The Lyin'ator

 The Lyin'ator The Lyin'ator

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


authors note- my contribution to Storywriterx's famous The Womanator series Lucy Jameson always had bad luck with dating. After trying one dating site after another, she's about to give up all together till one day she meets up with two of her friends she hasn't seen in awhile and they hip her to a local inventor, in the hopes he can help her with her dating problem. Skeptical at first, she pays him a visit and together they come up with a very special tool that will help her sift thru all the players and liars, but to use the gadget the wrong way comes with a heavy price. Dedicated to 2 special friends Love2ReadU and Besame


authors note- my contribution to Storywriterx's famous The Womanator series

Lucy Jameson always had bad luck with dating. After trying one dating site after another, she's about to give up all together till one day she meets up with two of her friends she hasn't seen in awhile and they hip her to a local inventor, in the hopes he can help her with her dating problem. Skeptical at first, she pays him a visit and together they come up with a very special tool that will help her sift thru all the players and liars, but to use the gadget the wrong way comes with a heavy price.
Dedicated to 2 special friends Love2ReadU and Besame


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Lucy Jameson waited alone at a table for her two friends she hadn't seen in a while to join her for drinks at a local sports bar. Dr Selene Licamae who was always busy at work in her lab, had to literally be pulled away (for just an hour, was all she'd commit to) and Amanda Carlyle who worked along side her own husband on his inventions. They were both very busy women but made time for Lucy.

Amanda was the 1st to show up and after exchanging hugs, she asked how work was going for Amanda's husband and herself. "Awesome, he's in the middle of a huge break thru project. I'm sorry Lucy, I'm really not at liberty to speak of it. You understand don't you?"

"Of course, I wouldn't want to jinx anything. Give him my best won't you?"she asked her friend.

"Yes, of course Lucy. And how are you these days? It seems we haven't seen you in a small eternity. How's the writing world treating you?" Amanda asked her shy friend.

"I'm working as a freelance journalist. I took some time off though, cause I wanted to date but every guy I met, turned out to be liars of the worst kind, Amanda. You know how important honesty is to me. Do I really expect too much too soon?" Lucy asked her friend who's attention seemed to be directed somewhere behind Lucy.

"I think you may want to speak to this lady, she can be of some great help to you my friend".

She looked at Amanda questioningly. Amanda smiled and pointed behind Lucy who turned in her seat quickly to see their friend Selene scanning the bar till she spotted her friends, smiled and waved then strode on over to join them. Lucy stood and hugged her friend as they both sat. Lucy took time to catch up with Selene while a call came in for Amanda on her cell phone. When she was done with her call, Amanda turned her full attention back to her friends.

Amanda caught Selene up to speed with what Lucy was doing in life and the problem she was facing. The friends told Lucy of a local inventor who often gave free seminars for other inventors, and had helpful information to pass along to help them to get noticed.

Both ladies had attended this man's seminars and found him very informative, but there was something about him that set him apart from others they had seen. While maintaining his professional side  about him, something underlying beneath the surface seemed almost a sneaky side to him.This was the only warning label they could inform Lucy of.

"Okay and the reason you are both telling me about him, is why?" Lucy asked her friends, with a small smile forming on her lips. 

Amanda's phone  began to ring for a second time. She excused herself again, as she took the call. Selene continued to talk to Lucy that she would pass her, his number so she could get in touch with him. Both friends believed he could help their friend Lucy.

"What about that new perfume line you were working on? Can I order one tailored to my own genetics or whatever fancy science terms you use?" Lucy asked laughing but was a bit desperate. Selene smiled sympathetically at Lucy, and patted her hands.

"Sweetie, we could do that for you, but even that takes time. It's not a perfected science yet. I'm still dabbling myself, and I got so many back orders for people who are asking for the same. I'm literally working around the clock with my assistant on this. Besides, I don't think your problem lies in attracting men, which is what my perfume line does without going into specifics about it, you're very lovely on your own. This perfume will just attract men to you, probably also not the kind you want. So I can't see it being of any help to you. Go see this man, I think he can really help you, doll".

