The Painting

The Painting

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Genre: Horror



Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Chapter1 (v.1) - The Haunted House

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2016



Wendi stood before her mirror primping her hair. Her brother Mark rapped on her bedroom door then opened it enough to push his head thru, not waiting for a welcome.

"Hurry the hell up girl, I got places to go and chicks to see" he fumed.

"I'm ready already, geez" she answered as she pushed his head back out and shut the door. She grabbed her mace and shoved it deep into her pocket. Mark was leaving her at a nearby fright house to meet up with friends on his way to a club. She didn't trust anybody trying to scare her.

There was a long line of people waiting when she got there. Mark leaned across her lap and threw open the door "This is where you get out, little sister. Have fun, be safe and don't do anything stupid that I'll have to pick your dumb ass up from the county for. I'm might just let you stew there a while".

Wendi, got out of his old beat-up trans-am "You don't have a couple bucks for your little sister?" she asked with a smile.

"Nope" he answered and yanked at the door to close it then burned off, kicking dust up around her.

"Asshole" she thought to herself, but when the dust settled she found a $20.00 bill laying at her feet. Sweet, she thought to herself as she picked it up and walked off to find her friends.


Wendi and her two friends Lisa and Rayna were standing by the entrance to go in to the haunted house, having already purchased tickets for all 3 of them. To Wendi's dismay, her friends were not alone. They had met 2 guys while waiting in line and had chatted each other up enough to get these guys to go in with them for protection. Wendi felt like the odd one out.

As they walked through the haunted house there were chessy scares to be had, nothing terrified her. She knew her friends well, all three were horror buffs, so walking thru this house was child's play for them.

For the sake of their protectors, they pretended to be frightened as they jumped and screamed at everything that popped out of the walls at them, and the grisley murder scenes they came across. The guys held on to the girls tight against them as they continued on. Wendi followed behind them rolling her eyes and yawning. She was glad she hadn't wasted her money.

 Right before the exit, there was a painting on the wall, that didn't grab their attention but it caught hers. It was of a nude woman coming out of a room lit behind her. In the dark, one could almost make out different faces, demonic looking, staring back at her. She stopped and stared at it for a moment. Her friends had already reached the end and were calling for her to hurry up.

Ignoring their calls, she became entranced with the painting and wondered what was the purpose of having it there at the end, if no one was really paying it any mind to it at all. She began to feel light-headed as she tried to shake off the dizzying effect the painting seem to have on her. Wendi caught some movement within the painting, and strained her eyes in the already darkened hallway to look at the picture more closely if possible. She ran her fingers over the painting and felt the roughness of the canvas.

Wendi suddenly fell to the ground and began to tremble and shake, cough and convulse. foam began to bubble out of her mouth and run down the sides. The friends ran in after her to get her out. The guys carried her out and laid her in the grass as Rayna ran for help.

The ambulance was called and treated her at the scene. She seemed to come out of her fit rather quickly, but had no recollection of what had happened to her just that she was staring at the picture on the wall and she saw something reach out for her and call her by her name. The friends all piled into the car and went to have a late breakfast at a coffee shop that was open 24 hrs.

While they had already ordered their food and was waiting on it, Rayna and Lisa were talking about a concert coming up they wanted to attend.The guys Terry and Brian, were making plans to make it a group thing. brian turned to look at Wendi sitting silently staring out the window.

"Wendi, are you in?" he asked trying to include her in the conversation. Wendi began to hum softly to herself, ignoring Brian's question. Lisa waved her hand in front of Wendi's face to see if she could snap her out of her reverie. Rayna sat back quietly watching Wendi. Brian shrugged his shoulders as his eyes seem to enlarge when Rayna looked his way.

Terry already getting bored with Wendi's antics, changed the subject and began talking football with Brian.Lisa joined the conversation until their meal came. Then as Terry began to shovel food in his mouth and talk with his mouth open, he asked Wendi "So what happened to you back there at the fright house? You have epilepsy or something?"

Lisa punched him on the shoulder and scolded him for his comment. He laughed as some of his food came flying out of his mouth "What did I say wrong? Maybe it scared the shit out of her, we don't know. It wasn't like anyone was paying attention to her, were ya'll?".

"Aye, come on man!!'' Brian scolded him also "quit being a dick!!".

"I just asked her a simple question. Hey, I had a cousin that used to do that shit, freakiest thing you'd ever want to see. Then he'd just snap out of it just like she did back there" he replied pointing at Wendi.

Wendi became angry and stood up to walk away from the table. Brian and Rayna stood up to follow her out.

"Hey come on ,where ya'll going? I was just fuckin' around, come back guys" he stood up laughing. Lisa sat there helpless as to what to do, follow her friends out or stay with her new boyfriend.

"Then fuck all ya'll, Im gonna eat. Ya'll want a ride home, better start flexing that thumb of ya'lls" he muttered as he turned his attention back to his food. They were already out the door as the rest of the diners were watching in shock and disgust at Terry's rude behavior. Rayna yelled back at him to get his attention " Here's one flexed finger for you, asshole!!".

"Not interested, but you can ask Brian there...bitch" he retorted. Brian guided Rayna out by the waist and told her to ignore him. Wendi had, had enough of Terry and turned to stare at him while he ate.

Terry began to choke on his food, and couldn't catch his breath. Wendi turned to look at everybody in the diner who had returned to eating, not paying him any mind. Terry fell to the floor gagging as Lisa dropped to her knees next to him, screaming her head off and begging for help that never came.

Wendi caught up to Brian and Rayna who were waiting for her outside the restaraunts double doors unbeknownst to them, the chaos that was taking place inside. Brian told the girls not to worry, as he pulled out his phone " I'll call my brother Jimmy, he'll be here in a flash". The three continued to walk away and wait for their ride at a nearby shopping strip parking lot.

"You're friend is a fucking jerk" Rayna told him. He sadly nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah, he is. I don't know what got into him tonite" he apologized to the girls for Terry's rude behavior towards Wendi. She looked at him in a serious manner and replied "Oh he'll get his".

Brian's brother pulled up next to them as they all piled in the car, and zipped past in the direction of the diner where they saw an ambulance parked at the doorway, and the attendants wheeling someone out with an oxygen mask covering their face. They all turned to look in the direction to watch the scene as Jimmy drove by. Rayna turned to look at Wendi, who wore a smile on her lips hidden by the blanket of darkness in the backseat.

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