Craving Attention

Craving Attention

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Judy and Gene hit a dry spell in their marriage which causes a heated fight building up to a passionate resolution.


Judy and Gene hit a dry spell in their marriage which causes a heated fight building up to a passionate resolution.


Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



Judy and Gene drove home in silence from Ciro’s. Both of them even too enraged to notice the radio wasn’t turned on until they were half way home. Reaching for the dial, she turned it on trying to drown out the silent awkwardness. A repeat of a Bob Hope comedy special played and Judy stared out the window watching each tree pass in darkness. Gene switched the show off and Judy shot him a look. 

“I have a headache.” He said coldly. 

Judy rolled her eyes and turned back to the window. They pulled into the driveway of their home on the hills above Sunset Boulevard and she grabbed her purse and stormed out of the car, darting ahead of Gene towards the front door. 

“Have fun tonight?” Gene asked with a hint of facetiousness, slamming the door behind him. 

“What do you mean?” 

“Dancing with that young Don Juan.”

“There it is…” Judy said to herself as she hung up her sweater and walked passed him towards the kitchen. 

“Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you!” 

“Jesus Christ, Gene. We were dancing. Stop making it seem like I just fucked him in front of you.”

“Don’t make a joke of this, Judy. He looked like a love sick puppy dog and you let him grab you any way he wanted. He had his filthy hands all over you!”

“Well, at least someone did!” Judy shot back. 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

“Oh, I think you know what it means. The only reason I was dancing with him was because you left me alone so you could drink at the bar with the guys! You barely said one word to me all night, Gene! This was supposed to be our night together!” Judy barked as she filled a pot with water and set it on the stove. “We’re married and yet we’ve barely even looked at each other in the last few weeks… You pay absolutely no attention to me anymore, you’re always at the studio and when you’re home, you’re in your office working into the morning. I’m not going to lie, it felt nice to be noticed by someone again…” Judy continued, leaning against the counter. 

“Did you want to fuck him?” 

Judy’s mouth dropped open and in a swift movement, she slapped him sharply across the face. 

“Get out!” She yelled. 

Gene barely flinched. 

“No. I’m not leaving until you answer the question. Did you want to fuck him?” 

“Gene, I’m not going to ask you again. Get the fuck out or I will make you get out.” 

“I’d love to see you try, darling.” 

Judy lunged forward at him, pushing and hitting him with all of her might in a fit of rage. Gene stood strong against her small attack. Judy gave up and stormed passed him only to be pulled back by Gene’s strong grip. Gene pushed her against the counter and pinned her wrists against the cupboard above them. As he pressed his lips firmly against hers, he lifted her bottom up on to the countertop. Judy surrendered to him and stopped resisting as his kiss deepened and his hands found their way to her thighs. He slid her skirt up and pressed his hand lightly against her panties, finding them slightly damp. 

“Answer me…” He whispered into her mouth. 

“I didn’t want to fuck him.” She replied, trembling as his fingers began a tantalizing caress against her. 

Gene was becoming rock hard, his arousal strained against his slacks. It had been nearly two weeks since they had made love which for them was a lifetime. He was beyond hungry for her and he knew she was hungry for him. With the hand that was against her panties, he began unbuttoning her blouse revealing a cute yet sexy white lace bra. Her full breasts filled both cups beautifully. He leaned into her, softly kissing her chest just above the cup hems. Her warmth felt electric against his lips and the coconut-y scent of her skin enthralled him. 

Judy opened her legs wider, allowing Gene to lean further into her. His erection pressed against her through the fabric and she threw her head back as she moaned quietly. 

“I want you, darling.” She whispered. 

“Not yet.” He mumbled against her skin. 

After removing her blouse, he reached behind her and unhooked her bra. It fell off of her shoulders and Gene immediately took the beautiful rose-y peak in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue and teasing it with his teeth. Each suck sent an orgasmic tingle between her thighs, making her even hungrier for him. 

Gene slid his hand back down between her thighs, this time hooking his thumb into the leg of her panties. He found her silky wet pearl and massaged her gently. He ran his thumb up and down over her velvety folds until she was quivering. 

Judy placed one hand behind her on the counter to balance herself and the other around Gene’s back, digging her nails into his shoulder. Her thighs tightened around his sides. Gene, picking up a quicker rhythm with his thumb, kissed her earlobe and whispered lovingly, 

“Come for me, Judy.” 

Just then he slid his middle finger deep inside her along with his caress against her pearl. He hooked his finger up inside her, finding the spot he knew would send her over the edge in seconds. Judy’s breath skipped and she gasped loudly, soaking his finger and her panties in her release. 

“That’s it…” He whispered again. 

Gene unbuttoned his slacks and pulled his hardness through the zipper before sliding her panties off. He spread her legs wide, first stealing a glance at her beautifully drenched centre before easing himself into her. She folded over him and hugged his arousal tight. It took everything in his power not come right then. He rested inside her once he felt her outer lips at the base of him. He wanted to savour every moment. Gene smiled at her and parted his lips against hers. Bringing his hands up to her face, he ran his finger tips through her auburn hair, undoing the clip that was holding it up. Her natural waves fell to her shoulders; he loved the way she looked with her hair down. 

He began slowly easing back out of her and then in again, picking up the pace. Somehow she felt tighter with each thrust, making it nearly impossible not to explode. Their rhythm increased and Judy’s hand slipped, knocking over and shattering the mug she had taken out for tea which didn’t phase either of them.

“Fuck, Judy you feel so incredible.” He hummed. 

“I want to feel you come inside of me, darling… Please.”

Something in the way she said ‘please’ sent him over the edge and he granted her request, filling her with his climax. She could feel him pulsate inside of her and she held him close against her. Gene lifted his head and kissed her again, this time with less hunger but with more romance and desire. 

“Mmmmm” Judy purred. 

“I love you, honey. I’m sorry for acting the way I did tonight. I was very… shall we say, worked up.” 

“That’s alright, Darling. Made for some interesting sex though, didn’t it?” She chuckled. 


Gene held her tight and lifted her gently off the counter, away from the broken glass. Judy bent down and picked up the handle of the shattered mug and held it up with a coy smirk. 



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