The Corruption of Kat

The Corruption of Kat The Corruption of Kat

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A rich, decadent couple talks a clean-cut college girl into more than she bargained for.


A rich, decadent couple talks a clean-cut college girl into more than she bargained for.


Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



“What about that one?” Marlene suggested, gesturing subtly towards one of the undergraduate waitresses buzzing around the fundraiser, a stunning blonde who had been working the other end of our table most of the night.

She took a tiny sip of wine and winced, not waiting for my answer. “For the amount they hope you will donate, they might serve better wine. Well?”

Out of curiosity, I’d looked up the label on my phone earlier in the night -- Beaux Frères Pinot Noir 2013. I didn’t know wine the way Marlene did, for whom it was sacred. “Au contraire,” I responded, making her wince again with my purposefully bad French accent. “It’s perfect. Eighty a bottle shows they’re making an effort. Any more, and we’d maybe start to wonder if they really need the money, or if they're just raising it because they can.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

I looked at the blonde again. It wasn’t hard work; she was tall and leggy, filling out the white blouse required of the dining services workers when they worked “black and white” at a development event. I took in her shoes. “Nope.”

“Why not? She’s the prettiest one by far!”

“Her shoes.”

“There is nothing wrong with her shoes,” Marlene protested. “In fact, she’s the only one wearing remotely passable ones.” There came out as “zair.” Is was “eez.”

I sighed. “That’s the point. She’s wearing shoes a few steps up from Nine West. So she’s not desperate for money. She’s probably slumming, to stretch her allowance from her parents. Two will get you one that she’s not even on FA.”

“Two will get me what? FA?” She wrinkled her forehead in consternation. I sometimes wondered just how much of it was put on. More than even I realized, probably.

“I’ll give you two-to-one odds that she’s not on financial aid,” I explained. “She won’t need the money.”

“Ah,” she nodded, taking another sip of wine and grimacing.

“Jesus, Marlene, it can’t be that bad.” I was getting a little annoyed. Funny to realize, twenty-odd years later, the pull that FPU still had on me. I wanted Marlene to like it, to be as impressed as I’d been when I fell in love with the place at eighteen. Then again, someone who’d graduated from the Sorbonne and followed it up with a degree from Oxford (Christ Church) wasn’t easily impressed.

She took a minuscule bite of her filet, just Kobe beef, not the Japanese Wagyu she preferred. I didn’t ask if she liked it. “What about our waitress?” I asked, changing tacks.

We’d been served all night by a pretty, slender brunette whose nametag told us her name was Kat and that she was a sophomore from New York City. Marlene examined her discreetly. I knew she wouldn’t answer right away but would watch closely and render judgment later. I took a swig from my beer.

Marlene sighed at me. “At an event like this, must you drink beer?”

“You know I prefer it. Besides, you said the wine was lousy.”

“That is not the point, Michel.” She mocked me with the French version of my name, Michael.

I wasn’t as subtle as she was. I figured what was the point of being filthy rich if I had to drink wine when I didn’t want to, especially at an event where they were trying to squeeze me for enough to maybe slap my name on the new building, font size and location to be determined later. Even if she hated the wine, she would drink some, and leave her glass half full to indicate her displeasure.

I ignored the address by the college president, figuring that the hard sell to “remember FPU” would come the next day in his office. Instead, I watched Kat. She had a lissome, surefooted grace, no doubt an athlete in a sport that required balance. Her legs were slender and toned, without being overly muscular. She wore her chestnut hair in a glossy ponytail that flared out behind her as she moved around the room in constant, efficient motion; she never looked harried or rushed. I imagined she had experience waiting tables in places more hectic than this.

WhenI finished my beer, she immediately set another in front of me without my even needing to signal. Marlene’s hand found my cock under the table and squeezed. “I like her,” she murmured. “At first I thought she was a bit mousy, but she’s really très jolie. And she may be even better than the blonde girl. This one has a delicious innocence.” Her hand stroked me as she spoke, and I hardened, thinking about what she had in mind.

“Excuse me, Kat?” I called, while Marlene continued to stroke my cock under the table. She had unzipped me and had her hand directly on my erection. She ran her thumbnail lightly on the head, sending shivers through me.

Kat stopped on a dime. “Yes?” she answered, smiling but looking worried. Working these events at dining services was harder than being in the kitchen, as I well remembered. And while there was always the chance a big shot alum would tip you a few hours worth of work, they might just as easily complain. I was well-heeled enough that she had probably been specifically briefed about keeping me, and my date, happy.

“What do you think of the wine tonight?” I asked, aware of Marlene’s exasperation at my specific question. She stopped stroking and squeezed hard, digging her nail into my cockhead. I managed to not gasp.

“The wine?” Kat was caught off guard by the unusual question. They weren’t supposed to, but the staff would open more than was needed. Any unfinished bottle at the end of the night would be their responsibility to “dispose of.”

“Yes, I’m sure you tried it in the kitchen. We certainly did, back when I worked these events. Did you like it?”

She was still nervous, but her eyes sparkled at the shared confidence. “Yes, I thought it was very good.”

Marlene’s hand resumed its stroking. I was as turned on by the illicit thrill of talking to the pretty undergrad while Marlene played with me as I was by the physical sensation itself. “Tell you what,” I said. “Right before you clear for dessert, open an extra bottle. We won’t touch it, and it will be full for the crew after. Deal?”

“Deal.” She smiled in radiant complicity.

Marlene kept me on the edge all night, making sure to pick up the pace whenever our pretty waitress was near. Finally, the moment of truth. When she came with coffee, I asked her, with barely a hitch in my voice from Marlene’s efforts, “Kat, may I ask you a personal question?”

Her face showed worry again. “Yes, sir?”