Lucy sighed "This isn't a sneaky way to hook me up with him, is it? I want to be the master of my own destiny" she told Selene patting her own chest.

"As it should be, my friend. No, neither myself or Amanda are trying to 'hook' you up with anyone. You can make up your own mind about that, and him'' Selene replied.

Amanda pushed the end call button on her phone, and interrupted their conversation to excuse herself "Sorry ladies, but when the hubby calls, I gotta go!! Lucy call me this weekend, we'll catch up. Selene, step back from your work once in awhile to smell the roses" she reminded her busy friend. Amanda gathered her purse and shopping bags she had brought in with her, and bid them both goodbye.

Lucy turned her attention back to Selene who was scribbling something on a scrap piece of paper and pushed it towards Lucy "Go see him Lucy, and talk to him. I'm sorry, but I really must go. It was great to see you again, don't stay gone too long this time okay, hon?'' Selene stood up and bid her friend bye as she too, took her leave to head back to work.

Lucy sat alone at her table, people-watching and thinking about what her friends had told her. she picked up the paper and looked it over. It just had a first name on there with a phone number.

"Guess it couldn't hurt, I'm really not losing anything from it". She stood up to leave and noticed a handsome gentleman standing at the bar who stood 5'11 with dark brown hair, blue eyes, slim figure and dressed all in black.

They made eye contact for the moment, then he turned to look at the bartender to retrieve a to-go bag from him, paid the bartender, then turned to leave. They met each other at the door as they were both leaving. He beamed a smile at her she found very sexy, as held the door open for her, and  watched her leave raising his eyebrows in interest.



Lucy stood outside the inventor's office, and took a deep breath then knocked on the door. He answered rather abruptly looking her up and down, then threw open the door for her to pass as he walked away back to what ever he was doing.

She studied him for a few moments and kind of giggled to herself.The way her friends made him sound was like he was Doc Brown from the Back To The Future movies.

He heard her and turned to stare at her hard."Something funny?"

Lucy cleared her throat " No, of course not. What are you talking about ?" she countered.

He spun on her quite irritated with her presence, being used to the solitude he didn't take kindly to visitors."Missy you called me. What is it that you want from me, I'm a very busy man?"

She sighed, let her ego down and walked right up to him. "I have a problem, that I've been told you can help me with".

He pulled out a stool for her to sit upon and gestured for her to sit. "Talk" he ordered.

Lucy sat where he told her and she began to tell him of her bad luck with dating. She told him that her partners turned out to be liars, a trait in them she could not, and would not tolerate.

He quietly listened as he tinkered with some tools and other accessories and started piecing these things together. Occassionally she wondered if he was even truly paying her mind, for he seemed far more involved in his sudden project than he was with listening to her.

 Lucy asked him if there was any way he could invent something for her, that when she goes on dates, she could cut to the chase and find out if she was being lied to. He stopped in his work to study her face, the irritation he had for her earlier now melted away and was replaced by empathy.

" Am I asking for too much too soon?" she asked almost seeming annoyed. Thoughtfully, he shook his head and rested his hands atop hers that were piled on each other on the table.

"My dear, you seem like a very sweet but vulnerable woman. You can ask, or command this from these men till you turn blue in the face, doesn't mean you're gonna get it . Its almost in our nature to lie,I'm not saying everyone does but it is a given that some falsehoods are spoken. Not just with men, but women also" he lectured yet seem to reflect himself on a memory of his own.

"So you can't help me?" she asked him the fury building in her at the thought she had sat there all that while wasting her time. He shook his head and smiled.

"Oh you of little patience, don't attempt to put words in my mouth, I never uttered. I cannot help if they choose to tell you lies, but I'm pretty sure I can make them think twice about it with you" he smiles at her brilliantly showing off his straight white teeth.

