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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


As a favor to her actress sister Abby, New England farmer Jane Falbury allows a group of actors to use her barn as a theater for their play. In return, the cast and crew have to help her with the farm chores. During rehearsals, Jane finds herself falling for the show's director, Joe Ross.


As a favor to her actress sister Abby, New England farmer Jane Falbury allows a group of actors to use her barn as a theater for their play. In return, the cast and crew have to help her with the farm chores. During rehearsals, Jane finds herself falling for the show's director, Joe Ross.

Chapter1 (v.1) - In Your Eyes, I Will See My Friendly Star

Author Chapter Note

After the show's debut, Joe is eager to begin his newfound relationship with Jane.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 16, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 16, 2016



The cast of Fall In Love took their final bow. The audience reception was outstanding. Everyone was eager to meet the stars of the show. Joe and Jane were both pulled away by people congratulating them and shaking their hands, they were barely able to speak to each other. Jane casually slipped away from the crowd and escaped to her dressing room. She closed the door behind her and let out a deep breath with a wide smile. 

“I did it…” She whispered to herself. 

She undid her white and green striped overalls; she was about to change into her own clothes when she heard a knock at the door. 

“Come in!” She shouted from behind the folding screen. 

Joe entered and he smiled at her affectionately. 

“Hello, wonderful.” 

“Hi.” She beamed. 

“You know,” Joe started as he took a seat at her desk. “I’ve been trying to make it in this business for years and I’ve never seen such a reaction from an audience. After all this time, I finally found the secret to my success; all I ever needed was you.” 

Jane emerged from behind the screen wearing a light purple summer dress and black heels. She didn’t dress up often but when she did, her beauty could bring a man to his knees. Joe was nearly breathless when he saw her. 

“Wow…” He managed to speak. 

Joe took her in his arms and held her tightly. Just as he was about to kiss her, they were interrupted by another knock at the door. Es let herself in. 

“You kids better hurry up, we’ve got a mob out here!”

“We’ll be out shortly, Aunt Es.” Jane replied. 

“All right. Remember, no hanky panky in my barn! I’ve got my eyes on you Mr. Ross.” She winked. 

She went to leave and Joe leaned in once more for a kiss but was again interrupted by Es who stuck her head back into the room. 

“Oh, Herb wanted me to tell you, after everything settles here, the troupe is heading into Wingait Falls for a supper out. They want you two to go with them.” 

“Thank you, Es.” Joe responded sweetly. 

Es smiled at them and finally left them alone.

“Now where was I?” Joe purred, inching his lips towards hers. 

Jane pulled back, giggling and took his hand. 

“No hanky panky in the barn!” She said, mimicking Es as best as she could. 

Joe groaned out of playful frustration as Jane lead him back out into the sea of people. They stayed at the barn for awhile longer, talking to friends and audiences members, including some big shots from New York who were interested in collaborating with Joe in the future. Once everyone dispersed, Joe, Jane, Herb, Artie and the rest of the troupe drove to the small town’s fanciest restaurant where they had a late supper in celebration of their grand opening. The play had been such a success that they added more show times through till the end of the week. 

After supper and a sufficient amount of drinking, they headed back to the farm. The troupe climbed sluggishly up to the hayloft and retired for the night while Joe walked Jane to her door. Es was standing on the other side of the screen watching them. Jane waved at her pleasantly before turning her wave into a “shoo” motion. Joe laughed. 

“Why do I suddenly get the feeling she doesn’t like me?” 

“Don’t be silly, she adores you. You’ve moved so swiftly across the family though, she’s probably just eager to get her turn.” Jane joked, laughing at herself. 

Joe gasped before he too broke into a laugh. 

“I deserved that.”

Joe and Jane stared at each other silently for a few moments. The moon sparkled in her eyes and Joe went weak at the knees. 

“You were wonderful tonight, Jane.”

“Ah, it was only because you make me wonderful.” She smiled. “I’ll see you in the morning…” 

“You bet you will.” 

Joe wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. His lips just barely grazed hers when Es came out of the house in her house coat with her shot gun in tow. 

“Time’s up! Get inside Jane.” She said, taking Joe by the arm and pulling him towards the barn. 

“Goodnight, Jane…” Joe yelled, turning around in Es’s hold to look at her. 

“Goodnight, Joe.” She replied, climbing the steps to the porch. 