“What’s the hourly rate for dining services jobs these days?”

Relief replaced worry; this wasn’t all that personal. “$18.75.”

I wasn’t surprised. As it had been in my day, the rate was inflated so that it could put a reasonable dent in the portion of the package that the university insisted its financial aid recipients pay. Still, tuition here was steep. “And how many hours a week do you put in?”

“Usually ten. More if I have time. I should put in fifteen, but I need to keep my grades up to keep my scholarship.”

Perfect. Marlene’s hand gave my member a triumphant, excited squeeze.

As she leaned to pour Marlene’s coffee, I got a glimpse down Kat’s blouse. Her breasts were ripe and full, in a dainty beige bra, the color no doubt chosen so as not to show through her white top. I lifted my eyes before she noticed.

“Would you be interested in working a private party for us tomorrow night? Five hours at least, though it could go later. I’d be happy to pay you an even thousand, cash, and maybe that way you could get more study time for at least a couple of weeks.”

Kat looked stunned. I was multiplying her hourly rate by more than ten. She furrowed her brow, clearly wanting to say yes, but uncertain as to why I’d pay so much.

“Good girl,” I told her, smiling encouragingly at her hesitance. “I’d be worried about you if you didn’t think that sounded fishy. The thing is, Marlene and I expect a lot, and your service has been impeccable all night, better than in a lot of Michelin-rated places. And I like to help out FPU students. Deal?”

Before Kat could answer, Marlene interrupted with perfect timing. “Of course you would have to wear a more elegant version of your... outfit.”

Almost imperceptibly, she had shifted the negotiation. Kat was now thinking more about her clothes and impressing the chic French lady than about saying no to my offer. Marlene knew how to play upon American women’s inferiority complex to their French counterparts when it came to fashion. Kat’s face fell, “Oh, I’m not sure I have...”

Pas de problème” Marlene interrupted with a small sigh of exasperation, indicating that it was, in fact, a problème. “We can provide the appropriate vêtements, uh, clothings.”

I had long ago noted how Marlene’s accent and reliance on French phrases increased when she needed an extra boost of off-putting continental credibility. Kat looked mortified but also relieved to be bailed out, just as Marlene had intended. “Well, if you think that’s okay...”

Marlene shrugged in that “I don’t really give a shit one way or the other” way that the French have mastered. In one hand she held her wine glass at her lips, taking a slow sip, giving Kat a long, cool stare over the rim of the glass, until the brunette lowered her eyes. Her other hand, the one in my lap, betrayed her excitement, stroking me with expert and increasing speed. If the conversation went on any longer I’d have a problem.

I managed to say, without sounding too strained, “Leave me your number, Kat, and I’ll text you the details.”




Later that night, I untied Marlene from her position facedown in my bed. Her blonde hair was still in its elegant twist, exposing the length of her perfumed neck, which I’d bitten with increasing loss of control during our frantic fuck. My come glistened at the pink slash of her pussy. We were both out of breath.

“Was that for me, Michel, or for Kat?” she asked, sitting up.

“Maybe a little of both. Can you blame me? And don’t fucking call me Michel, Marleen.” I pronounced her name to sound like queen, instead of the French way, to rhyme with again.

She shuddered at my pronunciation, making her tits shake delightfully. “You win this round, Michael. But do you think you will win tomorrow night, with repressed little innocent Kat?”

“It’s a done deal, unless you sabotage things,” I assured her.

With her hair up and her jewelry still on, she looked particularly undressed, as the elegance of her coiffure and accessories emphasized her nudity more than any simple lack of clothes could. Making a moue, she said in an earnest tone, “You know I would not do that. I would, ‘miss out’ too, as you say. In fact, I would guess that I will be more responsible than you for our success.”

“Just do that extra-snotty European thing you’re so good at, where American women bend over backward to prove they’re not provincial hicks.”

Moi? I’m sure I don’t know what you mean, monsieur!” She was laughing as I pushed her back down onto the bed, straddling her and guiding my cock, still wet from her pussy, back into her mouth.



Kat looked nervous as she served us. Part of it was the clothes, which Marlene, true to form, had chosen perfectly. Everything was high-end; the quality showed. But the skirt was just a bit too short and too tight. The silk blouse was partly sheer in the right light, and also too tight in the chest. Kat had had to undo an extra button, revealing the creamy tops of her firm young breasts. Marlene had also laid out patent leather pumps with a four-inch heel, along with black fishnet stockings. Both did wonders for her legs.

Earlier, I’d told Marlene she was going too far with the heels and stockings.

“Bah! She will not risk losing zee money over such a trifle.” And of course she’d been right.

When Kat first emerged from the kitchen with our soup, we’d both allowed our gazes to linger appreciatively. She wobbled a little --and only at first-- as she got used to her heels. To serve us, she had to bend a little at the waist. I didn’t leer when I examined her breasts, not even two feet from my face, but I wasn’t particularly surreptitious either.

“You look lovely tonight, Kat,” I told her, raising my glance from her ripe, creamy breasts to her large eyes. Her blush started in her cheeks and worked its way down to her chest.

“Th- thank you, sir.” She looked to Marlene for support, only to be greeted with a shrug that could have meant anything, from an exaggerated “Men!” to “You don’t look completely hideous, I suppose.”

As she made her way back to the kitchen, my eyes were glued to her ass, which looked glorious in the tight skirt. The heels added sideways motion to her quick, nervous walk. I could feel Marlene watching me as much as she was watching Kat. I turned to her, feeling the blood start to make my cock rise in anticipation.

“You look great tonight, Marlene,” I told her, truthfully.

