The monsoon fling

The monsoon fling The monsoon fling

Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Non-Fiction


Its a short story of a girl who gets herself into a fling...


Its a short story of a girl who gets herself into a fling...


Submitted: January 13, 2014

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Submitted: January 13, 2014





Quite interesting I must say. Well, of course this is a story which has all the ingredients for a fling to occur in the wet windy monsoons.

You just have to read along and picturize yourself. Read through and I leave it up to your imagination. 

Well after all there is no escape; a fling can happen to anyone.


“Ding Dong” Mrs. Hetal Singh opens door. 

“Mohan bhaiya kaise ho. Sab theek hai na?”

“Madamji all is well.”

“Good to hear. Please pour 2 liters of milk”

“Is there anything special today?”As the milkman was pouring milk into the vessel Mrs. Singh said; “There is a function today at my sister’s place and she requested me to make kheer and bring, as they like my kheer.”Mohan the milkman poured the milk and handed over the vessel to Mrs. Singh. After shutting the door, she headed to the kitchen and was preparing breakfast. Meanwhile, she told Shanta, the maid to wake Reena up as she would get late for work. 

“Reena baby get up its 7:00.” Reena was cuddled under her blanket. She then pulled the blanket off her face and had a bright smile as she got up. She stretched her arms taking deep breath as she yawned lazily making her way out of bed.

“Good morning Shanta tai, what’s for breakfast? What are the two love birds doing?”ShantaTai laughed sarcastically, “Ago bai, today’s girls! I tell you no shame! How can you talk like that about your parents? Now go and freshen up quickly.” 

Meanwhile, Reena headed towards the window, and pulled the shutter open to notice blanket of clouds preceding shower.

“Shanta tai today is going to be a rainy day. 

“Oyee choree, now go and dress up. I have done up your bed. Hurry up” Shanta just giggled and left.

Shutting the door behind, Reena headed to the washroom for a shower humming her favorite tune

“Aaj mein upar, assman neechae aaj mein aage, zamane hai peechae from the movie Khamoshi” The bubbly Reena that she was had a different kind of feeling running through her mind today.

Wrapped in a towel and water dripping from her hair she opened her cupboard; pulled her favorite yellow kameez and churidar. She dried her silky hair, applied a black eye liner and touched it up with a nude shade of lip gloss. She went down and greeted her parents. 

“Good morning mama and paa.”

“Good morning! Beta you know we will miss your presence after you get married.”Said Reena’s dad Mr. Surjeet Singh was a retired army office.

“Dad who said I am going anywhere? I will get married and stay here with my hubby.” 

“I am hungry. Maa what’s for breakfast; there are big rats running inside my stomach”

“Have butter toast and I prepared your favorite mushroom cheese omelet and don’t forget to drink your orange juice.” As Mrs. Singh was serving her breakfast, Reena said “Mom you are the best.” The clock struck 8:00. Reena hurriedly had her breakfast. While they were all eating, Reena’s dad told her “Beta, try to be back soon in the evening, as it may rain heavily. Your mom and I would be going to Neeta aunt’s house warming ceremony.” 

“I will be back soon. You both take care and dad, make sure you carry your mobile. I will call you once I leave office. Chalo, I am going now. Bye. Love you both.” Saying this she quickly picked up her purse, headed for her car, and drove off. 

While driving, she played “I am on the top of the world” from the album Carpenters.” She was enjoying every moment. While cool breeze blew, with mild drizzles, she stretched her hand out to feel the drops. In a while she reached the office building parked her car and walked in. As she waited for the lift, the watch man placed a parcel in her hand which read “To Reena, with Love from Karan.”She was blushing as she had not expected her fiancé Karan to send a parcel for her. The lift stopped on the ground floor, she entered in and pressed 3rd as her office “Designs & More” was situated on that floor. 

Designs &Morewasa graphic designing company and Reena was their senior designer. She started off as a trainee 3 years back and now had got promoted to senior designer.The lift halted on the 3rd floor, she walked into the office still wearing a smile while Maggie the company’s front office executive and Reena’s best friend noticed a different look on her face. She greeted Reena and inquisitively asked her the reason.

“Maggie, Karan sent me a parcel. I am excited to open it.”

“Hmmm. so what are you waiting for go ahead."

“Sweetie is sir in the office?”

“Big boss hasn’t come, go now.”As Reena was walking towards her cabin, she greeted everybody as usual and entered her cabin. She quickly dropped the cabin blinds unwrapped the parcel. To her surprise it was a picture of the engagement framed up and enclosed with a love letter and a card. Meanwhile, Maggie alerted Reena that the boss had come and wanted to meet her. Reena gently placed the frame in her desk and rushed to her boss Mr. Dheeraj Dowlani's cabin the entrepreneur.

