Chats With My Lover At The Technicolor Table

Chats With My Lover At The Technicolor Table

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Submitted: February 20, 2019

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Submitted: February 20, 2019



There's a brand new cafe that just openend up right around the corner from where I live. I came upon it one day as I was driving to work.

It seemed like a quaint little place to hang out and chat with friends. It even has a little open patio area where they also have tables set up, some partly shaded by trees, some out there in the open.

My friend Jessica calls me up during her lunch break to tell me that she had reconciled with a former lover, but was looking for a place to meet him for coffee.

I suggested the new little place I saw and told her about it. It's not like Starbucks, so she wouldn't feel rushed to chug her coffee and go. She tells me she'll get back to me, that she's going to call him and get their meeting set up. Ok no sweat, so I get back to work.

Later that evening, I'm driving back home and pass the cafe. I decide I'm gonna take a little walk to check out the place.

When I take that stroll on over, my eye catches upon something sparkling off one of the black bistro tables sitting out on the patio. I'm thinking maybe it's because the sun's light hits right upon the table and it had just rained, maybe that had something to do with it.

I turn to look again, and the table had a strange color to it. Then a waiter seats a couple at this table. I walk in and he soon seats me near the couple outside. He takes my order, smiles and leaves. I decide it would be a good time to call a friend I see from time to time by the name of Saul (pronounced sah-ool).

I tell him about this new place and when he can find time from his own busy schedule to meet up with me, to throw a rock my way and let me know when he's free, just "throw a rock", I tell him. Ha ha, that term always threw him for a loop, but hey that's just the way I talk.

So I'm done with my phone call, and I sit back and just observe everyone else in the place. My eyes swing over to the couple at that table. They had moved their chairs close to each other and were swapping spit.

I thought nothing of it till they took it to the next level and the gal had crawled atop the table giving the guy and anybody else watching, a full on view of her plunging cleavage.

I swung my eyes over to the waitstaff to see if they're catching the same show. One guy rushes over from where the wait staff had gathered and makes his way over to the couple, and pulls the girl back by her arm, just as the guy was about to start fondling her "girls". The waiter asks them to leave because they were disturbing the other diners.

The couple seem to snap out of their lust driven trance with each other (for lack of a better term). They compose themselves, pay their bill and run out together hand in hand like a couple of teenagers in love. My order shows up, then my cell phone rings.

It's my friend Jessica, calling to let me know she set up the date for her and her lover, then proceeds to talk about how excited she is to see him the next day.

I tell her about what I witnessed at the cafe. Jessi laughed and says "It was probably something they put in the drinks".

I told her "I doubt it, cause no one else seems to be carrying on like that".

She fires back with "Well they probably didn't order the same drink as the couple".

I ask her " Point scored, but what drink was that? Libido limeade?" I laugh at my own joke "then the next couple over, who looked bored with each other's company ask the waiter 'yeah, I'll have what they're having?".

She laughs along with me. I tease her that, that's most likely how her and her lover will be like when they meet up.

"Make sure you don't get arrested cause I don't get paid till Friday, so I can't bail you out till then" I say and snicker. We say goodbye, I finish my food and get up to pay the bill.

When I leave, there's another couple being seated at the table the other couple had been asked to leave from. This couple is looking at the table in bewilderment. Perhaps they saw what I did?

But that can't be possible now. Earlier I could understand, cause the sun was hitting right upon the table. The sun's glare can sometimes make you think you're seeing some crazy shit, unless of course you just happen to be bat-shit crazy, yourself.

But now? The sun has gone down considerably. They sit and begin to chat, while I make my way back to my little apartment.


I was off from work come the next day and I sat at my couch relaxing and reading a magazine, after I'd done the cleaning I had to do. My cell phone rang and I answered it seeing it was Jessi.

She was at the cafe and was waiting on her dude. He was there but had to step away to take a call.

"He left you there and you're using me to fill the void?" I asked, damn near laughing myself "I'd leave his ass there, tell him don't call till you got your schedule cleared. I wait for no one".

"Girl, you need to be more flexible" she chastised. I heard her out and even agreed to everything else she had to say to a small degree. She laughed and called me a hard ass. I tell her "Yup, but I didn't get this way on my own".

I kept her company with idle chatter, till he rejoined her at their table. Before we hung up, I remember her telling me that she thinks that they were seated at the very same table I had told her about yesterday.