She’d pulled out all the stops. Her up-do was a perfect mix of precision tempered by a single carefully disarrayed strand that framed her jawline. Diamond studs glittered in her ears, matched by a larger solitaire that sparkled at the very top of her décolletage, drawing the eye even more. Her dress was black and appeared simple. Her perfume was light and heady. “Chanel?” I asked, knowing I was probably wrong.

She sighed. “Yves Saint-Laurent. Next step?”

“The wine, I think. I trust it meets with your approval?” It damned well better, since she’d picked it out.

“Yes, the wine,” she agreed, taking a small sip from her glass. A Lafite-Rothschild 2010, more expensive than FPU’s choice by an order of magnitude, it was good enough that even I could appreciate it. I took an enthusiastic swig, enjoying its incomparable smoothness.

Michel!” --she was genuinely perturbed; I detected no mocking in my French name-- “You do not drink it so fast! It is not beer!”

I dipped a finger in my glass and leaned over the table, presenting it to her lips. “Is this sip appropriately small enough?”

She hesitated.

Finally, “You are hard to resist in a tuxedo,” she murmured, before taking my finger in her mouth and running her tongue over it, sucking gently as she made eye contact with me. My cock hardened at the sight of her performing a mock blowjob at the table. The timing couldn’t have been better; just then, Kat emerged from the kitchen to check on us.

I turned my head, but Marlene didn’t stop sucking my finger. Embarrassment was obvious on Kat’s face. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t...” She started to back away.

“Come back, please, Kat,” I instructed, taking my time before pulling my finger from Marlene’s mouth. She patted her lips with the linen napkin, looking not in the least flustered.

Kat did as she was told, the blush once again suffusing her cheeks. For the first time, I felt a hint of doubt. Was she too shy? When she got to the table, she stood with her hands behind her back, awaiting instruction. Instead, we simply looked at her hungrily until the look in our eyes was unmistakable. She shifted her weight from foot to foot as our eyes roved over her body. Her eyes flicked to the door - she was thinking about running.

I took pity and broke the tension; also, I needed to give her some slack or this would never work. “Have you tried the wine?” I kept my tone friendly, no doubt reminding her of our little conspiracy the previous night.

“No, sir.”

Her relieved tone made it clear she was telling the truth. I was surprised; I’d made sure to leave a bottle open, and even told Terence in the kitchen to offer her a glass.

“Would you like to?” I asked, my tone still light.


“It’s really good,” I assured her. “Even I like it.”

Marlene allowed herself to let out a delicate snort, drawing Kat’s attention. Marlene added, “The man can barely tell the best wine from vinegar. He would drink nothing but beer and whiskey if I let him.” Her technique was perfect; she was just one woman complaining to another about her lummox of a man.

Kat looked at her with something like gratefulness.

Marlene continued, “You should have some. I’m sure you would appreciate it more. In fact, take his.”

I dipped my finger into my glass, preparing to repeat my trick. Marlene’s sharp tone interrupted me. “Don’t be a pig; just give her your glass.”

Kat hesitated after she accepted my glass, still almost full. Everything about this had to be strange for her. It was a glass I had drunk from and dipped my finger in for what amounted to foreplay with Marlene. Drinking from that glass would be a strange form of intimacy, trumping even the oddness of us inviting her to drink.

Finally, drinking became less awkward than not drinking. She took a sip. As soon as she registered the taste, her face relaxed in pleasure. It really was excellent wine. When she started to return my glass, she hesitated again. Was she even supposed to give me back a glass that she had now drunk from? This was not a standard situation for even an experienced waiter.

“Finish it,” I told her. “I’d rather have a beer anyway.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, relieved to think she was being dismissed for the moment. She turned towards the kitchen.

“Stay here, please, Kat,” Marlene said. “I would like to watch you enjoy it.”

“Yes, ma’am.” She couldn’t quite conceal her disappointment.

Even so, she relaxed visibly as she drank the wine, no doubt faster than Marlene would have wanted. She drank delicately but efficiently, taking small, quick sips. I watched her throat work as she swallowed. My cock was still hard.

Marlene surprised her then. “Turn around, please.”

Kat did as she was told, embarrassed once again to be on such obvious display. The color was returning to her cheeks, both from the wine and the situation.

“You are really très mignonne,” Kat commented, with no trace of irony that even I could detect. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, ma’am.”

Marlene raised a cool eyebrow. “Pourquoi pas? Why not? Do not tell me you are one of those religious types who saves herself for marriage?” She allowed herself a shudder of distaste.

A hint of a smile appeared on Kat’s lips. “No, ma’am. I just don’t have a lot of time for dating right now, between school and work.”

“So you have had a lover, then?”

Kat looked stricken again. “I... Well, yes...”

“More than one?” Even Marlene’s tone sounded hungry.

I interrupted, “Marlene, leave the poor girl alone. This isn’t what she signed up for. Is it, Kat?”

“No, sir. I’m sorry, sir.” This time her gratefulness was transferred onto me, as it had been onto Marlene earlier.

“You’ll have to forgive Marlene. She tends to think of us Americans as puritanical hicks. She’s very curious about our sexual customs and mores... which gives me an idea. How would you feel about earning some extra money, so that these questions aren’t totally inappropriate?”


“What did we agree on for the night, a grand? What if I triple it, but you answer any questions Marlene has, or I have, for that matter.”

I could see the wheels turning as she processed how much the extra money would help. I upped the pressure. “Of course I mean in addition to the thousand for being our waitress. The three k would be for answering the questions.”

The pause was long. Both Marlene and I were holding our breath. Finally, in a small voice, Kat answered, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Excellent,” Marlene and I said in unison. We both smiled.

I continued, “But here’s the thing. You have to answer truthfully, with as much detail as we want. If you can’t do that, or if we suspect you’re not telling the truth at any point, the whole three thousand goes bye-bye.”

“Okay.” Her voice was small, hesitant.

