Red Velvet Stripper's Shoes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Marie gets ready for her "dance" by easing the tension by herself.

Rachel, a new character is introduced in the story.

Marie performs her dance to a dark skinned man while Jazelle sits on Marie's boyfriends lap.

Steve gets his wish granted by Marie as Jazelle gives Steve a "ride."

 Red Velvet Stripper's Shoes



The sun shined down on Marie's nude, dark curvaceous body as she lay on the bed. The sun made Marie's body glisten with moisture. Steve had already left for a long day at work. She reminded him before he left that tonight was her dance at “The Dancing Bears” club. “Of course,” replied Steve, how could he forget that his girlfriend was stripping tonight on amateur night. Marie was very nervous about how tonight was going to play out. “If I get high and masturbate with “Mr. Blue” that should take time anxiety away. Steve didn't like her to masturbate without him, “rules are meant to be broken” she thought.


She reached under the bed, and grabbed her box of toys that Steve had been buying for her. She opened up the lid, and took out “Mr. Blue.” She reached over into the top drawer of her nightstand and grabbed the lube. She eased off her black lace panties, and dripped lube on the vibrator. She turned it on to the highest setting; laid on her back, spread her legs apart and the warm sun heated up her love garden and made her moist. She fingered herself and worked her lips apart and slowly slid her dildo in her vagina. Sliding the tip in and out; teasing herself, in and out, twisted it left and right, pushing it in and out, twisting, and pushing. Her pussy becoming hotter, she has forgotten where she was, (to her that is the best place to be) and grabs the dildo full force and penetrates her vagina deeply. She lets out a moan of pleasure. Still moving it in and out, and twisting it, love juices seeping from below, she gets up on all fours, and takes one hand and shoves in and out of her vagina, the moaning becoming more intense, waves of pleasure becoming closer and closer, she penetrates her pussy harder and faster. Sweat beading on her face, she looks up into the mirror as her face becomes red, she pants heavily, faster and faster, Marie shoves it in hard. Stops, and twists it. Holds it flush against her crotch, twisting it, the pleasure coming quicker and quicker. She flips back on her back, and thrust her hips onto the dildo, fucking it, her body sweating with pleasure, and bends up and screams, “ahhhhhhaaaaaahhhh” her pelvis throbs and pulsates with delight. Her legs collapse with exhaustion, as her pussy is still quivering with left over orgasms. She lays on the bed and giggles, trying to catch her breath, and thought, “I wish I could fuck Steve like this. Steve always wants to have sex his way” She just likes to have it done her way at times. Now she must get up and figure out how to prepare for tonight.


Marie texts her friend Rachel to see if she will come tonight and support her. Rachel texts back, “Sure I would! You can do anything you want and you will do it best with self-confidence. And as your friend I would never be anything but myself which is the real shit cuz the ONLY thing we have in this life is our demeanor and virtue of self so Yea Do IT and I will root you on.” Marie texted back, “ Perfect, we will pick you up around 6pm since it is in Portland.” Now, Marie needs to figure out her music, costume and a stage name.


“Mystical” “That's what my stage name is. It sounds alluring, magical, and different.” Marie thought to herself. “Well, I can check that off my list of items to do, now music and clothes.” thought Marie. She went through her sexy lingerieand found her pink and black outfit. She had spaghetti strapped pink satin camisole with black lace around the edges; a pair of pink satin laced panties; black laced garter belt; and a set of laced black rose printed stockings. When she wore it for Steve it would make his cock hard immediately, because her hour glass figure filled out every curve of the outfit. Steve liked it because it showed off her titties.


Marie picked out 3 songs to dance to. “Let's Get it On” by Marvin Gaye, “Beast of Burden” by Rolling Stones, and “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker. Marie was now ready, all she had to do now was just practice some of the more difficult moves in her new red velvet strapped 6 inch heals. She had worn them in the kitchen in the morning and almost fell on her ass because the soles are fucking slippery.


Rachel had finally texted back, “I'll be here waiting for you sister fish.” Rachel had gone through a lot lately and she needed a friend that she could trust, that was level headed but goofy, and that was Marie. Marie needed a friend because she always said, “I am a circle trying to fit in a square peg hole.” Rachel and Marie went together just like Coke and Rum. Rachel was a beautiful young woman who for some odd reason was given a gift of not, “being able to complete a sentence.” She has the greatest out look on life and a golden heart, but you would have to know her in order to find out. If you were one of her friends, she would go “go bait shit crazy” on anyone who fucked with you. She was 5'8' with beautiful brown eyes with the darkest black medium length hair and a splash of color in her hair.


