into her knickers she closed her eyes as the smell of how wet she was wafted up to her.

A phone ringing interrupted her thoughts, she quickly looked around thinking someone was nearby and realised it was her phone ringing, seeing his name flash up on screen, she knew she was going to get a row ‘I know, I will stop’ she breathed down the phone and hung up again.

Mentally kicking herself for getting carried away.  She had been told no touching yourself until permission was given.

Feeling the vibration changing through the settings she knew this was her punishment for not listening to his instructions.  He would be as turned on as she was, he sometimes liked to be the one in control, and he got turned on knowing that she was turned on.

Starting to feel a little deflated, she manoeuvred so she wasn’t sitting in the prominently wet part but just as she did that he turned the egg on to the pulsating mode, she was so taken aback she grabbed the headrest in front of her to steady herself, getting her breath back.

‘I did tell you this would be a ride to remember’ whispered a voice in her ear.

Turning around she saw his smiling eyes and his big smile looking at her through the gap in the headrests. She got up to go beside him, when he grabbed her shaking his head ‘Sit down, I will come to you’

Reluctantly she sat herself back down, wishing she could feel his lips on hers.

‘Show me the pictures you took this morning’ turning to him she said ‘would you not much rather see the real thing?’

‘I’ll see that soon’ he replied as he reached his hand through the gap for her phone.

Reluctantly she passed it to him, she watched him to see his reaction when he looked at her in her birthday suit and her underwear he had picked.

Seeing his smile grow, she wondered if another part of his anatomy was growing at the same time, trying to sneak a peek she couldn’t tell.

Feeling the pulsating changing speed again all she could think was how she wanted him to fill her now.

Handing back her phone ‘Stand up and let me in the window seat’

Shuffling out she stood in the aisle to let him slide in, as she went to slide in beside him ‘No, open your coat first and let me see in person.

Slowly unbuttoning her coat, she glanced around to make sure no one was coming she grabbed both sides and opened the coat so only he could see her push up black bra pushing her DD breasts towards her face and her frilly pink and black crotchless knickers, where the glistening of her juices could be seen around the edge.

Now he had seen she buttoned herself back up leaving the last few at the bottom undone so there was easier access.  Sliding in beside him, she grabbed him, crushing her lips to his in a furious kiss, biting his bottom lip he would know how turned on she was.

Pulling away from her ‘Pull out the egg when I turn it off, lick your juices off it, and then put it in your bag’

She felt the egg stop vibrating; going under her coat she found the rope and slowly pulled out the egg.  Turning to face him she looked him deep in the eyes as she licked her wetness slowly from the egg, glancing down she could see his bulge, she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it.

Grabbing her bag she put the egg away and looked at him as she lightly ran her hand over his bulge.

‘Now sit on me, lift your coat up at the back as you do it’

Doing as he said she used the headrest for support as she sat on him facing away from him, getting more turned on as the seconds past she wished he would touch her down there soon, he always gave her amazing orgasms.

She ground herself down on him to try and entice him more.

‘Behave’ he whispered in her ear as he ploughed his fingers deep into her, gasping she threw her head back so she could kiss him as he brought her close to her orgasm.

Moving her hand to his bulge, she freed it from its prison and running her fingers lightly over the head she could feel his precum under her fingers.

Knowing all she wanted was to feel him inside her, she told him ‘I want you in me, now’

With his fingers still inside her he used his thumb to rub her clit roughly as he told her to wait.

Moving his hard cock towards her soaking pussy so he knew how seriously close to climax she was she moved his hand away ‘I’m nearly there, I need you now’ She gasped.

He grabbed her hands and placed them on the headrest in front of her, as one hand grabbed her left breast and tweak her nipple his other hand guided his hard cock inside.

Gasping as she felt his fullness inside her she manoeuvred on top of him until they were both comfortable.

‘Now bring us both to climax’ he told her.

She started to ride him slowly, gripping the headrest she started to move faster as he played with her nipples and the fingers on his other hand rubbed her clit.

Grabbing his thighs she rocked faster, as his fingers increased their speed on her clit.

She started to moan as she neared climax, clasping his hand firmly over her mouth only heightened her orgasm. She dug her nails into his thighs as her body shuddered to orgasm, her juices soaking his cock.

Grabbing both her breast he squeezed them as he came inside her, letting out a sigh after he finished ejecting inside her.

‘Now you have to lick me clean of our juices’ he whispered in her ear.

Carefully she stood off him; she could feel their juices running down both her thighs.  She sat beside him, taking him in her mouth she started to lick their juices from his cock.  Slowly she made her way to the tip where she paid extra attention to make sure that she teased him as she licked him clean.

Grabbing her gently by the hair he pulled her off him ‘I think you got it all’ he smiled at her. ‘We are nearly at Glasgow, go and clean yourself up’

She grabbed her bag and stood to adjust her coat, he slapped her ass to get her moving.

With shaky legs she made her way to the toilets. If this was the start to their day trip in Glasgow she couldn’t wait to find out what other sexy surprises he had in store.  He was right she smiled to herself it had definitely been a train ride to remember.

Submitted: November 30, 2014

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That's one ride I could even LOVE to pay for...

Mon, December 8th, 2014 6:23am

P Setaoch

That punched my ticket.......

Mon, December 8th, 2014 9:21am

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