The Dream Arousal and The Stripper Pole

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Marie reconnects with Jazelle and brings back memories of the day at "The Swollen River." Marie needs money and Jazelle has a job offer for Marie. Marie and Steve check out Maries new work place, "The Dancing Bears." Steve will soon get another one of his fantasys and will know the truth about the naughty girls.

Dream Arousal and The Stripper Pole


It was a cold rainy morning when Steve gave Marie a kiss goodbye as he went off to work. Steve has always been a hard worker. He has tolerated his English boss, and Marie always wished that he would quit and go to work for himself. Marie would get her wish soon.


Marie heads back in from walking Steve to his truck. After doing her Brazilian Butt Lift workout, takes a shower, and puts on her make-up, she is ready for the day. Marie was displaced from the bank where she had worked for 8 years. Now she is just looking for a part time job to pay her cell phone and car insurance. It was a decision that Steve and Marie had made together because he wants to have Marie closer to him. Steve and her had worked for 30 years, raised 3 children and now they are just wanting to enjoy each other and life. Marie feels the pressure of finding income because she is now dependent upon Steve. Marie had always been independent, A “I can and will do it myself” kind of person. Now it's a whole new ball game for her to get use to. She is feeling bad because she has been looking for several months for just a simple part time job, been on a few interviews, and nothing. On top of this, they both live in a small town where you have to know someone to get a job. Marie is not a social bug and never has, and Steve is the same way. This has made job hunting even more frustrating. Her resumes are posted on all sites, and the only emails she gets is from Monster, which they want her to sell insurance. Selling insurance in a small town is not an option. There isn't enough businesses in the town where they live for it to be worth while.


Later on in the morning, Marie gets on Facebook and starts to think about all the people she has known in the past, and looks up a few of her friends. She strikes up a few conversations but soon gets bored with idle chat. She remembers Jazelle and thinks, “What are the odds of finding her on Facebook?” She puts her name into the search bar and clicks “search.”


There Jazelle is staring at her face to face on the laptop. Jazelle had changed a lot since Marie had last seen her. She had beautiful long black hair, a golden tan; which was weird for winter in the northwest. Her striking golden brown eyes were just as bright as Marie had remembered. Her breasts were plump as if she had work done. Marie thought, “I wonder why she had work done, they were perfect from what I remembered. A perky B cup, now their large C's. “hmm”


Marie sends her an IM, it reads, “Hi Jazelle, it's Marie. I don't know if you remember me, I gave you a ride to your hotel but we stopped and watched the seals.” Marie pushed “send” and made herself a cup of tea, and thought more about the river. She looked out the window at the rain as she drank her tea. It wasn't long til she her a “ding” from her laptop. Marie looks at the IM and it reads, “Of course I remember you, I haven't forgot your pussy since then.”


Marie, “Thanks, It was fun. I hadn't done that before.”

Jazelle, “What have you been doing?”

Marie, “Looking for part-time work.”

Jazelle, “What kind of work are you looking for?”

Marie, “All I have to cover is my cell phone and car insurance. I also would like pocket change money.”

Jazelle, “Well, I have something that you might like or not. I work at The Dancing Bears and they need a couple of girls for week nights.”

Marie, “What is The Dancing Bears?”

Jazelle, “A strip club. You would make more than what you need. Are you game?”


Marie, “Steve does want me to dance for him, but I don't how to dance like that.”

Jazelle, “It's easy, I will teach you. Why don't you and Steve come to the club tonight and watch me. Then you can see what it's like. If anything, I can teach you how to dance.”

Marie, “I will talk to Steve, but I am sure he will be into it. What time do you start work?”

Jazelle, “I start at 8pm, but I work all night tonight.”

Marie, “Perfect, we will be there.”


Marie closes out of Facebook, and shuts down her laptop. She won't be doing any job searches today, she needs to figure out what she just got herself into.


Marie texts Steve, “I think I have a job, I'll talk to you when you get home.” Steve texts back, “Cool babe, talk to you later.”


Marie goes outside loads a bowl of sticky green bud and proceeds to get high. Soon she goes back inside, turns on the TV and sits on the couch and watches Ellen. Marie starts to think about how sensual Jazelle was with her. Her soft touches on my body, her finger sliding erotically down from the side of my breast down to my foot. Her supple skin, her soft sexual lips, and her tender kisses on my nipples. She gently put her lips on my nipples then took her tongue and encircled my nipple. Her lips going deeper onto my breast with her left hand caressing my left breast. She slowly kissed down my abdomen to my belly button, still caressing my breast with both hands. My pussy wet with juices. I want more, my body aching with desire, throbbing for Jazelle to entranse me in her love spell. My lips succulent with drops of desire. Jazelle took the tip of her tongue and lightly licks up and down on the inside of my lips. As she licks me, a wave of pleasure comes over me, I want her just to eat me. She makes me wait. Her mouth covers my entire crotch and gives me what I have been waiting for, begging for. She goes in for the kill. My body arches, and I let out a whimper. She penetrates me with tongue. A little at first, then deeper and deeper. She knows just how I like it. Waves of pleasure are intensifying with each penetration. Perspiration is beaded upon my breasts, panting. Finally, my body seizures with the ultimate wave of desire. My vagina pulsating and throbbing with the release of pressure that has overcome me, exhausted from the orgasm.