“Good morning Sir. You called for me!"

“Good morning Reena. Yes I did. Have a seat. By the way you are looking pretty today. What’s special?”

“Nothing Sir” Replied Reena.

“Hmm coming to the point, I have got news for you Reena. We’ve finally got the deal of designing wedding cards for Mr. Jitesh Mehta’s son’s wedding. They want you to meet them up personally with some design samples or demos"

Jitesh Mehta; a very high prestigious person, with a good reputation in the society who is known for the doing lot of charity and looking for the welfare of poor especial call girls. Their company Royal Living is one of the most high end expensive which deals in furniture's that are known for its best quality. And it has been for Mr. Rohit Mehta's wedding that Reena's company has been after for giving them the deal of designing the cards. A graduate student of MBA being the only son, all girls in town wanted to be his partner as he had the perfect personality features and a complete gentleman.  

Reena’s happiness knew no bound. She took a deep breath with a sigh of relief that it finally worked after all the months of waiting in anticipation.

“Sir, thank you. I will make sure; I do my best and will not let you down. I will go right away and start preparing the samples.”

 “Reena, you only have a weeks’ time. Put in your best efforts.”

“Will do my best”

“Beta and keep smiling. Go on now”

After leaving boss’s cabin, Reena called her parents right away to convey the good news. They were very happy and proud.

“Beta, your long wait has come to an end. Best of luck” Reena's parents greeted her and hung up the call.

“Hetal she has made us proud today.”

“Yes Surjeet, after all Reena is unique and her hardwork has paid off.” Both had a different feeling altogether. Meanwhile they were dressing up to go for the function.

In the office Reena just couldn’t control her happiness. It was the best day of her life. She called Maggie to her cabin.

Maggie stepped into the cabin completely astonished.

“Oh my God that’s very beautiful. It’s your engagement snap, and the frame is so pretty. I must say Karan has good taste.” She teasingly told Reena. “Maggie I know. And guess what? Mr. Jitesh Mehta called about his son’s wedding invitation card order. Remember.” For a second Maggie was lost in thoughts as she recalled the deal.

“Oh yes. I remember that."

“The deal has clicked for designing and printing 1000 cards.” Maggie was so happy for her. 


Mr. Dowlani passed by. 

“Is there any problem Nisha? You having such a shocked look and keep your mouth closed. A housefly might enter in.” All the employees had a light laugh at sir’s joke.

“We were just wondering where that noise was coming from.”

"Well not crack your brains too much. Reena has every reason to be happy as we struck a deal. So for sure she will rejoice. Now carry on your work.” As he passed by the kitchen he bumped into Nandu chacha. 

“Chaacha how are you?”

“Sir I am fine. With your blessings how can anyone be in any sort of problem! Did you have any work?”

“Chaacha, when Murli comes hand him over this Thousand Rupees and tell him to get snacks for the entire office”

“Ok sir will tell him. Are you going somewhere?” 

“I am just going and buying a gift for Reena. She is a very hardworking girl.”

“You are right sir. Not only that any work given she will do it from heart.”

“Yes chacha. I have to go now.”

Mr. Dowlani smiled and left the office. As he stepped out, his driver Murli was at the office entrance. 

“Murli do onething, I have kept some cash with Nandu chaacha and I want you to go and buy some samosas, dhokla, sweets, pakora”

“Ok sir but how are you going then?”

“Murli I will drive. Go now.”Mr. Dowlani just nodded his head; laughed to himself as he left.

Murli entered the office as everyone sat for lunch and walked towards Nandu chacha; “Chacha saab ne paise rakhein hai. Jaldee dena, mujhe bhi khaana khana hai.” Chacha then handed over the money to Murli and left.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Reena were rejoicing; “It’s already 1:30pm. Let’s have lunch.” Both left the cabin and headed towards the kitchen to pick up their lunch daba. As they both came with the daba’s the entire office stood up congratulated her with a round of applause. 

“Girl your hard work has paid off. Keep it up.” Nisha was overwhelmed opened her arms and embraced Reena. Being her Assistant designer, she recalls the time when 6 months backthey bothhad approached Mr. Jitesh Mehta to give their team the order. “Reena do you remember; 6 months ago we had almost the order and now I must say a miracle has taken place.” Reena sighed in a sense of relief.

