The Red Centre

The Red Centre

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


From their orgy in the snow, Paul longs for his black beauty who is in the heart of the Australian desert.


From their orgy in the snow, Paul longs for his black beauty who is in the heart of the Australian desert.


Submitted: August 07, 2018

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Submitted: August 06, 2018



Some après-ski party this is turning out to be. The students in the university ski party are loud and drunk as they struggled back from the Aspen bar, ducking into a mini-blizzard that is pelting snow in their faces.

Gluhwein and schnapps had fuelled the fun all night in front of a roaring fire in the bar. Paired up now, the merry youngsters lost no time to tumble down into bunks, onto the sofa and thick carpet in their big shared log cabin.

Someone has put more logs into the fire and the room is toasty. Ski boots and woolen hats and gloves have gone flying. Two feisty girls have stripped, their large breasts swinging in a dance to rock music, to the wild cheering of the men.

For Paul, it's surprising to see a couple of quiet girls in his class throw off their inhibition with their flying panties. Spectacular pink bodies sway to rock music, red and blond pubic bushes glint in the firelight.

Muscular skiers bare their bodies. A healthy penis raises its shiny pink head awkwardly, getting ready for action. More laughter and muffled giggling come from darkened bunks that provide more privacy. One big white male muscular bottom is shunting away on top of two long shaking legs spread wide apart.

Off in the next room a couple wins the race to the first joint orgasm, a long and noisy one that raises smiles as other lovers grab and clutch each other.

Paul sees his friendJane sitting lost by herself. As he moves to her he sees Jinny, the Australian indigenous exchange student, sitting in a corner sofa, smiling. He swiftly turns to her instead, avoiding Jane’s gaze.

“Hi,” he says and smiles. “Hot and noisy in here, Jinny?”

“Yeah,” she smiles back, her perfect teeth white against the dark skin of her face.

“They are not wasting time,” she says, nodding to party. The lanky girl signals to Paul to sit next to her.

“Let's not waste our time either,” she says, pulling Paul 's hand. “Aven’t had a decent screw since I left ‘ome.”

Paul obliges and clumsily feeling for her breasts and hugs her awkwardly. They kiss clumsily. He catches a glimpse of Jane on the lounge looking at them.

“Sit on top of me,” directs Jinny.

Jinny quickly pulled down Paul's ski pants and underwear then leans back on the sofa and to guise him to straddle her. She pulls his swinging thick pink cock towards her mouth.

Near them a plump blond girl is riding rodeo on a bucking steer of her man. Her loud swearing is followed by a squeaking crescendo. Her steer also bucks harder before braying.

Paul penis feels warms in Jinny’s mouth as her her slurping sucking takes hold. He pushes Jinny’s head back on to the sofa and gently rams into her vagina of a mouth.

His fingers clutch hard in her dark curly hair until he can not hold back any longer, and a flowing mountain stream gushes into Jinny’s waiting mouth and down her throat.

Jinny gulps it in then licks his cock.

“Yum,” she says, with a wide smile, still swallowing. “I needed that!”

“My God, thank you, Jinny,” says Paul. “My God.”

“Your God must like you.”

Later the two new lovers are on a top bunk in a room in the cabin, naked and warm together under the down doona.

They listen to more muffled tryst somewhere close by in the dark on furniture that creaks. Then the après-ski is spent.

Earlier Paul saw the pale face of Jane on the pillow on a bunk. She looked in their direction. There was no one in the bunk with her that he could see.

The blizzard too has blown away. Parting a window curtain, the lovers watch the resort village with new virgin snow cover. It will be good skiing tomorrow.

Jinny is laying on her front admiring the scene and Paul is on top of her, his spent penis comfortable and warm in the valley of her bum. The cock stirs.

“Hey, hey, you' re waking up down there, mate, I can feel it,” whispers Jinny. “Fuck me in there, will you? Abo boys never do that, but I think it’s very sexy.”

Paul uses his hand to probe the bulb of his cock into the opening of Jinny’s vagina to lubricate it. Then he gently presses the hard head inside the tight anus.

“Oh, fuck that would you? It feels so unreal!,” murmurs Jinny.

Paul feels his long penis easily slipping in to its full length, as Jinny groans some more. The anus grabs him like a tight grip of a loving woman's hand.

Paul slides his penis out almost to the tip then slow back in again. He kissed the face of his lovely girl, half buried in the pillow, and his hand holds her breasts and slips down to the short curls between her legs.

Jinny shudders and wriggles with the rhythm of it all.

“Oh fucking hell. Oh fuck,” she screams softly into the pillow.

On top, Paul feels in charge and was managing his lover to her muffled orgasm, before allowing himself to join her in a long and full release for the second time that night.

“Oh, mate, I don’t know how you bloody well did that?,” whispers Jinny, kissing him. “Have never felt anything like that. I thought I was gonna die.

“What about me?" says Paul. I am dying also.

“Promise me something?” she says with a smile. She has turned over and wrapped her sinewy warm desert limbs around him. “Come to see me in Australia, will ya, and do that to me all the bloody time? I'll show you a good time.”

