Misconception Misconception

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Sexual frustration causes unreasonable jealousy between Judy and Gene.


Sexual frustration causes unreasonable jealousy between Judy and Gene.


Submitted: June 19, 2016

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Submitted: June 19, 2016



Finishing up pre-recordings for In The Good Old Summertime, Judy threw on her sweater and bid the crew goodnight. She walked out of the studio and down the laneway towards the parking lot when Gene suddenly grabbed her, pulling her into an empty and darkened rehearsal hall. His hand wrapped tight around her bicep made her gasp but she was quickly silenced by his hungry kiss. He pushed her up against the wall as his tongue eagerly caressed hers. 

“Hi there.” Judy managed to speak between kisses. 

“Hi.” He breathed. “Take off your clothes.” 

“Excuse me?” 

“Right now… I need to fuck you. If I go one more day without being inside you, I think I might die.” 

“We can’t make love in here!” 

“Sure we can… I can bend you over the piano there in the corner, I can fuck you on the bench, I can take you against this wall.” He replied, his erection pressing tight against his slacks. 

“I don’t mean there isn’t anywhere to do it, I mean what if someone comes in?”

“Who is going to come in? Everyone’s packed up and left… Come on, Judy.” He purred, slipping his hands underneath her sweater. The warmth of her belly made him even harder. 

“No, darling. We haven’t been together in so long, I don’t want you to fuck me quickly in an empty rehearsal hall… I want you to make love to me for hours in a warm bed.” 

“And when do you suppose I’ll get to do that?” 

“Are you going to the party tonight?” 

“I was planning on it, yes.” 

“I’ll get us a room downtown. We’ll meet there after the party and you can fuck me anyway which way you like.” She winked, brushing the tips of her fingers up the side of his neck. 

Gene bent his head down, resting his forehead on her shoulder as he breathed heavily. Lifting, he placed his lips firmly against her throat, Judy tilted her head back and let out a faint moan. 

“I’ll see you tonight, darling.” She kissed his cheek and ducked out from underneath his arm, leaving the hall. Gene clenched his fists against the wall and groaned loudly, his arousal painful at this point. 

Driving up to Peter Lawford’s house on the beach, he pulled into the long driveway and parked half on the grass. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes out of the glove compartment and tossed them in the lapel pocket of his suit jacket before heading inside. The party was loud with a crowd of people drinking and mingling. A sultry and unmistakable voice came from the living room, 

Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you…
Embrace me, you irreplaceable you…

Gene entered through the arch doorway to the living room and saw a small crowd gathered at the piano with Judy singing at it and Kay accompanying her. She looked devastatingly beautiful in a black dress cut down just above her belly button. Watching her, his arousal quickly returned. He leaned on the door frame and Judy’s eyes caught his, a smile escaping her lips as she sang, 

Just one look at you…
My heart grows tipsy…
You and you alone…
Bring out the gypsy in me…

In that moment, it was clear she was singing to him and Gene smiled tenderly at her. 

“Hiya, Shanty.” Frank interrupted, breaking his gaze with Judy. “I saw you come in, thought I’d bring you a beer.” He said, handing him the bottle. 

“Oh, thanks.” 

“She is great, isn’t she?” Frank admired.

“Judy? Oh yeah, of course. She’s incredible.” 

“Did you know she came alone tonight?” 

“What?” He asked, trying to sound surprised. 

Frank took a swig of his beer and inhaled quickly through his teeth before answering. 

“She’s alone.” He raised an eyebrow with an amused smile. 

“Where’s Vince?” 

“Don’t know.”

“… Don’t do anything stupid.” Gene warned him, sensing his tone. 

“Now where would the fun be in that?” Frank winked at him and walked away, heading back towards the kitchen. 

Gene could feel a wave of anger shoot through him at Frank’s last comment and every bit of insecurity he had about his relationship with Judy invaded his mind. Choosing to ignore it, he took another swig of his beer when he felt a finger tap his shoulder. He turned around and Judy stood in front of him smiling. Leaning in to him, she whispered in his ear, 

“The Roosevelt, room 218.” 