“Nisha there is a saying patience is virtue”. Nisha nodded her head in affirmative.

“Darling you did it finally. You have made us all proud.” Ashley congratulated, Reena with an embrace and they both greeted each other. He was the first to help Reena get through the interview as he saw the potential in her. 

“So where’s the party honey? Does Karan know about this news? He will be overjoyed on hearing the news.”

“Ash, darling no party today but I will surely treat you tomorrow. Karan! I still have to inform him.” She texted him, and then the three musketeers sat for lunch. By 2:45pm every one finished their sumptuous meal and headed back to their work stations. Reena cleared the desk first then started working on the samples. Meanwhile, an alert popped up on Facebook wall.






Love; Karan”

Reading this message Reena had tears in her eyes. Just then; 

"Tring Tring" The mobile rang and she answered it without seeing the number. Upon receiving, she was mute for a second 

It was Karan’s call. They had been engaged for about 3 months now. Karan runs his own wedding planner business in Delhi. “I love you to baby.” Reena replied. Her happiness knew no bounds.

“So how did you like the gift? And congrats on your long awaiting order” Reena then picked up the frame from the table, looking at it “It’s the best gift Karan. Thanks. It’s all because you kept boosting me all the time.” As they were having their little hearty conversation, just then Maggie called, and told Reena that Mr. Mehta was online and wanted to speak with her. She then told Karan “Baby I need to hang up now, there is a client on hold.” 

“Sweetie you take care. Will call up later, bye”

After disconnecting Karan’s call, she told Maggie to connect Mr. Mehta’s call “Very good afternoon sir, Reena here.”

“Very good afternoon, so have you already started working on the samples?” 

“Yes sir, they will be ready by Tuesday. Is that fine?”

“Absolutely just do one thing, keep the color combination maroon and lemon with some nice glittering border. However you feel that will look unique.” Reena smiled. “Sure, will put in my best efforts.” 

“Thanks a lot, bye.” 

“Bye; sir.” She hung up the call and got back working on the sample designs.

It was 4:00pm. Nandu chacha was preparing tea for the entire staff, at that moment Murli walked into the office, and kept all the snacks in the kitchen.

“Beta; tumee aata mein kai sangoo. Dekh plate mein sab daal, aur sabko de.” 

“Kaie chacha. Ata; mee kaie karnar? Chaacha I will put it like that now don’t worry” 

“Yeh ladka kabhi nahi sudrega.” Nandu chacha told within him. After he finished preparing tea for everyone, he told Murli to get the plates, tissues out and keep it on the table near to Rohini madam. All the plates were kept on the table, with all mouth watering snacks, like samosa’s, dhokla’s, aloo tikki’s, puffs and kaju katri sweet. Mr. Dowlani entered the office called the staff and asked Reena to come forward.

“Today you have made our company very proud. Your hard work and patience has paid off. This is a small gift from the company for your immense dedication towards your work. Wish you all the best.”Everyone cheered and clapped their hands. Reena was extremely happy. 

“I am speechless. Nothing of this could have happened without everyone’s support. I thank you all for trusting in me.”

She then paused for a moment and “Thank you sir for believing in me.” 

Meanwhile, Mr. Dowlani declared an early office closure for the day by 5:30pm. Everyone was overwhelmed, sipped on the hot cup of chai with the mouth watering snacks. As Mr. Dowlani was heading to his cabin, he asked Nandu chaacha to get him a cup of his favorite green tea. As the staff were having good light moments, clicking snaps, teasing Reena, nandu chaacha with a smile walked up to Mr. Dowlani’s cabin and served him tea with dhokla’s. 

“Chaacha what happened?” 

“Sir this was good what you did today. Everyone are so happy especially Reena”

Sipping hot cup of tea, he got up from his seat, and opened the blinds of the cabin window “Chaacha Reena has got some kind of spark in her. Where ever she goes there is always happiness. See one day she will go ahead than me.”

“Sir you are right. Arey you didn’t eat dhokla”

“I will have, did you eat?”

“No not yet sir”

“Chaacha from last 10 years you are working here. Today take a break and enjoy yourself with the other staff. Go on”

Chaacha didn’t know what to say. He just smiled and before leaving his cabin turned around “Sir thank you. Truly you are God.”

Mr. Dowlani embraced chaacha patted his back and told him to go.

The clock struck 4:45pm. “OOPS. Maggie I have to call mom and dad. Wait I will call them first. They were going to my aunt’s place.” Tring, tring, the phone was ringing at Singh’s residence. Mrs. Hetal answered the call “Mom you didn’t leave still!”