"Aye, remember what I told you about Friday, girl !!" I warn her before closing the call.

I decided to walk to a nearby bookstore and hang out for awhile. While I'm thumbing thru the pages of a pop-up Kamasutra book, I'm fighting back giggles trying to hush my thoughts. As if the colorful illustrations weren't enough, they had to poke a person's eyes out with more detailed how-to depictions. Oh jeez!!

Then I notice an older, paunchy man in a business suit with glasses and receeding hairline, standing a few feet away from me turns to stare at me in a rude way.

I turn to him and say "What? You wanna see?" I ask as I turn the open book for him to see. He blushes redder than a Valentine, replaces the book he was reading back on the shelf and leaves quickly. 

I replace my own book in its spot on the shelf. At that moment my cell phone rings to the tune of Camila Cabello's song "Never Be The Same". Its Saul calling to confirm a meet up for ourselves.

I tease "What kind of meeting?". He knows exactly what I mean, and laughs at me, catching the tone in my voice.

"Witch, can you ever behave yourself when we talk on the phone? You know I'm at work" he asks.

"Nope, what fun would that be?" I reply with a tight smile on my face.

"I can't be walking around with a hard on in front of a lot of people" he tells me.

"Service with a smile, just point the way for them to go" I bust up laughing "at least I know you're thinking of me. Are you? I'll go over there right now and you can show me " I laugh.

"Little witch, I will spank your ass. I swear I can never talk to you seriously.."

I interrupt him "But seriously, you know you love it.And you know I make good on all the teasing".

"Yes, you do. Sorry darling, I only have time to grab a quick bite with you today".

"Ugh, fine !! Where you want to bite me? Anyplace interesting?" I chuckle.

He ignores me this time and tells me he'll meet me at the cafe I told him about around 1pm, and tells me to be good and don't go rushing into trouble. 

I laugh to myself, this cat knows me too well. When our call is over, I decide just for shits and giggles, I'm gonna buy that Kamasutra book to show him at lunch.

I simply adore the friendship I have with him. We're not a couple, but we do have such a fun time together. He just brings out that naughtiness in me, because he lets me be, and gets a kick out of how outrageous I can get, especially when we are alone.


Jessi calls me an hour before I'm to meet Saul. She tells me how her meeting went with her lover, long story short she almost dove across the small bistro table to attack him (in a good way) and they were forced to go to a motel to work out their repressed sex-drives.

"T.M.I, girlfriend" I tell her even though she hasn't actually spilled any beans. She never does, but that's how I pick fun at her. I tell her that I can't talk, cause I got my own grizzly bear to attend to. She asks me who, I know its piqued her interest because I rarely talk about myself.

 I tell her for distraction purposes only " La La La La La, I don't have time right now, but I'll get back to you" I laugh because I hung up on her in the middle of her fussing at me for holding out on her.

While I'm getting dressed, I put on a pair of black lacy undies with the crotch open. Why wear any at all for that matter, right? Well, I like to try out new things. I know what that will do to Saul. I can hear him already calling me a witch. I smile.

I check myself in the full length mirror and approve the image of the woman looking back at me. I ask myself "How do I look?" a reply comes to mind, that brings an impish smile to my face. It is one I remember hearing on a movie...

But hey, I pulled my hair back in a chignon bun, light make-up, my skin is silky smooth all over and in case he gets curious about other secret put away places, he's free to check for himself.

I'm wearing a silky beige blouse with a decent neckline but still enough to tease and make him wonder. I put on a black form-fitting short skirt that stops at the top of my knee and slip on my black heels.

With a light spray of my favorite perfume, I decide at the last minute to ditch my bra too. Let's see who will be pointing at who, later. I give my boobs a lift on the sides and watch them drop back in place and whisper down to them "Ok girls, let's go make this man crazy".


I recall our last time together, while I'm locking the door to my apartment and head down the stairs to the outside world.

We don't see each other often, but when we do, I've always left him wishing aloud why is it we wait so long in between our rendezvous.

"Don't know about that lover, that's all on you" I reply, as I kiss him from his lips all the way down his neck thru his hairy chest to stop at his navel, "perhaps, I'm too much for you".

I stare up at him innocently. He stares at me a moment and instead of allowing me to continue on my journey down south, he pulls me back up on his chest so I'm eye-level with him.

"You astound me woman, do you know that?" his eyes burn with a fiery desire for me. Yes, I know that... now.