Skeptically she cocked her head to one side and told him "I don't follow".

"Because my sweet, you lack imagination and a vindictive mind. Here, hold this down for me a second while I screw this down" he asked for her help to hold down a small white plastic box. She did as he asked and asked what it was he was doing.

He held up one finger to silence her and continued to twist a screw into place with his tiny screwdriver. She sat quietly observing him work. She pulled her hand away when she saw he no longer needed her help.

He turned to her and gently chucked her under the chin."Lucy, my sweet? I give to you, The Lyin'ator!!" he announced as he raised the small box in the air.

A smile began to slowly form on Lucy's lips. "Sir Ron? What is it that the Lyin'ator does?"

"I will disclose the inner mechanics to you at a later time. What I need for you to do for us both, is run along home, get on your dating website and arrange for 3 meet-ups for tomorrow. I will get back to you shortly within the evening to tell you when and where. Leave everything else to me" he told her as he ushered her to the door.

She mouthed to herself and scowling "run along?"


Lucy sat in front of her laptop going thru profile after profile of available bachelors on the "Be You" dating website. Some were handsome looking and charming, but prior burns from men like these, had taught her not to trust too much into their looks. She remembered the gentleman from the sports bar. "He's probably married or has a girlfriend" she thought bitterly to herself. She continued her search glumly.

Her cell phone rang, hitting the button to answer it she listened as Ron spoke quickly to give instructions and made clear he wasn't repeating. She told him to hold on so she could ready herself with pen and paper "Ok, shoot!!" she told him. 

Ron gave her directions to a coffee shop not too far away from her small apartment and what time to meet him there. He also told her what times to set the dates for and to wear some of that perfume her friend Selene was selling.

"Wait? You knew about that?" she asked him.

"I know alot of things, darling woman-child " Ron told her laughing. She pouted in distaste and resentment at being spoken to in that manner, as if being handled with kid gloves. After leaving these details with her, he hung up with no fore-warning or goodbye.

She got back to work on the site to give a more serious search. When she thought she had the perfect candidates, she reached out to them and set up a meeting for the next day. She sat back in her seat staring at the screen and the profile of her last guy.



Lucy met up with Ron at the small coffee shop at half past noon as agreed. He told her where to sit cause he had the "hot-seat" set up and ready. She asked him again how it was gonna work. he shok his head slowly.

"A magician never reveals his secrets" he replied with a secret evil smile playing around his mouth. The look on her face made him relent and he told her the chair her dates would sit on were pre-wired and works on the basic principle as that of a polygraph test, only instead of just recording their each and every lie, it will send an electro shock wave that only affects their genital area.

This information caused a shocked look to come over her. Lucy couldn't fathom the depth of hurt these guys would be in for, but had a good idea. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" she asked Ron.

"Did you or did you not come to me for help?" he asked her quickly becoming angry.

"Yes, I did, but..." she answered unsure if she wanted to go thru with this.

"Then there's your answer !! Lucy..." he said softening to her "this is your chance and mine at sweet revenge, trust me it will work and they will be quite alright I assure you".

Lucy caught something in his statement that bothered her, "What do you mean revenge for both of us?".

"Never mind that" he quickly replied and ushered her to go and get ready. She did as he told her and sat alone with Ron sitting across the cafe from her in plain view. He held up his newspaper to show her that was his cover-up.

The first guy showed up named Chad Murray, he seemed polite enough but it would only carry him so far if he dared lie. She didn't have to wait very long to learn the truth about him. She had up to this point only asked one question but because he hesitated to answer, Ron pushed a little button from where he sat, that made the guy jump from his seat suddenly and shout.

"AAAAOUCH !!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!" he turned to look down at his seat, and slipped one hand into his pants right in front of her to rub himself. He didn't know what had come over him but he felt he needed to leave and quickly. It was just finding a way to excuse himself before he had a terrible accident on himself.

"What happened Chad?" she asked faking innocence.

