Matilda to Bangcock

Matilda to Bangcock Matilda to Bangcock

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Matilda leaves a jealous husband on a night bus for the big city for yet more sensual freedom.



Matilda leaves a jealous husband on a night bus for the big city for yet more sensual freedom.


Submitted: January 11, 2016

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Submitted: January 11, 2016



It has been simply a terrible week for Matilda at her house in the countryside. So much for her country idyll.

Just because she went out the other night to a good French dinner with Al, whom she met recently on the bus coming from Bangkok to Chiangmai, her Thai husband Nai had been just impossible.

OK, Nai did not know about her meeting on that bus trip with her big American basketballer Al, and that it was also little more than a meeting. (See Matilda's night ride at this web site).

And OK, he also did not know about her deciding then to also go on with this gorgeous sinew of a black man, who incidentally is big where it really counts, to the village of Chiangdow further north. Her vagina has taken some time to recover from that unexpected torrid week that came her way out of the blue.

OK also that her little husband had not known that, after good meal and flowing delicious wine at the new year celebration, Matilda could not resist the pleasure of trying again to fit in that astounding penis into her welcoming vagina, in Al’s boarding room in Chiangmai.

But that’s another hot story that she will write up one day. It certainly was not a disappointing reunion, as her poor vagina can again testify.

Matilda’s reasoning is that if the childishly and silly Nai is going to be jealous anyway, she might as well give him something with substance to do his jealous dance about.

Nevertheless she had not expected such a backlash. That so much emotion could be packed into her little man was amazing. But it’s no fun anymore.

Matilda decides to leave her man to cool himself down awhile, while she goes and search for some relief and more fun in the appropriately named Bangkok.

Incidentally, it’s a continuing mystery to her why Thais don’t call their capital by its lovely name of Krungthep (city of angels) and persist instead with the coarse Bang-Cock. This name is surely more appropriate for Pattaya, where legions of aging pink cocks nightly try to bang something receptive.

Dear Al had also put her in contact with his younger brother, Jess, who, according to his emails, is eagerly waiting in the city to show Matilda that he is even bigger than his brother. So it should be another torrid week in the city heat, if the boy is anything like his spunky brother.

This overnight bus is as usual full. Matilda hopes that sweet serendipity will again play happy dice and give her a hot travel companion, as it did last time with Al.

Matilda has already seen her man for tonight in the crowd of passengers. He is an older, muscular farming type, tall and Scandinavian looking, perhaps Danish, with thinning grey and blond hair and a kind face.

Please let me have that big man tonight, she prays to her universe.

As Matilda takes her VIP seat that she has carefully chosen on the last row of the bus for privacy, she sees the Dane coming on and walking directly to sit next to her. 

The two exchange shy smiles as the bus rolls out. Both at the same time lean their comfortable seats back and pull blankets over themselves against the freezing air-con.

Matilda curls up and leans her head against the warmth of the man strong and inviting broad shoulder. It’s going to be a comfortable ride tonight, she feels. Now is as good a time as any to make her move.

Matilda’s strong working right hand ever so slowly slides snail-like under their blankets. Following the heat source, the hand comes against the mountain of the man’s genitals. His sleeping face, turned to her, breaks into a smile.

Her fingers pulls down the zip of his pants as Matilda feels that hot mound growing larger. She now holds the trunk of his sturdy penis as it raises itself upright and gains strength.

“Oh my God,” whispers Matilda, as her hand cradles large testicles that are soft and hot to the touch.  Enjoying the man’s earthy warmth, Matilda remembers the Mars bar that she bought at the bus station, that must now be melting in her pocket.

She brings the chocolate out and peels its sticky wrapper, using both hands, and begins to lick the runny sweet. She then slips  her fingers wet with chocolate under to again grab the rod of the man’s large penis. She rubs runny chocolate on the hot head of the penis that feels like a hard soldier’s helmet.

If other passengers should look back in the dark, they would just see a foreign couple cuddling. So Matilda moves her head to rest on the man’s lower stomach. Then looking around once more, Matilda, with some difficulty, puts the large hot head of the man’s penis in her mouth under the blanket.

The chocolate sweetness of its skin suffuses excitingly with the strong rank smell of the penis and groin. Her man is taking deeper breaths but has not said anything so far.

Matilda is set for a long stay with the man’s penis tantalisingly in the mouth. She sucks it harder, spreads around more melted chocolate on it and licks it up afterwards. The thought of safe sex occurs to her but it remains just a thought.

The man’s strong hand moves to stroke her head and back but it lets Matilda’s mouth do what it wants. And the mouth is in no hurry at all in its full enjoyment.

The man’s hand slides further down Matilda’s back and is now caressing her bottom sunder her thin skirt. Expertly, the hand slips inside her brief underwear. His index finger is now poised in the cleft of her bottom and right on the soft flower of her anus.

Matilda growls softly, her mouth being still very full with a cock that is growing even harder now. Her hand now strokes harder the tough shaft, sensing that its urgency.

From the back way, the man’s index finger finds her vagina and rub excruciatingly around the mouth of it to wet his fingers with her cream. Then the finger returns to her anus, pauses, then pushes firmly right in.

Matilda normally would have screamed to startle the whole bus.  But she instead shuts her eyes and sucks even harder on the penis which now throbs with more life. The man’s big thumb now replaces the index finger in her inside, pushing in deep, withdraws to the rim then slides in again.

Matilda lets herself go now, winding up fast to an orgasm, hopefully at the same time as the man. But really it's too late, as the penis jerks violently to fill her mouth full of hot sperm that tastes like the sea. She swallows hard, feeling good to drink that sperm.

But the thick thumb keeps on moving and Matilda is being pushed by it to her own jerking finish that follows very soon after the warm sperm deluge.

The coach soon pulls in to park next to many buses, as midnight buffet supper is available from the big food hall. The lovers, who still have not spoken to each other, leave the bus with the big man leading Matilda by the hand.

The pretty transvestite stewardess takes a curious look at the pair as if she knows what had been going on at the back of the bus.

“No eat?,” he/she asks.

“No thanks,” says the Dane.

“Come,” says the stewardess, beckoning with her hand.

She leads them quickly behind the toilets and the kitchen to a little staff rest room.

“You go in and I wait here,” she says.

Matilda did not have to be asked twice, but pulls her man into the room and shuts the door. They kiss and embrace hard, grabbing at each other, pulling at clothes.

Matilda turns her back to the man and melted back into the power and security of his muscular arms. His hands in the meantime are grabbing her small breasts and her willing crotch.

With her hands working quickly behind her, Matilda expertly pulls the man’s penis from his trouser, slips down her undies, then points the man’s large hard penis right on her anus.

The penis slides to pick up the ample moisture from between her legs then plunges itself into her anus, slowly at first then up to to the hilt in one shove.

Matilda screams loud, clear and long as the lovers are in a hurry now, focused on the formidable penis as it slides in and out.

Matilda has never felt such a strength and pleasure in her anus as she is feeling now. Both the bus lovers are soon yelling out their fierce orgasms into the night, as Matilda feels another warm flooding of sperm inside her..

“Sorry, bus going,” says the stewardess.

How long has she been in the room the lovers don’t know. But she comes to hold the man’s wet penis and dries it slowly with tissue, taking her time. Then she helps Matilda dress.

 “You like our service?,” she asks with a smile.




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