Melody's Dance

Melody's Dance

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Melody is in her final year of college. She's an aspiring dancer and hopes to join a company that will allow her to fulfill her dreams. Join Melody in her journey and how she juggles the hardships of being on her own and handling the twists, life spins for her.


Melody is in her final year of college. She's an aspiring dancer and hopes to join a company that will allow her to fulfill her dreams. Join Melody in her journey and how she juggles the hardships of being on her own and handling the twists, life spins for her.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Hot Chocolate

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Melody is in her final year of college. She's an aspiring dancer and hopes to join a company that will allow her to fulfill her dreams. Join Melody in her journey and see how she juggles the hardships of being on her own and handling the twists, life spins for her.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 29, 2015



 Hot Chocolate -

As I was leaving my dorm room, the phone rang. I spun on my heels to run back to answer it. It was my boyfriend Craig. We've been dating for 2 years and today was our anniversary. He wanted to tell me he'd be running late for our meet-up.

"So don't rush out Mel, it's still gonna be awhile yet. If you want to, go hang out at that lil coffee shop that just opened up across the street, and have yourself a coffee on me. I'll meet you there", he told me.

"How am I supposed to do that if you're not there to pay for it?" I asked him dryly.

" I know right?" he laughed "just visualize".

I hung up on him and dropped my backpack on my bed. Forgetting I had left the door open, I went over and kicked it closed.

Craig had gotten a full scholarship to college for being the golden boy on the football field. Personally, I don't see how he handled his academics.

As of lately, when it came to us, he never made time anymore. And the sad part about it was I didn't care anymore. Maybe, we were just bored with each other already. At any rate, he became quite obnoxious as he let the celebrity status that came with being a college football hero, go straight to his head.

I felt a headache coming on and I didn't want to think about him anymore.

I figured I would check out that coffee shop he'd mentioned and hang out. I still had an hour to waste before my next class. I grabbed my little Mickey Mouse change purse, grabbed my jacket and walked out locking the door behind me. Outside the cold flurries were starting up, the wind was blowing around me, whipping my hair up in a frenzy.

It was late November with Thanksgiving just a week away and already we had the beginnings of an early winter blizzard starting up. At least that's what the weather guy said on the news this morning.

A familiar face was waving her arms around like crazy at me, as I made my way across the campus courtyard to the main street. I recognized the crazy girl being my roommate, Nanda.

"Where ya headed?" she asked almost breathless. She had run all the way up to me. I took her book bag from her so she could take a load off for a moment.

"That new coffee shop over there" I pointed out to her.

"Oh, you mean La Cafe' ? Ya want some company? I was there last week when they opened. There's a cute guy working there, I wouldn't mind trying to get next to." she said giggling. Nanda in a word, is boy-crazy.

"If you want Nanda, I don't plan on staying long I have a class in another hour, and I'm supposed to meet Craig there".

I really didn't want her to go, I just wanted to be by myself. I gotta hand it to her though, she was quick to take a hint. Once I mentioned meeting Craig, she changed her mind all of a sudden and had something else to do. Anyway she backed out from tagging along and promised she'd catch up with me later.

"Sure, okay", I told her as I started to walk away. She called out to me and I turned.

"Melody? You going to dance class, tonight?" she called out.

I nodded my head yes and her eyes twinkled with amusement.

"Say hi to Mr. Barnett for me", she turned away picking up her backpack and with a little skip to her step she walked away. I shook my head at her and continued on my way.

Mr Barnett was my dance teacher, he was a very charismatic handsome, slender man with an Irish accent and very soft spoken. He was the one teacher all the girls on campus went ga-ga for.

A few girls had even made up a few rumors that he had either made passes at them or slept with him. I didn't believe any of it for a minute. If you spent two minutes talking to him, you would know real quick, he was above all that crap. He was a very respectable distinguished man.

Yes, I too had a minor crush on him, and that was something Nanda loved to torture me about. But I didn't see him as these other girls did. I wanted for him to notice me for my dancing.