"Um Lucy? I have to go, I'm suddenly not feeling up to this" he said nervously but before he could walk away, he pissed himself. Lucy saw this and covered her face in embarrassment and turned away.

"Aw fuck...I'm sorry Luc" Chad told her and broke out in a run out of there. She turned to look at Ron in shock and mouthed the words "How could you?".

Ron seemed blase' by her anger, but looked rather proud of himself and scribbled a note on a napkin with a black marker he had handy "He looked like a lying prick to me. But hey, it worked!!".

Lucy turned back around in her seat and covered her face with her hands again. A few moments later a man tapped her shoulder "Excuse me, are you Lucy?".

She looked up to stare into a pair of sexy green eyes, with a slight hint of crows feet. She smiled and invited him to sit. "Jordan ?" she asked. He returned her smile and sat. They began to have a nice chat. Then his cell phone rang, he apologized but told her he had to take the call. she was getting comfortable with Jordan, he seemed genuinely sweet. She sent Ron a text message asking him to please leave Jordan alone.

She turned to steal a quick glance at Jordan who was talking very quietly and in a language she didn't understand. She turned to look back at Ron. A tall handsome older man stopped to talk to him. Ron seemed bothered by this person and hastily handed him his salt and pepper shaker. The man looked a bit confused but turned to walk away when Ron told the man "Just go!!".

Ron sent her a text back "You're boy there is lying to you. He's talking to his wife". Disbelieving, she told him "How do you know? He's talking in another language.So what now, you can hear him?" she hit send and waited.

"Hello ? Lil Dreamer? His body is tensing up and that's no language per se, he's talking in code to her. Shall I shock him already?" He asked and began to demonstrate himself teasing to hit the buzzer on the box that would shock this guys nut sack to bits.He smiled crookedly at her.

She mouthed another shocked at his behavior no at him and turned around just in time for Jordan to end his call, he smiled at her and asked if he could order her a coffee.

"Tea, please" she responded sweetly. He waved down a waiter and ordered her a hot cup of tea with lemon and honey, then turned his attention back to her. Ron had already sent her two more back to back messages, urging her to end it already before Jordan's lies went any further or "you fall in love with him" he warned. She rolled her eyes at the text.

"Is everything okay Lucy? You seemed bothered about something" Jordan asked her.

"Jordan, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, anything" he told her.

"Before this goes any further...are you married?"

Jordan looked at her quizzically and responded with a hearty laugh "Of course not, do you think I would be here with you wasting your time, if I was?".

"Well, I have been fooled before, and I just don't have the heart to go thru that hurt again" she looked at him hopeful he wasn't lying since he didn't seem to be affected by Ron's ready trigger happy thumb.

"I'm not gonna lie to you, I do have kids from a previous relationship, but married... no. So no worries. You'll have me all to yourself, dollface. If you will excuse me a moment, I need to go to the little cowboys room a moment" he told her then got up and left.

As soon as he was out of sight, she jumped from her chair to go see Ron.

"See, he's not lying !! I told you" she vented at him. Ron was in stitches laughing and turning red. She started to become angry "What are you laughing about?" she yelled. People were starting to stare curiously at them.

"Well if you don't mind a liar then, you may as well stick with him, cause I've been hitting this button for awhile and he hasn't budged. That one has some balls on him, ha ha ha".

Infuriated with Ron already she returned to her table only to find jordan looking at her with concern. "Is everything okay?" he asked looking to her then to Ron. "Do you know that man over there?"

"That guy? That's my Uncle Ramis, He's just an old delusional coot" she told him nervously.

Jordan looked unconvinced but spoke up " Look Lucy, I really have to go, somethings come up". He looked very uncomfortable then. He promised to call then walked out. He hadn't even waited to get her number.