“Beta we are leaving now. Dad is waiting in the car. Kya hua putar?”

“Nothing will be leaving the office by 5:30pm today. Chalo enjoy and convey my love to Neeta maasi, Nikhil chaacha, Rinku and Buntu.”

“Ok beta I have to keep now. Your dad is honking. Bye.”

“Rains. Mom!” before she could say anything more Reena’s mom had already cut the call. As she proceeded towards the car, she closed the door behind, “Why so late? Kiska call tha?” As Mrs. Singh sat in the car; “Arey baba; it was Reena’s call. Today she will be leaving office early. Abhi chalo” 

“Kya baat hai bhaiee, aaj aap bahut khoobsoorat lag rahee hai”

“You also now aren’t we getting late! Let’s go.”Mr. Surjeet Singh started the engine, and drove off.

“Reena everything fine?”

“Nothing, all is well.” She replied to Maggie. 

5:15pm, before winding up for the day; Reena quickly browsed through her Facebook profile and uploaded few pictures of light moments with colleagues. She posted a status which read “My day couldn’t have been better. It was simply awesome. I have no words to describe. I am just missing the love of my life in this romantic atmosphere.” She tagged Karan and stated “You have made my life complete, with your love and care. Thanks for the surprise gift. It’s the best I could have ever got from you darling. Love you.” After posting it, she logged off had a glance at her frame and placed it on the best part of the table. 

Switched off her PC and was done for the day

“So what plans now?” Maggie asked Reena as she was walking towards the lift “Kuch bhi nahi. Will go home and take rest.” 


“Good evening Maggie.” Pritam from SENSATIONS an event management company has his heart on her. There would be several calls made and he would mail cards to Maggie. Reena was aware of this.

“Hey! Pritam how are you doing? How’s work?” 

“All well Reena. Why is Maggie blushing?”

“Blushing; let me check. O yes! You are right, she is blushing.” Maggie goes on the 7th heaven whenever her eyes are on Pritam. He was this 6’ tall, medium built and handsome. All girls in the company had eyes for him but he had his eyes set on Maggie. The lift halted and everyone entered. Pritam, Maggie and Reena were all together when suddenly Maggie’s mobile beeped with a SMS “I want to meet you. Let’s go for coffee, darling.” Reena just peeped into her mobile and pretended that she never saw the message and then just giggled to herself. As the lift touched the ground floor, everyone got out. Reena, Maggie and Pritam were walking together. Suddenly, Pritam’s mobile rang and he aside to take the call. Meanwhile “Maggie, go with him for coffee. Trust me he is so cute. I feel ese accha ladka tujhe doondhne se bhi nahi milega.” 

“You read my message.” As she was talking with Reena her eyes could not go away from Pritam. “Maggie, look at the way you are checking him out. Go now natak mat kar.” Pulling her cheeks Reena embraced her. Pritam returned after disconnecting the call. 

“Now, both of you go. Pritam just take her on this very first date and please make it a memorable one.”

“Reena of course but is Maggie ready!” Holding Pritam’s hand for the first time; “Let’s go. Thanks babes. Take care.” Reena bid both of them goodbye and headed to the basement parking where she parked her car.

On the way to the car Reena’s cell beeped with a message which read







She then kept her mobile on the seat, started the engine and left the basement parking while Maggie and Pritam waved out and said bye.”

Karan knew how to melt his lady’s heart.

Then Reena replied back





Reena switched on the music player and played on the song from where she last heard it.

On the romantic drive both were just seeing each other. Maggie though was nervous. Didn’t really know what to speak; then Pritam broke out a conversation “Reena is such a nice person. I am truly thankful to her. Today you are with me on our very first date babes.” Pritam parked the car to the side smiled and embraced Maggie in his and said “I LOVE YOU.” He then told Maggie to wait, opened the car door, went on the other side, opened Maggie’s door, got down on his knees and pulled out a beautiful diamond ring beaded in platinum and proposed to her whispering the golden line “Will you marry me?” while the rain drops tickled over his face.

“Pritam, come in or you will catch a cold.”

“Darling, I don’t mind getting wet and sick throughout my life just for you. Just want you by myside.”

“Pritam you are gone mad.” Saying this even Maggie stepped off the car. 

“Yes, I will marry you.” Maggie replied as she had kept Pritam waiting for a long while due to her earlier broken marriage. Reena was the only one supporting her, since she knew the story of Maggie’s past life. Pritam did not care about her past as he had loved her.

Later, they embraced each other, locked lips and then drove off. 

