Chasing Away the Numb

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A man and an a woman meet to keep "the numb" at bay. She gives him control for one afternoon.

Chasing Away The Numb

I’m no saint. If I were, I wouldn’t have been spending time trying to find a fuck buddy on that website (the one that got hacked). I wasn’t looking to discover any deep-down desires lurking dormant in my lizard brain. You could have called me vanilla, and I would have resented the label even while I knew you were right. I liked my porn dirty, but not dirty, and there’s a difference.

All I was really looking for was an enthusiastic lady who’d be excited to suck my cock from time to time, followed by some sweaty, enthusiastic fucking. If she also wanted me to tie her up or fuck her in the ass, that would be a bonus, but not something I needed. I didn’t think I was looking for anything else. I just wanted to get rid of the same old numb feeling brought on by not having anything to look forward to.

So when I started texting with Lena, she surprised me by telling me what she was looking for, in blunt, direct detail. “I fantasize about being smacked around like the dirty whore I am. Having my tits and face slapped. Being called a filthy slut. Resisting and having my resistance overpowered. Choking on a cock that pushes into my throat. Used as a slutty fucktoy. My husband can’t do that for me.”

She had wilder fantasies that she admitted she wasn’t ready to try yet. Being gang fucked by at least three men. Double penetrated with a cock in her cunt and another buried in her ass while the third man pressed his cock to her reluctant mouth. She was, she explained, an anal virgin, and probably not ready yet to take her first cock “back there.” For someone with a filthy mouth, she was sometimes surprisingly prim.

I was intrigued. My cock got hard with every text exchange, and the idea of doing the things she wanted wormed its way into my head and wouldn’t leave. I felt exhilaration, along with a sort of pleasant, tight nervousness centered in my chest when I contemplated her fantasies.

She sent me pictures. “I may look like the school librarian,” she wrote, “but I’m down to fuck like the town slut.”

“What do you do?” I asked.

“I’m the school librarian.”

She had chin-length, chestnut hair and incredibly large brown eyes, her best feature. Her face was a little chubby, but her pointed chin gave it definition. She looked clean-cut and innocent, far more intriguing than if she’d projected a jaded, weary confidence. I wondered if I’d have guessed librarian if I hadn’t known, but either way, I imagined pushing her to her knees, taking a rough handful of her hair, and fucking her delicate-looking mouth as hard as I wanted.

It’s hard to trust people when you meet them on a cheating site, but I believed her when she said she hadn’t found anyone, yet, to make her fantasies really come true. She’d chatted with plenty of guys, but hadn’t really clicked with anyone before me. Her profile was, in fact, very new.

After only a few days of texting, without so much as a phone call, we agreed to meet at a seedy motel whose chief attraction was a parking area hidden from the road beside it. We arranged limits. Condoms. Nothing that would leave permanent marks. Safewords she’d borrowed directly from 50 Shades: yellow for “slow down,” and red for “stop!” (Double or triple-tap on my body or on the bed if her mouth was full). We probably should have considered more things, but we were rookies. If I didn’t hear the words, then I was supposed to do whatever the hell I wanted, anything I could think of, even if she was telling me no.

She got there first and texted me the room number. At three in the afternoon, there was no other car parked in front of the stand-alone, two-unit building besides hers. She drove a well-maintained Ford Taurus, with a WWJD sticker on the rear bumper. A booster seat confirmed that she’d been telling the truth about having a kid.

Almost before I finished knocking, the door swung in. Standing beside it, she looked nervous, even scared, as she let me in. It made sense. I was nervous, with a lot less to be frightened of than she did. We didn’t say anything. I just looked at her; she met my gaze for a moment but dropped her eyes quickly.

She was shorter than I had thought, and a bit plump, in a deliciously firm, plush way. The air in the room was cool; I could see her nipples through her white cotton blouse. The room was typical low-budget motel: thin carpet, battered furniture, a queen bed, and a cheap office chair in front of the scarred desk.