Marie wakes to the front door opening and the voice of Steve saying, “I'm home!”

Marie, “Oh gees, your startled the shit out of me!”

Steve, “Oh, were you sleeping?

Marie, “No, Maybe, No I was not sleeping. I was resting my eyes which are two separate things.”

Steve, “Yeah OK Marie, whatever you say,”

Marie, “How was your day?”

Steve, “Just another day. How was yours?”
Marie, “I have a job lead. I want to talk to you about it first.”

Steve, “Oh? Why? Is it a scam?”

Marie, “No, It is a job at The Dancing Bears.” We have to meet an acquaintance there tonight at 8pm.”

Steve, “We are going to a strip club?” Look babe, you don't have to be a stripper for money. We are not that pressed for cash.”

Marie, “No, Jazelle works there and she is going to teach me to dance. I can work there if I want to”

Steve, “Who's Jazelle?”

Marie, “Just an old friend.”

Steve, “Well OK, let me get changed.”


Steve thinks to himself, “No matter what happens tonight, I'm sure to have fun.” Steve and Marie get ready and they head off to the strip club. Marie is so nervous, she's never been to a strip club. They get to the club about 8pm and walk through the door. There was loud music, flashing lights by the three stages. They walk up to the bar and Steve orders a rum and coke. Marie gets a long island ice tea. They move to a table and Steve asks, “Which one is Jazelle?” Marie looks around and says, “Jazelle is on the stage now.” He looks at the exotic woman on the stage, and becomes hypnotized by the swaying of Jazelle's hips and the loud music. Steve was not alone..


Jazelle was a professional and commanded the audience with her sensual confidence. She reached out with one hand and placed it on the pole about shoulder height. Slowly walked around the pole clockwise. She place her left foot at the bottom of the pole and arched her back out and swung around the pole. Her hair catching the wind and whipped behind her. She took her right leg and stretched it up above her head and onto the pole and swayed around the pole. Steve tells Marie, “She's limber!” Marie thinks to herself, “you have no idea.” Jazelle finishes her dance, picks up her tips that are scattered around the edge of the stage, and walks over to the table.


Jazelle, “Hi Marie, it's been a long time! Stand up and give me a hug.”

Marie, “ Well OK, (Marie gives Jazelle a hug)

Jazelle, “And who is this handsome man Marie?”

Marie, “This is Steve, my boyfriend.”

Steve, “It's nice to meet you. I haven't heard much about you. Where did you two meet?'

Jazelle giggles, “Ah, at the river many years ago.”

Marie (red in the faced), “It was a long time ago. Jazelle had car troubles (Jazelle still giggling) and I gave her a ride.”

Jazelle, (“I sure did” she thinks to herself)“Marie, have you talked to Steve yet about working here. I know you had concerns about dancing, but I can teach you. You would make a lot of money. You could start out on weekdays. Do that until you have the confidence to do the weekends. You have the build for it. You only live once Marie. C'mom girlfriend! Have some fun, live a little.”

Steve, “Do whatever you want babe. I want you to experience everything you want to just as long as I am included; we are one.”

Marie, “Well I have to learn how to first. Don't friggin' rush me. One step at a time. I am so glad my parents are not alive to see this.”

Steve, “I am not rushing you. Take your time. It's OK.”

Jazelle, “I have to go, I have another dance coming up and I need to get ready. Marie we will set up a time and I will come over to your house, we'll go from there, here's my number.”

Marie, “Perfect Jazelle, I am looking forward to this.”

Jazelle, (whispers in Marie's ear) “Damn well you do!”( Giggle, Giggle)

Marie blushes


Jazelle leaves to get ready for the next set. Steve asks Marie if she is ready to go and she says, “yes” they leave the club and on the way home Marie tells Steve, “ It wasn't as skanky as I thought it would be. Steve says, “It's just like any other tavern, except with dancers.”


Steve has no idea what the girls' past had been and can't figure out what is going on between them. Steve will soon find out that he will get another one of his fantasy's as the student becomes the teacher.


Submitted: February 03, 2015

© Copyright 2023 occasional rondeveu. All rights reserved.

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