She was driving slow as the clarity was very bad. Meanwhile, a guy wearing a black raincoat pulled out his hand for a lift. Reena stopped her car to the side. She lowered the music volume and the car windows.

“Need a lift?”

“Yes. I live 10 minutes away. I can’t walk since it’s raining heavily.”

“Ok no problem. Get inside the car.” Reena unlocked the doors and let the guy inside.

 “Damn! It’s pouring cats and dogs. O hi, I am Rahul.” He’s got such a cute smile. She was thinking to herself. 

“Hi. I am Reena.”

Reena drove slowly as she listened to some light music. 

“Carpenters; you know Reena, I won the first place at college singing competition. It’s my all time favorite.” They both spoke of their hobbies, interests as they drove through. The two seemed to have got along pretty well. 

“Reena you see that white Toyota parked, that’s my house.” Oh my God! This is like a house I see in movies. The landscaped garden done up well with a small fountain bowl for the birds to sip and dip themselves to keep cool during summer.

“Reena, is anything wrong?”

“Nothing, you have a beautiful landscaped garden.” She smiled. 

“Her smile will let anyone forget their worries.” Rahul was thinking.

“Chalo let’s go inside.” They both got off the car. Reena was drenched as she walked in. She was speechless looking at the interiors of the hall and the passage walk path. While, gazing around, her eyes went on the photo frames. She paused for a moment. “Who’s the one next to you in the picture?” Reena asked Rahul in a teasing tone with a naughty smile.

“Namarata my wife, she did the entire interior and exterior works, does freelancing so if there is any call for work, she goes.”

“Wow. That’s nice. So is she home?”

“No, she is currently in Delhi at the moment doing a clients renovation work. She would be back tomorrow afternoon. Hey! You better go and change up. Wait I will call out for Ramu kaaka.” Meanwhile, Rahul called Ramu kaaka

“Kaaka this is Reena madam. Do onething; take her to our room give her a towel and show her Namrata’s cupboard so that she can change.” Rahul turned, looked at Reena. “Go with kaaka and get changed.”

“Thanks.” Saying this Reena walked upstairs with Ramu kaaka, entered the room. Kaaka opened the cupboard handed a towel to Reena, told her that she could change into the madam’s clothes. “Beti if you need anything just call out for me” He smiled and closed the door. In the hall, Rahul switched on the lights, lit the fire place and played his favorite all time hits song “rim jhim rim jhim”. Looking at the photo kept above the fire place, he smiled, and recalled the time he first met Namarata. It was exactly a year back, last July when he proposed her and tied the knot on 14th July, 2011. It’s a surprise that he’s planned for her this anniversary. Just then;

“Tring Tring.” Rahul answered the call. 

“I have died everyday waiting for you,

Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you,

For a thousand years, 

I'll love you for a thousand more.” Rahul was speechless. 

“Hi honey crunch. How are you?” 

“WOW! Was that for me, baby it’s so sweet of you. I was just seeing our picture when you called. Time has flown by and it’s already a year. I am fine. How about you? It’s pouring cats and dogs. How’s the climate in Delhi?” He was holding the frame in his hand and was talking with Namarata.

“Climate here is crazy with heavy monsoon showers todayI can’t wait to get back. Hope you are having breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. How’s Ramu kaaka? 

“Ramu kaka is all fine taking good care of me”

“Don’t trouble him too much. My work is almost done. I will have to make one more final trip. Chalo now I have to hang up the phone.”

“Ok honey. Talk to you later. But wait.”

“Haan I am on line still. Speak up.”

“Close your eyes and come close. Muuuaaahhhhh. A soft kiss for your tender lips and I am hugging you tight. It’s so long, missing the tenderness of your skin and your soft touch. Come soon love, I can’t wait any longer.” Saying this she sighed over the phone. “I know honey, missing you too. I will be there tomorrow right next to you. Till then take care and don’t get naughty.” They both had a light moment and good bye. Just 6:45 pm and it was raining heavily. 

Meanwhile, from the kitchen the aroma of pav bhaji was tickling Rahul’s nose. “Kaaka, the bhai smells too good. Don’t forget to add inn little more butter and not to forget to add cheese later. Is there enough pav?”

“Beta there is enough pav”

“While browing the pav apply butter to in and then add in on the pan”

 Both kaaka and Rahul were enjoying themselves. 

Meanwhile, at Neeta aunty’s house, everyone was having a gala time. Reena’s parents suddenly seemed a bit worried. Neeta on seeing her sister’s worried look approached her

“Didi why are you looking so disturbed?”