I took a step toward her; she looked up and took a step back. Before I realized how I had done it, I’d pushed her against the wall, hard. Anyone in the other unit would have heard. Her breath quickened, making her chest heave. And when I put my hand on her throat, I could feel her pulse under my palm, like when you hold a frightened bird. Her eyes were wide. I wondered what she was thinking. Was she regretting this? After all, she didn’t know me from Adam. Or Cain, for that matter.

My face inches from hers, I undid the top button of her blouse with my free hand. Her perfume was light and crisp; she smelled good. She struggled against me. I hesitated. She hadn’t said anything, but still, all my life, no meant no, and her body language was clear.

Still unsure, I pulled my hand back. A frown creased her expressive eyes, with a definite flicker of disappointment. I remembered her text: “I want you to make me do things I can barely give myself permission to want.”

My hand tightened on her throat while the other pulled her blouse open roughly. No bra, which surprised me. Her tits were large and heavy, surprisingly firm. I cupped one in my hand, hefted its weight. When I did, she made a small sound, hard to gauge. My cock was iron in my pants, the kind of erection I remembered from my teenage years.

“Is this what you want?” I asked, rubbing my thumb against her nipple, feeling it harden further at my touch.

She shook her head, her bright eyes pleading. I tweaked her nipple, making her gasp and her body stiffen even more. I moved to her other nipple and pinched it even more roughly than the first. At the same time I crushed my lips against hers. It was a hard, urgent kiss, my tongue pushing in and finding hers. My hand was still holding her against the wall by her neck, but her hips flowed towards mine, moving against me. The stiffness in her body was gone.

Releasing her throat, I took each of her wrists in my hands, pinning them against the wall over her head. My body pressed against hers, and we kissed like that for an indeterminate time. Her tongue got braver and darted into my mouth. I held her in place even as I pressed my erection into her. “Feel that?” I asked in a low voice. “You’re going to get down on your knees and suck it.”

I let go and backed away, giving her room to kneel. Her eyes found my cock, which was making an obvious tent in my pants. But she just shook her head and spoke for the first time. “No.”

“No?” I asked, with a mixture of annoyance and mounting excitement. I was enjoying this game.

Her hair was mussed as she stood at the wall, her blouse open and pulled out of her dress slacks. Her chest heaved as she looked at me with nervous defiance. I noticed a thin gold chain at her neck. I reached out and yanked her blouse down her shoulders and arms then tossed it to the floor. Her tits were glorious: round and firm, big and proud. I took each nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pulled, lifting her tits away from her body. At first, she thought I was just pinching them, and she trembled with what looked like both pleasure and pain.

A moment later, when I took a step back without letting go, she was forced to follow me. I led her by her nipples to a more open area of the room. Holding onto one nipple, I grabbed her face with my other hand, pressing my thumb against her lips. “Get on your knees and suck my cock, slut,” I told her, twisting her nipple to punctuate my words. I’d never talked like this to a woman, but it came easily, as if there were a deep, dark reservoir of need I was tapping into.

Her hand found my cock, as if by reflex. She stroked it once through my pants before pulling her hand back quickly, as if she’d touched a hot stove. She’d forgotten her game for just a moment, giving away her desire. “No,” she told me again, louder this time.

I surprised both of us by slapping her. Not hard, but enough for the sound to echo in the quiet room. She brought her hand to her reddening cheek, her mouth making an almost comical O of surprise. I took advantage and pushed her to her knees before she could react.

“Suck it,” I told her again. There was urgency in my voice as I grabbed the back of her head and pressed her face against my erection, through my pants. I thrust my hips against her face, making her feel my cock against her cheeks and lips, enjoying the sensation. She was trying to pull away from me, but my hands were too strong.

I let go, and she rocked back on her ankles and glared up at me, breathing hard. Originally I had thought I’d make her unzip me, but now it seemed better to do it myself. My zipper coming down slowly was the only sound besides her nervous breathing. I wasn’t wearing underwear, and when my jeans were open, my cock sprang out, bobbing hugely and insistently mere inches from her mouth. It was wet at the tip with a bead of precum.

