Promiscuous Campers

Promiscuous Campers Promiscuous Campers

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Steve and Marie go camping and meet a couple that need to get away for "private time." Too much alcohol leads Marie into erotic trouble. Steve takes an opportunity where revenge is best served hot. A souvenir is found by Marie and now Steve will get another fantasy fulfilled


Steve and Marie go camping and meet a couple that need to get away for "private time."
Too much alcohol leads Marie into erotic trouble. Steve takes an opportunity where revenge is best served hot. A souvenir is found by Marie and now Steve will get another fantasy fulfilled


Submitted: February 09, 2015

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Submitted: February 09, 2015



Promiscuous Campers


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon as Steve and Marie headed down HYW 30 to Ilwaco. Marie could feel the erotic sun on her sensual tan body. They wanted to stay in a motel but it was clam digging weekend and all motels, and hotels were full. Marie had suggested to camp at Cape Disappointment. Steve, being the apprehensive man that he is, was reluctant to sleep in the SUV. He wanted a tent and sleeping bags and all the crap that goes along with camping outside. Marie said, “Fuck it, lets just do it in the SUV. I will just put a lot of cushion for the bed, and it will be fine for the night.” Steve replied, “OK if you think it will be OK, then... lets do it.”


Once Steve and Marie arrived at the beach, they stopped at the store and bought a Presto log, alcohol, ice, and a bunch of needless munchies. By the time they arrived at Cape Disappointment, it was late in the afternoon. Marie found a good spot by the water, and Steve started unpacking the SUV. Soon, Marie wanted a fire. “Let's go down to Benson Beach and get some drift wood.” said Marie. Steve replied, “OK, lets see if the campers next to us need some wood.” Marie replied, “OK.” Steve went over to the campers parked next to them and Steve asked, “Hey, we are going down to the beach to get some wood, do you guys want any? By the way, I am Steve, and that's my girlfriend Marie over there.” ( Steve offers Matt a beer) Nice to meet you,” replied Matt, my name is Matt and Sara over there in the funky hat, is my wife.” No, we have our own wood, thank you though.” replied Matt. Steve and Marie go down to the beach and get a bunch of firewood.


After returning from the beach, Marie snuck off to the restroom to change into her bikini and summer dress. Steve strikes up a conversation with Matt and Sara. Steve asks Matt, “Where are you guys from?” Sara replies in her Midwest accent, “Illonis.” Matt chimes in, “We are here visiting our cousins, and needed to get away from them awhile, you know, “Private Time.” Steve replies, “I know what you mean, my parents live down here and we just like to come down for a night, and have to sneak in and out without being seen by family and friends of family.” Matt and Sara both laugh, Sara replied, “We know how that goes, we have a similar situation at home. We can't escape either. We have little ones at home, and can't just have dinner alone.” “I know how that goes, It'll get better dude, just hang in there.” Steve assures Matt. “Oh, I know, I just have to bitch sometimes. There are times where I have to get out of the house for a bit and has got me into trouble. I am trying to be good.” replies Matt. “Yes, it has got you into trouble, honey.” Sara says in a curt tone. “Well, here comes my girlfriend, hey Marie, come over here, I have some people I'd like you to meet.” says Steve. Marie grabs a beer, Matt comes over to Marie and says, “Hi Marie, this is my wife, Sara and I'm Matt.” “Nice to meet you,” (Marie shakes Sara and Matt's hand) replies Marie. Steve walks over to the cooler and grabs four ice cold beers and walks over and hands one to Matt, Sarah, and Marie. He sits down and opens up one for himself.


Matt walks over to the fire and puts more wood on the fire. Sara asks, “Who's getting horney?” “I am.” replies Matt. Everyone laughs. “I think what Sara meant was, “who's getting hungry.” replied red-faced Matt. “Steve and I bought hot dogs, buns, and a lot of munchie food. We have enough food for all of us.” said Marie. “We have plenty of food as well, lets get cooking and feed ourselves.” replied Sara. Sara and Marie get dinner going. Once it is complete, everyone eats, and has a few more beers. Matt walked over to his truck and brought back another case of beer Sara goes into her tent and brings back a radio. “Good idea.” says Matt. She turns the radio on and picks out a rock station and everyone is getting a good buzz. The sun has gone down and it is early evening now. The fire has calmed down a nice comfortable glow.


