The Everyday

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Short stories of everyday exploits of Oliver and Emma.

I ran my hands through Oliver’s hair as he drove, eyes fixed and concentrated on the road. I could feel the heat coming from him. We’d been driving for three hours with just fifteen minutes left before we made it to the house. Living with our parents, in separate houses and never alone, we ached for these trips and we’d recently started booking apartments rather than hotel rooms, making the most of every surface there.

“Emma, I don’t think I’m going to make it at this rate,” he groaned.

I laughed as I glanced down. Looking just below the bottom edge of the steering wheel, I understood what he meant. 

I continued pulling on his hair, tugging sharply to cause just the right amount of pain. He took his hand from the gear stick and grabbed my knee, keeping his distance to avoid any further temptation to pull over. I lifted his hand from my knee and interlaced his fingers with mine. As I did so, I pulled his fingers to my lips and kissed them softly, before using my tongue to demonstrate what I’d be doing for him later.

As we pulled into the driveway of our house for the weekend, I felt my breath quicken in anticipation of what was waiting for me inside. He grabbed both our bags and made a run for the door, me following quickly behind him.

As the door shut behind me, I felt his weight on me immediately. He was harder than he’d been in a long time as he ground his hips into mine. He kissed me hungrily, as his teeth pulled my lips and his hands clawed at the blouse I was wearing. I knew how much he loved to unbutton me and I looked forward to him saving that until last.

He lifted me into his arms, my legs wrapping around him as he drew his tongue across my chest. I reached down and felt for his belt, eager to free him from his jeans. He carried me to the couch, squatting onto it while holding me in his arms. As I straddled him, I pushed my chest to his face, my push up bra enhancing the curve of my breasts. I unbuttoned his jeans as he continued to lick wherever he could reach. I sat up, lifting my weight from him and pulling his jeans from under him. His boxers were soaked, and I could see he was ready.

My favourite part has always been the before, and I wasn’t ready to give it up just yet. Once I had his jeans off, I stood before him, waiting for his next move. He pulled me close to him, his face at my hips, and unbuttoned my jeans. He pulled them down gently, revealing the new lace set I had bought for the occasion. He groaned as he caught a glimpse of me through the material and I felt myself even wetter. I stepped out from my jeans just as he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his mouth.

The heat from his mouth through my own heat and the warmth of the material, only made me need him more. As he used his teeth to gently bite me through the lace, I clawed at his back and arms, unable to control my instincts. He pushed my pants aside and licked me from bottom to top. My whole body shook as the intensity of this first touch reached all of my edges. Knowing I could make all the noise I needed only enhanced the experience. As I felt his tongue enter me, a sound rose in my throat as the pleasure intensified.

In one smooth movement, he lay himself back on the couch, and brought me on top of him. Again, he licked from bottom to top, stopping at the top to suck my clit. My thighs shook as his lips clung to me and I felt a flood cover his chin. He made a welcoming groan as he licked me all over, cleaning the mess he had caused.

I ground on his face some more as he pulled me down onto him, moving in a circular motion to match his tongue. His hands held my cheeks, before working their way towards the back, where he teased me with his index finger before pushing it in as I leaned back onto it.

This was like a switch flicking as my hunger for him overwhelmed me. I pulled myself back from his mouth and brought myself on top of his thighs. Bending over to kiss him, I could taste myself in his mouth.

I licked from his neck to his tip, pausing before I got there just to see how long he could wait. I ran my tongue along the top of his legs and down towards his balls, before pulling them both into my mouth. His body tensed as I pulled on them gently, sucking them softly as I reached up to hold him. I pulled myself away, still holding them with my mouth, and as the pulling got too much for him, I released – moving my lips to meet his pulsing cock.

“I don’t think I’ll last if you stay there for long,” he panted.

I had always been told it was one of my special talents, and he was right – he never lasted long when I sucked him.

I pulled him into the back of my throat, letting his hands rest on my head as he pulled himself in deeper. When I’d reached my limit I tapped his side and he knew to release me.

“Turn around” he said firmly. And I obliged, swinging my legs around so I was facing his feet.

We often started in this position, so we could finish facing each other.

As I straddled him, he pulled my cheeks apart for a better look and I reached between my legs to take hold of him. I pulled him to my slit and we both gasped as he slid into place. He raised his hips as I sat deeper into mine, and we eventually made it all the way in. His cock was so long and it always took me by surprise just how deep he could go. I moved my hips around as I pushed him to fill all the space he could. When I’d just about felt him touch every edge, I lifted my hips slowly until I had a grip of just the tip, before quickly sitting back down. As I sped this up, I leaned back towards his chest as he reached forward into my blouse to pinch my nipples, pulling and pinching them until I squealed.

I rode him like this, reaching down and helping myself along. I circled my middle finger around my clit, as he pulled my nipples and I dragged him deeper inside me. I worked myself to an orgasm, flooding his lap with my juices. As I slid from his cock, I turned to face him, his eyes fixed on me and still reaching to bring my hips in closer.

I straddled him again, this time facing him and pulled his pulsing cock inside me again. I was so sensitive from the fist orgasm that I felt every millimetre her pushed inside me. I started circling my hips again as he pulled his chest up towards mine. He lifted me from the couch, grabbing my cheeks again and carrying me to the bedroom. Pulling himself out, he threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me. He grabbed my wrists above my head with one hand, and with the other grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my slit. Still soaked, it slid freely before he pushed himself inside me again. This time, he was in control.

He pushed down onto my wrists with one hand and had my throat in the other. He stroked deeply inside me, pushing himself in hard and fast. He kept going as he released my hands and throat and reached for the buttons of the blouse I was still wearing. He unbuttoned me quickly and then unclasped my bra at the front, removing both in one movement. He lay me back down and picked up the pace again. My breasts, now free, moved in time with him as he dropped his mouth to my nipples and bit down hard.

His face changed and I saw that he was about to come.

“Do it on my chest,” I said breathlessly, “You know what that does to me.”

He smiled and gave himself another few strokes before pulling himself out just in time. He came all over my breasts and as he did, I pulled his cock to my nipples and circled it around them. He wasn’t yet dry from when I had come all over him, and now I was covered in him. I pulled him onto my chest, allowing us to slide against each other’s wetness.

Submitted: March 17, 2020

© Copyright 2021 ochw155. All rights reserved.

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