Without realizing it, she licked her lips. She was staring at my cock as if she were a hypnotized bird. I pushed it at her mouth, taking hold of the back of her head once again. This time, her resistance was stronger, and the head of my cock only grazed her lips before she rocked back up onto her feet.

“You should save us the trouble. You know you want to, don’t you, you little slut,” I said, not really asking. Talking like this was still brand-new, and it was as if the words were sending an electric charge to my cock, making it jump with rock-hard need.

Still staring at my prick, she shook her head again. I took a step towards her and she took a step back. Another step forward, and another step back. It was almost as if we were dancing, me leading and her following. A step later, the edge of the bed hit the back of her legs; she’d run out of room.

It only took a light shove to make her fall back onto the bed, her large tits bouncing like jello on springs. As she fell, I turned her onto her front and yanked her pants and underwear halfway down her thighs. She had a fantastic, chubby ass. I’m sure she thought it was too big, but it was perfectly shaped, with taut, firm skin. I slapped it experimentally, prompting a yelp.

Her skin was resilient and springy. It felt good under my palm. I slapped her other cheek, much harder this time. The smack was sharp and loud, leaving my palm stinging. She tried to get up on her hands and knees, as if to get away, and I slid a pillow under her hips before pushing her back down roughly face down.. Her left cheek was already reddening, and the new position gave me a perfect view of her pussy and asshole.

It’s hard to say what makes a pussy particularly pretty. It’s not as if any pussy is ever actually ugly. Still, hers was pink and perfect, with delicate, coral-shaded lips, open and visibly wet. Her rosette was also a distraction; it was very easy to imagine my cockhead invading her ass for the first time. In the small room, I could smell the clean tang of her arousal. “Damn, you’re wet,” I said as I trailed a finger from just below her clit “up” towards her backdoor.

She flinched for a moment before relaxing. Quietly, probably not meant for my benefit, she breathed a barely audible, “Oh fuck.”

I left my finger lightly touching her opening. A moment later, when her hips pressed back against mine, I slapped her ass again with my free hand. I connected well, and her reaction was louder, “Oh God!”

“Are you ready to be a good whore now and suck my cock?” I asked, rubbing the spot I had just struck.

No response, except for her hips pressing rhythmically down against the pillow and up towards my finger, still touching her entrance.

“Maybe I should just fuck your pretty little asshole,” I commented mildly, as if talking about the weather. “I know you really want it. You just need to feel like you have no choice.”

With that, I trailed my finger in a light circle around the rim of her anus. Her face flew up and she looked back at me in what looked like real panic. Her eyes flashed in alarm. Still, no “yellow,” a good sign.

“No!” she insisted, arousal evident in her voice.

I slapped her ass again. I was getting better at it. There was a kind of timing involved in a good slap. My finger pushed its way into her pussy, which gripped me tightly as I worked it in. She was sopping wet. She groaned into the pillow, then emitted a muffled yelp when I slapped her ass again. Her cheeks were getting pleasantly pink and warm.

I lost count of how many times I spanked her. I didn’t hit her at regular intervals. Sometimes I paused only a second or two between slaps. Other times closer to ten, an eternity, while I rubbed her warming, pink flesh. On occasion I’d strike the same cheek twice in a row, but mostly I went back and forth between them. My other hand explored her pussy, finding the spot inside that made her gasp, then rubbing her clit to make her tremble.

After a long while, her ass had turned an alarming crimson shade, and she was whimpering beneath me, still rocking her hips, masturbating against the pillow through the spanking. My cock had never flagged the entire time; in fact, it had taken all my willpower not to stroke it. She’d come close to orgasm on two occasions, but I had lightened my fingering at those critical moments, not allowing her to cum.

“Are you ready to suck me yet, bitch?” I asked, my tone gentle despite my words.

Her head came off the pillow again and turned slowly toward me. Her hair was a mess, and her eye makeup was smeared. She opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t get the words out.