Everyone is sitting at the fire and talking to each other, when Marie gets up and starts to dance. Steve looks over and notices the ring on Sara's hand. “How long have you been married.” asks Steve. Six long years this coming September.” Sara replies, “You guys look like a happy couple.” Looks can be deceiving.” Sara mumbled.


Steve glances over at Marie dancing in front of Matt. Her hips swaying back and forth, mesmerizing Matt in her seduction of his member. The dance lessons have been paying off that she had been taking from Jazelle. Marie showing off her new moves that Jazelle had taught her. Marie notices that she was doing good from the tantalizing look in Matt's eyes. She had been working hard at learning the new moves, even tho they were stripper moves, she had no intention of being a stripper. One of Steve's desires was for Marie to give him a lap dance... he thought he would be the first person that Marie would dance for; not a stranger.


Sara notices Steve looking at Marie and sees Matt intrigue by Marie dancing. “That just pisses me off. He sat there and slept with my best friend. Now Melanie and I don't speak anymore. That's why I said, looks can be deceiving. I know he's had a hard time with the twin girls, he wanted a boy. You know to carry on the fucking family name. Who gives a flying fuck about the family name? He doesn't help me around the house, not with the twins, and is constantly working late. He won't spend any quality time with me since I had the kids. Oh, but as soon as I get a friend, he's screwing her behind the garbage can, if you know what I mean. Jerk! ARGGGHHH!” ranted Sara. Steve patiently listened to Sara like a gentleman. “You are a beautiful woman, and no matter what happens, everything will work out.” replied Steve in a caring voice. “Why doesn't Marie get you all upset by what she is doing to my husband?” asks Sara. “Marie is a good girl, she won't go too far.” replied Steve. Sara looks back over at Marie who is gyrating in Matt's face as she danced and says, “You want to get out of hear and go for a walk on the beach?” Steve grabs two more beers and thinks to himself, “I'm going to fuck this guys wife” and follows her down the beach trail.


Marie is sexually entrancing Matt with her swaying hips as they continue to make a figure eight motion. Matt is caught in a lust with Marie as her body glistens from the flickering fire. Matt has not realized that Steve and Sara have left the campfire.


Steve and Sara are sitting on the sand watching the waves when Sara says, “Have you ever had revenge sex before?” Steve replies, “I'm about too if I have my way.” Sara laughs. Steve notices that Sara's wedding ring is missing from her finger. Sara takes a hold of the bottom of her tank top and removes it. Her large breasts bounced out of her top. They were a C cup size. Her nipples pink and erect. Steve removes his belt, his cock is already hard. Sara removes her pants, and Steve has his already down. Sara climbs on top of Steve and is surprised by his 9 inch shaft. She moves her pussy slowly up Steve's member to the top of his head. He takes both his hands and grabs both of her breasts. She takes Steve's cock and lifts it up, slides her vagina slowly down on his rod. Steve moans. Sara has fully engulfed Steve into her love garden. Steve places his hands on each side of Sara's hips and moves her hips up and down on his cock. She grips his large pecks as she grinds his penis. Steve couldn't help think about how Marie moves her hips while fucking him. Sara's moans and breaks Steve's thoughts of Marie. He takes one hand off her hip and places it on her breast and begins to tweak her nipple. Then, Steve gently pulls her down on top of him, mashing her large breast on his chest. He thrusts his hips fast and faster, plowing her sweet, hot tight vagina. Sara moaning with pleasure, gasping with ecstasy. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, shit, fuck you Matt!” as Sara had her orgasm. Steve wasn't quite done with Sara. He pumped her harder and harder, his face red with lust until he shoots his hot wad into her. Steve and Sara get their clothes on and Sara looks at the starry night and says, “The stars are beautiful tonight.” Steve points to the sky and says, “See that constellation up there?” “Yes” replies Sara. “That's the Orion's Belt.” “You are so smart Steve. Marie is lucky to have you.” Sara said. Steve replies, “I feel guilty because I just cheated on Marie, but I couldn't help myself; after all I'm a guy.” “We need to get back.” replied Sara in an uncomfortable tone. They get up and start heading back to camp. When they get back, Matt and Marie are no where in sight. Sara goes to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Steve looks for Marie and notices a silhouette on Matt and Sara's tent. Steve realizes that the female in the tent isn't Sara, it's Marie.