 “Neeta Reena hasn’t called up yet. I am really worried.”

“Didi don’t worry. She should be fine and must have got stuck. Wait did you try calling her mobile or office.” 

“Jiju give me both her numbers.”As she was trying the numbers there was no response from any. 

“Didi her mobile is switched off and no one is answering in the office landline”

“I hope all is well with her.”

“Don’t think anything, she will be fine, relax. Just wait.” 

Mean while, at Rahul’s residence Reena changed into a night suit and kept gazing at the clock. It was 7:10 pm. 

“I forgot to call mom, she will be worried. I better call and tell where I am.” Reena was telling herself. 

She opened the door and walked down the stairs. Water trickled down from her silky hair wettingthe floor. 

Upon reaching the hall way, she headed towards the kitchen “Pav bhaji. Yum” Hearing this Rahul turned around and saw Reena. A sense of fire burning from within him, as he just staring at her; in the meanwhile, kaaka just shook him “Beta pav will get burnt.”Reena giggled. 

“She is so pretty. Have I gone off my mind?” He thought to himself. 

“Rahul can I use your landline since need to call my parents. They must be worried as I had told them, I would reach home early.”

“Arey haan baba go; ahead formality kyoun. Call them.”

She then picked up the receiver and dialed her dad’s number. After 4 rings he answered the call. There was a lot of noise at the background and could hardly hear, then gave the mobile to Hetal and she went away from the crowd to talk.


“Mom, this is Reena.”

“Beta! Where are you? We were all worried. I hope you are fine”

“Mom relax, I am fine”

“You haven’t reached home yet and from where are you calling?

“I stopped by at a friend’s house since it’s raining so heavily I couldn’t drive home hope you and dad are fine!”

“Beta we are fine and might also stay back at Neeta aunt’s house. You take care. Kuch kahaya”

“You and dad also take care. Chalo bye tell dad I called.”

“Bye beta.”

They both kept the call and Mrs. Singh joined back everyone when Mr. Surjeet asked her “Who’s call was it Hetal?”

 “It was Reena. She’s at one of her friends’ place.”

“See simply you were getting worried. Now relax, tell Neeta and let’s have dinner. For the night we will have to stay back. It will be difficult to drive.”

Back at Rahul’s house, as dinner preparations were over, Reena asked Rahul if he required any help

“Reena thanks. You are my guest. So, be comfortable. By the way! Did you talk with your mother?”

“Yes. They were worried. I told them I am here.”

“That’s good. At least they will not be all that worried.” As he was chit chatting with Reena, Ramu kaaka and Rahul were laying the table all of a sudden “Rahul can I borrow your Nokia charger. My mobile battery has drained off.”

“Sure. No problem.” Rahul took her mobile and kept in on for charging. After laying down the table Rahul addressed “Kaaka you go and have dinner at ease in your room.” 

“Ok beta and if you need curds I have kept it out on the kitchen platform itself.”

 Meanwhile kaaka served for himself and took the torch. Before exiting he turned around 

“Theek hai kaaka, chalo aap jaagar khalo” Kaaka served his plate, took the torch left the hall, and entered his room. 

“He is a hard working person. I am seeing him from so many years. I respect him.” Rahul was telling Reena. 

As kaaka made his way into his room, which is down the hall way he kept all his food first on the table. He has been working with the Sharma’s for last 20 years has seen Rahul grow and play before him. Most of the time Rahul use to like being with kaaka in his room as he would sing lorries, say bedtime stories, read Ramayana, Mahabharat, stanza’s from the Bhagwad Gita and explain the meaning to Karan. From the time Rahul’s parents expired kaaka took care of him. He was 21, when his dad expired with a sudden heart attack. Seeing his death, even his mom passed away on the same day with shock. But now with Namarata around, Rahul is back to life. 

Every evening before kaaka starts his meal he lights the God’s lamps and looks up at his master’s photo. He prays;

 “Sai, give me strength. I am thankful to my owners who have taken care of like and are still like a family member. May their souls rest in peace God and bring in happiness into Rahul and Namarata’s life. I offer my food to you God. Om Sai Ram” Saying this, he then started to eat.

In the hallway, Reena and Rahul were relishing tasty cheese pav bhaji when suddenly he broke a conversation.

“So where you work?”

“I work for a graphic designing company Designs and More as their senior designer for last three years. What about you?” Just then Reena’s mobile rang and it was Karan’s call. She answered the call “Babes where have you been I have been trying your number since 1 hour. I hope you are fine!”

“Baby I am alright stopped at a friend’s place as it’s pouring heavily. So you home?”