“Or,” I continued, rubbing my glistening finger against her backdoor, “should I just give you what you really want, and fuck your slutty ass right now?” I exerted pressure against her anus. Her limp body stiffened but allowed my finger to enter to the first knuckle.

She said something inaudible, and I pressed my finger a fraction of an inch deeper into her.

“What was that?”

“I’ll suck your cock now,” she repeated quickly in a voice that seemed panicked at my finger’s continued intrusion.

“Good girl,” I told her, pulling my finger out. I stood up, and she got up onto her hands and knees and faced me. I took off my shirt, enjoying her eyes on my body as she brought her hands to her abused buttocks, trying to soothe them.

I kicked off my shoes and lost my jeans on my way to the desk chair. When I was sitting naked and facing her, my cock huge with want, I told her, “Strip. I want you bare-assed.”

She got to her feet and let her slacks and panties fall to the ground. Slipping out of her pumps, she stepped out of her clothes, leaving them in a puddle at the ground. I was surprised to see that she was wearing black, stay-up stockings. They didn’t make a ton of sense under her pants, but she had clearly worn them for our encounter, which made me happy.

“Keep those on,” I instructed, and I was rewarded by the hint of a smile before she wiped it away.

Perhaps fifteen pounds heavier than she would have liked, Lena was all woman to me, built like a brick shithouse. It no doubt helped that she was blessed with superior skin tone, with barely a hint of a stretch mark. Wide hips, generous tits, with a narrow waist that accentuated her lush figure. I liked that her pussy was bald.

“Come here,” I told her. This time she did what she was told.

Before she could kneel down, I took hold of one of her proud tits, kneading it roughly. My other hand went between her legs, two fingers pressing into her with no preamble. She was so wet that her thighs glistened. I sawed my fingers in and out of her while she stood on shaky legs.

“You like this?” I asked. I added a third finger.

No answer, except for a small exhalation. She was working to keep herself quiet, as if to admit her arousal would be to let me win.

“You like meeting a complete stranger in a motel room and letting him shove his fingers into your slutty cunt? Spank you like the dirty bitch you are?”

Still no answer. I slapped her tit hard, and she yelped in pain and surprise. “Answer me,” I said quietly, an edge to my voice. Still, my thumb had found her clit when I’d slapped her, and her cunt had clenched on my fingers when my palm made contact with her breast.

“Y-yes,” she admitted. I now had four fingers inside her; she was that wet.

“And now you’re going to suck my cock, twenty minutes after you’ve met me.”

Her face was red, but her excitement was clear. “Yes.”

“On your knees,” I told her, removing my hand from her sopping pussy.

She knelt. When she did, I wiped my hand on her face, smearing her juices on her cheeks, lips and chin. I pressed my thumb into her mouth and soon felt her tongue lapping at it.

“Does your cunt taste good?” I asked.

She nodded with her thumb in my mouth, her “mm-hmm” vibrating around my finger. I took my hand away and sat back. My cock throbbed with excitement, its pulse clearly visible. She leaned forward, mouth open, but lost her nerve for a moment.

“How many dates before you sucked your husband’s dick, when he was still your boyfriend?” I asked, curious. I had a feeling she had grown up all proper and still lived that way now. That all of this was a way to counterbalance the mounting frustration, built up for years.

Startled, she looked up at me, my cock momentarily forgotten. “I, I don’t remember,” she replied.

I slapped her face, then leaned over and pinched her nipples with a rough, sharp twist. She moaned in pain, but her right hand crept between her legs, finding her pussy. I slapped her face again, telling her, “Stop that.”

She pulled her hand away, frustration evident on her expression. Her chest heaved beautifully, her face pink. “And that’s bullshit,” I told her, “I think you remember exactly how long it was before you let your future husband put his dick in your mouth.”

She hesitated, staring at my cock once again. I think she was so mortified at my questions that she would rather have been blowing me than answering. She leaned forward, reaching for my erection with her hand and mouth before I slapped her face again. “I want an answer,” I insisted.