Matt takes a hold of Marie's hand, gets up and leads Marie into his tent. Marie had a few too many beers and now lost her ability to make keen decisions, and is being led by someone who will change her life. Matt unzips the tent door and holds the door open for Marie to walk in. She steps in over the lip of the tent. He goes over to his sleeping bag, where he kneels down. He reaches out his left hand towards Marie; Marie smiles and walks to his sleeping bag. The notes from the music are twirling in Marie's head, taking her to a dimension of the point of no return. She starts to hypnotize Matt once again with the movement of her hips. Marie has long nails that are painted Ninja Red, that keeps Matt's eyes on them as she starts to undress. Her red nails gently untangle the white lace straps on her dress. The linen dress falls to the ground and exposes her curvaceous tan body. Matt's blue and sliver eyes gazing at Marie's voluptuous breasts. She ran her finger under the side of her bikini and untied the strings allowing it to drop to the floor. She took her foot and stepped out of the bikini. There she stood in front of Matt naked. “Is this what you want?” asked Marie. “Fuck Yes!” he said in a confident tone.


Matt takes off his shirt revealing his hairy pecks. Matt takes Marie's hand and pulls her down on his sleeping bag. She gets on her knees and tells Matt, “Stand up.” Matt smiles and he stands up and looks down into her blue eyes. She looks up into his eyes and grabs her breast and puts Matt's cock in between, rubbing up and down on his penis, slowly her breast move on him, as he moans. She licks her lips slowly and places the tip of his member in her mouth, as Matt says, “Oh yeah!” She takes her tongue and circles the head of his rod, then sucks the top of his cock, in and out, in and out, slowing, moving his cock around in her mouth, looking up at him, then she shoves his member all the way down her throat. She opens her mouth wide and just has the tip of his cock move in and out of her throat. He had never had someone take all of his cock before. It was like his penis was penetrating a tight vagina. The sensation was intense. His member swelling, and turning red. Her mouth tight on his rod moving up and down, down and up, up and down. Then, she moves her mouth to the center of his penis, moves up ad down while her tongue was licking it feverishly. Matt's hips quivering with pleasure, thrusting his hips up and down, shoving his member down further each time he penetrates Marie's mouth. Matt pulls his cock out from Marie's mouth and lays her down on the sleeping bag.


Steve stokes the fire which provides light allowing him to see something that he didn't expect. When he looked at the tent, he saw two silhouettes, one standing, one kneeling. He thought to himself, “Marie's giving him a bj?! He didn't know if he was aroused or angry. He watched the two from behind his SUV and wondered “how far it would go?”


Inside the tent, Matt kneels over Marie biting her ear, kissing her down to her mouth. Their tongue entangling each other. Matt moves down further on Marie. He softly kisses her breasts, one at a time, encircles her aeroles with the tip of his tongue, biting at her nipples. He takes his mouth and sucks on her breasts. He moves further down on her, licking her the way down to her love garden. She opens both her legs and welcomes him in. The heat of his breath felt like and smelled like sex. No love here. Just hot and sticky fucking. He opened his mouth and slipped his tongue into Marie's crease. Her back arched, begging for more. Matt willing obliged. His tongue circled her labia left and right, right and left, up and down, up and down, Marie moaning. He penetrated her pussy with his tongue, in and out, in and out. Her juices flowing onto his face. “Fuck me Matt! Fuck me hard!”