“Yes darling I am home. Mom and dad were asking about you. How’s aunty and uncle? Convey my regards to them”

“Everyone is fine. They are at Neeta chaachi’s house. Karan I will have to keep the call now. My mobile battery is low, just kept it for charging. Call you later.”

“Ok take care, babes. Muuaahhh bye”

“Bye. Love you Karan.” They both disconnected the call.

God certainly knows how to get two hearts together. Karan and Reena also met through the God almighty. 

After cutting the call, Karan saw Reena’s picture on his mobile and kissed it. He recalled how because of his mother, Reena came in his life. Karan and Reena’s marriage affair was completely arranged. They never knew each other at all, until one day Mrs. Heer Jaiswal’s eye got hooked on Reena in a boutique located at Bandra, Mumbai where both were shopping and as she had liked her approach and attitude on the spot anaged to click a snap of the pretty dame to show it to her husband Mr. Kuldeep Jaiswal and Karan their son. After few days in a wedding ceremony of Mr. Surender Nair’s daughter, Karan and his family bumped into Reena. From there on they managed to get information about her background. Without wasting much time, Karan told his parents that he liked Reena a lot and wanted to get married as soon as possible. He just couldn’t wait and three months later in March 8th, 2012 they both exchanged the 1st bond of togetherness by getting engaged.

Karan was completely got engrossed in his thoughts while Mrs. Jaiswal called for him. She realized that he wasn’t responding and immediately went to his room. She then saw that Karan was looking at Reena’s picture. “

“Hmmm. So now mom and dad are out Reena is in. No wonder I always think in which world you get your thoughts lost. Missing her beta?” While she was talking she gently hugged and caressed him on his head. 

“Maa, she is the best. I love her. My life has changed with her stepping in. It’s all thanks to you.”

“Chal re nautanki come have food. Dad is waiting down for dinner.” They both then went down together.  

Who would have ever known that a magic touch would ignite into a passionate fire! That’s why we tend to say, “Life’s funny.” 

Back at Rahul’s residence after cutting the call Reena apologized. They both then got back to their conversation.

“Where was I?”Looking at Reena blushing Rahul smiled “Someone is blushing. So whose call was it? I can literally hear your heart pounding.” Reena was blushing all the more.

“It was my fiancé Karan. He got worried as normally my mobile is never off.”

“O la la!! So what does he do? How long have to you been engaged and when’s the big date?” 

“He runs his own wedding planner business in Delhi. It’s been 4 months now since we have been engaged and the big day for the bells to ring is September, 10th 2012.” 

“Anyways; from when only I am talking and you are just listening. You tell me about yourself?”

“I am a fashion photographer.”

“No wonder these photos look amazing. So, like your job as a photographer. Tell me onething how is it when models are almost bare in front of you!”Reena had a very curious approach.

Rahul smiled “Yaar it’s a daily affair. Once even Namarata had come for a photo shoot and she just walked off. The models were just in bikinis. But I love my job.”

“So, Namarata has no problem. That’s good to be understanding.”

They were laughing and talking when suddenly the electricity went off.

“Great, I kept the torch in the kitchen drawer. Reena just wait”

“Be careful its dark. Do you want to call out for kaaka?”

“Mobile kab kaam aayega, wait.” He turned his mobile light to help him see through the dark and footed in the kitchen. He opened the drawer and removed the torch.


“Beta are you both fine. Do you need anything?”

“Kaaka don’t’ worry you go to sleep.” 

“Ok beta.” Saying this he entered back into his room. Rahul turned on the torch and footed back to the dining table. 

“Now what do we do?”Both were just thinking when 

Suddenly out of the blues 

“Rahul do you like dancing?”

“Reena are you gone mad? Dance in the dark and what about music?”

“Rahul mobile hai in which we listen to songs. You have candles at home? If it’s there, then get it.” Reena was so excited about this entire madness of dancing with just candles lit. Rahul then went back to the kitchen got candles a matchbox and handed it over to Reena.

“I just need 6 candles. We both will light 3 candles each and spread it in the hallway.”

Rahul giggled “Reena sachee mein you are mad.” They both lit the candles. Reena then asked Rahul he kind of music. He replied “I like slow romantic music but it’s your choice. I don’t mind any type of music.”

“Ok. I will play some foot tapping music.” She pulled up Rahul to dance and they both danced on some fast songs. After like about 20 minutes Rahul got bored and requested Reena to play some slow numbers. She then played “Baahon ke darmiyaan.” As they were dancing solo, Reena then suggested Rahul that they should do a close dance if he didn’t mind. 

