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Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Fairytale theater proudly presents a fairytale. The little concubine Maria and her tale of love.


Fairytale theater proudly presents a fairytale. The little concubine Maria and her tale of love.


Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Submitted: September 20, 2013



This is an old, old story. There was once a very small kingdom. The kingdom was so small that if you searched for it on a map it would take some time to find. In the middle of this kingdom was a small castle. Within this castle lived a young ruler with a few servants and concubines, and they quietly lived there in peace.

“Pardon my intrusion.” A sweet delicate voice rang within the room. “Thank you for calling upon me for the night, your highness.” She cooed as she stood there. She was small in size only about five foot if that. He had long light brown hair that shinned like gold. Her skin was like a doll as she stared at the young king with her baby blue eyes.

“Hello.” The young king said his voice smooth and deep like the ocean. Her eyes widened with surprise and happiness. She quickly bowed her head blushing as he motioned for her to sit upon his bed. “What is your name?” he asked her his eyes never leaving her body. She did as she was bided and sat upon his bed next to him. “I am called Maria.” She half whispered her face red with embarrassment.

The young kings smile spread across his face as he heard her name for the first time “Maria…” he said slowly sounding out every syllable what a beautiful name.” he whispered to her and only her. She raised her hands to cover her face her face turning a brighter shade of red.

The young king reached out lowering her arms from her face and whispered “I would like to give you a gift, a reward for tonight.” He watched her closely waiting for her request as she sat there “Um…” was all she could think of to say “Is there something you would like?” he asked leaning in close to her.

“I am from the country, so I don’t know anything. Even if I am free to choose something, I couldn’t think of anything.” She smiled a sweet childlike smile that fit her perfectly. “Please forgive my insignificant heritage.” She whispered bowing her head before her beloved king. “I’m sorry.” He whispered picking her face up to look into her beautiful eyes. “Please pick something from this room then.” He whispered motioning his hand for her to the room. “There is nothing I can’t part with.”

He stood up slowly holding her delicate hand as if it would break helping her to her feet as she looked around the large room. “Then what about those?” she pointed to a small table within the room “Those white things.”

“The sugar cubes?” the young king asked “Sugar cubes is that what they are?” she asked as the young king looked at her in shock. “Are you sure you want them?” he questioned watching her as she stared at them as if they were the most amazing thing she had seen “After you eat them they are gone.”

“You can eat them!” she shouted in shock holding onto the table looking up at the young king her eyes wide with surprise. “Y-yeah.” The young king replied staring down at her and her innocence “these pretty things?” she questioned looking back at the sugar cubes. “Amazing!” she smiled widely.

The young king reached over plucking the small sugar cube from the tray “here open your mouth and try it.” He urged her and she quickly did as he bid. Her mouth closes lightly around his finger as he dropped the sugar cube into her small delicate mouth. “It’s sweet and incredibly delicious!” she giggled cocking her head to the side. The young king smiled slowly amazed with his young concubine leaning in “Let me try some.” He whispered placing a kiss upon her lips. The kiss became passionate and the young concubine closed her eyes tightly letting the moment sweep her and the young king away.

The next day Maria had returned to the haram had found an amazing gift. Sugar cubes of every color all that could be gathered within the kingdom. Of course it was the king who had sent them. Everyone was different with beautiful designs drawn into them. Maria decided to eat them a bit at a time, ever so carefully. Each time one melted into her mouth, her feelings for the young king grew more and more.

“Maria…” the king coed as he stared at his lovely concubines naked body “I want to show you the most beautiful things.” He reached out touching her arm lightly “I want to dress you in gorgeous clothing. I want you to be touched as I show you the rarest of things in this world.” He smiled at her as they lay there. “Your highness…” Maria said in a sweet delicate voice that she used every time she was with the king “Right now I am perfectly happy.” She smiled “Really?” the young king asked in wonderment.

At that time the young king had his eyes set upon a place far, far away. Maria’s voice couldn’t reach that place, and seemed like a distant echo. And then the war began. The one who started the war was the once gentle young king of this land. The king had won the battle and took over the country, traded and made money. And just like that the once small country had grown large and spread too much of the continent.

The king had become incredible wealthy. He built a large castle, and bought rare treasures from other countries, many servants, and a large haram, and many beautiful concubines. Maria was buried in the middle of this dazzling world her small voice hidden, and the kings voice was silent.