All along Steve watches and listen from outside the tent. Steve's cock is hard. He doesn't know whether to stop them or let it go. He just watches.


Inside the tent, Matt gradually moved up on Marie. Marie could feel the heat coming from Matt's white muscular body. Marie's heightened sense of anticipation of what was to come, was over whelming her body, making her vagina pulsate. Matt pulled himself onto her from her shoulders, she could feel him slid into her. He thrusted his body in and out of hers. His chest hair grinding on her breasts, sounding like sand grinding. He pounded her pussy, drops of sweat seeping from their skin onto the sleeping bag, “Yes, yes, fuck yes! Harder, Harder! Marie yells, as Steve listens outside the tent. “he's to narrow for me, “I can't orgasm from him. Fuck what am I going to do??? Oh god, I have to fake it.” thought Marie. “I'm going to cum!” “Here it comes!” grunted Matt. “ Give it to me!” said Marie. Matt gave one last thrust into Marie, his ass clenched as he came.


Steve could tell something was up with the lack of noises that Marie usually makes.


Matt filled her with his hot love juice. Both of them laying there panting. Marie had just realized what happened. She got up, put on her dress, kissed Matt, and said, “Thank you, I gotta go.” “Yeah me too, I gotta go find Sara to mend things out.” said Matt. Marie comes out of the tent, looks around and walks over to the SUV where she finds Steve. Steve gives her a hug, whispers in her ear, “Did you have fun baby?” Marie is stunned and turns red. Steve looks at her and says, “silhouettes don't lie” “ lets go to bed.” Marie's head racing and her heart pulsating rapidly. She thinks, “What the fuck did I just do?” Steve slaps her ass and says, “That was hot.” Marie replied, “I've had hotter and I had to fake it.” “I heard.” Now you owe me one, babe. Maybe your friend Jazelle.” He laughed, kind of jokingly, but serious. “Jazelle, really? You can't pick an ugly one?” replied Marie. Steve just smiled.


Sara came back from the bathroom and went into the tent and noticed that Matt was disheveled. He was tidying up the sleeping bags, and not sure why. He looked at her and noticed that her ring was missing. Sara looked at her finger and forgot that she had put her ring in Steve's front pants pocket. “I'll get it in the morning before Steve leaves and when we can be alone.” thought Sara. Sometimes even the best plans don't work out as easy as there suppose to.


The next morning Sara awakes to a vehicle leaving, not just any vehicle, but Steve and Marie's SUV. “When are you going to tell me where your ring went?” asks Matt. “Fuck, my ring is gone! It must have come off last night while we were all at the fire.” replied Sara. “I am sure we could look in the sand but I have a feeling that's not where it's at, is it Sara?” replied Matt. “Now you know what it feels like. I believe we are even.” Sara said, not knowing that her husband fucked a woman that he just met.


Not much was said on the way home. It was a very quiet drive. Steve still feeling guilty of cheating on Marie. She admitted to him of her infidelity, now he's manipulating Marie so he can have sex with Jazelle. Steve and Marie finally made it home after a very long drive. They unpack the SUV and put things away.


The next morning Steve goes to work and Marie starts her daily routine. She starts the laundry, and as the laundry was going, she vacuumed, dusted and did the dishes. As she is taking the wet clothes from the washer she hears a “Ting, Ping” from the bottom of the washer. She looks in the washer and there sitting at the bottom of the washer is a small diamond and gold band. A wedding ring.


Later on, Steve arrives home from work and he sits down to have his coffee with Marie. He sees a sparkling gold and diamond ring. He becomes flushed. “I thought we were one.” Marie said in an authoritative tone. Steve replies, “We both fucked up.” “Still Jazelle?” asks Marie. “Fuck yes!” replied Steve. Marie just smiled.



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