Dark Orchid

Dark Orchid Dark Orchid

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Raven finds herself lost in a world of lust, and the clutches of a mysterious man


Raven finds herself lost in a world of lust, and the clutches of a mysterious man


Submitted: December 22, 2013

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Submitted: December 22, 2013



Flakes of ice drift down onto once green land, 

coating it in a cold blanket of white.

Porcalin-like feet run through it; causing 

prints and marks, a crunch with each step.

The girl twirls, gown flaring out around her 

like an orchid in the wind, an array of dark 

silk and lace.

Raven peers about her, watching snow drift 

down onto the ground around; curiousity 

playing in her deep blue gaze. Why she is 

here, she hadn't a clue. Where she should be, 

is home, in the warm, with parents that wish 

her to dress in bright gaudy colours and 


A grimace plays on the girls face as she 

imagines herself wearing such things her 

parents would suggest, giggling at her escape 


Home is far away, now, and she has no way of 

them finding her.

Raven runs through the meadow, feeling chills 

peel up her spine like a thousand freezing 


Something sounds in the near distance, she 

pauses. A rustling of branches, leaves.

What could it be?

A sharp caw sounds from another direction, 

causing panic and fear to stab at the Ravens 

frantically beating heart, sending blood 

coursing through her veins at an alarming 


Cold fingers smash from the ground, gripping 

white flesh, dragging down, crashing down in a 

cloud of white ice.

Raven's scream penetrates the bristling of the 


Ground cracks beneath her feet dragging her 

into a world of unknown, hair whipped from her 

face in the wind that claws at her flesh as 

she spirals downwards into the earth.

She crashes down, landing not on cold , hard 

earth, but on a bed of silk pillows, covers, 

rose petals.

The scent of cinnamon wafts around the room, 

swirled with dried rose petals and ... 


Something in those mixed scents sparked a 

small flame within her own chamber, a 

dwindling spark, for now.

What is this?

What is happening?

Panic still claws at her precious beating 

heart, spikes her veins and tingles up her 

spine. Something is not right.

She attempts movement and finds herself 

entranced , entrhalled by something standing 

in the doorway. Something that is illuminuated 

in the crimson candle light of the chamber she 

has landed in.

It is a male.

Unable to help herself she lets out an uneasy 

giggle, a nervous sound.

Currently Raven sits in a crumpled heap of 

bird's nest hair and creased silk gown. She 

stares at him, unknowing of her disheavled 


The man moves closer, sits on the edge of the 

four poster bed, pushes the curtains aside.


His skin is marble white, his eyes rubies. His 

hair is an inky mass of black that seems to 

glide down his shoulders like a tainted 

waterfall gliding over white flesh. Black ink 

on paper.

One cold firm hand lays itself against the 

bare flesh of her hand, takes her fingers, 

rises it to his lips.

They are cold, so...very cold.

Silk brushes over Raven's knuckles as the mans 

scarlet orbs meet hers, mesmerizing her into 


Fragile fingers tremble beneath his firm grip, 

struggling subconciously to escape but not 

wanting to, realistically.

A hand glides up the porcalin coloured silk of 

her leg, scooping up the folds of fabric that 

cloth her until they reach the flesh and 

warmth of her core, where blood pulsates 

infuriatingly, as if something within wants to 

break free.

Raven inhales suddenly as silk lips grace her 

neck, dipping into the crevice of her 

collarbone with a wet, warm tongue, teeth 

brushing flesh, grazing, soft on rough. 

She groans, tilting her head back, the hand 

upon her core rising and lowering, dipping 

between damp, pulsating folds.

Ravens fingers clutch at his inky mass of 

hair, tugging and curling within it, tensing, 

then releasing again. Pleasure courses through 

her body like wildfire.

The touch withdraws, leaving Raven restless, 

squirming like a fish out of water, her back 

giving a gothic arch, gown falling around her 

form as she moves.

Moments later the gown has completely 

dissapeared, leaving Raven a mess of pleasure 

and fear, a sweet concoction. 

Pale lips part, releasing another ogasmic 

sound, as a knee parts hers, something slips 

against her chest, wraps cool, long fingers 

around her breast, a thumb stroking over a 

painfully hard nipple.

Raven is only partially aware of her 

surroundings, almost completely taken over by 

the luscious feelings taking over her very 

being from the core, spreading out and sending 

tingling spikes across her flesh.

She feels her thighs slip apart to make way 

for another body; something pushing between 

her folds, hot, hard, penetrating as it slips 

further, pushing in to the hilt. Raven loses 

her mind to the ecstasy.

Whoever the man was, he was making Raven feel 

things she had never felt before. Her fingers 

clasped the back of his neck as the creature 

moved within her, pressing forward and back 

over and over with powerful thrusts.

He made no sound, a silent, mysterious lover. 

His hair cascaded onto their faces forming a 

mystical black curtain. Their lips met, 

moulding with one another, heartts racing 


The movements quickened, sending heat 

spiralling out of control, pleasure building 

up in Ravens abdomen, that familiar clenching, 

tightening feeling she got when she was near. 

She bit down on his lip a little.

He let out a primal growl , deep in the back 

of his throat, a sound of Dominance, control, 


Raven held her breath trying to hold her 

climax off a while longer, but it wouldn't be 

long before she couldn't control the 


Her thighs tightened around his waist, his 

thrusts increasing impossibly until they were 

both making primal groans of lust, unable to 

help themselves.

Something burst between them, causing them 

both to utter their climaxing groans, holding 

onto eachother like wild animals. 

Raven panted, still squirming in the aftermarth of things, clutching onto him as if for dear life. 

Tiredness pulled at her body, her skin aching, needing relaxation , but she didn't want to sleep, no, not yet. 

Just then the mans head rose, burying his face against her neck. Raven felt something sharp peirce her skin, blood rolling down her neck as her eyes rolled into her head at the sensation.

At that moment, she woke up in her gaudy coloured room, wishing she didn't dream so damned much.


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