“We’ll finish dinner first,” I told her. “Get me my beer, and feel free to let Terence give you a wine refill while you work.”

Kat looked flustered. Clearly, she had expected the questions to start right away. Having to wait while she wondered about them was worse. She returned in a moment with my beer, her hand shaking slightly when she set it down.

If the rest of the dinner felt eternal for me, I can’t imagine what it was for Kat. I had the benefit of Marlene’s foot occasionally in my lap, her knowing eyes meeting mine as she placed her delicate silk-covered foot in my lap and rubbed my erection through my pants. Kat served us efficiently even as Marlene continued to tease me. When Kat cleared my dessert plate, Marlene made sure that her foot was moving vigorously enough in my lap that Kat could not miss it. She looked away quickly, only to catch Marlene’s smirk.

Almost at my breaking point, I told Kat to join us in the living room for coffee. After Kat fetched it, Marlene and I took a seat on the couch. Kat sat across from us, stiff-backed in the Eames chair opposite. Her posture only emphasized the tightness of her blouse.

“Are you nervous?” I asked her.

“No... I mean... yes,” she answered, catching herself before making a mistake that could cost her three thousand dollars.

“Relax. You’ll be fine. I don’t bite,” I smiled, trying to reassure her.

“No, he doesn’t,” Marlene purred next to me, putting enough emphasis on the he to make Kat gulp.

“Let’s start,” I offered. “Marlene?”

“Hmm,” she mused, sipping her coffee. “What do I want to know first? Oh yes... Have you ever been topless in public?”

“I, uh....” She seemed unsure, embarrassed -- unwilling to answer even the first question.

I made my voice stern. “It’s not a hard question. Are we going to be done so soon?”

“No!” She looked a little desperate. “It’s not that... I’m just not sure if it counts as in public or not. At my high-school graduation party, we were at a friend’s house, with a pool. Her parents were away, and by the end of the night, most of the girls were topless. But it wasn’t like at a public beach or anything.”

“And you were one of those girls?” I asked, letting her see me drop my eyes to her breasts.”

“Yes.” She looked away from my gaze.

Marlene cut in. “Were there boys at the party?”

“Yes,” she replied, lifting her head and meeting Marlene’s eyes.

“And did you go to bed with one of them?” she pressed.


“More than one?” Marlene teased.

“No! There was one... We fooled around but didn’t go all the way. Just third base.”

“Third base?” Marlene’s eyes flashed with anger at not understanding. This time her confusion wasn’t put on.

“Probably oral,” I explained. “Right?” I asked Kat.

“I...” --it was clear she didn’t want to answer, but the money was too much-- “Yes, oral.”

“Both ways?” I asked, “You blew him and he went down on you?”

“No.” Her voice was soft, embarrassed. “I... went down on him, but he didn’t... He didn’t...”

“Eat your pussy?” I prompted, curious to see the effect of my blunt language on her.

She just shook her head. Marlene tsk-tsked. “My dear, you must learn to insist on your satisfaction. Did he ejaculate in your mouth?”

Kat answered almost inaudibly, her face scarlet. “Yes.”

“Did you swallow his sperm?”

Kat nodded.

Marlene pressed on, “Did you want this boy to pleasure you?”

Again, Kat nodded.

“No, I need you to answer,” Marlene insisted.

“Yes,” she replied, her voice perhaps a bit more confident than before.

“Yes, you wanted him to do what?” I took over the questioning.

A look of slight horror flashed over her face. Having to say it was worse than just answering yes or no. “Yes, I wanted him to... pleasure me.”

“ ‘Pleasure’ you?” I teased, “You’re not Marlene; I’m not going to let you get away with euphemism. Yes, what?”

She took a deep breath. “Yes, I wanted him to lick my... pussy.”

My cock tingled and hardened at her words. Yesterday she had been an FPU student we didn’t know. Twenty-four hours later we were quizzing her on her sex life. Marlene’s breathing was a bit faster; she was excited as well. She shifted on the sofa next to me and re-crossed her legs.

“Good girl.” I put encouragement in my voice. “Had anyone licked your pussy by then?”

Another pause, but shorter. “No. Not then.”

“But since then?”

Kat was taking another deep breath to answer when Marlene interrupted, dropping her hand into my lap, finding my cock over my pants. “Never mind that for now. I want to hear more about being topless in front of more than just your one boy. All the boys saw you, oui?”

Kat nodded, her eyes glued, half in horror, half in what looked like excitement, to Marlene’s hand stroking my cock so openly. Her answer came more easily than the ones before, perhaps at her distraction at what she was seeing. “Five of us were topless, and there were seven or eight boys who saw us, before we paired off.”

“Did that arouse you? To have your breasts exposed, in front of so many boys who were excited to see them? And perhaps some of the girls as well?” Marlene’s voice was showing signs of excitement.

“Yes.” There was no hesitation this time.

I sipped my coffee, trying to appear impassive at what Marlene was doing to me, and at the excitement of prying into Kat’s personal life. Inside, electricity flowed through me, making me feel more alive than ever. My cock was iron in my tuxedo pants. If Marlene didn’t unzip me soon, I would.

“Were your nipples erect?” Marlene asked, stroking me as if it were the most normal thing in the world. “Knowing that the boys were looking and getting excited?”

Kat’s voice caught a little. “Yes, they were.”

“How about the other girls?” I asked. “Were their nipples hard?”

It was clear that she didn’t want to answer, to admit that she had paid attention and noticed, but I held her gaze insistently. She nodded.

“Did you like looking at them?” Marlene continued.

Another nod.

“Did you wonder if they were looking at you too?”

In a soft voice, Kat answered, “I could see that some of them were.”

“Did it excite you?” Marlene asked.