“I don’t remember how many dates, but it was our two-month anniversary,” she told me, her forehead reddening to match her slapped cheeks.

“Damn,” I said, leaning back again. “That’s a hell of a way from our twenty minutes. Go ahead and get started.”

No hesitation this time. No preamble either. No gentle teasing licks along the shaft. She just engulfed me and brought her lips about halfway down my shaft before bobbing up. Her mouth was warm, wet, and wonderful. She set a fast pace, sucking and bobbing rapidly. Occasionally she’d flutter her tongue on the taut skin of my head, but mostly she used her mouth.

“Deeper,” I said, curious to see how far she could go. I’m no porn star, but at about six thick inches, I’ve found most women can’t take me all the way unless they are particularly skilled or determined.

She nodded and slid her lips down another inch or so. Still a ways to go. She looked up at me, her ruined mascara exaggerating her look of concern. The unasked question was obvious: “Deep enough?”

I shook my head. She nodded and tried again. She tried to go deeper, and I felt my cock nudge up against the back of her mouth. She made a small gagging noise and pulled her head up, leaving my cock slathered with her copious drool. Her failure was evident to her as she panted before trying again.

This time she did better. I felt my cockhead start to go past the resistance of her throat before she had to stop, gagging. When she sat back on her heels a line of saliva connected her lips and my throbbing head.

“I can’t,” she told me, her pleading eyes watering.

I took a handful of her hair and held her face still while I used my heavy, glistening erection to slap first one cheek, then the other, leaving wet marks on her face.

“Is that the deepest you’ve ever taken a cock?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Try again,” I told her. I stood up, not releasing my fistful of hair. As much as I wanted to plunge my cock balls deep into her mouth, I preferred to have it last longer than one self-indulgent thrust.

I presented my engorged head to her lips once more, and she accepted me eagerly. Holding her head, I fucked her mouth insistently but not deeply at first. I let her get used to the feeling of my cock invading her mouth. When her hand found her pussy once more, I didn’t interrupt her; I figured the more aroused and relaxed she was, the better it would go.

Little by little I thrust in deeper. Past the point of comfort, allowing her to get used to my cock nudging at her throat but not pressing in. Her hand worked faster between her legs. I could feel her relax and get into it. She was controlling her gag reflex better, making urgent wet gulping noises as I fucked her face.

At one point, I felt her try to push her head farther onto my cock than even my thrusting was requiring. She was ready. Taking her head firmly in my hands, I pushed forward, feeling the delicious, tight resistance around my head. I pressed through, into her throat, pushing her lips against my stomach, my balls against her chin.

Her throat tightened, sending pure pleasure through me, but I knew that she was at her limit. I released her and she pulled her face back quickly, leaving my cock coated in thick, bubbly saliva. She panted, tears of triumph at the corners of her eyes. “I did it!”

“Again,” I told her, feeling like a coach ordering another wind sprint.

I was still holding her head, but I didn’t need to control her as much. She was fucking her own mouth on my cock. I just held her in place each time her lips made contact with the root of my cock. I held her there for a long count, until her eyes radiated panic, and I let her go a heartbeat past that moment.

After a number of such invasions of her throat, her hand reached a furious pace between her legs. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she came while I held her face against my stomach, my cock buried in her throat. Her throat contracted and spasmed around my head, almost prompting my own orgasm far before I was ready. I’ve always loved it when a woman cums with my cock in her mouth; a warm feeling suffused through me as I fought my incipient orgasm.

I pulled my slimy cock from her throat and mouth and watched the tail end of her climax. She shook in place, trembling. “Oh my god. Oh fuck. What did I just... Oh holy Jesus.”

There was as much disbelief in her tone as anything else. I wondered if it was at her first deep throat, or sucking a stranger in a motel room, or the whole situation. 

As for me, I needed to fuck her. I yanked her to her feet by her hair and marched her to the bed. I threw her down roughly; she landed on her back.

“Condom,” I demanded. Her hand went between her legs again, but I slapped it away.