I make it to the cafe, with a few moments to spare till he's due to come. There's no one at that table in the patio. I decide to call him on his cellphone, and at that moment I hear Shakira's song "Gypsy" start to play. The sound is getting closer and closer, till I turn in my seat to see Saul stop right before me.

"Gypsy? That's your ringtone for me?" I ask.

"Well I was torn between that and Black Magic Woman by Santana but I didn't think it very nice for you. I like Shakira better, you're sexy like her, so Gypsy it is" he replies.

Saul looks as handsome as ever. Gosh, how long had it been since the last time? Time passes so quickly and then being busy with everything you have to do makes 2 days ago seem sooo last week.

So here stands before me a very handsome man 5'11 dark hair parted at the side, freshly shaven, eyes like the desert sands, skin color of butterscotch, lean frame dressed all in black. Oh God, and his cologne.

I don't need to be at any special table, I could eat him up right here. But I don't, I control my thoughts and make an attempt to be good. As my eyes sweep over him from head to toe and back up again, I'm swept away. He interrupts my thoughts.

"Well, I hope I look nice for you, may I have my chance to have a look-over of you?" he asks politely. I stand up immediately and greet him with a hug, and he returns my affection with a kiss to the cheek.

"I've asked the waiter if we can take the air out on the patio" he tells me as he takes my hand and leads me to the very table that seems to be making a quiet splash with everyone.

"Why this table?" I blurt unexpectedly, even for me. He pulls the chair out for me and I sit, he then takes his own.

"Not sure, it just called to me as I was walking up. Would you like to sit elsewhere?"he says.

I shake my head no, this is fine. We both talk at the same time and laugh. I ask him to tell me what he's been up to since the last time we met up. It's all shop talk from him, but I don't complain, I love to watch his lips move when he talks. And, it's not like my end of the conversation would be any splashier, work, home, work, home.

The waiter brings us our mid-day mixed drinks that Saul had ordered for us as soon as he came in. We lift our glasses and clink them together and toast to us and our special friendship. I take a sip of mine and watch him thru the glass as he smiles watching me, then takes a drink from his own.

When it's my turn to talk, I stumble for something to say then turn my attention to the table and I tell him about what I've noticed about the behavior of the people that sit there and how it changes.

I mention the different colors I noticed from far away and how it kinda shimmers or sparkles depending upon how the sun's light hits it. He leans back in his seat wearing an amused grin. I wonder if he even believes me.

I notice something about his eyes, something strange is going on with them. They seem to be changing color. But then I know its reflecting the colors coming off the table. The table's strange colors are of a blue hue mixed with swirls of purple, spots of red, a tinge of yellow, with a hint of green.

The colors start to swirl and blend casting a strange glow.Then comes the shimmery sparkles. I turn to look up at the sky to see from where the light may be hitting down causing this. There is no sunlight, it has hidden itself behind some passing clouds.

I look back at Saul. We are the only two around. Everything has disappeared, we are somewhere else. Same table different location.

Our table sits by an open patio door overlooking what looks like maybe someplace in the  Mediterranean. I've never been, but I've seen pictures and I'm blown away by the exotic beauty of the landscape beyond our patio.

"Saul?" I call to him, but he's dreaming. He's staring straight at me, but he's not responding. I call to him again. I begin to hear his voice, but his beautiful full sensuous lips are not moving.

I begin to panic, what the heck is going on, how did we get here? I have a dozen so more questions but are lost to me the moment he stands from his chair and comes to me. He takes me by the hand and leads me out.

"It is my dream place I think of.. my go-to place when I think on you when I'm alone. How I wish to take you here. Indulge my daydream, my sweet. Enjoy it, don't question it don't be afraid of it". All this, he says without moving his lips.

"How did we get here, though?" I try talking to him with my mind to test to see if he hears me. His answer, answers my question.

"I don't know my darling, but let's enjoy it for what its worth, should we not?" he asks. He backs me against him, wrapping his arms around my waist, as we stand at the railing looking at the sunset.

As the day closes and the night explodes upon us, with the brilliant greeting of the stars as they splash across the sky, and the moon standing so grand and high above us. It looks so close, we could touch it. But my Saul has something else in mind, rather than stay all night taking in the sights.

He leads me back into the small home and guides me to the bedroom. Saul kisses my neck then my shoulder and somehow peels my clothes off me with no effort.

Then I remember, it's his dream. So I shall let him lead us.









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