The Lucky One

The Lucky One

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Isabella Marie Carter hasn't had an easy life after her step father took away her innocence. When Evan Monroe walks into her life everything turns out to be wonderful... until he gets deployed.


Isabella Marie Carter hasn't had an easy life after her step father took away her innocence. When Evan Monroe walks into her life everything turns out to be wonderful... until he gets deployed.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Back to the old

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Submitted: July 18, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 18, 2015



Hey guys!! It's been a while, This is a new and revised verison of The Lucky One.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


*FlashBack* Maybe it was the way he looked at me that night. Maybe it was the way our bodies intwertwined with each other; the way his fingers roamed my figure...Whatever it was, I would keep it with me until he returned....


I had to walk down the street to my usual spot. There's nothing really fancy about it, it's just a plain gray wall near a lamp post, where a few other scandalous women partook in the nightly action of prostitution. It was something I kept hidden from my mother who so blindly lived with the man who caused me to lower my standards. I'm so pathetic. I thought. Pacing back and forth near the 'Wall' all night was at time bothersome, like every other night, I tried my best to get as much clients as I could before I made my way back home. No one owned me, so I came and go as I pleased. Unfortunately, it wasn't always like this for other girls who shared the Wall with me. My night was going perfect, I was down 11 guys and I was desperate to get one more before I went home. Pacing back and forth I caught a glimpse of the new Audi R8 that usually passes down this street around this time at exactly 11:45. I shook my head marveling at the slick black car and sighed, wishing that was me. To my surprise the car did a U-turn and found its way to my side of the street. Slowing down, and parking right next to me, the windows slowly wound down only to reveal a pair of sapphire blue eyes. The person didn't speak, they just stared, causing me to back away from the car a bit scared and confused. After 5 minutes of just staring at me, the car roared back to life and sped away. Sighing deeply, I shook my head, grabbed my purse and searched for the pepper spray, holding it tightly in my hand before walking away.


I slowly place my keys in the lock and opened the door to reveal an enraged Claire. I bit my lips at her, trying to make an attempt to talk, but she beat me to the punch.


“Isabella Carter Where the Hell Have You Been!?” She began.


“Please... Don't call me that Claire, it's quite annoying really.” My southern accent spewed out as I pushed past her, walking into the kitchen in search of food.


“I'm Sorry, Let me rephrase that again. Where the Fuck were Isabella Marie Carter?! It's 12am and you promise you'd cut down your time.”

“Look I'm sorry. I just had to stay until I saw that car again.” I smile to myself.

“A car... A Car?! Are you serious?!”

“Yes a car, and this time the person actually stopped; didn't do anything really. He just sat in his car and stared at me for 5 minutes until he sped away.”

“He WHAT!? Are you out of your mind Isabella?! HE could have done something to you!” she exclaim.

“For the last time Claire stop calling me that! And I’m fine aren’t I?”

“I'm not, I'm not. I refuse to go over this shit­­; of you not being safe. I'm not.” She said, walking to the couch to fall asleep.

“Love you too Claire.” I giggle as I headed to the bathroom to shower.


Waking up in the morning was always a hard thing for me to do and it didn't really help when my one and only best friend did the waking up part.

“Get your ass up Bella.”

Sweet. As if waking up couldn't get any worse.

“Five more minutes Claire.” I groan when she flick her hand across my neck cause me to growl and curse in frustration.

“Christ Claire I said five more minutes!” I yell at her while I got out of bed: I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a quick rinse down in the shower.

“It's not my fault you promise momma Mary we'll come home for breakfast.”

“Bet your sweet ass I don't remember agreeing to anything like that.” I yell out of the shower. I quickly grab my towel off the rack and run into my room to change into one of the most expensive dress I could find. It was a white floral dress which was cut short in the front but had a long flowy train at the back. I quickly put on a nude pair of pumps and click out of my room towards the living room.

“Do you think momma's going to fall for it?” I asked clearly nervous. She nodded her head before speaking.

“Tell me why you didn't tell your momma you're a Prostitute?”

“Because my mother’s spoiled rich heart can't take the fact that her darling daughter went rouge; after my mother disowned me for not going to the college she tried to force me to go to, I felt hurt lost and depressed Claire.”

“Nice lie, now what really happened?” She chuckled, prior to looking at me seriously.