He had been talking to us about inviting someone from one of the country's best dance companies to see us, and maybe even recruit one of us to go dance for their company after graduation. Mr. Barnett had already informed us that we needed to start working on a solo piece to perform for our guest when they came. I had already started and had asked my dance partner Elliot to help me practice.

Opening one of the double doors to the coffee shop, I walked in and looked around. It was a cozy little dig, and even had a fireplace to get warm by. I spotted the barista guy busy making coffee and loading up huge mugs of what I thought might be hot chocolate. He was spraying a small mountain of whipped cream and shaking a jar of lil chocolate granules over the top.

I went up to the counter and ordered a mug for myself. The guy looked up at me and smiled. If this was the guy Nanda was talking about, he WAS cute. The tag pinned to his dark maroon colored shirt had his name written in Old English Script as Chris.

"Hey can I get you anything else?" he asked " a blueberry muffin, a slice of pumpkin pie, maybe?"

I shook my head no, so he told me how much I owed him, and I paid him. I went to find a cozy spot to sit by the corner. The music that was playing over the radio was pretty chill, I wasn't familiar with it but found myself liking it just the same. I sat sipping on my hot chocolate and stared out into the evening and let myself daydream.

I don't know how long I was sitting there, when Craig blasted thru the doors. He scanned the entire room, till he saw me and went and dropped himself in the chair opposite me.

"Mel, we gotta talk", he said as he nervously drove his fingers thru his hair. I turned my attention from outside to fix my gaze on him.

"What is it Craig?" I wasn't in any mood for him. I just hoped whatever it was, he'd hurry up and say it and leave. I knew he'd forgotten our anniversary, since he didn't come bearing gifts or sweet talk.

"Mel, we have to break up. I'm just not feeling us anymore. I don't know what it is, but I can't concentrate  on the field, and it's affecting my performance".

Batting my eyelashes at him, I asked "So let me get this straight! It's my fault, you suck at being a quarterback?" I stood up from my chair and raised my voice. "Are you freaking serious right now?".

He looked around embarrassed cause now we had an audience. "No, I didn't mean it that way! Geesh! Give me a's not you, it's me".

"You are such an ..." I stammered my words as my anger began to boil over "ASSHOLE!!" I hollered, and threw my cup of hot chocolate at his face, the mug slipped out of my hand and crashed to the floor. There were ooh's and aah's from people. Some were even snickering quietly to themselves.

"MELODY !! WHAT THE HELL !!" he fired back, as he jumped out of his seat sending both the table and chair crashing to the floor. I know the hot liquid burned his face and I laughed. I couldn't help it.

Somebody, not sure if it was the guy at the counter who said it, but someone hollered back "HEY!! Watch your mouth!!".

He clumsily snatched napkin after napkin from off the busser's cart nearby. He wiped at his face and clothes as I stared him down with my hands firmly on my hips, daring him to try something. He drew his lower lip between his teeth and growled.

He thought better of whatever it was he was thinking, and slung the napkins down to the floor in a small heap and began to walk off, stopping next to me to whisper in my ear.

"Well, I guess that's all I had to say. We're done here. Good luck with your dancing", he reached down to plant a sticky kiss on my cheek, but I turned  and shoved him away. He walked out, and a thunder of applause resonated thru the café.

I looked, for some reason at Chris, the barista guy, who was leaning against the counter with a smile of approval playing on his lips. I walked off to the restroom to wipe my face where that idiot tried to kiss me and I washed my hands.

I calmed myself down. I wasn't even hurt or mad that he wanted to break up...actually I felt relieved. Looking at my watch, I saw I was running late for dance, so fleeing out of the restroom, I bumped into Chris, who was returning to the counter with a wet mop in tow. I looked at my table to see that he had already cleaned up the area. I apologized for the scene I made.

He beamed a broad smile at me showing off a pair of deep set dimples, "No worries girlie, seeing the look on his face was well worth it". He set down the damp rag he'd had in his other hand and turned to me "Hey, you ok? Can I get you another hot chocolate or something?".

"No, I'm already late for class, I gotta go", I answered as I made my way out the door.

I heard him call back "How about to go at least?"

I raced as fast as I could to Debeney Hall for my class.



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