Joe laid wide awake in the hayloft. Thoughts of Jane filled his mind; how well she performed, her incredible voice, her courage and how he ached for another kiss. One with no misunderstanding in it’s meaning and one with no audience. He looked towards the sheet that separated the guys and girls, it was still. Thankfully the ladder was on his side of the loft. He quietly got out of his bedding and crawled over to it, sneakily climbing down. He tip toed out of the barn and went over to the side of the house where Jane’s bedroom window was. He looked up, it was open. He could see the white curtains blowing in the light summer wind. He quietly and carefully climbed the trellis up to the roof over the porch and approached her window. Jane was sleeping soundly with the covers pulled up to her nose. Joe climbed into her bedroom and she began to stir. 


“Hi…” He whispered. 

Jane sat up in her bed and rubbed her eyes. 

“What are you doing?” She asked sleepily.

“I couldn’t wait to start talking.”

“About what?”

“About shoes, ships and sealing wax…” He smiled. 

“Oh, Joe.” She giggled. 

Jane smoothed out her blanket and patted the bed, inviting him to sit. 

“Tell me the story of your life.”

“It’s 2:30 in the morning…” She stated with a softly furrowed brow. 

“I’m sorry, you must be exhausted from last night. I suppose I can wait until tomorrow.” He looked down, twiddling his fingers. 

Joe suddenly looked irresistible to her. He pouted his bottom lip slightly and his eyes travelled up meeting hers. She curled the corner of her mouth up into a half smile. She exhaled deeply as though she was succumbing reluctantly to a desire that burned inside of her. She reached her arm out, grabbing his and pulling him towards her. Joe leaned in to her and their lips finally met with no interruptions. His tongue slid sensually over hers as he held her against him. 

“My birthday is August 13th…” She whispered between kisses. 

“I don’t know much about my parents.” She continued before Joe kissed her again. His lips travelled down her jawline to the side of her neck.

“Abby and I came to live with Aunt Es when we were little after our parents passed away.” 

Joe stopped kissing her and raised his head to meet her eyes. 

“I’m so sorry, Jane.” 

Jane’s eyes watered but she choked back the tears.

“It’s all right.” She murmured. 

“Aunt Es took great care of us… And still does.” 

Joe smiled warmly and scarcely ran the back of his fingers over the side of her face. Jane closed her eyes and the tear she was fighting back fell. Joe wiped it away with his thumb and kissed her cheek. 

“I love to read.” Her soft voice cracked.

“What’s your favourite book?” 

“Gone With the Wind.”

“Margaret Mitchell?”


Jane’s fingers found the hem of his t-shirt. She nervously slid her hands inside, feeling the warmth of his skin and definition of his strong stomach. She opened her eyes and he stared back into hers, nodding his head, silently asking her to continue. She grazed the palms of her hands up his sides and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it on the floor beside them. His torso was so beautifully toned, she couldn’t break her eyes away from him. She traced the outlines of the muscles in his chest and stomach with her index finger before Joe leaned into her again. He resumed kissing the side of her neck. 

“Tell me more…” 

“I studied for a year at the University of Connecticut” 

“What did you study?” His voice sounded so low, he was practically groaning with his lips still on her neck. 

“A bunch of stuff; literature, agriculture…” She moaned softly feeling his breath deepen against her. 

“Keep going.” 

Joe’s lips slid carefully down towards her collarbone. He brought his hand up and began unbuttoning the top button of her light cashmere pyjama top. Jane closed her eyes once again, trying to think of things she could tell him about her life but she couldn’t seem to focus on anything but his tender kisses. 

“I—, I sing in the shower.” She stuttered.

Joe let out a breathy laugh. 

“Why does that not surprise me?” He said as he unbuttoned the second button. 

He parted the collar of her shirt and slid his index finger over the top of her breasts. Jane’s skin felt like satin as he trailed his finger down between them. He unbuttoned the rest of the buttons, his lips kissing each newly exposed area. He looked up at her. 

“What do you eat for breakfast? What comic strips do you read?” 

Jane smiled and shook her head. 

“I think I’m done talking…” She hooked her arms under Joe’s and pulled him back up, their lips meeting in a deeper kiss. 

Joe’s bare chest pressed against hers and the heat between them was almost unbearable. Joe lifted his body slightly and he shoved over to his side. He brought his finger up to her exposed belly button and circled it teasingly before lightly sliding it up to her chest. He opened her unbuttoned shirt, exposing her beautifully swollen breasts. Joe practically lost his breath at the sight of them. Jane’s heart was beating so fast, he could see it. Her nervousness and vulnerability made her all that more alluring. 

“You are so beautiful.”