She slid a key into his pocket and kissed his cheek carefully before walking off. Gene watched her walk away and admired her as she took a seat in the dining room with the girls. Her lips brushing over his cheek was enough to harden him almost noticeably. His face went hot and he snuck upstairs to the bathroom. He splashed cold water over his face and took a few deep breaths before returning to the party. When he got downstairs, he noticed Judy was no longer in the dining room. Looking around, he couldn’t find her. 

“Peter!” He yelled. 

“Hey Gene, enjoying the party?”

“It’s great. Have you seen Judy?” He asked frantically.

“Whoa, easy. Yes, she’s outside with Frank.” Peter pointed at the balcony. 

Gene’s face went blank and his heart sunk when he saw Judy and Frank standing side by side leaning against the railing with his arm around her waist. He continued watching them; Judy turned her head to the side towards Frank and giggled flirtatiously in the delicious way that she would as she squeezed his bicep. 

“Gene… You ok?” Peter asked. 

“Uh… Uh, yes. I’m good.” 

“Good. Listen, we’re setting up a game of Blackjack downstairs, why don’t you join?” 

A waiter walked past them carrying a tray of shots and Gene grabbed one, downing it quickly before answering. He gritted his teeth and tried to shake off his anger before anyone noticed. 

“Why the hell not?” 

He grabbed himself another drink and followed the guys downstairs. Gene tossed a few bills on the green velvet table and the dealer handed him chips. 

“Aaand bets are closed.” The dealer said, waving his hand across the table before dealing the cards.

“Gene, having a little trouble with the missus?” Van asked before waving off his hand. 

“Why do you ask?” 

“A face like that is only ever caused by lady troubles.” 

“Nope. All’s fine at home, sorry to disappoint.” Gene said, tapping the table for another card. “Shit.” He busted. 

“Well, there’s something bothering you…” 

“Van, will you back off?! Everything is fine.” He snapped. 

Suddenly, he heard Judy’s laugh nearing the open basement door and he tensed. Judy descended the stairs and peaked around the corner. 

“Gentlemen.” She called out. 

“Hey Judy.” They all replied.

“I’m heading out, just wanted to say goodbye.” She said, signalling to Gene that it was time to go.

“You boys winning anything?” She asked, standing behind Peter with her hands on his shoulders. 

Gene stared at her, unable to hide the frustration in his look. Judy furrowed her brow at him. 

“I’ve just broken even, Van’s cleaning up and Gene… Well, he’s the clear loser tonight.” Peter made fun. 

Everyone at the table broke up in laughter except him. 

“It’s just a joke, man. Ease up.” 

“Well, then…” Judy started, breaking up the tension. “I’ll see you boys later. Peter, thank you for the lovely party.”

“Anytime, Judes. Get home safe.” 

“Give Frank my best.” Gene blurted coldly as Judy started towards the stairs. 

Unable to react, she ignored his backhanded comment and left. The boys all looked at him as he took a large swig of his drink. After busting again, Gene slammed his fist on the table and got up, storming off. He looked around the house and found that both Frank and Judy had left. His blood began to boil at the possible thought of her with another man, his best friend no less.

He grabbed his coat and hat and got in his car, slamming the steering wheel a few times before starting it. He was about to drive home but he absent mindedly steered towards the hotel where he and Judy were going to spend the night. He parked in front of the valet and went inside, nervously heading up to the room. His stomach churned at the thought of what he might find when he went in. Would Frank be in there? Worse so, would he be fucking her? He braced himself and knocked quietly. Hearing no response, he pulled the key out of his pocket and let himself in. The room was dark but the light shining in from the moon illuminated Judy who was sound asleep on top of the covers, still in her dress. Gene sighed a breath of relief but his anger wasn’t subsiding. 
Judy stirred and opened her eyes, finding Gene standing near the doorway in shadow. 

“Are you finished being an asshole?” Judy spoke. 

“Are you finished throwing yourself at other men?” Gene retorted. 

“Excuse me?!” Judy blurted, leaping up from the bed. 

“All that flirtatious giggling and touching. Christ, it was enough to make me sick!” 

“Are you drunk?” 

“I had a few but I’m far from drunk.” 

