My first ride Part1

My first ride Part1 My first ride Part1

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


On the way to her sisters on a bus trip, Adrianna encounters a pervy old man and gets the ride of her life.


On the way to her sisters on a bus trip, Adrianna encounters a pervy old man and gets the ride of her life.


Submitted: August 02, 2013

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Submitted: August 02, 2013



My name us Adrianna. I'm a quiet, shy girl who doesn't really do much at weekends...if ever for that matter. It's not like I don't have the chance to, I just don't feel like going out most nights. I like to stay at home and read a steamy romance book in bed.

I was doing exactly that when my mom came home from whatever the hell she had been doing.

"Adrianna!" She shouted once she had slammed the door shut

"What?" I shouted back down to her


I hate it when she does that.

I stomp all the way down the stairs to go and find out what the hell she wanted.

"What?" I ask again as I turn into the kitchen where she was making a cup of tea.

"I called Paige today." Paige is my older sister and she goes to university now.

"That's very interesting!" I say with over exaggerated sarcasm.

"We'll don't you want to know what she said?" 

"I don't really care unless its important to me, but of course, you're gonna tell me anyway! So go ahead!"

"It has a lot of importance to you actually" she says back

"What is it then?" I ask with a slight hint of boredom In my voice not letting my excitement show.

"Well at the start she was telling me about her classes, did you know that she was taking an extra English lit class? Because I-"

"Mom! Get, to the point!"

"Right well, she said that she would like you to go and stay with her for a couple of weeks"

" I'll go!" I said quickly.... I don't like being alone in a house with mom

" You'll have to go by bus"

"That's fine!" ...I think. I don't really like traveling alone.

Oh well! I'll be fine.


It finally came to the day I was leaving, and I was standing in the door way of the buss, looking at all the other people in the line. When it got to the time for me to get on, I paid the bus driver and made my way into the buss. I looked all around the buss trying to find a seat that wasn't occupied. At the back there was three seats available in the four seat row. I quickly sat down in the one by the window, putting my bag at my feet. 

I really hope that no one sits there. Or at least if someone does it a woman. 

My good luck ran out and just at the last minute, an elderly man sat down next to me. Ok it wasn't too bad. At least it wasn't a middle aged biker dude person.

The bus set of and we were in the road.

When the sun set, it got really cold. I reached up to the over head fans to try and turn them off. The old  mans head was turned towards me but his eyes were fixated on my chest area.

I look down and see that my movements had pushed my boobs up and they were squished together. The cold air had also made my overly sensitive nipples pebble and stick up through my flimsy top. I quickly pulled my arms down and looked at the man with disgust.

Perverted old man.

Forgetting about trying to turn the air con off and got a blanket from my bag.

I wrapped it around me, leant my head against the window and quickly fell asleep,


I awoke when I felt my blanket move nada burst of cold air brushed my thigh. I kept my eyes closed thinking nothing of it and attempting to go back asleep. But then I felt something tickle the edge of my thigh. I wriggled around in my seat thinking it was the blanket and nudged a solid object. 

I looked up to see that the old mans hand closest to me had disappeared underneath my blanket.

"Can you take your hand away please?" I asked politely in a hushed whisper as I noted that almost everyone on the buss had gone to sleep.

"Now, now. Be a good little girl and be quiet." He said and he moved his hand up the curve of my thigh and into the middle of my legs. I was clenching them hard and he forcefully pushed the apart, quickly clamping down on my hot pussy. 

"What are you doing? Get your hands off me!" I struggled, trying to get his arm away way but a) he was quite strong for a man his age and b) it thrilled me and I was kinda liking it. Nothing like this gas happened to me before.

He started to rub his fingers in slow circles over my jean classed pussy, and I slowly relented. Stopping my complaints.

"That's a good girl!" He leaned in and whispered.

 His hand moved up and undid my jean button, sliding the zipper down and slipping his hand underneath my panties and touching my now naked pussy. He continued the rubbing and eventually stuck his middle into my tight whole.

He growled "Mmm. So tight and warm" 

He started fingering me faster and faster until I could feel myself being overridden with pleasure.

He took his hand out and brought it up to my face "Lick it."

At first I refused , but he got impatient and forced his fingers into my mouth. I didn't like the taste but seeing the lust written over his face urged me to do it.

"That's it! Yeah, suck all of your pussy juices off my fingers. Lick them clean for me. That's it, good little slut."














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