“In the drawer.”

I stepped to the nightstand. In the drawer, lying on Gideon’s bible, were three condoms and a small jar of KY. I smiled. Given how wet she got, she hadn’t brought that for just getting fucked in the pussy.

I tore open a wrapper and rolled the rubber onto my cock. She’d brought the unlubricated kind. Even so, I’d hardly need the KY for her dripping cunt.

She was watching me intently. Once more there was nervousness or even fear in her eyes. I sort of understood. A blowjob was one thing, but getting fucked, especially by a stranger, was no small thing. Still, I’d have thought she’d be more relaxed after a blowjob and an orgasm.

Taking hold of her ankles, I pulled her until her ass was on the edge of the bed. I spread her legs wide and pushed them a bit towards her head, giving me a perfect view of her pink fuckhole. The upside-down Y of her slit called to me; I ached to fuck her.

“Grab your knees.” She did as I said, her face looking as apprehensive as ever.

I slapped my cock against her cunt, making her tremble. “You ready to be fucked by a man you just met?”

She nodded, unable to get the words out.

I reached forward and slapped one breast hard. With my other hand I pinched her other nipple hard, pulling and twisting it before I let go. “Ow! Jesus!” she cried.

“You like the pain?” I asked.

Even as she nodded, I repeated the pinch, harder, on the other nipple. “Why?” I asked, needing to know. I was enjoying inflicting it, but I knew it was because she wanted it.

“It makes the numb go away.”

“The numb? You mean numbness?” I asked, her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I was pulling it away from her body, lifting her heavy tit.

“I call it the numb. When you slap me, hurt me, force me to do nasty things, the numb goes away for a while.”

I leaned forward a bit more and slapped her cheek, harder than I had so far, rocking her face to the side. Barely pausing, I slapped the other cheek, even harder. Before the crack-crack of the slaps finished echoing through the room, I plunged my erection balls deep into her open cunt.

She moaned, an odd combination of pain and pleasure. Her pussy was slippery-slick, and although it was tight, I slid in easily. “Oh God!” she called out, holding onto the back of her knees.

“Tell me what you’re thinking,” I told her, setting a steady pace, slow on the withdrawal, but fast and hard and brutally deep every time I thrust in.

“You’re… you’re fucking me!” she cried.

“More. Who am I?” I asked, pounding into her, giving her face another slap as I did.

A stranger! I don’t even know your name!”

It was true. I’d told her my name was John Smith, obvious bullshit, but it hadn’t mattered.

With every withdrawal, I came out so far that the mushroom head of my cock almost cleared her labia. Her bare lips made it easy to see how her cunt gripped it before I plunged back in. “Which makes you what?”

“A dirty little slut! A filthy whore who fucks strangers!”

The dirty language was a turn-on I hadn’t expected. “Whose little slut? Whose whore?”

No hesitation at all. “Your whore! I’m John’s little slut!”

“What else?” The sound of our flesh slapping filled the room. My cock felt engorged beyond its usual size. It was as if I’d never fucked a woman so deeply, so completely. This was a possession as much as anything else. I was claiming her.

“A fucktoy. Your fucktoy. A cheap whore who lets a stranger fuck her mouth and cunt. Oh sweet Jesus it feels so good!” At her last words I had pinched her nipples savagely, causing her pussy to clamp down on my cock. She was close, but so was I, and I didn’t want to cum yet.

“Where else am I going to fuck you?” I asked, pausing, my cock just barely inside her. I imagined I could feel her pussy pulse.

Her face was red from my slaps, and wet with her saliva, pussy juice, and tears. Her makeup was a ruined mess. Still, fear shone through. She started to speak, but didn’t answer.

“Why did you bring that lube if you didn’t want me to fuck your tight little asshole, Lena?”

“I, I thought you might make me, and if you did, I didn’t want it to hurt too much. It was for just in case but I don’t think I’m ready!” The last sentence tumbled out of her in a torrent, with no almost spaces between words.