His fingers began a similar circular motion over her peak. He lowered his mouth to her and replaced his finger with his tongue. Jane shivered with pleasure as his hand caressed her side. He moved his mouth over to her other breast and gave it equal attention. Jane placed her hands on Joe’s back, running her fingers upwards towards the nape of his neck. Joe’s tongue abandoned her breasts and slipped down her stomach. He slid the blankets down. Jane’s breathing deepened when Joe began fingering the waistline of her cotton panties. She had never felt so scared and so aroused in her whole life and truth to be told, neither had he. 

Joe leaned down and kissed the bottom of her stomach just above her pubic bone. She slowly parted her legs and he lightly pressed his hand against her through the cotton fabric, startling her. 

She opened her legs a little more, inviting Joe to adjust himself between them. He crawled over her right leg and leaned down. He hooked his arm underneath her knee and sensually kissed the inside of her creamy thigh in a downward motion. His lips were approaching the leg of her panties when he lifted himself, traveling over her to her other thigh. He repeated the same path with his mouth, pulling her panties down at the same time. He slid them down her legs and tossed them on the ground before returning to her. Once again, he was left breathless at the sight of her. 

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?” He whispered. 

Jane let out a whispered giggle. Her arousal and complete surrender to Joe had left her speechless. Joe lowered his mouth to her and slid his tongue over her most sensitive area. Jane clenched her fists in the sheet and tensed her body. This kind of pleasure was foreign to her. His mouth explored her and he revelled in her sweet almost heavenly taste. The faint sound of Jane’s pleasure escaping her mouth aroused him further. He was aching for her but he couldn’t seem to break away from her silky centre. 

Jane’s sensitivity was rising and her thighs closed against his head. He knew this meant she was nearing her climax. As he continued making love to her with his mouth he began to wonder if he would be the first man to bring her to orgasm this way. 

“Joe… Joe…” Her whispers began to rise and he felt her release.

He kissed her silky pearl once more before raising back up to her. Her nervousness had broken when she reached her peak and she enveloped him in a deep kiss, darting her tongue in his mouth as her hands held his face. Joe slipped his shorts off and settled himself between her legs. She could feel him against her, about to enter. Jane tilted her head to the side and Joe took her earlobe in his mouth, gently suckling at it as he filled her. He groaned feeling how tight she hugged him and Jane whimpered. 

“Jane…” He murmured. 

She tilted her head back towards him and their eyes met. 


“I’m so in love with you.” 

Jane smiled in response and wrapped her arms around his defined back. Joe sank deeper inside her, slowly at first until they settled into a rhythm. Joe’s pelvic bone rubbed against her with each thrust. Jane lifted her head and buried her face in his neck as the pleasure took over her, inhaling the earthy aroma of his skin. Their tender love making continued until their climaxes reached them almost in unison.

A warm summer breeze blew through the window. The morning sun shone on them, waking Joe first. He woke with a smile beaming on his face. Everything about the night before felt like a dream to him; the show, falling in love, and making love. He rolled over, facing Jane, she was sound asleep on her back with the blanket covering her bottom half. He lightly stroked his middle finger over her stomach and breasts until she began to stir. 

“Good morning, beautiful.” 

Jane opened her eyes and rolled on to her side to face him. She too had a smile beaming on her face. 

“A good morning, indeed.” She replied, purring. 

“You were incredible last night and I don’t just mean on the stage.” 

Jane raised her hands to cover her face as though she were embarrassed. Joe hooked his fingers into hers and pulled them away so he could kiss her. 

“What time is it?” She asked. 

“I’m not sure but by the placement of the sun I’d say maybe just after 7.” 

“Ugh, I feel like I could sleep for another 8 hours.” She said, cuddling in to him. 

“Why don’t you? Sleep a little more, honey.” Joe responded before kissing the top of her head. 

Jane’s breathing had deepened, she had already fallen back into a slumber. Joe smiled and followed her to sleep. They both woke only an hour later hearing the clanging of dishes in the kitchen. Es must be preparing breakfast, Jane thought. 

“You better head back to the barn if she hasn’t already noticed you’re missing.” She said, crawling out of bed. 

She wrapped herself in a thin white house coat that was hanging on her bathroom door. Joe followed suit and bent down, collecting his clothes from the floor. He pulled on his shorts and just as he was about to slip his t-shirt over his head, he felt Jane’s hands on his sides. They slid slowly around to his waist and she rested her head on his back. He felt so comforting. Joe turned around in her hold and cradled her cheeks in his hands.