Marie had been particing her moves all day when Steve comes in the front door. “Oh I am so glad to see you,” said Marie in a anxious tone, “I am so nervous about tonight.” Steve tells Marie, “Don't worry, you're hot baby!” Marie was hot, but just didn't know it. “Just remember what Jazelle has told you; look at me when you dance and you will be fine.” assured Steve as he showered and got ready. Steve and Marie get ready to leave, and as they are walking out the door, Marie grabs her bag that's says, “Mystical.”


They both go to Rachel s house and pick her up, “Hows it goin sister fish?” asks Rachel. “I am fuckin nervous, that's how it going!” replies Marie. “Oh babe, you'll be the hottest chic there, don't worry. Maybe you will win the one thousand dollar prize.”says Steve sportively. “One thousand dollars, fuck that's a lot of money” says Rachel. “I think all of you are getting ahead of yourselves. Lets just do one step at a time” replies Marie.


The three of them leave Longview and head for Portland. Steve pulls in front of the club, and Marie starts to realize that she is about to strip in front of strangers. Rachel sensing Marie's stress, pulls out a silver flask and tells Marie, “Take a big swig, then take another. It'll help your nerves.” Marie takes the flask from Rachel and takes two big swigs, shakes her head and says, “let's go guys!” They all get out of the car and walk in the club.


The club is crowded with way more men than what Marie anticipated on. Rachel sees Jazelle on the stage, and asks Marie, “Is that your friend over there?” asks Rachel. “Yup, that's Jazelle.” replies Marie. “Dang, shes hot!” says Rachel. Marie and Steve both smile. Rachel goes over to the bar and orders a “Screaming Orgasm” and settles down at a booth and looks at her cell phone. Steve orders a Rum and Coke and Marie just has water. When Jazelle gets done with her dance, she comes over to Marie and takes Marie over to the DJ and introduces her as “Mystical.” “Here are my songs and if you could play the first song would be great” asks Marie. “I'll let you know when you're next, there are three girls in front of you.” replied the DJ. “Cool” replies Marie. Marie goes into the dressing room and gets changed into her outfit. She notices that the dressing room is chaos. Girls are throwing clothes everywhere, makeup scattered about, the last girl came in was crying. It really scared the shit out of Marie, she almost back out. A guy comes to the door and bangs on it and yells, “Mystical, your next.” Jazelle runs up to Marie and whispers in her ear, “remember to just focus on Steve and you will do fine.” Marie hesitatingly smiled at Jazelle. Marie hears her music start to play and she seductively struts onto the stage.


Marie focuses on Steve and begins her practiced routine. She does the moves as Jazelle has taught her over the past few weeks. She could hear Rachel in the audience, “Take it off sister fish!” Marie searches for Steve in the audience and sees that Jazelle is sitting on his lap. She crawls seductively across the floor and notices a dark complected man sitting in front. Her eyes lock onto his and she slowly moves over to him. She has tuned everything out except for him. Marie slowly takes her long nails and and rolls off each side of her camisole and lets it slide down off each arm. She walks the edge of the stage letting everybody look at her, but comes back to dark skinned man. She moves her hips around in a swaying motion that captivates the man and her camisole drops to the floor. She steps out of it. Then she bends over, right in front of the man, and her breasts suspend as she looks at him while she is unhooking her stockings from her garter belt. She goes back to the pole, and arches her back and slides down the pole backwards; a move she had been practicing for awhile. She comes down to a knee split open, and shows her vagina to all the men in the front row. She thrusts up her body, and gets up and rolls down her tights. Throws off one tight then another with the tip of her foot. By now, there's tips all over the edge of the stage. She notices the dark skinned guy put a twenty in front of himself. She went back over to the gentleman as Steve watched in disbelief. Marie, with her Ninja Red Nails, removed her garter belt and her panties. All she has on now is her red velvet 6 inch heels and her knees spread wide in front of the dark stranger. She thrusts her hips up and down, gets up, walks around the stage to a large round of applause as the song finishes. She picks up her tips and thanks the people who tipped her and walks back to the dressing room to get changed back into her clothes.