“Hey!” a servant from the haram yelled “Hey you!” she snarled at Maria. Maria turned to the servant looking around her wondering if she was talking to her and pointed her finger at herself “Yes you!” the servant snapped in frustration. “Go spend the night with his highness.” She said flatly.

Maria’s eyes widened in excitement as she ran for the kings chambers where he would be waiting for her. She stopped before his door and took a deep breath preparing herself for the excitement of seeing her king again. She opened the door quickly walking in looking over at the king sitting upon a large ornate chair. “Hello.” He said with a smile “You came quickly…” his voice trailed

“You’re highness!” Maria said with glee “Oh! You must be new…” he smiled sweetly at her “What is your name.” Maria stared at him her heart sank her beloved king had forgotten her. “What is wrong? What’s your name?” the king asked.

“It’s…” she held her tears in trying not to show her emotions to the king “Maria.” She walked to him her head lowered “Really?” he smiled upon her as her body shock slightly with sadness “Well Maria I will give you a present.” He sat back in his large chair with a glee that seemed unlike the king she had fallen in love with. “Tell me what you want. I will give you anything you desire.” He raised his hand as if he owned the world.

“Then… um… I’ll take some sugar cubes.” She half whispered just loud enough for the king to hear her. “What?” the king asked in shock “You’re teasing me. What an amusing girl.” He laughed and she felt her heart throb with pain her eyes filled with tears that over flowed with pain and she passed out.

A big kingdom, no a huge kingdom, tons of money, mountains of gems, rarest of treasures, many servants, and an enormous amount of concubines the king, who was intoxicated by all these dazzling things around him, had tossed his memories of Maria aside.

And after this, when Maria was occasionally called upon Maria’s hopes would grow and go meet with the king. However the king was always the same and would say “Hello you must be new. What is your name?” and every time her heart would break.

Maria sat on the floor her sugar cubes had grown low to the point she had only two left. Her tears stained her face as she pulled the last two remaining sugar cubes into her small hands holding them tightly. “Ah…” Maria said falling forward from someone knocking into her harshly.

“Hey what are you staring into space for?” one of the many concubines said with a hiss “Get out of our way!” she snapped walking away from Maria “What are you doing?” Maria asked the girl as she turned to look at her like Maria was an idiot. “What you don’t know?” she snarled in amusement “The king lost the war!”

It had all happened so quickly. Within forty-eight hours after being defeated, the king had lost everything. All the money, the mountain of gems, the rarest of treasures, the castle servants, and the concubines… when the sun had set the large, large kingdom had turned back into a small one.

The king sat at his throne his hands in his face in disgrace. He could hear the footsteps of a small person his head never lifting up from his hands “There’s still someone left?” he more asked himself. “The exit is over there.” He pointed to the door “You can collect your things and leave.” He looked up holding his hand to his nose pinching the ridge between his eyes trying to keep himself from crying.

“No.” Maria said standing before the king her arms folded in front of her. “What do you want?” the king asked with a huff “I don’t have anything anymore.” He looked away his eyes watering “I have no money or treasure to give you. I had lost it all.” He looked pitiful as he sat there in misery.

Maria kneeled before him reaching out lightly touching his hands and she looked up at him her sweet smile she always had for him placed upon her beautiful face. “I don’t need money or gems.” She whispered up at him. His eyes widened in shock at the beautiful girl that kneeled before him “I only want to be allowed to stay with you.”

“Why?” the prince asked watching Maria as she pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and unfolded it slowly and delicately. In the middle of the handkerchief were the two small sugar cubes she had left “please take one your highness.” She raised her hands up for him to take “Sugar cubes?” he questioned leaning down picking one up and placing it into his mouth.

The sugar cube melted in his mouth as his memory of her grew clear until he knew her. His eyes became teary and rolled down his face. “Your highness?” Maria looked up at him “Is something wrong?” she looked up at him worry upon her small face. “It is sweet and incredible delicious Maria.” He said with tears streaming down his face.

He had remembered her! She leaped up throwing herself into the kings arms with pure joy “How could I have forgotten you?” he cried out in disbelief at the thought of forgetting the beautiful memories of her. “I should have sworn I loved you to the kingdom.” He cried out in love.

That night turned into morning and the haram was closed. The kingdom never made the same mistake again. The small country became beautiful and peaceful. And no matter what Maria was the only one that stood by the king’s side forever and ever.

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