She nodded, then blushed again when she realized that we were both staring at her chest. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I could see her nipples as hard points through her clothes.

“Are you excited now?” Marlene insisted.

“Are they hard now?” I asked at the same time.

Beet red, Kat looked back and forth between us, trying to figure which question to answer, even though the answer was likely the same to both. Finally, she answered, “Yes,” quietly, but in a somewhat firmer tone.

“Are you wondering if we’ll ask you to take off your blouse and bra?” Marlene asked. A cruel question. If she hadn’t been, she was now.

Annoyance crossed Kat’s face, followed by a flicker of amusement. “I am now,” she replied.

I smiled in return. Despite the tension she was under, she was still able to crack a joke and take a small jab at the question.

“How would it make you feel?” I took the baton from Marlene.

“Scared, but it would be exciting. You’re clearly getting off on this, and that’s kind of hot.”

She had more spirit than I had thought. I considered making the request now, but Marlene spoke before I could, asking a different question. “Were you shocked at seeing me caress him?”

“Yes.” An easy answer to an obvious question.

“Does it turn you on?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady. Marlene’s hand was altogether too skilled, even through my trousers.

Her answer was not as quick this time. “I, uh...” Her eyes darted between our eyes and Marlene’s hand on my obvious erection. She paused, then reluctantly answered, “Yes.”

Keeping her eyes fixed on Kat’s, Marlene unzipped my pants and extracted my cock. The air felt cool on my erection as Marlene took it in her small hand and stroked it slowly. Kat’s mouth had opened in disbelief. As I imagined pushing my cock between her lips, my cock pulsed in Marlene’s hand.

Marlene jacked me slowly and deliberately, showing me off. Kat watched as if hypnotized. “He has a beautiful cock, doesn’t he?” Marlene asked.

“Y-yes.” Her eyes were wide and staring at my throbbing erection.

“Have you ever been with an older man?”

Marlene’s question surprised me. Older man? I was a little hurt, even though I had to acknowledge I was more than twice Kat’s age. It also wasn’t where I thought she was going with her line of attack.

Kat nodded, her eyes fixed on my cock. She shifted in her seat. Her posture was still straight-backed, but she was getting fidgety. In the fishnets, her legs looked particularly long and lithe. Seeing the tops of her stockings made me wonder about her underwear. Marlene’s hand was marking out a slow, maddening tempo.

With an eyebrow arched in surprise, Marlene said, “Tell us about him. How old was he?” She crossed and re-crossed her own legs. I could see the signs; she was extremely excited.

Kat took a deep breath and started talking. “He was fifty. He was a college friend of my dad’s, and he was staying with us for a few because it was my dad’s fiftieth birthday party. His name was Greg.”

Marlene and I exchanged a look. I could read the unspoken barb in her eyes. Fifty! That’s even older than you, Michael!

“So when was this anyway?” I asked, oddly pleased that I was younger than Kat’s older man. I didn’t want to be the outlier.

“About a week after my graduation party.”

A pearl of pre-come had formed at the tip of my penis. Marlene swirled her thumb on it and rubbed it into my cockhead. She took a quick break to lick her finger clean, before resuming rubbing my now slicker, wetter cock. I groaned in pleasure.

“What happened?” I asked, making an effort to keep my voice steady.

“We had a big party in our backyard. I could tell Greg was looking at me, especially as he got drunker, and he’d make sure to be careful my parents couldn’t see him looking. So I knew it wasn’t my imagination.”

“And you liked his attention?” Marlene asked.

Kat’s “Yes,” was almost fierce in its vehemence, surprising me. “He was really sexy, even for someone my dad’s age.”

I winced at the even. “What did you do when he looked at you?”

A smile crossed Kat’s face at the memory. Even in her embarrassment, her eyes were mischievous. “I bent over a couple of times to pick things up in front of him. Another time I got him a beer and sort of leaned forward, so he could see down my shirt a little.”

“And this excited you?” Marlene’s voice was husky with her own arousal.

Kat nodded.

“Then what happened?”

“I had snuck a couple of beers during the party, and I was buzzing when I went to bed. And I was turned on too. I got in bed and I started... playing with myself until I, uh, almost came.”

“Almost?” I asked. My cock was so hard that it hurt. The head had turned purple with excitement.

“I accidentally made a little noise right before, louder than I meant to. It’s a small house, and I was afraid maybe somebody heard, so I stopped. A second later I heard the floorboard creak outside my door, so I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.”

Kat’s breathing was getting faster; her breasts were moving up and down with her inhalations. She was still embarrassed, but she was excited to remember the experience.

“What happened then?” Marlene asked.

“I don’t know how I knew it was him, but I knew. I kept my eyes closed tight, but I knew. He pulled the sheet down off my body and looked at me. I kept pretending to be asleep. I was freaked out, but... but... I wanted him to stay too.”

“And of course he did,” Marlene commented, not really asking.

“Yes... He climbed in bed with me and put his hand on my mouth and told me not to make a sound. I could smell the beer on his breath. He’d had a lot to drink. I was afraid to look, so I kept my eyes closed. I spread my legs though, when he told me to.”

Marlene’s breath was coming quick and fast. She was turned on. “And then?” she asked.

“Then... he fucked me. It hurt a little at first, but it felt really good too. He kept his hand on my mouth the whole time. I just smelled the beer on his breath, and he kept telling me my... pussy felt so tight and so good. He felt really big, but I’m not sure if that was because it was my first time.

“When he was done, he got up and said, ‘Shit, what the fuck did I just do?’ I kept my eyes shut tight the entire time. He was quiet, so I wasn’t sure when he left, but when I finally opened my eyes, he was gone.”

“Did you come?” I asked, my cock as hard as a crowbar.

