Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A forbidden love affair begins as temptation wins out when married family man, Jim develops an aching desire for his children's new nanny, Emma.


A forbidden love affair begins as temptation wins out when married family man, Jim develops an aching desire for his children's new nanny, Emma.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Welcome to our Home

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 25, 2016



Emma’s eyes were wide as she stared out the window of the cab at the countless towering palm trees that flew by. She had never travelled south and was mesmerized by the beautiful Californian scenery. The cab turned onto a street with luxurious house after luxurious house. Becoming nervous, the cab pulled into the red brick driveway of a large two story home and a blonde woman clad in high heels and a dress leaving little to the imagination came running out to greet her. 

“Hi, hello!” She squealed. 

“Hello.” Emma responded shyly, exiting the cab. 

“You must be Emma, I’m Sheri. Let me help you in with your bags. We’ve been looking forward to meeting you!” 

“Me too.” She smiled. 

Sheri took one of her duffle bags and the two proceeded into the house. Emma was taken aback by the lavish decor. Standing in the foyer at the foot a wide staircase that looked like it went to heaven, she slipped off her shoes and followed behind Sheri.

“Welcome to our home, I’ll show you your suite; you can set your stuff down in there and then I’ll give you the grand tour.” She said enthusiastically. 

She followed her through the kitchen to the sliding glass doors that led out into the backyard. There was a large pool with a hot tub attached at the corner, a beautiful garden filled with various flowers including lilies; Emma’s favourite, and a stone path leading to a small cream yellow cottage. Entering through the French in-swing doors, Sheri set down Emma’s duffle bag and turned on the light. 

“And this is where you’ll be staying. We’ve just renovated and had it cleaned since our last Nanny left us. Hopefully you’ll feel right at home here.” 

Emma looked around in awe at her new home. The cottage was small but it had everything she needed. There was an old wood stove fireplace opposite the front door and a wooden ladder leading up to the large loft bed. 

“This place is beautiful!” Emma marvelled. 

“Thank you, I designed it myself. I’m an interior decorator and I had quite the time setting this place up. Actually what attracted me to this home was this little cottage. It was more like a shed when we first moved in but I saw it’s potential.” 

Emma set the rest of her bags down and the two ladies went back inside to continue the rest of the tour, starting with the kitchen and dining room. 

“Now help yourself to anything you want in here, the food is everyone’s. I won’t be expecting you to cook for the family often, you’ll just be providing meals in the daytime for Charlie and Michael.” 

“That’s good because I’m a terrible cook.” Emma responded chuckling. 

“No worries there, I’m pretty awful as well. My husband Jim is the chef of the house. His food is exquisite! –– Speaking of, this is his study, he’s currently away right now for work, he won’t be back until Monday.” Sheri explained as they made their way down the hall. 

“Does he travel often?” Emma asked. 

“Sometimes. He works all the time though so we don’t see much of him unfortunately.” 

Emma nodded in understanding as her eyes wandered. She smiled noticing the family photos between various works of art hanging along the wall. The tour continued upstairs where Sheri showed her Charlie and Michael’s room. She explained they were still at school and they’d go pick them up in an hour. Sheri showed her the bathroom, which was luxuriously equipped with a large marble jacuzzi, a separate stand-in shower, and double sinks. Their home was right out of a dream, Emma thought. Making their way back downstairs, they found themselves in the living room where Sheri had laid out cookies and a pitcher of lemonade. 

“Help yourself, you must be starved after such a long trip.” She offered as she sat in the lounge chair. 

“Thank you.” Emma said, sitting on the couch opposite her. 

“So, what made you decide to become a Nanny?” Sheri asked, pouring Emma a glass of lemonade. 

“Well, I’ve always had a connection with children and adored being around them. I’ve babysat since I was twelve years old and worked at several public schools back home more recently. I attended university to become a teacher but after my first year, I decided I wanted a bit more experience before continuing my education. So, here I am…” She smiled before taking a sip of the tart drink. “I’ve also never traveled before, I’ve never been outside of New York and I’ve always wanted to see the other side of the country.” She added, nervously fingering the rim of her glass. 

“Wonderful, I hope you’ll be happy here.” Sheri smiled. 

Her and Emma exchanged casual conversation until it was time to pick up her two sons. They piled into the car and drove down the street to the bus stop, arriving just in time as the big yellow school bus was just pulling up. Several children got off first before Charlie and Michael exited hand in hand. In unison, they ran to their mother, hugging her tightly. 

“Boys, there’s someone here I’d like you to meet. This is Emma, your new Nanny. She’s going to be looking after you when Mama goes back to work.” 

Emma looked down at the two brown haired boys and smiled. 

“Hello. It’s nice to meet you fellas.” Emma said sweetly, holding out of her hand. 

Charlie took it first, 

“Hi Emma.” Charlie said shyly. 

“Hi…” Michael added. 

Emma, Sheri and the two boys piled back into the car and they headed towards home. Sheri ordered take out for dinner and the four of them dined on pizza and continued building their bond. Charlie, the oldest, and Emma discovered a mutual interest in science and board games; Michael and Emma in books when he mentioned their previous Nanny had begun reading Stuart Little to him. They’d all get along just fine, she thought. 

After dinner, Emma tiredly retreated to her cottage to unpack and retire for the evening. She let out a sigh of relief after she closed the doors behind her. The nerves she had been feeling all week prior to arriving had finally vanished. She climbed the ladder to the loft bed and laid flat on her back on top of the comfy duvet. Closing her eyes, her mind began to drift. She fit in wonderfully with the family and was already becoming smitten with the two boys. Sheri’s bubbly and blonde personality was a bit to take at first but it slowly grew on her. She hoped she would get along with the man of the house just as well when he returned home. 

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