“Sounds to me like you want me to make you.” I pushed into her again, hard, enjoying how her tits flopped up with my thrust. She didn’t answer, but instead turned her head to the side, avoiding my gaze.

“Wouldn’t that make the numb go away? At least for a little while? Reaching back, spreading your cheeks open to show me your asshole? Feeling my cock spread you open like you never have been before?” I rubbed her clit as I spoke. She was so damned close.

I pulled out of her completely. “Turn over, Lena. Get on your hands and knees.”

She started to obey, but slowly. Looking over her shoulder, she asked, “To f-fuck me from behind, or to fuck me in the--”

“To do whatever I want,” I interrupted. “Isn’t it better not to know? To wonder what’s going to happen? To know it’s not your decision? Won’t that keep the numb at bay?”

She didn’t speak, but got up on her hands and knees, her asshole a perfect bullseye. Her pussy looked raw and well used. I got the lube and shut the drawer. She’d seen what I’d done and trembled visibly. “Please,” she said. I don’t think even she knew if she was asking me to stop or to continue.

I squirted a generous amount onto my cock, rubbing the slippery liquid over every square inch. Then I squeezed a similar amount directly onto her asshole. She flinched at the startling coldness of the goo. When I used my fingers to try to work it into her, she tightened up, not letting even a finger in. Her entire body was shivering, and I could tell that as much as deep-down she wanted this, she was terrified.

I was torn. I wanted to fuck her ass, to take her anal virginity, something I’d never done with any woman. I also didn’t want to actually hurt her, or to take something she truly didn’t want to give. But I also suspected that if she got home and I hadn’t taken her in every way possible, she would regret it. Her fantasy wouldn’t have been fulfilled, and it would leave a need in her.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” I asked, touching the tip of my cock to her clenched anus.

“N-no,” she whispered. “Please don’t make me. I can’t. It’s too much.”

“Then just say ‘yellow,’ or even ‘red’ right now, and we call it quits. It’s easy. If you really don’t want me to assfuck you, that’s all you have to do. Go ahead, say it.”

No answer.

I smiled. Still, how to deal with the Gordian knot of her asshole, which I wasn’t sure she’d know how to consciously relax? I touched her back passage, slippery with lube, with my finger. I pressed firmly, but made no progress.

Then, an idea. I slapped her ass, still red from the spanking. When I did, it distracted her, and she relaxed, not aware she was doing it. My finger slipped in a half inch. “Ohhh…” she moaned. “Please…”

I leaned down to get my jeans, and I pulled the belt out of the loops. Doubling it, I gave her an experimental swat. It wasn’t hard, but it was different. This had to be beyond a mere spanking in her head. My finger sank into her another half inch. “Ohmygod! Ohmygod!” Each exclamation was coming out as one word.

I had to be careful. Her ass was tender, and I didn’t want to really hurt her, or leave any kind of welt that would be slow to heal. But as I swatted her other buttock with the braided leather, a bit harder this time, I realized it almost didn’t matter that I’d be hitting her carefully. She wouldn’t know what was coming next. 

I trailed the edge of the belt along the small of her back, my finger still buried in her ass. “Such a pretty ass,” I told her. “So much fun to whip it with my belt.” I snapped the doubled belt together, making a sharp crack. She flinched, momentarily tightening her grip on my finger. After the initial surprise, she relaxed again, allowing me to work my finger in and out of her.

Lena leaned onto one elbow, allowing her to reach back with the other hand and rub her pussy. She seemed to be almost in a trance. “Oh God, Oh fuck. Oh Jesus you’re going to sodomize me! You’re going to take my ass no matter what I say. Holy Jesus fuck! Please be gentle with my tight little ass!”

Her voice was strange. There was excitement there, but also a sort of mechanical quality; these were words she’d repeated before, over and over again. It dawned on me, as I brought the belt down once more on her raw buttocks, that she was living out a masturbatory fantasy. This was what she said to herself when she pictured her fantasy lover, or intruder, violating her. And I was making it happen for her, at long last.

