Leo Likes It

Leo Likes It Leo Likes It

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A brief sexual interlude among friends.


A brief sexual interlude among friends.


Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013



Leo Likes It
Lucy X

I always felt fortunate to fall in love with an older man.  When I meet Arthur he was a 42 year old widower with 2 teenage sons and I was a 20 year old college sophomore.  I considered myself mature for my age and enjoyed the attentions of an older man.

I wasn’t a virgin when we met but my experience was limited to a few drive-in hand jobs and a couple of disastrous back seat penetrations by my high school boyfriend. I was terrified of getting pregnant and didn’t trust condoms.

Arthur is a skilled and generous lover who seems to worship my body. He playfully educated me in the joys of sex and I now am addicted, particularly to giving head.  My favorite thing is to cup my hand over his cock when it is all soft and curled around his balls and to feel it begin to grow and stiffen as his heart pumps it full of blood.  Then when it is long and hard to slip my lips over the soft smooth head and suck it. I love the feeling of control when his beautiful 8-1/2” cock is in my hands and mouth and he is writhing with pleasure.

We dated for several months before he asked me to marry.  I said yes immediately. I was delighted not to have to deal with the testosterone fueled nonsense of men (boys really) my own age.

Initially my parents were skeptical, but eventually they grew to love Arthur as I do, and his boys seemed amused to have a step mom nearer their own age than his; plus, while I finished my degree I was great help with homework and college applications. I suspect that I also may have been the object of a few jerk-off sessions.

The last twenty years have been wonderful, marred only by my inability to get pregnant.  Fortunately the boys produced grandkids for me to lavish maternal love on.  I think Arthur was secretly relieved to not raise another child and not bearing a child left me with my figure and milf status intact. My breasts are nearly as perky as when I was 20, with very prominent and easily aroused nipples. Arthur gives them special attention when we make love.

In the last year or so, though, our sex life has lost some vitality.  Arthur’s hands and mouth still work magic, but his erections have been a little less reliable.  Sometimes I miss that always ready, hot, hard cock plunging into me at just the right moment. He doesn’t want to rely on a pill yet.

Lately we have used porn and fantasies to spice things up. One of his favorites involves a man in my yoga class who helps me with a pose and invites me for coffee after.  We end up making out in his car and I give him a blow job. There are others that we enjoy but we haven’t gone beyond talk; until a couple of months ago:

During a particularly hot spell, Arthur suggested that we go up to the mountains to cool off for a couple of days.  I was all for it so we threw our golf clubs into the car and took off.  While he drove I called for reservations at a motel we know and a tee time for that afternoon at the local golf course.  We went directly to the course and teed off after lunch.

Play was slow and soon we caught up to a pair of golfers.  They invited us to play along with them.  One was a local high schooler, the other a slim black man about my age or a little younger.  Leo was light skinned and handsome with short salt and pepper hair.  He and Arthur seemed to hit it off immediately and we both enjoyed his company.  They joked and competed a little and there was even some banter about Arthur’s hot young wife; all in good taste. The high schooler and I observed it all with quiet amusement.

During the round we learned that Leo, a former collegiate athlete, represents a national sportswear firm, was staying at our motel and was alone, so I suggested that Arthur invite him to join us for dinner.  He accepted gladly and we agreed to meet at 7:00.  His room was across the parking area from ours.

At the motel Arthur and I showered, napped and had a before dinner whiskey, then we took Leo to our favorite sushi restaurant. Again, the company was excellent with pleasant relaxed conversation.  Leo Is very intelligent and comfortable to talk with, as if we had known him for years. A couple of times our legs touched and I felt a little sexual frisson. We went through two bottles of wine.

When we got back to the motel I asked if Arthur wanted to hot tub. He said he had a little work to do and that he would join me later. So I changed, draped a towel on my shoulders, and went to the tub alone while he logged in on his laptop.  I had been in for only a few minutes when Leo stepped in opposite me. 

“We must stop meeting like this,” he joked. “Where’s Arthur?”

“He had a little work to do. He said he might come but I doubt it; I bet he has dozed off.  Walking 18 holes of golf really tires him out; plus all that wine at dinner.”

“I can relate.  I’m a little tired too; aren’t you?” he asked.

“My main problem is that golf makes my feet sore.”

“I can do something about that,” he said as he reached down, picked up one of my feet and began to massage it.

