The Spider's Seduction

The Spider's Seduction The Spider's Seduction

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the back story of how Steve trapped Marie and seduced her at his cabin. Marie hasn't heard from Steve in 3 years. The phone rings and it is Steve wanting her to go to his cabin. He is Capricorn an she is Sagittarius and when they make love it is hot passionate love making.


This is the back story of how Steve trapped Marie and seduced her at his cabin.

Marie hasn't heard from Steve in 3 years. The phone rings and it is Steve wanting her to go to his cabin.

He is Capricorn an she is Sagittarius and when they make love it is hot passionate love making.


Submitted: January 23, 2015

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Submitted: January 23, 2015



The Spiders Seduction


Marie is sitting on the couch reading , “The Accidental Genius by Richard Gaughan” on a cold drizzly day; which is typical for the northwest. Suddenly the phone rings and since Marie is deeply into her book, she jumps and almost falls off the couch. She decided today, it can go to message. The voice she heard on the other end was a familiar voice but not one she ever expected to hear.


Steve and Marie had been on and off again for many years. It has been three years since her last break up with Steve. They would talk sometimes in the past , but not since the last fight. Marie sometimes lives in a fantasy world . She is quiet and reserved. She takes risks sometimes but it is to only prove that she is alive. Now, Marie wonders why is he calling her?


Marie listens to the machine and Steve's message: “Hey Marie, been a long time, I called you to invite you to go sledding. I know how you like the snow. There's snow in the hills but the roads are clear. Call me back, you have my number.” Marie takes a few minutes to decide if she wants to try to mend ties. Marie ponders that if she goes to the cabin, then she is probably going to start up where she left off at in the relationship. Marie is in between relationships, and she knows that Steve is a loving, sexual man. Steve has always been there for Marie, even when they weren't together. He has always left his heart open for Marie, after all, they've known each other since high school and now they are both in their 50's. Marie calls Steve back.


Marie is driving up to Steve's cabin and she notices the serenity of the moss covered Douglas Fir trees. The Kalama River is beautiful this time of year. The river is deep and flowing fast, inticing rapids with deep dark eddies that fish rest in. As she goes further up the mountain road, the drizzle turns to light snow. Finally she arrives at Steve's cabin and he is outside waiting for her.... like a spider, ready to lure her into his web to turn her in to the kinky woman that Steve knows that lies beneath Marie's innocence.


'Marie, I am glad you could make it. I am glad you didn't get lost along the way.” Steve says. Marie replies, “Yeah, it was pretty easy, until I had to turn off the main road to get here. It was a little iffy, but here I am.” Steve invites Marie into his cabin and makes her some hot chocolate. They both sit at the table and reminiss about the past. Marie senses that maybe Steve is wanting to rekindle their relationship. Steve says, “Hey, lets go sledding if your warmed up enough.” Marie replies, “That sounds like fun. Wow! It is really snowing now.” Steve says, “The weatherman this morning said it is only suppose to snow until 2pm and then it will turn to rain.” Marie replies, “I have heard that before. Meterologist still get paid even if they are wrong. I look up at the sky and get the weather correct more than the weatherman.” Fortunality for Steve, today wasn't Marie's day for guessing the weather ;the web has been spun.


Steve and Marie go out to the shed and get the sleds which they put in Steve's truck. They went up a small gravel road where there was a big hill, often used by locals for sledding. After a couple of hours, Marie told Steve she was cold and was ready to go warm up. They loaded up the sleds and headed back to the cabin.


They arrive back at the house and hurry into the cabin. Steve says to Marie, “Do you want to have a drink? I have champayne that I know you will like.” Marie says, “Ok, but I can't have too much because I have to drive home.” Steve just smiles and hands her a glass of champayne. They talk some more and another drink goes by. By this time it is dusk and Steve asks Marie, “Would you stay for dinner?” Marie says, Well if it is a quick dinner, its getting a little late and it is a long drive home.” Marie really isn't too worried since she is good at driving in the snow. Steve assures her that it is going to stop snowing soon and will turn to rain. “Don't worry Marie, it'll all be fine.” Says Steve in a sly voice. Steve and Marie go in the kitchen and make dinner and they both eat. Marie tells Steve that she does have to leave and it's been nice. Steve helps her with her coat and walks her to the door. When Steve opens the door, Marie says, “What the fuck? Look at all the fucking snow on my car! What the hell happened to the flippen rain that you said was suppose to come? There is two fuckin feet of snow on my damn car!” I can't drive in this shit! “ Steve replies, “Those darn weatherman, I was sure that it was going to turn to rain.” (although he knew better) After trying to move the car for a few minutes, she realized she was stuck. The spider has caught his meal.


Steve invited Marie back into the house, and says, “it would be safer for you to stay the night and leave in the morning.” Marie doesn't reply but follows Steve back into the house. He builds a fire in the fireplace where he had already set up the firewood before Marie had arrived. After lighting the fire Steve says to Marie, “Well we might as well make the best of it” and opens another bottle of champayne and handed a glass to Marie where she sat warming herself by the roaring fire. At this time, they are both feeling buzzed and then Steve says to Marie, “lets go get into the hot tub.” Marie replies, “ You know I didn't bring a bathing suit.” Steve says, “Thats okay, you still look good” reassuring her, “besides, I have seen you naked before.” Marie replies, “That was 3 years ago. Did you have this planned?” Steve tops off her glass and replies, “Like I can control the snow.” in a sheepish voice and hands Marie a robe that he just got from a nearby closet. Marie takes the robe from Steve's hand and changes in the bathroom.


