Matilda's return

Matilda's return Matilda's return

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Returning home, Matilda is lonely and horny, and her plumbing badly needs urgent attention.


Returning home, Matilda is lonely and horny, and her plumbing badly needs urgent attention.


Submitted: June 10, 2015

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Submitted: June 10, 2015



Matilda’s return

Southerly winds last night sprinkled a new thin layer of snow on the brooding mountain. And Matilda is glad that she is looking at it from under the warm doona, on top of the electric blanket that has been keeping her ample bottom warm.

Matilda’s thoughts are with her most recent lover in the tropics. She wonders what he is doing now. But she can imagine it. Her incorrigible rice field man is probably ploughing some new earth to sow his aging seeds, ready for the new monsoon rains.

 But she is relieved to be away from him. Just now though, when he is normally very useful caressing her back, bottom and in fact all over, she is missing him rather.

 So in the supermarket yesterday, in anticipation, she bought some Energiser batteries for her little travelling lover substitute. She and her Asian beau bought this handy little red machine in a store in Salzburg, during their recent European travel.

The Chinese vibrator was put to work straightaway in their little by cinemapro1-2"> hotel roomarrow-10x10.png and soon her joyful cries were floating out into the cobble streets to join Mozart’s music.

After her rather torrid full-moon dreams that have left with tropical humidity between her legs this morning, Matilda needs the little red vibrating machine right now.

With it inserted right in and working away on new battery, and her trusty experienced index finger also busy, the lonely woman is on her way to another shaking crescendo, with her thighs straining hard to arch her blond Venus mound towards the ceiling.

The plumber is coming today.

Only a day or two into this comfortable suburban house that she is house-sitting, Matilda finds that her plumbing needs to be done.

Very soon after breakfast and precisely at 10am, he is here. The plumber’s golden wave of hair and tall and strong body spark a shiver of memory.

“The down pipe under the sink is leaking,” Matilda tells the young man with a smile.

“No problem. It should be easy fix,” says the man with an accent, while smiling back.

Matilda has made herself a usual steaming cup of tea. She is then deep in her new by cinemapro1-2"> book ofarrow-10x10.png erotic stories, just bought yesterday. But that made the last long winter night even longer.

The boy’s arm is tanned and his muscles gleam as he loosens the pipe with a big spanner. His tradesman’s back is thick and solid. She would most likely see his strong muscular bottom and thighs in her dreams tonight.

 There have been many such masculine backs in her younger days in Germany, when she was as frisky as a young colt. Matilda shivers again from her memory of her many men, some being as Aryan blond and strong as an ox as this no doubt second-generation German-Australian youth.

Looking above the pages of her by cinemapro1-2"> bookarrow-10x10.png, the strong fingers of her hands are already digging into those muscles and pulling his solid brown body in hard between her open pale thighs.

As she imagines that scene, the blond plumber looks back to her and smiles.

 “Jesus,” she mumbles to herself.

The boy’s long hair catches the light as the plumber now shoves an appropriately phallic-shaped wire brush upwards into the dark opening hole of the kitchen sink downpipe.

 “Good God,” Matilda mumbles again.

The man has finished and was washing his hands in the sink.

“Can I offer you a cup of real coffee?,” says Matilda, having quickly hurried to the kitchen counter as the plumber is packing his tools away in his box.

 “Oh yes, lovely, thanks,” the man says.

 As the big boy stands near the counter, Matilda squeezes past him, intentionally brushing her bottom again firmly against the front of his work trousers.

 Good God, feel that, she thinks, while remembering the short Asian stubs that she has grown tired of. Hell, I do need something like this just now.

As she stirs the coffee mug, Matilda offers her ample bottom again to the trouser-front as she slowly reaches for the milk. Even after all her years, her bottom remains very attractive to her lovers, many of whom have told her so.

Again this bottom brushes the bulging target of her attention at her back.

While in no way a religious person, Matilda is in fact half praying that this boy has noticed her very obvious invitation. And, to her absolute joy, her prayer is quickly answered.

 The iron hands of the plumber now grab her small breasts, that are always bare under her dress, as the man pulls her back towards his hard thighs. She can feel the plumber’s iron tool even more now that it is pressing hard to separate the cheeks of her backside.

 “Thank you, God,” she mumbles, but not really meaning it.

 In one practiced move, the boy has flicked her filmsy house dress over to her back, exposing her devastating white bottom. She hears the boy catch his breath in surprise that she is bare down below as well.

 The plumber has pushed her down quickly onto the bench top that she has wiped very clean earlier. What a picture her attractive arse must be presenting as it now fully invites his attack.

And the expected assault comes in a flash. It is good that her erotic preparatory scene-setting had set her moisture flowing, as the plumber’s hard steel-pipe-size penis plunges into her, fully up to its hilt.

 “…Scheisse, easy, please!,” is all Matilda can scream and she cries out some more.

This hunk of muscles is simply obliterating her from behind as the woman is pressed front-first onto the black marble counter. The hard pull and surge of the firm piston is a brand new sensation, not felt since her European youth, and Matilda is loving it for a change.

 It can go on forever for her but, despite of her wish, the huge size, the hardness and the boys urgency too soon sends Matilda’s head banging repeatedly into her forearms resting on the counter, as her loud cries echo in the big house and onto the sleepy suburban street next to it.

The untiring boy still pumps away afterwards, unbearably persistent, until his loud grunting and jerking finish that fills her welcome with warm and fragrant flooding.

 Matilda helps to wipe the boy’s penis with kitchen paper as they stand together afterwards. It’s really an excuse for her to marvel at the size of this tool which is still hard and heavy in her grip. She would rather keep it for tonight.

A sight for sore eyes. And she has not seen, or felt, anything like this for some time and is reluctant to let go of the marvel.

“Can you please call back to do more plumbing, my plumbing this time,” says Matilda cheekily, as she presses to keep the hard man between her thighs, to keep him.

The young plumber doesn’t charge for his job that morning.

Some neighbours wonder about the state of plumbing in this house as the same plumbing company's four-wheel drive car is seen to call in early in the morning and even late after work in the evening.

Other neighbours also wonder about the new loud bird calls in the morning and night that they don’t recall having heard before.

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