“Oh my, that feels wonderful,” I sighed. “The way to my heart is definitely through my feet.” I laid back and closed my eyes.

“They are lovely feet, so your heart must be too,” he replied. That was pretty lame; I doubt that my heart was on his mind.

After rubbing that foot for a while, he placed it in his lap and reached for the other. I could definitely feel his package and without thinking I pressed the ball of my foot into it.  When he let out an, “Oh,” and pushed back, I realized what I was doing and dropped my foot to the bottom of the tub and sat up, embarrassed.

Just then a young couple approached and asked to join us.  The tub was quite small so I took that opportunity to say I had enough and got up.  Leo got out too.  As I stepped onto my sandals he said, “I have a bottle of Jack Daniels in my room.  Would you care for a nightcap?”

Another impulse: I said, “That sounds nice.”

“Should we get your husband?” he asked but I was sure that Arthur would be asleep and I didn’t want to disturb him. I took note that he didn’t refer to Arthur by name.

The moment we were inside his room, Leo turned, took me in his arms and kissed me. I was shocked: I hadn’t kissed anyone but Arthur in more than 20 years.  When he released me Leo said, “I’ve been wanting to do that since this afternoon.”

The truth is that at dinner I found myself wondering what it would be like to kiss those full lips of his.  It turns out it is darn nice.  I didn’t return the kiss at first; I kept my arms at my sides, but when his tongue started to probe my lips I let them open. It was a long kiss; by the end, my tongue was doing some probing too and as if they had a mind of their own, my hands grasped his butt like they would if it were Arthur.  I quickly let go, blushing.

“I have to pee,” I whispered when he released me. I didn’t know what else to say: I was shaken and needed some space to clear my head.

“OK, I’ll go get some ice for our drinks.”  He grabbed the ice bucket and was out of the room before I could say anything more. I went into the bathroom and locked the door.

As I sat there trying to go, a million thoughts went through my head:
“What possessed me to go to a man’s room alone at night?
“Am I that easy?
“Is Arthur wondering where I am?
“Didn’t I know what was on Leo’s mind?
“This is starting to look a lot like one of Arthur’s fantasies.  Could he handle the real thing?
“Could I handle the real thing?
“What will I do when Leo returns? I can’t stay in this bathroom all night.”

Suddenly I realized that I was shivering; maybe from my wet suit and the A/C but surely from nerves.  I needed to clear my head.  I turned on his shower, stepped out of my suit and got in.  The hot water calmed me down some. “I’m a grown woman; I can handle myself. This doesn’t need to be anything but a friendly drink; I can always put on the brakes, can’t I?”

I slipped on the motel terry robe that was hanging on the door and, toweling my hair dry, returned to the room.  Leo handed me a drink and said, “A quick shower sounds good to me too. Do you mind?” I took a sip and nodded.

He didn’t close the bathroom door completely and when he stepped out of his bathing suit I was treated to the sight of his trim, firm butt in the mirror.  He had a really fine body. Then when he turned to get into the tub I saw that he was very well endowed.  I’m not very good at spacial relationships, but he definitely seemed bigger than Arthur. Leo was clearly not concerned with modesty or propriety.

Suddenly as I listened to the shower, the thought that I was in the room of a naked man, a stranger really, freaked me out. No good can come of this. In a panic I slipped out the door and ran across the parking lot to our room.  I had to knock because I had left all my stuff behind (Freudian?). When Arthur opened the door I ran into his arms and said, “I don’t believe what I almost just did.”

Before I could say more he said, “I think I can guess.  As I was leaving to go to the hot tub I saw you go into Leo’s room.”  I looked up at him astonished.  “I have been lying here imagining what might be going on in there.”  That’s when I realized that he was naked and his penis was distended. Was he hoping that I would sleep with Leo?  “It looks like your imagination got ahead of itself,” I said.

He opened the robe, saw that I was naked and replied, “Not by too much, I’m thinking.” He reached inside the robe, held me and kissed my traitorous mouth. “I sensed an attraction between you two at dinner.” I felt his cock stiffening against my thigh.

Just then we heard a noise at the door.  Arthur went and opened it to find a hotel laundry bag leaning against it.  He looked out and called” Leo, come on back,” and took the bag inside.  Leo came to the door and stood on the threshold. He said, “Hi,” I barely whispered hi back; I was flustered and getting more so. I was holding the front of the robe closed with my hand and blushing with embarrassment. He was dressed in running shorts and a tank top and looking delicious. I thought, “Oh God, what should I do now?”