When she comes out of the bathroom she sees that Steve is already in the hot tub and he yells to her, “out here on the deck.” Marie drops her robe and quickly gets in the tub. She isn't comfortable yet of being in the hot tub nude. Steve fills her glass again. A couple of drinks later, Marie is having fun and her being naked is no longer a problem.


After soaking in the hot tub nude, Steve is getting aroused by Marie's beautiful figure and her perky breasts. Steve coaxes Marie out of the hot tub and he hands her the robe. Marie stumbles back into the cabin and Steve follows her. They sit near the fire and pretty soon Marie starts yawning. He knows from the past he doesn't have much time to act. He tells Marie, “why dont you sleep in my bed and I will sleep on the couch.” Steve has no intention of sleeping on the couch. Marie is quite surprised by his gentleman behavior, and yawns again. Marie says, “Aw shit, I have no clothes here except for the ones I came in.” Steve reples, “just sleep nude, don't sweat it babe.” He has her right where he wants her. Time for the spider to strike.


Marie heads to the bedroom and slips into bed, nude. Steve sits on the couch awake, waiting for the right time to pounce. After awhile, Steve gets up.


Marie wakes up to the bedroom door opening. Marie says into the darkness, “Steve, is that you? Steve replies, “yes Marie. It got cold out in the living room. The fire went out.” Marie could see the fire flickering from the crack of the door. He said, “can I crawl into bed with you?” Marie replies, “I have been wondering how long it would take you to spring your trap on me?” Steve replies, “What trap?” as he crawls into bed with her, “I am innocent.” Marie knows better.


He lays in the bed and draws Marie on top of him. He says to Marie, “I just want to hold you. I have missed you and your body.” He rubs her back with both hands and moves his hands down to her hips, then goes down to her buttocks and then moves them back up to her shoulders. She moans as he rubs her back. Soon they are kissing, starting with little kisses and then goes to heavy kssing. Their tounges entangle with each other. He flips her on her back. He piches her nipples as he knows she enjoys the feeling of her nipples being piched. She one time told him to pinch her nipples because it sends a shock down to her pussy. He takes his hands and carresses both breasts. Slowly he squeezes them, massages them softly, rubbing his fingers gently across each nipple. He moves his hands down to her stomach and gently kissing her body as he moves slowly down to her shaven juicy love slit. He runs his middle finger slowly down the inside of her right leg, moves it over her pussy and down the inside of her left leg, and looks at Marie intently as he fondles her pussy. Marie is starting to move her hips and lets out a small moan as Steve takes his right hand and rubs it all over Maries vagina. Steve moves in between Maries legs and Marie opens her legs and invites Steve in. Steve takes his left and right hand and places them under her butt and slightly raises Maries crotch up. He licks her clit. Then he takes his hands and spreads Maries lips apart. His tounge licks her clit in a cicular motion, moves down to each lip, he penetrates her with his tongue, licking upward as he removes his tongue and licks her love gargen in a circular motion again, back to her lips back in, licking upward back to her clit and repeating this motion over and over until he takes her whole pussy in his mouth. Swishes it around, sticks his tongue deep inside her. Marie moaning and arching her back upwards, thrusting her hips into Steves face. She tells to stop and she gets up and gets on top of him.


She takes her large breasts and rubs her nipples on his chest. She lowers herself onto him and licks his nipples. She nips at his nipples until they are eract. Steve's cock is hard and red. He is touching her all over her body. She then grabs Steves cock with her breasts and rubs her breasts up and down his rod. He gives a look of pleasure but he really wants her pussy. She continues downward until she sees his member. She grabs a hold of it and rubs her hand up and down on it. As she is giving him a hand job she is kissing him on his face. She starts to bite the side of his rod, and he pulls her hair gently. Her lips are rubbing the top of his cock and she licks the tip of his head, left and right and in a circular motion. She shoves his entire penis into her mouth and down the back of her throat. In and out of her throat and Steve says, “Fuck yes!” She moves his cock slowly in a grinding motion in and out of her mouth, and she was ready to be penetrated and couldn't wait any longer. She strattled Steve 's cock and she just put the head of his rod in her pussy, and then raised up and then back down just to cover the head of his cock, up and down, up and down, and then she threw her hips downward to get full penetration into her. She starts over, just the head again and again, and then with another mighty thrust, slams him deep inside her.


Steve can't help himself, pulls her down on top of his chest. Her boobs mashed against his chest, holding her tightly, he begins to fuck her. He grabs her ass crack at the very top at the small of her back, pushes her hips downward, pounds her pussy until she cums. Marie's body tenses up as she has an orgasm, but Steve isn't done yet, as he continue to pounds her wet love hole. His hips thrusting uncontrollably as he releases his cum deep inside her. After a few minutes she says, “your cum was hot inside of me!”


Marie gets off of Steve's cock and they get cleaned up and crawl back into bed and snuggled next to each other. Marie says to Steve, “I love you and always have, but you didnt have to trap me here to get me to be with you.” Steve replies, “Marie, I don't contol the weather, I just didn't tell you the truth.”


It takes 3 days before Marie can leave to go home, but she doesn't leave. Marie gets her belongings and moves in with Steve and is still with Steve today. Marie is kinkier than before and Steve enjoys it all. He still doesn't control the weather and she doesn't mind.

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