All doubt removed, I pulled my finger from her anus and immediately pressed the engorged head of my cock against it. “Get ready, you gorgeous little whore,” I told her, with equal parts menace and affection. “I’m going to fuck your little ass, whether you like it or not.”

With those words, I pressed into her. Only an inch. That first inch was actually easy, but it was as if the moment she truly realized what was happening, her body tensed up again. I pressed forward but she held me fast. “Ow! Jesus fuck!” she whimpered.

“Does it hurt?” I asked.


“Do you like it?”

A pause. I brought the belt down on her buttocks, not hard, but the sound was loud. This time she answered as her body relaxed, “Yes.”

“Is the numb here?”

“N-no. Not right now.”

I pressed in deeper. I was maybe two inches into her.

“Oh my God you’re really in my ass!”

“I certainly am,” I answered, leaning forward and pinching her nipples, first one then the other. She gasped and let me in a little farther. “Are you in all the way?” she asked, working hard to control her breathing, almost sounding as if she were in a Lamaze class.

“Not even close,” I told her, pushing myself in farther. 

But, with another stroke of the belt, another pinch of her tits, and a final, resounding crack of my palm against her right buttock, I was all the way in, my balls nestled tight against her cunt. I dropped the belt; I didn’t need it anymore.

“I’m in.”

“Oh God it hurts,” she cried, her fingers rubbing her pussy and clit almost desperately. “But please don’t stop,” she added, her voice almost inaudible.

I pulled back slowly, carefully. “Aaah!” she called out, the withdrawal more intense than she had anticipated.

Slowly, but inexorably, I pushed back in. She was just as tight as before, but it was easier. Her fingers were a blur between her legs.

Soon she had learned to relax; little by little I increased the pace. After ten or twenty strokes, she started thrusting her hips back at me, and I took that as a signal to fuck her harder. I held onto her buttocks, my fingers making indentations in her tender flesh, and spread them, enjoying the sight of my thick cock invading her rectum, seeing it stretched obscenely around my member.

After a few more strokes, each one harder and more urgent, I felt the cum start to boil in my balls. If I wasn’t careful, I’d shoot too soon. I had to hold off, to give her what she so desperately needed. 

“Are you my little anal whore?” I asked, knowing how much she liked the blunt language, the verbal abuse.

“Oh God yes!” she screamed as my cock pounded into her depths, splitting her, taking her last virginity.

“Are you ready to cum with my cock buried in your ass?”

“Oh Jesus! Oh Christ!”

Soon I could see muscles quivering all over her body. In her shoulder. In her triceps, trying to hold her up. A moment later, her arm did collapse, and my thrust drove her face into the bed. I collapsed on top of her, driving into her with everything I had. Her arm was pinned beneath us, still working her clit with desperate need.

Her orgasm gripped my cock as I fucked her through her climax. A scream came out of her like nothing I’d ever heard. It was simultaneously ripped and driven out of her. Completely unselfconscious, it was a primal, guttural cry of abandon, joy, pain, lust, and fulfillment. Hearing it made the cum gush out of me. I pinned her down and thrust and thrust and thrust, pumping into her ass, holding her wrists as I did, nipping and kissing the back of her neck as my climax wrung me out.

After we’d caught our breath, I reluctantly rolled off her. Her anus stayed open for a moment before winking shut. I pulled the heavy condom off my shrinking cock and tossed it aside, still panting as I lay on my back.

Despite everything we’d done, she surprised me by snuggling into me, resting her head and one hand on my chest. For a while we didn’t say anything. The room was rank with the smell of our fucking.

“Hey,” I said softly. She looked up at me. Her face was a mess, but she was beautiful.

“Is the numb gone?”

“Yeah, for at least a while,” she answered, resting her head back down again.

Submitted: February 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 oceanrunner. All rights reserved.

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This is a great piece. I think it’s well written, full of erotic material and even though we only have his point of view I can sense her emotions through his observations. Thanks for posting.

Sun, March 29th, 2020 3:11am

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