“Thanks for returning Lucy’s stuff. Come in for a drink.  Lucy will you pour while I put on some clothes?” I turned to the bar to make drinks, belting the robe as I went. Arthur got a pair of running shorts from his duffle and stepped into them, and Leo sat on a stool at the bar.

I was so nervous making the drinks that Arthur took over and I went and sat on the other bar stool. It is nearly impossible to perch on a stool in a robe without showing a lot of thigh and cleavage (though my breasts aren’t that large). Leo certainly saw plenty.

When the drinks were made Arthur came to stand beside me. “And, thanks for entertaining Lucy in the hot tub while I took care of a little work.” He motioned toward the laptop on the table.

“It was I who was entertained,” replied Leo.

“Yes, sure.” He paused, then, “I’m getting the impression that you find my wife attractive.” My face felt hotter and hotter but I was definitely getting turned on.

“She is very lovely and sexy,” was Leo’s reply. The heat was moving toward my abdomen. This was getting interesting.

“Yes. I think she was just about to tell me how much she is attracted to you.” With that Arthur set his drink down, placed his arm around my shoulder and reached his other hand in and cupped my breast.  His hand was icy; it felt good on my flushed skin. “Her erect nipple tells me that she likes you too.” He then pulled the belt away and the robe fell open exposing my right breast and more. “What do you think?” There was a growing bulge in Leo’s shorts and I thought I saw the tip of his penis peaking out the leg.

Leo didn’t respond; he just looked at me longingly.  I decided the next step was up to me, so I moved to him, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. “Yes, I do like you,” I whispered. My legs straddled one of his and as he reached into the robe to hold me I pressed my crotch into his thigh. His lips were soft and warm; his hands gently slid down my back and held my ass.  Then his tongue slid into my mouth and I pressed harder. The friction of his shirt made my nipples ache and my clitoris was humming. This was really happening.

When he kissed down my neck to my breasts I shrugged the robe off onto the floor. He bent and took each of my nipples into his mouth for a moment.  I nearly came right then.  “You are beautiful,” Leo whispered when he came up.  Even though Arthur tells me often, it thrilled me to have another man say it.

We kissed again. I tugged his shirt tail out of his shorts.  As he pulled it over his head, I glanced around for Arthur. He was standing nearby with his drink in one hand and the other inside his shorts. He gave me a little wink and nod.  That was all the OK I needed.

“I have reached the age where I can’t always give Lucy all the sex she deserves....”

Arthur’s voice faded beneath the roaring in my ears.  The whole room seemed to be alive with an electric hum.  For a moment I felt overwhelmed, then I stopped thinking altogether; I knew that I wanted to see that cock again. Slowly I kissed and licked my way to Leo’s nipples and down his hard, smooth belly. As I went to my knees I slid the shorts down to his ankles.  There it was, that lovely brown cock, semi erect, arcing out of a curly thatch of black hair. It was quite long and proportionately thick.

It was just plain beautiful and it had a little wet spot at the tip.  On impulse I flicked my tongue on the drop making his cock jump. I giggled, but I just had to suck it.  I looked up into his eyes and asked, “OK?”  His hungry look and growing cock gave me my answer.

I lifted it with my hand, noting its heft. I slowly slid his foreskin back to exposed the entire head which I was barely able to take in my mouth, but I did: I licked it, I sucked it. I did all the things I have seen on our porn videos; and I loved it. Holding that hot brown cock in my pale hands really excited me and Leo was clearly in ecstasy.  I felt powerful having such control over him. I tried to deep throat him but he was too big.

I felt his hands on my shoulders and looked up at him.  He pulled me to my feet and said, “You have me almost ready to come. I have to cool down.” He reached for the drinks that Arthur had placed on the counter and handed one to me. The sting of the whiskey calmed me down some.


I looked around and there he was in the club chair by the bed, a drink in one hand and his very erect cock in the other.  He had been watching quietly.  I went to him and bent forward, resting my hands on the chair arms, and kissed him, plunging my tongue into his mouth. “What do you think darling, is this what you want to see?”

He waggled his hard-on at me. “I am enjoying it very much; are you?” I bent more and slid my mouth over his cock for a moment, then straddled his lap pressing his cock against his belly.