“I’ll see you in a few.” He spoke softly. 

Jane gave him an affirmative smile when suddenly, Es’s unmistakable voice echoed in the stairwell. 

“Come on, Janey! Don’t sleep the day away…” Her voice was getting closer.

Joe quickly finished putting his t-shirt on and darted towards the window. He got halfway out when he jumped back in to her room as if he forgot something. He lunged towards Jane. Pulling her into his arms, he kissed her deeply one last time. 

“Goodbye.” Jane giggled quietly. 

Joe made it out her window just in time before her bedroom door swung open. 

“Are ya decent?” Es asked. 

“Aunt Es, you’re supposed to ask that before you come barging in.” She laughed. 

Jane pulled her sheets back and began making her bed. 

“Your breakfast is getting cold.” 

“I’ll be down in a minute.” 

Es went to leave but turned back, staring at Jane inquisitively.

“You look different.” She observed. 

Jane walked over to the other side of her bed to pull the sheet up. 

“How so?” She asked, nonchalantly. 

“Don’t know…” Es shrugged her shoulders and walked out, leaving Jane giggling girlishly to herself. 

Jane dressed in her casual blue overalls with a white button up shirt before joining the troupe in the kitchen. As she came down the stairs, Joe entered through the front door. His smile gave her instant butterflies. They came face to face when Jane stepped off the bottom step and suddenly it felt like everything was moving in slow motion.

 “Hi.” She said shyly. 

“Hello.” He replied, matching her tone. 

They walked into the kitchen and all eyes were on them, including Abby’s. They chose to ignore it and Jane broke the tension by mentioning how delicious the eggs looked. Joe and Jane sat on opposite sides of the table and dug into their breakfast, stealing glances at each other. As they finished their meals, Herb was cracking jokes and teasing Joe about giving him more parts to do in the next show when Jane tapped Abby on her arm. She leaned in, asking her if they could speak privately. She led her into the den and they sat together on the sofa. 

“Abby, I uh, I want to talk to you about Joe.” She said carefully. 

“Oh Jane, darling… You mustn’t worry about me. I will admit, seeing him kiss you like that in the middle of the show came as a bit of a shock to me but it also made me realize that the love I thought I had for him or vice versa wasn’t real. It was puppy love and nothing more.” 

“You’re not mad at me?” 

“Of course I’m not mad at you, Jane. You’re my big sister, I love you with all my heart and I know you well enough to know when you’re in love and I see it in you right now. You’re glowing, you’re happier than I’ve ever seen you. You deserve this, darling.”

Jane smiled and took her hand in hers, rubbing it gently as she thanked her. 

“Now, I’ve got something I want to talk to you about…” Abby said. 


“Orville and I…” 

“Orville?!” Jane replied, shocked.  

“You know I’ve always had a crush on him, even when we were kids. He was so strung up on you though he never even thought to look at me. But that changed. He wants to start seeing me and I think it would be a fine match with him just as it is for you and Joe.” 

“Well, what else can I say after you were so accepting of my relationship with Joe? I think it’s wonderful! You two make much more sense than he and I ever did. You have my full blessing, Abby.” She smiled. 

Abby gave Jane’s arm a friendly squeeze before she headed out the front door. She was going into Wingait Falls to meet with Mr. Wingait. Jane wished her luck. 

When Jane went back into the kitchen the troupe had dispersed. Es had freed them from any farm chores so they could take the day to rest up for the next show. Joe was still sitting at the kitchen table and had a notebook out, staring at it intently as he chewed on the end of his pen. He looked adorable so engrossed in his work. Jane came up behind him and rubbed his pronounced shoulders. 

“I want to make some changes to the show.”  

“What kind of change?” She asked, sitting next to him on the bench. 

She looked down at his notebook and saw Friendly Star scribbled across the page. 

“What’s that?” She pointed. 

“Remember the song you sang just after we danced together in the barn?”

Jane nodded. 

“I like it. I want it. I want to incorporate it somehow into this show. For timing purposes, I can’t add it without cutting another number. I’m thinking of cutting Mem’ry Island and replacing it with Friendly Star as the show’s love ballad.”

“Why?” She asked softly. 

“What’s the show called, honey?” 

“Fall in Love.” 

“Exactly. When I heard you sing that song on the porch, that’s when I fell in love with you.” 


“And I’m hoping it’ll have the same effect on our audience. I want everyone who sees this show to experience falling in love and I know this will do it. You sang it so beautifully.” 

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