“I promise,” laughs Paul, as contented as he has ever been in his young life.

The Greyhound bus leaves a long plume of bright-red dust as it speeds as straight as a spear aimed at the Red Centre.

Paul has not heard from Jinny since she flew off at the end of her university study exchange time, and he had been thinking of her day and night.

That last deep winter with her was filled with days and nights that Paul has never known. Jinny opened herself to him at every opportunity, in bed, in the shower, in the kitchen and the living room. He had not known many girls let alone such a such a loving one. How did he deserve her?

But then despite of all their promises to keep in touch, Paul did not received one letter or email from Jinny and the one email address that she gave him bounced.

After almost a year, Paul saved just enough of his student money to buy a ticket to Australia for university long holiday, to meet his promise. But will he find his desert pea in such vast emptiness on the map.

Jinny said she lived near Uluru, Aboriginal word for Ayer’s Rock, the huge boulder sacred to the historic natives that stands in the middle of a vast desert glowing red at sunrise and sunset each day. Beyond that he knows nothing.

Before he boards a bus for Uluru, Paul walks along, backpack on his back, to ask Alice Spring's indigenous who are keeping cool in the shade of the big gum trees by the river. No one knew Jinny Watson.

The desert of hot red sand is endless in any direction from its big red heart of Ayer's Rock. The small village at Uluru is there only to serve the resorts and hotels that host the constant parade of world tourists coming to wonder at the dawns, sunsets and the limitless dome of universe as seen from the big rock.

From the window at his room over the town’s main pub, Paul sits sweating and sees only dusty iron roofs and red sand in all directions.

Jinny, where are you? No one knows her.

These were long days at the rock. Paul trudges on different sandy tracks to explore different sides of the monolith. He feels a constant sensation of power emerging from the surface of the steep rock, radiating out with the midday heat. But his holiday time is running short.

Paul finds that evening is the best time as the blazing oven heat drops, and the birds and lizards come out of hiding for him to watch with his binoculars. Paul has packed some food and drink ready to sleep on the rock on his last night.

The entire sky now is the colour of a big orange rose petal at sunset. Paul has sneaked high up towards the top of the sacred mountain and found a crack in the weathered rock just wide enough to lean into for the night.

Familiar with his native Canadian plains, Paul still wonders at the emptiness of this Australian red heartland.

Under the deep purple dusk now and in the distance a group of painted natives with torches approaches the rock. Something urges Paul to go to meet them. So he climbs down and walks to the group who are lighting a bonfire, preparing for a ceremony.

“Waaah, waah,” comes a shrill shout from a lanky dark girls near the fire who is waving her arms while jumping up and down.

“Paul? Bloody hell!,” screeches Jinny, as she runs to him. She hugs him hard.

“How … did you find me? I don’t bloody believe this, I really can’t!,” says Jinny with the familiar bright smile.

“Not easy, Jinny. Especially if you disappear without trace into the desert for a whole year,” says Paul.

“Sorry, mate. I’ve got my reasons, that I’ll tell you later,” says Jinny. She is topless and wears only a loincloth cover that flaps when she moves. “Can’t tell you how happy I am that you came.”

“We’ve got a whole year of fucking to catch up with, starting very soon! Common, I'll introduce you.”

“You sure it's alright, Jinny? Looks like a private ceremony.”

“Nah, that's alright. We'll dance and sing for our ancestors then we sleep out here under the stars. We do this at special spiritual times.”

Paul is greeted well by the group of men and women elders and some young men, all with their faces bodies painted with stripes and dots of white and red ochre powder. He moves back and sits on the ground further away, leaning back on a warm rock to watch the ceremony.

Later back on the rock, Paul is leaning back into his chosen camping opening. He hold his penis straight Jenny lowers her vagina between long legs on to it. She then becomes a dark angel riding against the vast belt of the Milky Way above.

“I’ve almost forgotten how good you were down there,” Jenny moans, as she rides for a quick yelping orgasm, that shakes her wildly for long moments.

Then, at the back, Paul catches the dark shape standing behind a bush.

“It's OK,” says Jinny. “It's only Jimmy. He's my bloke. Let him watch.”

“Am staying with you now, so let Jimmy have his farewell fuck, and you can watch for a change,” says Jinny with her usual cheeky grin.

She strolls over to her dark lanky lover, hugs and kisses him gently, whispering. Then she bends over and spreads her legs for the boy to spear her bottom from behind.

With her hands supporting her above her knees, Jinny faces Paul and smiles as Jimmy trusts into her backside being offered to him.

The painted boy takes his time until he growls like the dingo native dog as the grappling standing figures wobble and shudder. Jinny kisses her man again before he conveniently turns around and fades into the darkness.

The skifield lovers now lay side by side on hard smooth rock. They spread their legs and arms to offer their souls to the twinkling dome of the universe above them.

“Let's stay together now, mate,” says Jinny.

Simply overwhelmed by the Australian Red Centre and the boundless sky above him, Paul can only nod.

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