“Oh yes, I am; it’s very exciting. I want to suck Leo’s cock; and I may make him come with my mouth. Is that OK with you?” I whispered. I stood again.

“Yes, darling, I’m sure that he can come back for the real thing soon; and so will I.” He cupped my aching breasts briefly, then his hand slid down my stomach and between my legs.  When his finger contacted my clit my knees buckled I was so excited. He didn’t linger there, he just said, “Go show us what you can do with that big brown cock.”

I kissed him again, then went and took Leo by the hand and led him over to the bedside.I gently pushed him down onto his back, put his drink on the nightstand, and lifted his feet onto the bed.  Then I got on it too and spread his legs so I could kneel between them. I know that Arthur likes dirty talk in his porn so I decided to give him some.

Leo’s cock had gone down partially, laying against his thigh.  “Looks like I will have to revive this bad boy.”  I lifted it and licked a trail of precum from his leg to his cock.  Then I laid it on his belly, crawled up and kissed him while my wet pussy slid along his cock.  I was getting shock waves from the friction on my clit. His cock sprang back to life almost immediately.

He took hold of my ass and tried to lodge himself in the entrance of my pussy but I rotated my hips so that he slid by.  “I’m not done playing with this thing yet.I want Arthur to watch me suck your big dick and drive you crazy with desire.” With that I crawled back down between his legs and sucked and licked his big dick, licking right down to the ridges of his tight balls. From this position I could watch the affect I was having on both of them. It was electric.

Before long I felt Arthur get on the bed behind me. I raised my ass and spread my legs expecting to feel his cock at my pussy (one of his favorite fantasies is fucking me from behind while I suck a cock); instead he slid his head between my thighs and guided my rump down so he could lick my clit.  Leo was moaning and trying to fuck my mouth with his hands in my hair. I was wondering if this big cock would hurt my pussy: my lips could barely stretch around it, but Arthur’s tongue was getting me close to coming and I knew I wanted that big cock in me. “Oh baby you’re making me so hot. I may come on your tongue.”

Before long he slid out from under me and, sure enough, I felt that familiar warm cock slipping into me. At the same time Leo sat up and took hold of my nipples, pinching them lightly. Then there were four hands all over my body: in my hair; caressing my shoulders and breasts; and even rubbing my clit. I never could have imagined how sexually powerful having two simultaneous lovers would be. “You are creaming on my cock like never before, darling.” Arthur said.

It felt wonderful; I hung onto Leo’s cock for dear life as Arthur buried himself in me to his balls, moaning his pleasure with Leo encouraging him to, “Fuck your beautiful slut wife while she sucks my big black cock.” His thrusts pushing Leo’s cock deeper into my mouth until I thought it might go down my throat.

We were both so near the edge that in a matter of seconds we came explosively together.  I love the feeling of hot cum spurting into me; but Arthur hadn’t even stopped coming when I pushed Leo down and straddled his hips, leaving Arthur with his dripping cock in his hand.  I had to have that big new cock deep inside me right now.

Leo grabbed my ass and spread my pussy open. His cock unerringly found the entrance  and I pressed down to force it in. I wanted as much of that monster as I could take. At first it wouldn’t go in past the head, but I pushed harder. That’s when things started to got really crazy: I pushed myself down on that big cock and continued coming harder than I have ever come before.

The rest is a bit fuzzy. They told me after that I screamed, “Fuck me!” until Leo plugged my mouth with his. My next memory is lying on Leo, sweaty and breathless with my face buried in his neck. I barely remember him having an orgasm though I know he did. His cock was deep inside me and I could feel it pulsing; each little movement making my pussy react, clutching it. “Can you feel me squeeze you?” I whispered.

“Oh god yes, it’s perfect, my cock is never going to go down.”  I laid on top of him for several minutes, I think, enjoying the feel of our bodies touching as we calmed down. His cock did slowly soften but stayed in me as my spasms stopped and his hands softly caressed my back and ass.

Eventually I remembered Arthur.  I reluctantly lifted myself off Leo, my pussy not really wanting to and turned to check on my husband. He was sitting quietly at the foot of the bed looking a bit left out.  I rolled onto my back beside Leo and patted the bed on the other side. “Come here darling.”  Cum began oozing down my ass. My sweet husband first stepped into the bathroom and brought a towel to place under me.

Then he laid beside me.  I turned to him, took his face in my hands and kissed him deeply.  “That was wonderful honey. Thank you. How are you doing; did you enjoy it too?”