“After,” she said, the words coming more easily now. “I came really fast after. I was slippery from his cum, and it happened really fast.”

“I’d like to see your tits now, Kat. Can you take off your blouse and bra for us?”

The moment of truth. This was no longer about answering personal questions. I could feel Marlene’s eyes on me as I watched Kat’s reactions. I knew Marlene thought I was asking too soon. Still, I had a sense that Kat was turned on enough that it might work.

She stared at me, her eyes huge, hesitating. Her whole body appeared to be trembling. She brought shaky fingers to the third button of her blouse, before bringing them back down to her lap. Fuck, I’d been wrong.

Marlene, as usual, bailed me out. “Remember how you told us it was exciting, at the pool, also to have the girls see your naked breasts? And for you to see theirs?”

Kat nodded.

Marlene went on, her tone hungry, “It would excite me also. Please, can you take off your blouse for us? For me?”

This time, when Kat’s fingers went to her buttons, she undid them. She had to stand up to untuck the blouse from her tight skirt. Her breasts were full and firm in her lacy beige bra, her stomach taut and flat the way only a young girl’s can be. She looked down, not meeting our eyes as she laid the blouse carefully over the back of her chair. Pausing only briefly, as if to wait longer would cause her to lose her nerve, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra.

The flimsy garment fell away from her breasts, which were the perfect size for her slender frame. Full, upthrust, with erect pink nipples. A few freckles emphasized how pale her skin was, along with the blush that suffused her chest. She freed her arms from the straps, and soon her bra joined her blouse on the back of the chair.

Finally, once more sitting with her ramrod-straight posture, she met our eyes. I nodded in approval, and Marlene murmured, “Tu es vraiment belle. You are really quite beautiful.”

Despite her embarrassment, the compliment brought a smile to Kat’s lips. “Thank you,” she replied quietly. I was confident now that everything should work out. Without clothes, people often are more insecure, more malleable than they might be otherwise.

For a while, we watched. Kat didn’t fidget exactly, but she clearly wanted to know what was next. So we waited, enjoying her unease. The sight of her breasts didn’t hurt, as Marlene continued to stroke me. She was fidgety herself; I could tell she wanted to bring her other hand between her own legs but preferred to maintain her seemingly aloof air. Finally, Kat relaxed. There’s only so long a body can maintain tension.

“Pinch your left nipple, and tug on it,” I told her, in an incongruously normal tone.

Kat’s body tensed up again. Her hands moved birdlike towards her chest, once again tempted to cover herself. One hand fluttered near her engorged nipple, as if deciding what to do. She looked at us in an agony of indecision, then down to her breast. Finally, she took her nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugged gently, pulling her breast slightly up and away from her body. She let out a small moan. I hadn’t seen anything as beautiful in a long time. When I nodded, she released her nipple, breathing hard.

“Come here,” I told her.

Kat obeyed, coming to a stop between our legs. I could smell her now -- she smelled of simple soap and healthy girl, with an undercurrent of clean sweat. On the taut flesh of her breasts, I could see goose pimples. Her areolas were crinkled tight, the nipples themselves erect. I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue as I did.

As soon as my mouth made contact with her skin, she flinched, but she didn’t pull away. I heard her gasp, then make another sound of surprise as, from the corner of my eye, I saw Marlene take Kat’s other nipple into her mouth.

We sucked on her breasts eagerly, hungrily. Kat laid one hand on my shoulder, as if for balance, but there was something else there, a seeking of reassurance that all of this was okay. Her other hand was on Marlene’s shoulder. Without looking, I found the zipper at the back of Marlene’s dress and pulled it down. In concert with my unzipping, Marlene shrugged out of the top of her dress, leaving her bare-breasted as well; she was able to do it without removing her greedy mouth from Kat’s breast.

Marlene’s breasts were small enough that she almost never wore a bra, especially with formal wear. Her nipples were very small and very dark, in surprising contrast with her golden skin. I always thought of her breasts as somehow elegant. Her hand was still on my cock, but in her distraction, she was not pumping it as much vim as before, which was a good thing, in the state I was in.

With another gasp and a shudder, Kat took a step back, disengaging from our mouths. Her nipples were shiny with our spit, the right one also pink with Marlene’s lipstick. Once again, she brought her hands up to cover her breasts, and then let them fall to her sides, realizing the incongruity of her after-the-fact modesty. I understood the impulse -- sometimes the reality of what you are doing, or are having done to you, takes more than a few seconds to sink in.

“What are you...? Oh my God...” Her face was a riot of excitement but also confusion. I could see that her knees were shaking.

Marlene stood up quickly, sensing that she might slip the line. Putting one arm around Kat’s waist, she allowed her dress to whisper down to the ground, leaving her in just a black garter belt and stockings, along with her heels. No panties, which surprised me. I saw Kat’s eyes flit down to Marlene’s trimmed blond pubic patch, then back up to her face. She looked like a frightened deer: sleek and powerful, yet also trembling with the adrenaline rush for quick flight.

“May I kiss you, Katherine?” Marlene asked, pronouncing her name in French, her lips an inch or so from Kat’s. I could see a moment of surprise on her face, before it was replaced by the previous uncertainty. Her expression seemed to say, You’re asking me for permission now, after you sucked my nipples?

A heartbeat of hesitation, followed by the tiniest nod. An instant later, Marlene pressed her lips gently against Kat’s, bringing her hands to the young co-ed’s hips. I stood up, my cock turgid in excited anticipation. I moved behind her and cupped her ripe breasts. As I did, my erection pressed against her ass. Her body stiffened against me, before relaxing once more.

Kat’s tits were firm, the flesh supple. I cupped them gently, feeling her body melt under Marlene’s kiss. Her ass was firm against my erection as I pressed against her back. I nuzzled her nape, smelling her perfume, which I now could recognize as Lily of the Valley. I let my teeth nip lightly at her skin, while my fingers pinched her erect nipples.