Slow dance; with romantic song playing at the background, how would anyone resist oneself?

Rahul didn’t mind and they were doing a close dance. 















Then suddenly

It thundered very badly. Reena grasped holding Rahul very close in her arms. There was a sense of chillness running through his whole body down his spinal cord. He was reluctant to hold her in his arms. Then slowly he held Reena tight. For few seconds they both were lost in their arms. All of a sudden, her eyes opened and moved out from his arms slowly as she told him “Rahul this is not right.” She moved a bit away from him.

Just at that moment, the lights came on. 

“Rahul I think I should leave”

“Don’t go now. It’s raining heavily”

“I will manage.” She then walked up to the bedroom closed the door behind and; “it is better if I leave.” Saying this she walked up to the mirror. Upon seeing her face, her eyes went on to the locket in which she had put Karan’s snap “I belong to him. Rahul is married. This is not right.” Quickly, she changed back into her clothes. 

“I don’t want her to leave. Even I have no clue as to what’s happening.” All worried he was waiting for Reena to come down. Then as the door opened, Reena walked down, saw Rahul and “I am leaving. Thanks for everything.”

He then caught hold of her right hand’s wrist and “Mat jaao. Barish bahaut ho rahee hai” 

“Rahul leave my hand”

“Reena listen don’t” She turned around slapped Rahul and got her wrist loose.

She opened the door and closed it. 


“Betayeh awaaz kya tha?”

“Kaaka woh kidhki zor se bandh huee. Aap so gayoo”


“Reena” Hearing the scream he went out quickly and saw her fallen down near the car.

“Are you fin”

“I hurt my ankle. It’s paining”

“I will take you inside. Get up” As she was trying to get up holding his shoulder, “Rahul I can’t it’s hurting very badly.”

“Ok wait.” He carried her back inside and headed towards the bedroom which is near the hallway closed the door with his legs, then walked towards the bed. Gently rested her head on the pillow and opened the bed side drawer to remove medicines.

“I will apply some ointment and put a bandage.”

“Rahul it’s hurting”

“Relax. Trust me.” Without putting much pressure slowly he was massaging her ankle. She felt relieved. 

“Take this pain killer, you will feel better.”

“Thanks.”As she felt better, he then with his fingers gently touched her forehead, eyes, cheeks and her tender lips. He carefully, ran his fingers through her soft silky hair. Reena’s eyes were closed. Slowly Rahul came close to her lips. Before he could kiss her tender lips, the lights went off again. He was about to get up when Reena held his arm tight “Where are you going? Wait here next to me”

“Reena lights have gone. I need to check if kaaka is fine.”

“No, wait here.”

Holding him tight by his right arm he turned towards her and paused for a moment. Reena had not opened her eyes at all as she was completely lost. Both were breathing fast and hearts beating. Slowly with both his hands held her face and kissed her lips gently. Both just couldn’t stop. 

For Reena she never sensed this feeling when Karan first kissed her. It was a different feeling altogether.

“Rahul, why is this happening?”

“Reena I don’t know. But your touch froze me and I want to make this night special for both of us by making to love you. Do you feel the same way?” they both looked into each other’s eyes while Rahul was softly touching her all over.

“Rahul I do feel the same. But after this night we will never meet again not even by mistake. Your touch has some magic. I want you to love me like I have never been loved before.” They held each other tight, kissed and made love. As the night passed by Reena thought to herself 

 “How strange life can be? I never even thought that this would have happened. Never will I ever disclose about this incident to Karan and will not meet Rahul again.” Saying this she looked at Rahul, kissed his forehead, held him tight and slept off.










The next day morning,

“Rahul beta, utho. Its 8:00 and you have to keep up Namarata. Get up now. ” Ramu kaaka was waking up Rahul.

Rahul was sleeping on his stomach with his right hand on his head and the left on the pillow besides him. As he was trying to feel her soft tender skin, Rahul suddenly got up, “Kahaan gayee” Talking to himself his eyes went on a piece of paper found on the pillow. 


“Dear Rahul,

I will never forget last night and enjoyed every moment. Your touch enlightened my entire system. The way you made love, I never experienced such a feeling of bliss eternity.

I am sorry as left without informing you since just couldn’t wait any longer and so before the morning rise I drove off leaving this note with memories of last evening. I don’t know if I should say it, but I will. 


We can never meet again. There should not be any kind of disturbance in our lives. But you will always remain in my heart. 



After reading the note, Rahul got out from bed and walked towards the window.




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