Lucy was getting bored real fast, and seemed to be hurt. It seemed to her that Ron was having fun at her expense just to show off his toy really worked. but what good had it done for her? He came to sit at her table and they talked it out. He gave in and told her, he wouldn't shock the last guy even if it turned out he was lying but he would send her a text to tell her so she could make up her own mind what she wanted to do.Agreeing with these new terms,Ron got back up to return to his own table and wait.

Lucy sat passed the expected wait time for the 3rd guy Charles, and realized she had been stood up. She wondered what she was gonna do next. She contemplated quitting dating. Maybe romance just wasn't in the cards for her and she would return to work. Just as she was about to up and leave, a tall handsome stranger with sparkling blue eyes approached her.

"Excuse me Miss, may I sit with you a moment?" he asked.She readily recognized him from earlier as the one who took Ron's salt and pepper shakers. she was on edge why he wanted to sit and talk. He introduced himself as Leon , and right away she was taken in by his charm and wit.

She turned a moment to see Ron, his belongings were still at the table, she reasoned he went to the mens room. She continued talking to him and began to relax just a bit after having suffered two disappointments. She caught something in his demeanor that triggered her own defense mode against liars, which she thought by now he was probably already doing plenty of.

Leon began to feel uncomfortable, he was thinking that maybe she just wasn't that in to him as he thought she may have been at first. He asked her if she was okay. She replied with a weak yes, it was a lie and was right away suprised by a jolt of electricity down in her girly parts. It scared her and she jumped from her seat and turned quickly to glare at Ron and yell.

"What the hell you crazy fool? What's the big idea? You trying to fricasee my kitty??" she raged. Leon registered a look of shock and confusion.Ron shook his head serious this time.

"Are you okay, Lucy?" Leon asked again. Lucy dropped herself back into her chair and confessed everything to him. He listened without any certain look to his face that would tattle-tell what his thoughts maybe.When she was done she felt so ashamed for the part she took in this farce. Leon shook his head sadly and stood.

"I came to sit with a young beautiful woman who looked like she was having a bad day. I was curious about her after seeing two guys just rudely up and leave her there. Now I know why, you were in cahoots with that man over there at the other table, weren't you?"he accused. Not waiting for a response, he too like the men before him, walked away.

She sat there, as tears began to pool in her eyes. What had she done? Why had she agreed to this? There went a real nice sincere man.One she had always hoped to meet and possibly settle down with.

Ron approached her and saw her silently weeping. "I ruined everything Ron. I actually liked this man. I mean really, really liked this man" she told him looking up at him.

"It's not your fault, sweetheart" he responded feeling bad for her and the way the day had turned out for her. "Go find him, talk to him hurry before he has a chance to get away"

She sat there and shook her head dabbing at her eyes with a napkin "No Ron, I'm done. I just want to go home". She stood up and picked up her purse from the chair next to her. She told him goodbye and walked out of the cafe even as Ron tried to call out to her.

Standing by the curb waiting for the light to turn, so she could cross the street to where her car was parked, she looked both ways when she heard someone call her name. she turned to see Leon standing behind her with a daisy in his hand and leaning against the corner of the cafe's building.

Lucy couldn't help but smile and look away shyly. He walked up to her and offered the flower to her, as he pulled her chin his way."Hey? have you been crying? I'm sorry if I caused them".

She took the flower and shook her head no "I'm sorry for everything in there" she made a head gesture nodding towards the cafe. The last tear zigzagged its way down her cheek, Leon wiped it away with the back of his hand as gentle as he could to caress her face.

He smiled at her "Lucy, no one's perfect. I know we're all given to tell a small white lie from time to time, but if we're gonna try and make this work, like I'd like us too. Don't lie to me, ok".

Before she could answer, he pulled her into his arms and gently kissed her on the lips.Then pulled away.

"And I'll promise one thing in return?" he told her looking deep in her eyes. She waited for him to respond.

"I'll kiss your kitty till she feels better. You like that idea?" he openly flirted with her. She blushed so hard and laughed, she couldn't face him.

Then he laughed, this deep chuckle that in that moment she fell in love with.

The End





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