Soon, Marlene’s hands slid between our bodies, searching for the zipper of Kat’s skirt. Finding it, she unzipped it and worked it down Kat’s hips, who was by now helping her. With a touch of her hand to Kat’s cheek, she broke the kiss and stepped away, examining the younger woman with hungry attention. I reluctantly removed my hands from Kat’s lush flesh and joined Marlene.

Kat stood before us in high heels, thigh-high fishnets, and a minuscule black thong, which barely covered her pubic area. With a rueful nostalgia for my younger days, I noted that college girls certainly wore different panties from what they had worn years before.

I was still fully dressed, my erection somehow emphasized by the incongruity of my tuxedo. Kat could not look away. With a twinkle in her eye, Marlene nudged me toward the sofa, where I sat, suspecting I knew what she had in mind.

Marlene steered Kat until she was standing in front of me, between my legs. From a position behind her, she whispered in her ear, “Get on your knees, cherie. Suck him.”  She punctuated the lewd request by tweaking one nipple with one hand, and sliding a finger over the satin front panel of Kat’s panties, causing the fabric to cling to the outline of her pussy. A darker patch between her lips showed that she was already quite wet.

When Kat hesitated, Marlene pressed down gently but firmly on her shoulders. It didn’t take much effort to bring Kat to her knees. Marlene knelt behind her, keeping her mouth an inch from the delicate shell of Kat’s ear. I could see Kat breathing hard, which made her breasts rise and fall noticeably, in counterpoint with the pulse visible in my cock, no more than a few inches in front of her lips. Her eyes were fixed on my erection. Unconsciously, she licked her lips.

I waited. At one point I noticed I was holding my breath, and I made an effort to relax.

“Are you shy, Katherine? Or perhapsrepressed?  I would not have thought it of you. Then again, with Americans, one can never know...”  

Marlene could have left it at that, but she didn’t. She placed her hand firmly on the back of Kat’s head and pressed forward, pushing her mouth inexorably towards the purple head of my throbbing cock.

Kat could have resisted, but she seemed to enjoy the nominal lack of choice. She allowed Marlene to guide her mouth inch by inch forward. At the last moment, Kat opened her mouth and accepted my cock between her full lips. Her mouth was warm and perfect; I felt my cock twitch against her tongue.

Marlene didn’t let her get used to the intrusion into her mouth. With savage glee, she shoved Kat’s head forward and down, making her take most of my cock all at once. Kat’s eyes opened in alarm, and she gagged briefly before adjusting.

Que tu es une belle salope!” Marlene murmured into her ear, “Such a dirty little slut, sucking my Michel for money.” Her voice was husky with need, and the hand that was not fucking Kat’s face onto my cock was buried between her legs, finally giving her the attention she had been craving since the dinner had started.

For my part, the intensity of the action nearly made me come far too soon. I closed my eyes, not wanting to see Kat’s ruby lips wrapped around my cock, her full tits swaying as she sucked, her eyes wide with arousal and a bit of fear. Or Marlene with her hand working industriously between her thighs as she urged the young girl on. If I had seen those things right then, I would have spurted my cum down Kat’s throat in an instant.

Marlene was attuned to me, and she pulled Kat off my cock quickly, surprising the heartbreakingly lovely co-ed. A line of saliva briefly connected her lower lip to my glistening cock. Standing, Marlene took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Kat looked very small on her knees. With catlike grace, Marlene slid into the spot I had vacated and spread her lithe legs, exposing the pink slash of her pussy below her golden triangle of pubic curls.

I moved behind Kat. Like a spectator at a tennis match, Kat looked back and forth between us, realizing that things, never in her command to begin with, had spiraled completely out of control.

“What... what are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“Get on all fours,” I told her, my voice rough. I was enjoying her anxiety.

She looked towards Marlene, who gave no answer, except to use two fingers to spread her lips and rub her pussy. Kat looked back at me, her gaze focusing on my face, then my cock, then back on my erection. Slowly, as if in a daze, she assumed a doggy position. The globes of her ass were framed perfectly by the small black thong. Her pussy was wet enough to make the black satin almost sheer.

“Stick your ass out.”

She did, slowly, as if making up her mind, but she did.

“Ask me to fuck you.” I ran my fingertips lightly over the sopping fabric of her panties, just tracing the contours of her lips. She shuddered in pleasure at my touch.

“I... I... can’t,” she gasped.

“Can’t, or won’t?” I asked, my voice calm, even though I wanted nothing more than to rip the filmy undergarment from her body and plunge into her, balls deep. Marlene had inserted two fingers into her pussy and was rubbing her clit with her other hand, her legs spread obscenely wide.

“I... I...” She was at a loss. I slid one finger under her panties and felt the wet smoothness of her outer lips. It felt as if she were melting into my finger.

“Do you want me to?” I asked, continuing to stroke her, pressing my fingertip against her opening. Without meaning to, she pressed her hips back against me. My finger slid in to the first knuckle. She was tight and hot, gripping me like a vise.

There was a long pause as she tried to get the word out. Saying it was almost impossible, but finally she managed it, in a fierce whisper, “Yes.”

“So tell me. Ask for what you want.” I pulled her thong completely to the side, revealing her beautiful pink pussy, wet and open to my gaze, and the tight pucker of her asshole.

I rubbed the head of my cock against the slick opening of her pussy. She pressed against me, but I retreated. “Say it,” I instructed. In front of her, on the couch, Marlene was smiling, watching us like a hawk.

“F-fuck me.”

Her voice was plaintive and needy. It was all I could do not to bury myself in her in one swift stroke. Instead, I asked, “Fuck me what?”