“I was not throwing myself at anyone! Believe me, if I wanted to do that I wouldn’t be alone right now. Sure, I was flirting but that doesn’t mean anything! Frank approached me, he was being awfully suggestive but I kept him at a distance.” 

“Oh yes, it certainly looked that way.” He replied sarcastically.

“What would have you had me do, Gene? Tell him the truth? Tell him to back off because I’m already fucking his best friend?” 


“I didn’t think so.” Judy darted towards the door but Gene stood in front of it, stopping her from leaving. 

“Let me out!”

“No! You’re not going anywhere.” He growled.

“I came here because I thought we’d have the night we planned for but if you’re just going to continue berating me then I want no part of it… And I want no part of you.” 

She reached for the door handle and Gene grabbed her wrist pulling it away. 

“Let go of me!”

“No…” His voice lowered. Gene grabbed her, switching places with her as he threw her roughly against the door. Judy gasped loudly and Gene pressed hard kisses against her chest between the fabric of her dress. His lips trailing lower until he reached the exposed flesh of her belly. Judy surrendered to him, letting out whimpers of pleasure as his hands caressed her sides. He pulled off the shoulder strap of her dress, exposing her breast.

“I love it when you don’t wear a bra…” He purred, enveloping her nipple between his lips. 

He closed his teeth around the erect peak and Judy yelped. He reached behind her and undid her dress before nearly ripping it off her body. As she stood in front of him naked, Gene’s arousal became painful. He reached down and undid his belt, sliding his slacks down over his hardness. He wrapped his arms around Judy’s waist and lifted her up, lowering her on to him. When he entered her, he let out a deep groan as he felt the warmth of her wetness around him. Judy wrapped her arms around his neck and cried out in pleasure as he eased in deeper.

Gene grabbed a bunch of her hair in his fist as he quickly pulled out, only to ease back in again. The heat of his breath against her neck made her sweat and the harder he ground into her, the nearer his orgasm approached. The immense and long overdue pleasure of the tight grip she had on him nearly made him blackout. He lifted his head and pressed his lips against Judy’s. Her tongue darted into his mouth before she pulled back and grabbed a hold of his bottom lip with her teeth, biting gently as her own pleasure was rising. Gene’s voice raised and the pressure began to build; tingles radiating from the pit of his stomach and electricity shooting down his legs. Clenching her tight in his hold, he let out a final grunt as he filled her. Judy moaned softly as she felt him spasming inside her. 

“Oh my God…” He panted, resting his head on her shoulder. 

“Feeling a little better?” 

Gene nodded his head, unable to speak. He pulled out but kept her legs wrapped around his waist. He sat on the bed with Judy in his lap and his hands slid down her front; his fingers tracing over the curve of her breasts to her stomach. He circled her belly button as he parted his lips against her mouth. His fingers inched towards her aching pearl and she trembled in anticipation. Placing his palm on her pubic mound, he let his fingers find her wetness, rubbing intimately around her in gentle circles. Judy broke from his mouth and let out a pleasurable sigh as she buried her head in his neck. Sliding lower, he slipped his middle finger inside while keeping his thumb pressed against her nub. Gene felt her muscles contract when he entered and he smiled. 

“Like that?” 

“Mmm.” She hummed. 

Judy wrapped her arms tightly around his neck as his fingers began a back and forth motion, hitting her spot over and over again. Judy lifted her head and kissed him once more. As her orgasm neared, Gene could feel her becoming breathless. He opened his lips against hers and whispered, 

“Breathe baby…” 

It was then that Judy screamed out in pleasure. She curled her toes and scrunched up her nose as her orgasm shot violently through her body. Gene wrapped his arms protectively around her as she quivered from her release. He kissed her neck gently, loving how warm her skin became after she came. He lifted her and laid her on her back before settling beside her. 

“You’re the only man I’d, I’d ever want, Gene.” She stuttered. “I don’t look at our relationship as an affair. We’re two people in love just trying to figure things out. That means I’m committed to you and I always will be. I have no intentions of being with anyone else, do you understand?” 

Gene leaned over top of her, embracing her in a loving kiss to answer her. 

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am.” He said, gazing at her tenderly.

“It’s alright, darling.” She paused, looking away momentarily before returning to him. “I kinda like that you were jealous.” She smirked. 

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