 “Let's just say she remarried and I became his personal toy... I got sick of it and left. Now, I only visit when he's out of town...”

With wide eyes she looked at me skeptically before choosing the right words to say. “Bella, did he... touch you?”


“Yes Claire; I was raped by my mother’s husband Luke and even if I did tell her she wouldn't believe me. She's too caught up in all the riches he's giving her.” I frowned at the thought of the night that man walked into my room, locked the door and crept in my bed; threatening that if I’d tell anyone he would kill me: I was only 10. I turned around and smile partially as we head out the door. Traveling back and forth from my mother’s house was always an issue. If I showed up smelling like a bus, she would scowl and go ballistic. If I showed up in a taxi she'd say that's not a way for a Carter to travel. I could not fully please my momma when I was growing up and I sure as hell can't do that now.


Arriving at my mother's house was always something new to me. Something different always took place of what original sat or stood against the walls. I smiled at some of my baby photos that hung in gold frames against the wall. Finally, I found mother out back in the rose garden with a familiar frame whose face was not revealed until I got closer to them. I quickly swallowed hard and backed away a bit as the familiar frame began to stand.


“It's good to see you Isabella. How have you been?”


“Luke... I mean daddy, it's good to see you. How was your business trip; I thought you weren't going to be back for another two months.” I force a smile as I look between my mother and Claire; but mostly Claire for support.


“It was nice but I miss seeing your mother’s beautiful face every morning.” He said while smiling at my mother. Typical stunt from the man who took away my innocence at the age of 10. I sat opposite him and grabbed a cup of tea, slowly drinking from it while I tried to calm my nerves.

“So Claire your mother and I have been talking about a few things and we think it would be best if you came back to live with us.” Luke recommended. The sudden request cause me to space out and drop the tea cup on the cobbled ground shattering, in the process. I looked back and forth between everyone and looked back at my mother who looked shocked but replaced it with a big smile.

“So... what do you think Honey? I'd really love it if you came back home and Claire is more than welcome to stay with us as well. Oh Honey won't you come home?” My mother asked with pleading eyes.


I looked to Claire who nodded slowly. I took a deep breath and looked over to my mother; forcing a big smile on my face.

“Sure thing momma, I'll come back home. I'll just get my things and have them brought over here.” I said as I felt myself crying on the inside.

Breakfast went by a bit tense after my mother pleaded with me to come back and live with her and her devil husband. I quickly messaged a few of my friends who worked down at a Burlesque bar and asked them to bring my stuff at my mother’s place. If I was going to stay at this house I would have to get off the streets and do something that was less risqué. I looked at Luke who was playing with a smirk on his face. I knew I was going to regret the decision I made but I had to do so ensure that my mother could be happy and to pay back Claire and her mother who passed away for taking me in.


“Thank you momma for this delicious breakfast. I'll be back later, I just have to clear some things with my job.” I lied.


“Oh Isabella, Luke is taking us to his bosses banquet at the Ritz Carlton, we’ll be in the Ritz Carlton Ballroom. If you're not with us they won't let you in so please do try to be back at around 3 okay dear.” She explained as she walked us out of the house and to a limo she allowed us to use for the day. Once in the limo, Claire began to go through a fit about my stupid decision, but I didn't listen to her. I just glance out the window as the driver made his way to the directions I gave him. I was sad, scared and worried for my safety as well as Claire's, but I push all my thoughts away and worried about getting an actual job at the Burlesque Bar.


Once we got to the run-down apartment that would now be my past I found Jamie and Haze getting my things into Haze's car to drive to my momma's house. I quickly got out of the limo and walked into the apartment. It was practically empty, the furniture we would donate, as well as our wall décor. The only thing we intended on taking was our clothes; well what was decent enough to wear around my mother. I quickly ran into my empty bedroom and lift up my secret hiding spot grabbing the money that I saved up. Three thousand was enough to get us a new apartment, but I had to worry about keeping Claire in school and that usually sucked us dry, but I never told her about it. She was like a sister to me, my responsibility, my problem and I didn't want to stress her out about anything; after all she was only seventeen and surprisingly, she looked up to my sorry ass of a twenty year old. I quickly grab the money, shoving it in my purse. I quickly look around at the now, fully empty house and sigh deeply; I would miss this place; the fun and bad times myself and Claire shared. I didn't let that bring me down. I took a deep breath, smile and walk out of the house at peace.

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