She moaned in frustration. Asking was harder than doing. It turned out she didn’t know what I wanted either. Hesitantly, she repeated her request, adding a hesitant postscript to it. “Fuck me... sir.”

I half smiled, half winced. Sir would do, but I suspected it was a word she had chosen in unconscious deference to my age, not out of true submission. She’d call any man somewhat older, sir. I pressed the head of my cock into her. She was unimaginably tight and wet. Despite myself, I groaned. In invitation, her hips pushed backwards, but I managed not to lose control, yet.

“Not what I meant, Kat. What’s the magic word?”

My cock pulsed at the entrance of her nineteen-year-old cunt. I could feel her gripping me. Another moan of frustration. “Don’t make me say it... I can’t!”

With every ounce of self-control I could muster, I pulled back, and out of her. “Should we just call it a night?”

She looked over her shoulder, eyes wide, expression unreadable. I smiled. Reaching down, I pressed my forefinger into her briefly, sliding it up to her anus, circling around its puckered rim. I could feel her body trembling.

“No,” she said, her voice a shade more certain.

Marlene was keeping herself on the edge. I knew what she wanted, and I suspected she would get it too. Her fingertips traced slow circles underneath her clit, barely making contact. I knew she was so worked up that even a kiss to a nipple might send her over the edge.

“Then...?” I prompted, once more rubbing the engorged head of my erection between her lips, pressing firmly against her opening, though not enough to penetrate her, no matter how much she tried to use her hips to urge me on.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, then louder, “Fuck me, please!”

I was tempted to draw it out longer, but I didn’t have any self-discipline left. Instead, I pressed in, plunging into her in one fast, strong thrust. Her pussy gripped me with exquisite warmth. I moved in her easily, her wetness allowing movement that her tightness might have made difficult.

“Oh!” she moaned as I slammed into her.

The pert flesh of her ass was too tempting to pass up, and I slapped each buttock hard, first the right, then the left. The slaps echoed in the dark living room, prompting a cry of pained surprise from Kat and a moan from Marlene at the naughty spectacle. She abruptly ceased the circular motion under her clit. Just the sight of me spanking Kat had almost sent her over the edge.

Marlene slid forward until her pussy was just in front of Kat’s face. With a surprisingly tender touch, given how she had shoved her face onto my cock moments before, she stroked Kat’s face, pushing a stray strand of chestnut hair behind her ear. “Mange moi,” she instructed, using her other hand to spread her lips, making the instruction clear, even if Kat had not understood.

I couldn’t see Kat’s face, but I imagined her large eyes opening wide, as I’d already seen them do several times. Marlene continued to stroke Kat’s cheek gently as I plowed into her considerably less so. I gripped Kat’s ass with rough fingers, spreading her cheeks, which were so sensitive that they were reddening from my single slaps. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, but I didn’t let up, thrusting into her even harder.

Every stroke pushed her face a bit closer to Marlene’s pink cunt. Finally, Kat lowered her head. I cursed my vantage point, since I couldn’t see what she was doing directly. However, her actions were reflected in Marlene’s reactions. Her eyes widened with pleasure and a measure of triumph. She brought both hands to Kat’s head, holding it firm at her pussy.

The idea that I was fucking Kat’s face onto Marlene’s cunt turned me on. I made my strokes long and abrupt, pausing for a long count each time before I slammed back into her, making sure to drive her face onto Marlene’s pink wetness.

Kat started to emit a muffled moan. Muscles in the small of her back, and on her shoulder blades, started to dance uncontrollably. Although I hadn’t been all that concerned about her orgasm, knowing it --or they-- would come eventually, seeing her start to come made my orgasm erupt. It felt like molten lava bursting forth, so violent and hot did the cum boil out of me.

I came for what could have been ten seconds or thirty, as the world seemed to darken at the edges of my sight. Dimly, I was aware of Kat’s pussy spasming on my spurting cock, and Marlene crying out, “Oui! Comme ça! Like that!”

I’m not sure how we got there, but a minute later, we were all on the floor together. As I regained my senses, I saw Marlene lying between Kat’s spread thighs, licking her bare cunt eagerly, lapping at my cum. Kat lay back against the couch with a stunned expression. She was clearly enjoying the attention but had lost all sense of reality. Her eyes were heavy-lidded, as if drugged with lust, and with a fair amount of confusion mixed in.

However, Marlene’s finger suddenly probing at Kat’s asshole made her eyes widen in shock and her eyebrows arch with comical surprise. My cock had never fully softened, as was usually the case after a first orgasm, and the sight of Marlene working her finger up Kat’s back passage made my penis tingle in anticipation of round two.

Kat watched Marlene, her breathing rapid once more as she enjoyed Marlene’s talented tongue and finger. After a minute or so, Marlene removed her finger from Kat’s ass and her mouth from her pussy. On her lips gleamed a bead of my cum, which she licked up eagerly. “Très bien,” she pronounced in approval. “Katherine, please go to the kitchen and ask Terence to give you some beurre, some butter.”

With mechanical obedience, Kat got to her feet, but then she paused. “Butter?”

“Yes, butter. You have seen the film, Last Tango in Paris, yes? Unless you would prefer to go without lubrication?”

Kat gulped and nodded. Marlene’s intentions were clear. She reached for her skirt and blouse, but I shook my head. “No, go the way you are.”

Despite all she had been through with us, the thought of Terence seeing her naked provoked extreme embarrassment, but all Kat could do was to re-arrange her tiny thong to preserve a nominal semblance of modesty. She walked with uncertain steps to the kitchen, still wearing her heels and stockings; if a gait could seem dazed, hers did. I turned to Marlene and said, “Did I pick well this time, or what?”

Oui, mon amour, you always do!”


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