“It was a little intimidating watching you go crazy on that big cock, but I know you wanted it and I did too; and you looked so beautiful fucking him.” He put his arm around my waist and kissed me again pressing his body against me.

“You know that you are my guy. This is a lot of fun but it’s you that I’m going home with.”

With a sigh I laid back between them, closed my eyes, and let them both stroke my body for a while, kiss me and play with nipples and my pussy.  They exchanged complimentary comments about me as they played: “What do you think of my beautiful bride?”  “She is magnificent. I’ll never forget this night, you lucky bastard.” “You lucky bastard, you mean.”  “Yep.”

I was a bit tired but not entirely sated. Their ministrations were keeping me turned on. I reached down and took hold of their cocks. Leo’s was definitely beginning to get hard and even Arthur, who has been a one shot guy lately showed signs of life. I turned to him and said, “I think I could handle a little more if it’s OK with you honey.”

While I kissed Arthur I felt Leo’s cock pressing into the crack of my ass. I lifted my right leg a little allowing his cock to slide over my pussy lips.  When Arthur slid his hand down my belly, it encountered Leo’s cock. He grasped it and pressed it against my clit as it slid back and forth. I put my leg over Leo’s hip to ease things, then Arthur shocked me by moving down to my crotch area and positioning his mouth so that Leo’s cock slipped over my clit and into it.

After a few minutes of this Arthur grasped my ass cheeks and opened my pussy lips for Leo’s cock head.  A little adjustment and I felt that cock sliding in again. It still felt wonderful. “Oh god, you two are going to make me come again!” I said as Leo pushed deeper and Arthur lightly stroked my clit in time with the rhythm.
Leo’s head was resting on his hand over me.  He reached over me to take hold of Arthur’s cock which was right there, and began to stroke it.  “Maybe we’ll all come again.”

“It’s unreal. I feel filled up and it’s only part way in. I love this cock, Arthur, can I take it home with me?” No response. With my hand on Leo’s hip I guided him in then out and in a little more.  I think he found my G spot.

Arthur pressed his pelvis in toward me and I took him into my mouth, the Leo leaned in to taste Arthur’s cock too.  Just then, Leo’s cock slipped out of my pussy and slid over my clit into Arthur’s mouth.  My pussy felt momentarily bereft but it was an exciting, erotic situation being in a man sandwich and soon it was back where it belonged and I was ready to hit a new high again.

I turned and kissed Leo, “Get on top.”  He didn’t need to be asked twice. As he got between my spread legs I put one hand on his chest to keep him at arms length and the other grasped his cock and guided it to my pussy lips. “Let’s take this slowly; I want to watch as my pussy takes you in.”

That’s just what we did: I held his cock and tight balls and felt the power of his pelvis pushing that monster into me. They were slow strokes, gradually getting deeper: in, then completely out, then in again. The sight of my cunt lips opening and sliding around his cock was hypnotic and the feeling of exquisite pressure on my insides was sublime.  “Honey, look at my little pussy swallowing this big cock. Isn’t it beautiful?” I was taking it very deep.

Eventually I grabbed his ass, hooked my heels behind his legs and began urging him to go faster. He needed little encouragement and soon announced his next orgasm.  I pushed him onto his back, grabbed his cock and balls and jerked him off into my mouth, while watching Arthur’s reaction.

Arthur was kneeling beside us jerking off. I turned and took his second load the same way. I didn’t have an explosive orgasm like the first time but a steady, warm high all the while. I loved having these two handsome men fuck me and adore me. After that we all fell asleep in a pile with cum everywhere.

I’m not sure when Leo got up and left but he was gone when I woke in the morning. The bed was wrecked and I was wrecked, but very sated and Arthur was out cold with an arm thrown over my torso.  I felt a brief pang of disappointment although I didn’t need any more sex just then. I could still feel where Leo had been deep in me. Someone had covered us with the sheet.

When we went to check out the next day the motel clerk handed us a bag. It contained a cute pair of shorts and a tank top in my size and a golf shirt in Arthur’s; a little thank-you from Leo.

Since that night Arthur has been especially attentive.  I think he is trying to compete with  the memory of Leo. The only thing is that in the two months since our adventure I haven’t had my period.  I suspect that there is going be an addition to the family.  I wonder whether it will be white or brown; and I wonder how Arthur will react because I intend to have it.


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