all black night

all black night all black night

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


rugby fan emily certainly not expected this nocturnal birthday present from a player in the New Zealand All Blacks national rugby team.


rugby fan emily certainly not expected this nocturnal birthday present from a player in the New Zealand All Blacks national rugby team.


Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



All-Black night

Emily gazes at the glossy poster on the wall at the foot of her bed. It’s a life-size All Blacks rugby warrior prancing his fierce Hakka war dance that the New Zealand national team does before each match.

The mighty All Blacks are feared all over the world and very few teams can beat them.  The monstrous white and Maori players, clad in black with delicate white ferns on their bulging breasts, do this fierce so-called welcoming dance, with tongues sticking out of grimacing faces with bulging eyes, just to put their opponents in their place.

Emily’s poster Maori gladiator, whom she calls Bruce, is doing just that with the bulge in his black shorts swelling seductively between thighs the size of small trees.

Emily feels for her long and shiny All Blacks dildo with the team’s little white fern logo on it that was very nervously bought from a Christchurch sex shop. At least three orgasms she will give Bruce this week, as was agreed between them on Monday.

On wet Saturday afternoons in the past, the teenage girl used to stumble back exhausted from wet soccer games in the mud. Flopped in the lounge chair with hot chocolate and toast, the sport girl watched her dad’s rugby videos. 

As thick torsos and thighs strained in fierce scrums, Emily’s fingers found their way under her shorts and stroked, rubbed and relaxed her.  Her quick orgasm shook her just in time to a shuddering tackle that splashed mud from the field.

Old Doug next door is amused by his young neighbour’s love for rugby. As he humps and prods between Emily soft thighs on a Saturday night, he tries his own feeble version of an All Black charge.

Emily’s turns 18  today. Friends at work brought cakes for tea and she got hugs and pats on the back.

Her mum serves favourite fragrant roast lamb with mint sauce and roast potatoes for dinner. But as she chats with her parents, the birthday girl thinks of her all-time record of five orgasms in one memorable night.  

But her friend Joanne on the sleepover won that battle after easily engineering six times that night. Emily was too sore to vibrate any more and limped around all of the next day.

A steaming bubble bath now toasts the birthday body after dinner. Stroking herself all over, Emily looks back on a year that was empty and lonely. She powders herself and slips naked into bed clutching her dildo companion.

As usual on top of the hot electric blanket, Emily throws aside the thick duvet and spreads her legs to gift her sportive hairy mound to Bruce. The dildo shudders and she is already on her way to her first orgasm of the night’s marathon.

“Hi!” The Maori face speaks.

“Shit, it speaks,” mumbles Emily.

“Sorry to sneak in but your door wasn’t locked. And whoah, what’s a sight to great me!”

A huge dark face floats out of the dark smiles at her. It’s the face on the poster.


Emily pulls the bed cover on herself and fumbles to hide the buzzing dildo. It whirls on under the pillow.

“Bruce…?,” she mumbles.

“No, Utamara, as on the poster …,” says the giant, grinning very white teeth. “My friend Dougie says you’re an All Blacks fan and it’s your birthday today.  So he says that you might appreciate a surprise.”  

The hulk’s wild curly hair is touching her ceiling and he looms by her bed now. That longed-for bulging crotch is waiting for her hand and mouth.

 “We’ve got a game against Australia this weekend but I’m free tonight, so I thought ...”

“…You and me?,”  stammers the naked rugby fan. The dildo is finally turned off under the pillow.

“I’ve got a nice bottle of red to help cerebrate your birthday.”

The giant puts his palm up on the duvet weighing directly on her pubic mound. She hesitates then places her hand in his and he squeezes it hard. Emily presses his hand down further on her.

Utamara unscrews the wine bottle and gives it to her to take a swig. Then he pours almost half a bottle down his throat and gives the bottle back to Emily.

The Maori now stands and fills the little bedroom. He slowly removes his black jumper and T-shirt to free a vast torso of bulging muscles. Emily pulls her cover to her chin, breathing in.

Then the man rolls down with difficulty his tight black trousers and red underpants to stand fully bared for admiration. His muscles gleam in the night light from the window.

Emily marvels at the large long penis pointing up at a rakish angle like a canon primed for battle.

“My God…” she whispers.

Utamara takes the wine bottle from her, drains it into his mouth and puts it aside. Then he simply pulls her doona aside to reveal Emily pale body, very vulnerable on the bed.  He then mounts her like a big black bull as the bed groans under them.

As the man lowers himself on to her Emily feels crushed out of existence. This must be like being in a scrum, she thinks, as her hands caress and claw her idol’s thick waist and granite buttocks. Then something huge is butting on the opening of her vagina.

“Don’t kill me,” she whispers, as the over-sized penis miraculously slips well inside her in one thrust.

“Fucking hell!,” Emily yells, not caring who hears her.

This All Black is simply obliterating her. His fierce thrusts between her widely spread legs set her screaming.  Her first quick orgasm of this unexpected marathon comes sheer out of her control, throbbing up hot from between her squashed thighs to tremble violently her whole being.

Her man is still huffing for his own try line as Emily’s second sweet somersault, even more intense than the first, topples her on the turf. The girl is yelling now and doesn’t mind who can hear her.

Someone claps.

“Bravo, bravo,” comes from the corner at the end of her bed. “Ah but poor old Dougie.”

“Shit man, Dougie, can’t you give us some privacy,” says Utamara as he lets out a long rumbling growl. Emily feels hot flooding inside her.

 The old neighbour keeps sitting there as Emily leans back against her granite mountain in Utamara’s lap as he sits up against the bedhead.

“See you, Dougie,” Utamara says, gently waving him away.

“Aw, OK. But please may I come again next time?” Utamara smiles at Emily and she nods.

“Can I bring another player along next time as well, Emily, before our game against France in a fortnight?,” asks Utamara. “You will give strength to bith of us.”

“Two All Blacks, in my bed?,” mumbles the spoiled rugby fan.

She nods again, somewhat too quickly this time.

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