Marie was amazed of how much money she made in one dance, and couldn't wait to show Steve. Jazelle comes in and she says, “You were fuckin hot out there gurl!” Jazelle leans over into Marie's ear and whispers, “since you and Steve are here, why don't the both of you come into the back office. I want to ask you and your boyfriend a question.” Jazelle then looks at Marie and smiles. Marie comes back out onto the floor and she sees her friend Rachel just be bopping on the floor to the music playing. She walks over to Rachel, and lets her know that they need to go in the back and will be out in a few minutes. Rachel yells, “It's Friday the 13th, and a full moon. I am going to dance naked underneath the moon. Want to join me?” Marie could hear yells from across the floor, “hell yeah!” Marie went to get Steve from the bar and finds him sitting next to Jazelle smiling.


Jazelle leads Steve and Marie into the backroom and locks the door. “So Steve, Marie told me a couple of weeks ago that you had a desire and that only I could satisfy. Is this true Steve?” asks Jazelle. “Yeahhh, hell yeah! I have wanted to fuck you ever since I saw you here at the club” replies Steve. Steve looked to Marie for assurance and Marie replies, “I told you, you wanted to. First tell me who's the best girlfriend ever? Also, I have to be in the room while this happens.” Marie replies “Kinky” replies Jazelle.


Marie pulls up a chair on the side of the desk. Jazelle unbuttons Steve's pants and pulls them down to his knees, pulls down his boxers, and exposes his hard member. Jazelle grabs his cock and shoves it down her throat. “Fuck!” Steve says. She runs her tongue up and down the side of his cock and she moves it in and out of her mouth. Steve tightens his grip on the desk harder. Marie watching, and starts fingering herself. Steve unbuttons Jazelle's bra and her large breasts heave out. Jazelle takes his cock and rubs it on her tits. The head of his dick encircling her areolas and around and around her tan breasts. Jazelle takes Steve's pants all the way off, and pushes him onto chair. She strattles his lap and penetrates her vagina with his cock, it slides in easy; her pussy already wet and juicy. She places her hands on his muscular chest and he places his hands on her hips and he lifts her up and down, she is grinding him slowly. Marie intensely watching her boyfriend and her friend, Jazelle fuck each other. Her two fingers moving in and out of her vagina. Jazelle's breasts bouncing up and down, each time she slams down on his rod. Steve grabs her boob and puts it in his mouth. Surges of pleasure coming close together. Sweet sweat of pleasure glistening on each body, heavy breathing intensifying as the orgasm closens. Marie is breathing harder and harder. Jazelle arches her head back, his ass muscles tighten as he pounds her pussy with a vengeance, Jazelle's nipples hard and erect. Steve and Jazelle's face grimace with pleasure and the breaking point is near. Steve shoots his hot wad deep inside of Jazelle, Jazelle cums at the same time. Steve looks over at Marie and sees her out of breath, glistening with sweat and realized that she has been watching and masturbating the entire time.


Jazelle climbs off of Steve and all three of them get cleaned up. They walk out of the office one at a time. Steve and Marie go out to look for Rachel and find her sitting back at a booth looking at her phone, cussing at it. “Fuck this phone! Dude, this phone is so fucking slow that I can't even post a comment.” Rachel holds up her phone to a guy playing pool that has no idea that a chic behind him is talking. “Hey Rachel, you ready to leave?” asks Steve. “Yeah, yeah whenever you guys are.” replies Rachel. Jazelle walks Steve, Marie and Rachel out the club door and to the car. “I had a great time tonight” says Jazelle. “I think we all had a great time.”replied Marie. Steve laughed, “I know I did."


On the way home, Marie says, “I wonder who won the contest?” “It was never about the money, it was about having fun.” replied Steve. “I know I had fun” replied Rachel. It was a long drive home and Rachel fell asleep before we got back home. Steve and Marie dropped off Rachel at her home. Steve never asked about the guy Marie was dancing for, he just knew she had fun.


They returned home at 3am, and both were very tired. They walked through the front door, and they kicked off their clothes all the way to their bedroom. By the time they got into bed, they were both naked. They kissed each other goodnight and Steve held Marie in his arms closely, like he does every night. Marie held him and laid her head upon his chest, that was her favorite spot. “Thank you Marie.” Steve said. “You're welcome babe.” replied Marie. Marie went to sleep wondering about the dark skinned man she danced for.



Submitted: February 18, 2015

© Copyright 2023 occasional rondeveu. All rights reserved.

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captivating I was getting into it

Mon, March 2nd, 2015 8:13am


Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed the story. I have been working so my stories have slowed down. Have a great day!


Wed, March 11th, 2015 8:58pm

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